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Jon York Jan 19
You can discover more about a

           person in an hour of play,
          than a year of conversation.

        Won't it  be nice when I take
                     you like you
           have  never  been  taken,
                    to leave you
                 unable  to  think,
                       only feel
         and be lost in the moment,
                   to loose yourself
                     and to reach
                 heights like never
                     before while
                  gripping me tight,
          my lips showing no mercy,
                         your body
         betraying you as you tremble
                     with each kiss

            Your hands
                            on my body.

            That's my
                     ­                                                   Jon York   2019
The Rogue Poet May 2016
On days like today

weary I lay,

The delicate flower
is how I am portrayed,

I pray & I pray the rain & wind does not ******* away

I brace myself as I sway with roots gripping the grains.

I grip & I fight in hope of a better tomorrow & today

As I feel as I am just along for the ride,

I start to lose faith through hours of the day.

the clusters of ghastly dark clouds begin to separate,

& The rays beaming through the clouds are breathtaking.

With light & warmth I begin to bloom,

& so do the emotions that were gloom.

When I was in doubt my feelings became frayed,

My experiences helped me blossom from The Delicate Flower I was portrayed.

Cindra Carr Jun 2011
She’s tense tight
Locked in place with Loctite
Immovable limbs of angular lines
Ripe curves stretched wrong
Tinkling shards of glassed ice
Drop shadowed hooded eyes
Kohl rimmed cries and sighing sobs
Tense tight locked down life
Soul gripping lies slid out to fly
She’s shut off and down
Tense tight unmoving cries

lX0st Jul 2014
I feel so bloated
When I think of you
Like I've swallowed a hundred pills
To forget your silhouette
Against the moonlight
And the perfect edge
Of your sculpted jawline
And the contours of your chest
That move with your ragged breath
And your very strong hands
That are oddly so gentle.
It's almost like I can hear you
Whispering my name
Or feel your arm
Gripping my waist.
These images are so vivid
Why aren’t you here
em Jul 2015
A pretty girl with a pretty face,
the demons she was still trying to chase,
gripping her heart,
and clouding her mind.

darling its all in your head

Where an escape is impossible
to find.
feedback is always appreciated. If you ever want to do a feedback for feedback type thing, just ask :)
Marina Kay Oct 2018
I was 20 years old,
Walking down the road.
You stopped me in my tracks
To say hello.
I said it back because what's the harm?
From that moment on,
I was a victim to your charm.
You called me pretty
And reached out to hold me,
That alone should have sent me running.
You refused to let me leave,
Until you had a way of contacting me.
Gripping on to my sleeve,
I did what you asked of me.
I wasn't scared
When I should've been.
I was taught to think
That was romantic of him.
If I could turn back,
I would untell myself that.
Shed light on my naivety,
perhaps protect my virginity,
From a 35 year old man
With an abominable plan.
Yes I was of legal age
But here's the common sense,
It still gave you no right
To rob me of my innocence.
Convinced we were friends
And I would always be safe
I let my guard down
Oh god, what a mistake.
You kept wanting to meet late at night.
In your car, in a park,
Anywhere out of sight.
I always felt compelled
During those meetings of ours.
Never like my own self
In those early morning hours.
The first time you laid hands on me
Was when I called and needed company.
Vulnerable and upset,
I needed a friend.
A shoulder to cry on,
A possible distraction,
A devil-sent ravisher
Was not what I asked for.
I was not in control.
I kept coming back for more.
The night you finally ****** me
Is my reoccurring nightmare.
A force and ****** feature,
The end of an affair.
I can't leave it in the past.
You left me aghast.
I want to tear off my skin
And rid myself of your sin.
It's been a couple of months,
Still I can't bear to be clutched,
Until now, I've kept my mouth shut
About the night I was touched.
I'm trying to heal.
Pagan Paul Nov 2018
A cloud falls from the sky,
a lead balloon of precipitation,
and cuddles the ground
like a long lost lover.
Dripping its cargo,
shedding tears along the way,
leaving a trail of damp memory
and a calm balm
for the Earth.

And a candle flickers
on a lonely table,
as a pen drifts across lines,
filling meaningless words
that never
convey the depths of separation.
The flame flares
as a waft, a draft,
creeps in a crack under the door,
adding a poignant touch
to the melancholy of atmosphere.
Gripping the pen with delicate unease,
the hubbub drowns inwards,
doubt rises in ascendancy,
the pen falls,
like a discarded relationship,
and the meaningless words

© Pagan Paul (21/11/18)
My brain is still on meltdown :(
Alex Hunter May 2015
Don’t go.
I blurted out through my cries,
gripping her hand tighter.

