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Lydia, Lydia,
There are broken angels
beneath your skin.

Your face is stone,
and white as snow,
where the color should have been.

Your husband is by your side,
middle school passion left undead.
Your sister over your right shoulder,
smiling like the day you wed.

You don't hear Zach's talk of cereals,
but a tight smile shows on your face.
The greif streaked grime of tears and salt
rims your neck like wedding lace.

Tomorrow you will rise
and pour milk into your bowl.
Look across the table,
just to feel your crushing soul.

To not see the eyes
that were there for twenty years.
To share no more secrets,
or confide her sisterly fears.

You both spent your life devoted
to three hundred sixty-five words
of repiticious hope.
Only to wake up with the flipping of a page,
to find a car bent in ash and smoke.

This hollow eyed shell I saw in the store
clenched her teeth up tight,
to suffer along like the people of The Book,
and hold Faith to Father of Light.

You made me shed tears for you,
because you made me come to see
I would never leave my little sister
By any of my own means.

I felt cheated for you,
so joyous in your Word.
To spread the light of God
to every part of Earth.

But now you are away,
taking flight,
still this young.
I go home with knotted throat,
and my eyes felling as if theyd been stung.

I've been thinking of you both,
by blood and faith.
I'm so sorry for your loss,
the unknowing,
all the rage.

I weep for you, dear Madison.
You lived only in a blink.
But I weep for you still more, Lydia.
And I pray that you won't sink.
A passing of the eldest sister in our home town this week, her sister having been a classmate. A devestation, to say the least.
Liz Apr 2015
keep me in mind
when I am hidden.
when I keep myself away,
from the burning light of day.  

It's burnt away my nerves,
I can't feel a thing.
Numb to the world,
but feeling in the cold.

I've said it a thousand times,
I'll say it a thousand more.
I'm not the type to laugh,
I'll always shut the door.

So the cold is where I stay,
I can't sleep when it's warm.
I feel myself on fire,
always starting a new war.

Oh sunshine,
please die.
stop mocking my frostbite,
stop torching all desire.

Why won't you listen?
have you no ears?
I've been this way since birth,
I'll be this way for years.

I told you I'm not human.
I'm not the way I should be.
the tundra behind my bedroom door,
it's swallowed me.

Please don't forget about me.
I'm dying to leave.
I'm dying for someone to reach out,
instead I'm dying from greif.

Let's build a fire,
not the kind that kills.
But to melt the ice,
that's been holding me against my will.

Rather, just let me burn.
I'll turn to dust,
I'll drift away,
It's all a deadly lust.

Don't let me run,
tie me tight.
I need the fire,
but I think I might die.
Erica Jane Kay Oct 2010
The tears running down my face
I don't understand
The things you do
Why you do them
What goes through your head
While all this is happening
I cant even think straight
My life now
Is me stairing at a wall
Consumed by sadness
That you selflessly piled on to me
written 11/17/09
Lorraine day Jul 2013
I look in the mirror at my vacant stare
But I can't see me I'm no longer there
My body is numb my mind frozen in time
What has happened to this heart of mine

I pick up the pieces it's what they'll expect
Put on a brave face its what I must project
So many people not knowing what to say
Most when they see me turn the other way

I ask myself this question how do I carry on
I'm damaged and broken the old me has gone
I watch television but can't take it in
I try to read a book then throw it in the bin
I pick up my paint brush trying to paint a scene
But I can't it's not there.  I just want to scream

Ten years have now passed
Its took that long to find
The inspiration to write again from a clear heart and mind
I still look in the mirror griefs taken its toll
But my heart is no longer lost with my soul
your beard doth have

