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Spenser Bennett Aug 2016
To be alone
is the deepest truth we will know;
**** this empty home.

A false security
in the future of our insecurities,
our shared disease.

Don't you see
how vacant this world would be
without our American,
our American dreams?

We only love ourselves
when we let ourselves
and there's no one else
who could take that all away.

If I'm wrong then maybe there's a reason
For me to **** myself
and take it
all the way.

For all the love we knew
and the lust it grew,
we'll always bleed, **** honesty.

But I'm betting that I can find a way
To shed my pain
And the blood on my hands
won't stain my sleeves.

Distill our happiness from lonely thoughts
and broken hearts;
a life saving alchemy.

If I'm alive then you know you are,
know you are my saving grace.
And if I'm dead well then,
then I can't believe in
grace anyway.
By grace, through faith we are saved,
by the blood that Jesus has paid.

Completely God and completely man,
this Jesus was killed by human hand.

A sacrifice he was,
Jesus loves you, just because.

Resurrected from the dead,
Jesus is alive, no matter what is said.

Living and strong,
Jesus is with you, all your life long.

Jesus is building his house so big,
he wants you to come and see his Kingdom gig ;)

Your are loved.
You are blessed.

In the Kings righteousness,
you are dressed.
lX0st Jul 2015
We are all born alone
Lost souls as we grow
Searching for a purpose
For something steady to hold
So we live out each day
In hopes that someday we'll know
And as soon as I had you
I knew to never let go
More cheesiness
Spenser Bennett May 2016
Speak grace into the canvas of my silent heart
Words of love and musical laughter part from your gold velvet lips
Strength enough to carry away pain and suffering from my weary eyes
Speak grace into the canvas of my silent heart

Dance like fire wild in the ink drop watercolor night
Passion stained cheeks glow from beneath lovers eyes
Sparks soar higher than the thunder head eagles play
Dance like fire wild in the ink drop watercolor night

Breath soft as the world settles slow and rise with the lazy star heat
Forget the troubles of days behind and look for warmth in my furnace chest
Delicate sighs of whispered vows tremble about the air
Breath soft as the world settles slow and rise with the lazy star heat

Speak grace into the canvas of my silent heart
Words of love and musical laughter part from your gold velvet lips
Strength enough to carry away pain and suffering from my weary eyes
Speak grace into the canvas of my silent heart
melissa rose Dec 2018
Her love soaks me
like a tepid rain
on a sensual summers day
in all its glorious designs
I bathe in her riches
existing in the milky mist
of her shoreline
We did it younger than ever,
We discovered how to escape;
That sincere claim
of every next generation,
The undying theme never ageing.
Such is the way.

Just run! The adult-world's awaiting
and I won't yet be taken,
Lost in a maze of adolescence,
There I fear my gaze will ever-remain.

Skins touch the soul, in the depths of it
I know; Love Here.

Have we finally surpassed
that teenage haze
in which I was encased?
In which I was amazed.

I can never give up those memories,
Hence, I dutifully make these recordings.
This data keeps me dauntless, reinforcing my character.
I feel at ease to know it will remain here.
What is inexplicable now
perhaps I can decipher in the future.
That shivering empyrean was committed
to the darkest recesses of my mind,
And there it shall remain for the rest of time.
William Eberlein Feb 2013
He stands amongst a forest of terrors.

Protection written on his face,
ready to ****.