Think of trees,
she whispered, wiping the tears from my cheek
like leaves catching raindrops,
They’ll help you sleep.*

So I began to dream
with the help of the trees
and the breeze that brushed
ever so lightly through the leaves.

As she let go of my hand
and disappeared from my room,
I was no longer afraid
of the loneliness that loomed,

for the trees will always surround me.
Michael May 2017
I've got the rip down just right
The soft tear, grated misnomer
Perforated here in my middle
Like I was meant to come apart
Out of view
Hot with friction
Hot with longing
Kinetic energy
The low sound of cutting construction paper
Thick with each blade passing
A sharp kiss
Gripping like this
The right tool for suicide in the wrong hands
I have hands like those
******* I'm dissolving in a tear drop
It never left the eye
The sting feels like drowning
in pieces
Like paper.
lX0st Sep 2018
You look so lovely
In blue
Arched back
Arms slack
Cerulean licks
Wrist to wrist
Shoulder dip
Eyes languid
Cloudy cyan
Gripping blankets
Robin’s silky velvet
Billowing, curling
Unfurling into
Midnight hues
Lizzy Feb 2014
oh sweet love,
with those long arms that once held me so gently
now push me away.
but i'm holding on to you so tightly.
no one else really matters,
and without you i'm so alone.

this existence is now so bittersweet.
i still get to breathe,
but not the air beside you.
the air i thirst for and crave,
it tastes like heaven.

but if you must go,
than i will miss you.
all of me will miss you.
i will feel this agonizing loneliness,
in all the pores of my skin
in all the crevices of my bones,
and the tunnels of my veins.

because you have become a part of me,
your breath was absorbed into mine when we kissed.
but now you have ripped this breath right out of my lungs,
and i am left gasping for your air.
my body is so incomplete without you.

i know i am the one that first walked,
but i tried so hard to come back.
now i know how it feels,
to be rejected
by your love.  

i feel myself gripping to the walls of this canyon
my nails making trails as i hold on for dear life
but i have fallen without a parachute
or a net
and now my wings are gone.

i will probably die without
Knit Personality Apr 2016
They come together in the night,
   Amid the leaves, within the bush,
   Noiseless inside the stilly hush,
Beneath the full moon shining bright.

Healthy and large and leafy green,
   She beckons him of smaller size,—
   A woody, twig-like male, who flies
To meet his mate, his mantis queen.

They come together and seem as one,
   As though one twig with emerald leaves
   Were moving much with little breeze
Where shade rebuffs the noonday sun.

They turn their heads to share a kiss,
   Antennae twining round like vines.
   The male ignores the warning signs,
Oblivious to what's amiss.

The kiss becomes a vicious bite.
   She chews off quickly half his face.
   He holds, despite this, his embrace,—
Holding it fast and gripping tight.

Headless in bites, he needs no head,
   Continuing the ***** deed.
   His queen discovers her no need
Either of this, nor cares he's dead.

Finished with him, herself she frees.
   He twitches yet, although a corse.
   As though a leaf swept by a force
Of wind, she leaves upon a breeze.


It happens a lot, It always seems to go on,
My mind rocks back to painful times,
All I can do is cry.
I see the clouds parting, skies opening
I can see Dark Angel emerge from the gray clouds.

I hear him calling out my name
Oh, how I feel so ashamed,
I am feeling more pains,
It is starting to rain,
My fingers are gripping the wet ground.

I could feel the wet dirt turning into the mud as it liquifies
slipping through my fingers.
I'm losing control, I'm feeling faint.
My soul is laying in puddles,
while the rain is pouring heavy down on me.

I'm broken this anyone could see.
My heart is shattered in billions of pieces
my blood is pouring out like ink.
My body feels it is relapsing.
While my scars are somehow fading.

Dark Angel deceivingly welcoming me into his world.
Extending his angelic black wings
wrapping around me, comforting embrace.
He isn't releasing his grip,
I feel now a broken hip.
Because he is dragging me to his darkness below.

I'm horrified, I'm broken, I'm screaming,
But no one could hear me.
Soon all my scars that were fading
Open up all over again.

They are no longer invisible.
All my pains from my broken past,
started making its way back fast.
I feel the pains rushing in my veins like poison.

Dark Angel chained me in a cold dungeon,
Soon he started whispering he anger to me,
he is letting me know he is in full control,
I am forever trapped in darken dreams.

He has broken my beautiful wings.
so I could never fly away from this darkened place,
I'm broken very deep within,
This old pain will always remain.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1984
Copyright © Judy Emery| Year Posted 1984
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