a villainous nature I think

one that would for want of mischief

whisper uncertainties

into a grieving ear

as such would cause

a flailing of tongues

and extract dire extremities

from a grief stricken father

who through an acid mist of tears

would summon a pale horse

to seek a blank claim for revenge

that would magnify

existing greif a thousand fold

such is the nature of your

villainous beard

begone I say from

this house of sorrow

or it shall be you

who in a box shall lay

without grief to borrow

you villainous beard

begone I say
William Keech Jun 2015
I hate you
I can't stand you
I hope I'm never like you
You killed us
You beat us
You broke us
It took years to repair
All the damage that you caused
You never can recall
All the anger you
While the tears ran down
Our faces
We had to learn to lie
To hide from all the pain
To keep you safe
Because you were supposed
To be our protector
You were supposed to be a father
An now matter how
Much you hurt us
We still loved you
We still took up for you
When the world turned
It's back on you
We tried our hardest
But it was never good enough
We always just a little less
Than the perfection
That you wanted
So you drowned us in a bottle
And all of your sorrow
Then we finally good see
All the greif an pain you
Caused us
We stood up to you
An you hated us
Threw us out
An we swear we would never
Be you I swore I'd never hurt
Anyone like you always seemed too.
Now that I am older
I can forgive you
But I'll never forget
The pain I saw every time
On my mother's face when
You hit her
An I'll never forget
The effect you had on me
Or the pain you afflicted on our family.
Camz Kho May 2014
I need the sunsets,
purple and orange
and angry for having to leave.
I need the ocean,
blue and aqua
and enraged by a storm.
I need the wind,
swift and cool
and tearing trees from their roots.
I need the fire,
warm and comforting
and turning everything to ashes.
I need the land,
strong and sure,
and temperamental with its shaking.
I need the feeling,
of love and contentment
and lust and heat
and pain and strength.
Oh to want
both the anger
and the happiness,
the love
and the hate,
the softness
and the pain.
And to wish to want
naught more
than what you give me
But to always want more
than what i have.
The greif there is
in contradiction, and
the hurt there is
in not being enough.
But to want more
is to be human, and
it is in being human
that we love.
So i will take
what it is you give, and
hope and pray
i will want
naught more than you.
i was inspired by the saying "there are two sides to every coin". and it's true. you cannot love, which is a perfect thing, without being human and imperfect. and you cannot say you have loved if you do not love both the dark and the light in a person.
Louise Johnson Aug 2011
The beginning is a vicious start.
Of tears of joy and an open heart.
But we are fighting the inevitable,
As the fear of death can be incredible.
we will always be judged by our beauty
as people feel like it's their duty
to speak about us in horrible ways
do they not know that the sadness stays..

but although life can give you greif
you've got to go on with the belief
that through life you will learn from failing
and life is an ocean that you are sailing.
Sail it well as you've got one chance
live it like it's your last dance.
EgoFeeder May 2013
These lost years of loneliness and social depravity
Have left me with nothing except this written tragedy
I sat and watched as the walls of my life crumbled away
Into this contorted sensation twisting through dismay
These ceaseless rememberance sessions screaming inside
A dead fixed stare on old friends taking cyanide

These bonds have come together in such a swift motion
And, just as fast they've came to their abrubt destruction
Dispersing any tint of mutual belonging from view
Molding a sad landscape of sighs and failing virtue
Watching as the remnants of my relationships loiter
The catacombs of these stockpiled confession letters

If only I could say anything my empathy had to tell me
My skeletal pose might have perched upright in a higher degree
And I would of have grown to a more formidable size
A clear cut aspiration that I never came to realize
Until all that I held grew too big for me to carry
and left me to stumble and sleep at the cemetary

Scratching dead love songs on century old gravestones
Where the forgotten have slept for generations alone
Hoping the crude penmanship might grace a weary heart
Or help a looming ghost feel a taste of love and depart
From the fog filled graveyard parade that it dwells
A final ringing from the synapsis of the greif bells

Sparking the ruin of a memory that doesn't seem real
A fading echo of a brotherhood I wish I could still feel
Detached from a reality that lurks in a decrepit imagery
Reshaping my empty cognition through a fake neuro surgery
I've reached the point where I have no reason to find
A replacement for all these buried pictures astray in my mind
Jinx Sep 2013
Nice to know your life is great as you throw me to the side.
Youve taken down all my pictures like I'm something to hide.
Nothing I ever do is good enough for you.
Now I sit here emotionless unsure what to do.
Bad enough I don't have one parent but now your both gone?
What did I do that was so ******* wrong?

Is it because your new husband doesn't like the way I am?
Is that why all of a sudden you don't give a ****?
Am I no longer good enough to be your kid?
Sorry but being me isn't something you can forbid.

Ill keep to my loud music and my dark clothing taste.
Ill pretend everythings fine while behind my back you whisper to everyone I'm a disgrace.
Disgrace of a human.
Dropped out of school so I'm also a disgrace as a student.

Failure to stay locked up in my room wasting away.
Failure to hold my tongue instead I say what I have to say.
Failure to a trophy mother.
All because I wasn't your perfect trophy daughter

These words keep echoing in my head!
Bouncing around for years making me wish I was dead!
I've taken care of myself my entire life.
19 years of pain, greif, and strife.

19 years all alone.
19 years and I'm still not fully grown.
19 years I've fought to survive.
19 years and I'm just starting to grow tired from how much I strive.