For a girl made of glass.
The wind was gazing through the window
Curtains dancing in the night
Blowing away my biggest sorrows
Waking a feeling deep inside

Never had I felt more alive
Then right there on my well aged bed
Not even thinking about the things
The things that I had never had

‘Cause while outside the wind was storming
Inside it brought me genuine grace
Stayed in this dark room way too long
Until the fresh breeze touched my face
G Rog Rogers Aug 2017
I will be your mighty man
if you will be
my fragile flower

For the strength of you
within my hand
is far greater
than any mountain

Your softest word
whispered in my ear
will raise the best
of aspirations

While your kiss
upon my cheek
uplifts Our fields
of forever

So We will lay
beside Our souls
as Our spirits
run free together

We will seek and search
to truly find
Our place together
as lovers

I then will lift my eyes
to mirror yours
and surely glimpse
the grace of Heaven



jcl Jan 6
there is hope
like a rising sun
on a distance horizon
lighting up the morning sky
pushing the darkness aside
melting the clouds away

the rays warm my face
coaxing a smile
squinting my eyes
i take a breath, savoring being alive

the sky is blueing deeper, clearer
morning haze is lifting, disappearing
life is awakening, stirring, moving
the beauty is overwhelming, awe inspiring

i see anew, with an indigo eye
things i’d sensed but never knew
i feel too deep, intuit too much
beheld as a curse, repressed, suppressed

i burned, screamed, fell into ashes
my soul lay fallow, quiet, healing, waiting
resurrecting from cold dark depths
heart beating, eyes opening, arms reaching

vindication from self doubt
forgive me Cassandra, Cairn, Mother
i weep, openly, proudly, for your grace
it is the 9th and final gift
indigo flower photos
DuBray Apr 2018
Maybe you can see grace
In this misty place
Around the bridge
Or up on a mountain ridge

Maybe in a glistening river
Filled with gold and silver
Within the flowing rain
Or mankind's chains?

Can we find her in darkness
Or only the light?
When life is a mixture
Like grace - a passing gesture?
Gracie Knoll Apr 2016
I run in the wake of my High King
Swept along by the waves of his grace
Each step is a bound
As I climb up the mountain on the road that leads to his place

I bask in the glory of my Lord
Weighed down by the weight of his love
Each breath is a milestone as I fly on the clouds to the city of his up above

I rest in the peace of my Father
Lulled by the song of his calm
Each verse is a kiss from his beautiful lips as he carries me home in his arms
She giggles like a baby
And dances like an excited child,
Twirling amongst the wind and rain with no coordination.
Her smile is quiet and often,
I never really thought about how much I love teeth until I looked at how cute hers were,
Her canines sharp and ready to bite at my ear.
The waist on that girl is about the size of my neck,
Maybe smaller.
I wouldn't doubt it.
Pale milk in the moonlight is no whiter than her skin,
But it is not nearly as luminescent and ethereal.
Her freckled narrow nose shows how much she is in the sun.
She will run around, having kid's fun, until millennia go by.
Her ears poke out of her hair sometimes,
Showing themselves just to make me smile.
And her locks are thick, unlike her thighs.
Her hips are so wide and fluid,
But she does not worry of them.
Her only worry in the world is of her music.
Her multichrome eyes are canyons filled with amusement, joy and love,
And they are framed by long elegant eyelashes that tickle my own when she kisses me.
Her hands, ever so small but broken, rush around, messing with whatever there is to be played with.
And her tongue intrigues me as much as it enchants me. One flick of it, and I'm melted in her hands.
Her body is what I'd imagine heaven's angels to appear as,
Matt Shaw May 2017
You are my waking grace.
Walking through the valley and the shadows of death,
Piercing my night with a holy moon.

You are the rising strength of languid muscles
Warm inside each of their bellies when cold apathy teases them
from all sides.

You're a person who is personless
I could never consider all of you
You meant me and you said me
Included me in all these things, and I
am just so honored.

I don't think it's hopeless.

I don't think it's depressing, no
Not even when it is.

I think you meant me and you said me
For no reason, for one reason,
and for infinite reasons.

I love you, and no thing
could ever, ever change that.
Amanda Noel Jul 2
Even the smallest being
can be full of great pride,
It’s not always a sin
to hold your head high.
Just remember,
walking blindly without grace,
most times,
you are likely to fall on your face.
Steve Page Nov 2018
We watched and listened
as He prayed.
And we wondered
what it might be like
to speak with Jehovah
as He did.