I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted me to be.
I'm sorry I didn't listen and just did me.
I'm not sorry for what I'm about to say.
That I'm cutting you out of my life so just go away.
Never had a mother in the first place so why does it matter?
But I won't be there when your world is about to fall around you and simply shatter.....

So don't bother to lie and say I'm wrong and your right like you always do.
Take this as me pretty much saying I Hate You...
Erin Lewis Jul 2012
My heart mutters softly
The secrets of time
Madness and mystery
No reason or rhyme

The dawn greets me brightly
With fire in the skies
The glint of sword in hand
Reflects the world in my eyes

Fear and death lie ominous
In a vast nefarious abyss
Seeking the sinister sovereignty
Of love's fatal kiss

Crystal notes calmly cascade
Through the tragic tempest of greif
Sung by the spirit of the eagle's cry
Whispering the harmonies of belief
Raghiba batool Jun 2014
The cries of death cannot haunt me,
as I have heard the voices of silence
The darkness of grave cannot scare me ,
as I have seen the darkness of minds
The redness of blood cannot make me tremble,
as I have seen the colors of hatred
The fast moving wind cannot make me shiver,
as I have already swallowed the flood of emotions
The depth of sea cannot challenge me,
as I have already shown it the depth of my eyes
The lonliness of the way cannot make me afraid,
as I have already left my destination behind.....
We met up at dobra tea.
Both our bodies were too long
For the tiny tables.
But we loved the atmosphere too much to care.
"I might have stalked you a little bit" she says
Handing me a slip of paper.
"I may have also read your poetry."
It's a poem about what beverage she would be.
I neatly fold it up and hand it back.
"It's perfect."
"Keep it" she says.
"Keep it?"
"Yeah, don't make it weird just keep it."
The beautiful woman now sits between myself and a bridge.
There is a bike path leading underneath towards the sun.
A guard rail separates us from the
Ocean and seaweed below.

All the trinkets in my pockets
Have been emptied onto the rocks beside me
So as I not hurt myself attempting to conceal them.
We sit against the guard rail holding hands.
"My mom doesn't let me show my sisters pokemon.
Because of evolution.
She's one of those super christians." She says.

"I'm an atheist
But every thing I've ever prayed for has come true.
So, I don't know anymore."

She sits on the guardrail and my head leans against her thigh.
Her fingers run through my hair.

There are so many things I want, that I can't have.
This get's typed into my phone and tucked away like a secret.
"Sorry" I say, and stand up, facing her.

Her forehead leans into my chest.
My arms hold her as I stare into the ocean.

"I have a song stuck in my head" she says.
"Sing it for me."
"I don't know the whole song"
"Sing the part you know"
"Well I only know one line and it's weird."
"Sing the one line, I don't care how awkward it is, I wanna hear it"

"Maybe I'm only in love when you wake me up."

"You didn't tell me you were a GOOD singer."

She reaches for my neck.

"What's your necklace mean?
Well it's the game of thrones martel sigil
People think it's for the show.
But it's for my ex's daughter...
A tattoo was a bad idea,
I can eventually get rid of a necklace."

We notice the sun setting and decide to check it out
As we get up and start walking,
I start to sing.
"I've never been the one to win it all."
I swing around a lampost and walk to the metal fence at my right.
I stare awhile at the sunset before
Crawling up the slanted wall to my left and sitting up top.
I scribble a note on the wall.
It reads:

"Dear god: please let me kiss her, Amen."

The beautiful creature still stands at the bottom of the ledge.

"You aren't allowed to say i'm a good singer when you sound like that." She says.
"It's like watching a live music video."

I run down and hold her against the metal fence
Our lips dare each other to inch closer.
She pushes her forehead into mine.

"What'd you write?"
She asks.
"It's not for you.
If you want to read it you have to climb up there and find it."

"Ooh you ***."
She crawls up the wall and searches.
"Where is it?"
"That's the fun, you gotta find it."
She finds it.
"This handwriting is awful.
I literally can't read it."
"I didn't want you too."
The sun sets and it's finally dark.
"Think it's dark enough to climb that building?"
We trek back through the woodsy path
It's pitch black and terrifying.
"We're gonna get eaten by cannibals"
"There's cannibals in maine?"
"There are in this particular part of maine."
We get to the school and start stacking milkcrates like a staircase.
She puts a wooden pallet against the milkcrates
Propping them against the wall.
"You're brilliant."
"I have good ideas sometimes" she says.
Testing the water my feet scale the landmark.
Then come down to support it
While the lady goes up.
After she's safe I follow her.
Adrenaline hits us.
"We're on a freaking roof right now."
"Are we going to fall in?"
"Is there like a trick to walking on rooftops?"
My body plops down and looks at the sky.
"Oh my god...
Please look at the stars with me "
She lays next to me.
"You know how I've been saying I've been transforming a lot of good little ****** girls
Into blood lusting sirens as of late?" She says.
"I'm starting to think it's not just girls."
"Can I say something cute?
Or would that make things harder?" I ask.
"Say it."
Her breath is sweet.
You have the body of the most gorgeous woman I've ever slept with.
The personality of the woman I fell in love with
The dorkiness of my first high school girlfriend.
The eagerness to get to know me of someone new.
After my ex left me I said I would never love again.
I've been having tons of meaningless ***
Striving for company.
Greif ******* my feelings away
But you.
I'd buy a ******* house with you.

She kisses me.
"Why do you have to be so perfect?" She sobs.
We stay like this.
She moans and wiggles.
We hold our bodies together.
You wanna know what that note on the rocks said?" I ask.
I tell her.
"I'm a terrible wife." She says.
"And I'm a terrible atheist."
A N Godfrey Sep 2012
The words make the way
They build a road into another age
In their comfort...
              ...Greif is kept at bay
The words reflects the heart of old
We find faded footsteps in their verses
Heart is built...
             ...when words vanquish the cold
In words of past
We incase our Hopes and Dreams
To keep Greif...
With the words we do not only fight Agony
We learn
So we may...
           ...keep away further tragedies
Only in words can we Break Free...
           ...from PAIN
The Heart of a Brother… Lifts
The Care of a Mother… Gives
The Wisdom of a Father… Shines
The Love of God… Conquers All that Hurts
AminieMecho Mar 2016
How can any words I sing with speak louder than the melody within your own soul?

If you hear one note think back on this,
Let you remember that in silence living is recognized.

It is a giver, teacher. Stag.

How can me words speak louder than any thought u might have?

A well of fortune, confidence and poise it mounts the plains.

If u become satisfied with your needs, even if they go unfulfilled, let it rest your nerves.

Let the quiet be your support, it's tranquility heals, it's company can be a friend thru the season of greif, winter.

If you speak with no thought, you mind is unbalanced, and the fire of your hell is fueled by the fear for solitude you hold.

Sing a song, don't just be a witness. Then smile during the pauses between melodies.
Robyn Dec 2012
When will I walk here again?
On this crispy gravel that my blood has spilt upon
That with my cuts have shared their sting
When will I feel this again?
The sharp poke of golden leaves
Raked into a mountain
And fallen like a kingdom
When will I see this again?
I favored the papery tree
Peeling cream sheets of bark
When will I smell this again?
The tang of York patties
The comforting scent of cigarette smoke
It lies in my veins now
When will I see you again?
The greif and ash in the folds of your skin
Your hand clasped around a warm tupperware of tonight's leftovers
Your foggy, yellowed glasses
And the hat I never see underneath
When will I hug you again?
Feel your denim clad arms encircle my growing waist
Feel your tears on my cheeks

For now I stroke your wedding ring
And ask myself questions
L H R Oct 2011
We sat huddled in the hallway,
we were muddled in the mud,
we were cuddled in the corridor,
we were flooded by the flood.

We were crying in the courtyard,
we were staring at the sky,
we were praying you were peaceful,
we were feeling you would fly.

We hoped you went to heaven,
we were children of the Lord,
we were losing faith so quickly,
our faith never was restored.

You can't believe in Jesus,
when he takes your friend away,
but you must believe that heaven
is where you friend will stay.

Or can you have it both ways?
Think she's moved up to the sky,
but the devine power that led her there,
also made her die?

My faith was never very strong,
this secured my disbelief,
there's no god watching over us
who filled our lives with greif.
Nevermind Mar 2016
Wish things were different
But then they wouldn't be the same
You'll never live it
I can't forget your name
Wish things were different
But they wouldn't be the same
Wish I could trade my skin
But you wouldn't know my name
Marshal Gebbie May 2010
The meek and mild
Have much within
To touch eternal
Neutral’s  whim,
To walk in step
With time’s embrace
And court  emotion’s
Unlined face.
To enter contracts
Soft and slow
Where stronger mortals
Will not go.
To savour life
In bland relief
Competition’s greif.
To throw the race
Before begun
And glide beneath
A duller sun.
Accept  restraint’s
restricted prize
Sealed in compromise.