So we gathered up our courage
and we asked.

And then, smiling,
He told us.
He gave us our prayer.
And, as if for the first time,
it felt real.
It felt like we had permission.
We had an invitation
to call Jehovah 'our Father'
as He did.

I couldn't help but smile
when I thought what the priests would make of this.

Child to Father.
Direct access. Forgiveness
without a priest.
And the simplicity of asking,
of feasting
on the generous Spirit
as He did.

Oh, how I smiled.

And later,
when the others were asleep
I practiced this new boldness
and smiled in a whisper:

"Our Father in heaven,
most holy be your Name.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
here on earth
just as in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our sins
just as we forgive those
who sin against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
instead, deliver us from the evil one.
For yours is the kingdom,
the power and the glory
for ever, Amen."

I smiled.
And I slept
as He did.
Closer to grace.
Luke 11
Matthew 6
long have I been acquainted with the night
where slumbers chains have bound me

let me tell you this my dear reader

I do believe that my recent death
was nothing more than an unanswered prayer


as I lay motionless in my grave
breath reeking of midnight honeysuckle

the hands of the merciless
ravage my pale skin

of course

I can only imagine
that I still exist

yet my bones make no sound

I suppose I should be jubilant
for as the story goes
"the dead are free"

and with that

I shall forever remain positive
that perhaps this time
death will be kind to me

as I drink in its misery
the sick sweetness passes my lips
I cry out in crimson ecstasy

once more
I find myself
silently laying down these pallid bones

lingering in the darkness
I desire him that is treacherous to the soul
the darkest of shadows
the grimmest of times

and only because
the heavens have denied me their graces
blackbiird Jun 6
I'm brOKen
when you tell me
I'm beautiful.
it's just izz Sep 11
i know your mirror is your guilty comfort
and your worst enemy

i know your fingertips brush the glass
as if it is to be worshipped
and to be feared

i know your eager mind craves a counting down of numbers
on the weighing scale, as if each kilogram
is a weight lifted off your chest

i know you can lose yourself in that labyrinth
of measuring tape and small waists and big expectations
of mirror shards and makeup and meticulosity

but do you know that
you are nature?

there is the night sky in your hair;
the moon, she dangles in the curve of your ears,
her constellations flung across your cheekbones

there is the sun in your skin, fire-gold and blinding bronze;
his warmth shines in your radiant smile,
his light dances in your honey-brown eyes

and the way you move, that is the forest, did you know?
sparrow wings shape your collarbones,
the fox lends you his easy charm
the deer gifts you her swift grace

so my dear,
remember you are more than measurements,
for you are from nature herself:
and no ordinary numbers can describe
the beauty of unparalleled creation
J, if you ever see this, it's for you
ChildofGodyay Oct 2018
I stand in awe.
In awestruck-awe.
I see no flaws.
Even with my faith I see no flaws.
Crazy, mad, impossible, some would have said if they knew just a bite-size of your grace oh God.
How I stand in the middle of your radar.
As the waves and frequencies of your grace surrounds me.
The only fear I would have is that it would be too overwhelming for me to take in.
When the devil says you don't love me.
Remind me to see the horizon.
An endless, endless, endless, stretch of grace.
As my sin increased, your grace increased...all the more.
Because it's endless I would not be able to wrap my head around it and make sense of it.
Only to make sense, something that is so profound, and absolutely indescribable. Even the word 'indescribable' alone won't fit it.
Let alone your grace, how about your love. Your mercy. Your power. Your majesty.
Endless catalogs and memoirs of what you have done for me.
Never a remembrance because they aren't dead. No.
When anxiety comes, God, remind me of your word. Your promises.

Ocean of grace.
Not yet, have I seen your face.
I wait till that day, just push me at your own pace, and carry me closer and closer to your face, as I slowly fade....
May I never yawn at your majesty God, how often we ever yawn at your majesty...
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