Victoria Park Tunnel
26 May 2010
white coat Nov 2013
Some girls sell their virginity for five thousand dollars

My virginity was worth 25 dollars and a bucket of ping pong *****

I don’t see the guy much anymore, he’s very important; worth a lot more than a coffee date and a kiss on the forehead (or briefly on the mouth)

My dad knows I kiss boys. My dad knows I smoke. My dad says not to tell my mother, so I don’t. “Gauky teenage girl, smoke up, don’t tell your mother”

"Have a drink don’t, tell your mother"

"Take the car, don’t tell your mother"

He doesn’t know she’s dead. Dead to me. Dead to herself. Mourning someone with them at the same time is a weird thing. Stages of greif don’t come in tidle waves, they come in laundry fights that last 2 weeks, and sundays when we can’t get out of bed.

Its easy to romantasize parts about yourself that are untouched; that sound mundain, so they must be gold. I live in a college town. Someday I’ll be someone’s girl from indiana. I ****** a boy with sharp teeth who told me I was “******* beautiful”, but the reality about these things is that they don’t matter.

Every state has college towns (there are many other like it, but this one is mine). Being someone’s girl from indiana doesn’t count for ****, what does that say about me “my girl is a geographic mystery, because no one gives a **** about that *** **** southern mess”.

And that boy, with brown hair and sharp teeth told my I was ******* beautiful, but in the moment it made me uncomfortable. I didn’t like his body, or the way he sat. I thought his passions were redundant.

So don’t fall in love with yourself

Don’t say grace

Don’t kiss on the mouth, and don’t tell your mother
Beneath the Iron Gates,
A story so dark and twisted.
Never ending tunnels,
Greif hung in the air.

A black curving stony path,
Awakens every sense but sight,
Hear the air around you,
Steady pace, keep on.

Destination unknown,
But the journey,
Strangly is set.
this arbitrary determination.

Bare feet fall,
Upon the cold gems of the earth.
Guide them to the end.
That never will be reached.

What is that in the distance?
Chance of light, I believe.
But will the casted shadows grab you,
Before you make it to the end?

The Reaper stands above you,
But to someones surprise,
To you, He is invisible,
Run. From. This. Place.

Dont. Go. Beneath. The. Iron. Gates.
Angel Dec 2016
I cant do it again,
I only began to feel alive,
and it was so easy to pretend,
that everything you had forgotten was,
well.. temporary.
How could i not notice that you started to forget what i had said,
that repeating my self had become a common occurrence,
I cant do it again,
feeling as though my time with you,
was a heart machine i couldn’t view,
and when you flatlined,
i would fall to my knees,
but a prayer won’t save you,
god has no mercy,
I cant do it again,
I don’t want to dress in the color,
that absorbs happiness and hides emotion,
I don’t want to be encompassed by sunshine,
but feel darkness wherever I walk,
hear about you,
but not be able to see you,
see pictures of you,
but not be able to take one of you,
I cant do it again,
not only I had a wounded heart,
you didn’t just hop off the side of the boat,
but you sunk it,
with everyone waiting on the deck,
hoping that you would come back,
we all knew you had shot a hole,
in the side of the boat,
and as the water slowly inched its way,
from the bottom of our feet,
all the way,
above our heads,
we stayed standing strong,
holding each others hands,
as silence and sadness ,
greif and worry,
flooded our minds,
but don’t worry we survived,
we remember your story ,
every day,
constantly living in your memory,
even though you couldn’t,
but i cant go through it again,
I cant go to school every day,
waiting for a call to the office,
hopping they won’t have anything important to say,
because that would mean it was all ok,
but silently hoping the day had come,
because that day all your suffering would end,
and you’d go into the white light,
see your mom and all your friends,
but if there is one thing i know for sure,
is that I can not do it again.
My grandma went through alzhimers and now my other grandpa has been diagnosed :(
Amanda Nov 2018
I always hurt by caring too much
Expecting similar effort in return
This time thought I could maintain control
Some habits too deeply rooted to unlearn

There seems to be no magic number
Of heartbreaks able to change my ways
Come back to the very thing that destroys me
Resolve weakens in a matter of days

Each time I crash a little harder
The throbbing gets worse, injuries more severe
Plunged into a deep pool of denial
Would rather live a lie than face you not here

Although the agony is somewhat unbearable
Weight of dishonesty too heavy to hold
Know without a doubt it does not compare
To torment of watching our romance unfold

The most difficult decision I have ever made
Has been to give up on what I poured time into
Level the skyscraper that took eons to build
Clear unsalvagable wreckage and begin anew

Though all that remains are tiny pieces and dust
Of love we were so proud to call our home
I desperately scramble for answers in the ruins
Mind broken, I relentlessly comb

Looking like a pitiful fool
Witnesses point, scoff loudly, and stare
They don't understand how it feels to lose your heart
Should be embarrassed but I'm far too unaware

Oblivious to disarrayed surroundings
Aching nerves scorch muscles with greif
Any semblance of time long ago flew away
Have been trapped an eternity in a stupor of disbelief

****** sore palms red from scouring sharp sections
Hunting the same oversifted handfuls of our past for a trace
Of intimacy once lacing our brittle tired bones
Is it the feeling or just familiarity I chase?

All I know is functions halt when I'm on my own
Unsure if I can survive without you by my side
Whether its your soul or simply your presence I need
Or something else all together I can't decide

I was not clingy until you carried me on your back
Was not jealous before I discovered your power
One glance leaves head dizzy, drawing in with your charm
Emotions grow wild, stronger by the hour

So I'm stuck here stumbling mumbling incoherently
Staggering zig-zagging directions soaked
Love left me beaten, too ****** up to form a sane thought  
Mental state disturbed by the lies on which I choked

Conscience becoming numb, withdrawn into my shell
Long to close eyes for a semi-permanent sleep
I've not yet felt such emptiness before
An old hole reopens for each promise you failed to keep

Hopefully this will be enough
To secure chains constricting my heart
Lift the veil so my stubborn eyes can see next time
Stop the flood of high-pressure emotions before they can start
How did we get here?
Somehow we came undone
So busy trying to fix you
Didn't see us breaking crumb by crumb
Whatyoudon'tknow Oct 2015
I think about it all the time.
I do it even when I'm not sad.
I hide it like a crime.
It's not a fashion fad.

I like the way it feels, looks, the relief
The sensation and satisfaction
But I hate the way it it brings greif
The after a the of the action

I do it all the time
Even when you take away the knife
I give no warning sign
I just don't want to lose my life
Erin Hankemeier Apr 2014
You were just one grade above me in high school.
You graduated last year.
You made big plans for your life and your future...
... But then the fateful day came fast.
The accident could not be stopped
And no one is to be blamed.

I went to your wake today.
I saw your mom, dad, brothers and sisters.
But who I remember most is your beautiful girlfriend.
You loved her to the ends of the earth,
but you left her behind.

I barley knew you, or ever talk to you
but what I do know is that
No mother should ever have to bury her own son,
It broke my heart seeing all the people you left behind.

As I walked past to view your body one last time,
I prayed
"God, I pray [His name goes here,
but I think it is most respectful not to say his name]
is safe in Heaven with you. I pray for his family. I pray that they are safe and will find hope and have faith in this time of greif"

I hugged your mom, dad, sisters, and brothers,
and your girlfriend
and told them how sorry I was..
.. but no words of mine can bring you back.
Nothing I can say or do can bring you back to us.

Life is short.
At the age of 19, you left us.

Nobody knows when their last day on Earth is,
So all I ask of whoever is reading this is,
To live life to the fullest and do not regret anything.

If tomorrow never comes,
Tell your loved ones that you love them
Say "Thank you"
Take risks
Love life
Love your family and friends
Forgive your enemies
On April 25, 2014 my small town lost a very special person in our lives. His wake was today (April 29, 2014). In my perspective, his wake was described as is above. Closing this story, I made a wish for everybody reading this.. Please, please, please read this and try your best to apply it to your life.

Also, Please share!
Madeline Dec 2015
Drown me in floral and hope
And dip me in my mother's blood
Since its in me anyway
Hey, Have you forgotten about our loss already, am i the only one suffering any more. You dont show your greif if there is any.. and i dont know how to stop feeling...

We used to be so light hearted, things were easy it seemed.
Like our presence in eachother was all that we need.
But now we know that theres something weighing both of us down and I have read alot of articles but nothing profound.

Or maybe its just me, maybe I am the only one. And I feel so uncomfortable I think that you are too. but i can't seem to accept that notion, or find anything else to do... but just cry sometimes..

and i cry sometimes, God knows me well he knows my voice, and he can tell I am sorry... God knows my voice and he can tell I am greif strickin, why did we have to lose that chance. Our own unique....... well you know.

a little ..... something to real to say...

and now an everlasting "someday"

Its everlasting for me, oh orange rings sing so beautifully like it was made in me.... and it was....

You know it was.... how real was that, as real as me, or not quite.... right... not to me.
Kimberly Weber Jul 2014
The night stars twinkle like the spotlights I used to know
Clear and fresh the silent air stirs with wind
Pierced by struggles and cries of innocence
The rush of Justice kicks in
And the night is quiet again
The night is mine to seize as I choose
Through training and greif I sprouted wings
And in the night I soar
Like the Bat himself
An ode to my favorite hero. Not very well written, but an ode nonetheless
Hey, Have you forgotten about our loss already, am i the only one suffering any more. You dont show your greif if there is any.. and i dont know how to stop feeling...

We used to be so light hearted, things were easy it seemed.
Like our presence in eachother was all that we need.
But now we know that theres something weighing both of us down and I have read alot of articles but nothing profound.

Or maybe its just me, maybe I am the only one. And I feel so uncomfortable I think that you are too. but i can't seem to accept that notion, or find anything else to do... but just cry sometimes..

and i cry sometimes, God knows me well he knows my voice, and he can tell I am sorry... God knows my voice and he can tell I am greif strickin, why did we have to lose that chance. Our own unique....... well you know.

a little ..... something to real to say...

and now an everlasting "someday"

Its everlasting for me, oh orange rings sing so beautifully like it was made in me.... and it was....

You know it was.... how real was that, as real as me, or not quite.... right... not to me.
Jinn Prashanti Nov 2016
Too many things about life
Make me feel mournful
I often times ask why
As if the stars had any answers
I hear nothing,
I see everything,
and yet,
all I feel is static.

absolutely nothing, makes sense
or has the same meaning
from one moment to another.

is around every corner it seems.

eventually numbness sets in
and the blood begins to seep.

People fill the room and
soon your eyes feel heavy.
The voices stop,
all but one.
The declaration has been made.
The label has been made.
Sedative begins to set and your body goes still.

The feeling still there,
every molecule every atom.
every slice and every stitch.

The label placed,
and perfectly stitched,
Aftercare is key love, it must not rip.

The nurse stagers over and hands you a mirror.
The restraints released.
Perfectly, permanently placed,
The label you will forever see.
Lizzie valentine Jul 2015
Being 22 to struggle each day I was down, depressed felt all alone. My boyfriend had strayed away with other things. I had to leave, id had enough of the greif. He wanted me back but I was finding my feet a week after that I was in disbelief. He told me something that he'd hidden away but it come back and caught up with him killed us both in a way. I had my dog driving home after work it was 3 years anniversary that day. Got to the door strangers every where I stand with the news that I did not want to hear. I5 years ago 25th of July I still think of him  he hanged himself cause of a secret he kept he was ***** at 11 by a 19 year old man.  The people that's left hearts broken angry with everything. I know he's at peace he lived in a place for 15 years broken inside had a face that smiled everyday but that evil come back would not go away embarrassed and broken. The secret he kept took my man away, never hide bad things cause your never alone if he'd maybe told me at the start he'd  be here today.     MISS U EVERY DAY BUT I KNOW YOU WILL BE THERE, WAITING AT THE GATE WHEN MY TIME IS UP TO MAKE UP THE YEARS, THAT WE LOST. BEN AT YOUR SIDE WAGGING HIS TAIL NEVER TO BE ALONE AGAIN. ***
Never keep bad ordeals to yourself confined in someone. My man would have maybe be here today it wasn't a cowardly way out the only coward is his abuser. It's my heart that has never really healed but i have my little girl that keeps me alive and makes life worth getting up for. Try stay strong there is always  hard times but someone to help is never far away.
andy fardell May 2011
should day become tomorrow ..a day that i should die
would life upon this planet care.. would people laugh or cry
would time go on un-noticed ..would people hold their breath
i very much so doubt it my life now sudden death

do flags get flown because im out and nearly 6ft down
i very much do worry not i bet no sudden frowns
my life is that a tiny ant ..that ****!! no longer there
i bet a younger ant like me be ready that i fear

In times gone past we hasten had forgotten all our pals
remebering of the dead we know yet someone filled their souls
will we become a memory fad that people just dont share
a stone inside a churches yard bare of love and care

My death will go so no one see's a greif of family life
my freinds,my love and closest ones will mourneth me
a day of life be had
time will heal those wounded souls and time will fade away
leaving just a dusty stone crumbling day by day
Dylan Apr 2012
The days stretch apart, no recollection of the last.
I guess that's how it goes, living young, dumb and fast.
I show no anger to the past that has molded me, but regrets I still hold with greif.
Still hold belief that dreams can really happen, their picturesque beauty need for any caption.
An everlasting passion bleeding out of me, I'm not sure what else I can do to make you see, this nostalgic feeling still haunting every breath I breathe, every step that I take toward this sea. I can almost see your heart, equipped with a windchilled lining and snow to patch the holes from where your fear seeps, before you sleep...convincing yourself that love is dead, with every beat.
Livi M Pearson Nov 2015
When dawn struck the petals of her beautiful flowerbed
Her eyes would glow
A sweet amber glow
That stopped the rapid flow
Of the cursed river of yore
That flooded my unstable floor

Her happiness stuck to the roots
And her soul blossomed with the petals
Oh I love this woman
More than every petal
Of every flower
That fell upon the flowerbed
She cherished more then life

Then as she bloomed so did a lump
A lump that grew in her ovaries
That sent pain to my heart
Took my will to be strong
And ripped it apart
There was no cure
We both were fragile in our days
So we wept with the dew that fell from the roses and the white lilies
They cried while they wilted too

As we cuddled by the cold fire
In our final hour
When trying to be strong
Was our only power
You looked me in my eyes
Searching for hope
Searching for a hope I have not found myself and said
"Don't let my garden die like me
For I am that garden
I am the dawn that sparkles on the petals
Please don't let the dawn become the darkness we are in now"

I look into her eyes as they slip on the efforts of staying up for  my answer
A blank stare
That stares at nothing
But she listens all the same
"You my beautiful rose will never die"

She smiles as she falls into a deep sleep
Saying a goodbye that will not be said forever
I kiss her forehead and whisper
"I will see you in the morning"

I wake up before dawn
The trees were still sleeping
The flowers slowly dying
The moon still peeping
I bring out my rose and dig into her flowerbed
By the roses and white lillies
Then put her into the ground
She is still smiling
My wife has met peace
And I have met true love
Together will never wilt
I cover her in a mound of dirt
And wait for my wife to shine

As the sun began to be reborn
My wife was still gone
Gone like the moment when she said goodbye
I begin to curse my faith
I ask the question why
Why me
Why did she have to go
I aim my wraith to my creator
I bow my head in greif
Letting my tears fall upon a closed morning glory
That was not there before
It begins to open
I smile and say
"Good morning my love"
Kiarra Dean Jun 2015
in, out
in, out
keep telling yourself its okay
and things will turn out fine
you cant change this one, dear
i know you want to
but you cant do a thing, sweetie
just take a breath and hold it
long after your face turns blue
if you hold it long enough it might do
if you wake again in a room draped in white
tubes sprouting out your veins
its quite alright, my love
for you just need to hold it longer
for as time passes just pretend
pretend like you can hold it together
for someone will believe
and let you be
but this time
when that comes
take things nice and slow
feel the wind breeze against your face
high in the sky
almost touching the stars
as you can hear honks from cars
the salty smell hitting your nose
as you just let it go
dropping, dropping
down you go
you hear the whistling of wind in your ears
your hair flowing like the water below
and suddenly
just like a raindrop
you fall from the sky
but instead of stopping, you fall further
this time
not gravity.
your greif and misery
dragging you down
yet the farther you go
it doesnt feel heavy
you feel light, floating even
you pop up
looking around, you find yourself in a river
a river of lost souls
you have reached
your final destination.
John Graham Jan 2015






SOUL ******










Amanda Feb 2019
Know the pain I'll receive at your hand
They say I'm dumb but they don't understand
How hard it can be to let go of futures planned
To escape clutches of a cold command
Life without you I don't think I could stand
When it comes to me you don't give a ****
Unsure of a way to make you see
How ****** up it is that you always hurt me
Sit in silence suffering, sad and lonely
When we try to talk it out we simply disagree
You hear but do not listen to my plea
I continue giving you my love and time for free

You just want me to be there
I want you to show you care
Of my unhappiness you are aware
I suppose you have your own greif to bear
Too busy to ask, too closed off to share
So I cry while out the window I stare
The whole time knowing it isn't fair
To give my heart when in return I only get empty air

Lost intimacy that once came with ease
Love you but neglect is causing my heart to freeze
That expression you wear when I ask you to repeat
What you already said is less than sweet
The ground beneath shakes and quivers
From my eyes flow rapid rivers
Let's talk to not talk at eachother, tell eachother how we really feel
Let's release the words we've been longing to say, let's talk so we can heal
Let's talk about the good times we have both shared
Let's ask the questions we wanted to but before were too scared
Open your mind and allow thoughts to be free
I'll do the same if you don't judge me
Maybe then some understanding could be reached
Because our reasons aren't so simple to teach
We'll have to let down our walls to let love in
And let out worries that make the future seem grim
It will be worth it to pour out our hearts
So the fighting will end and the loving can start


All your promises are empty
All your love is fake
It's too late that I am realizing
You are just a big mistake

Is that part called the bridge? I am pretty sure that's correct but not totally

— The End —