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JayceeJellies Jun 2015
I'm scared of bugs and, also hugs.
I enjoy writing, it keeps me smiling.
I like the rain, people think I'm insane.
But you seem to be different.
You remind me of being an infant.
Everything is exciting and new.
It's amazing, how you help me pull through.
I go off topic quite often.
The things I'll ramble on about..
I hope they won't make you check-out.
I wasn't sure how to title this, I just sort of spilt it out..
Maegan deme Aug 2018
Well I wrote a silly book
And filled it with solemn words.
And put the cantos in.
But wrote them in reverse.
There was a haiku,
I put on some page.
But instead of seven syllables.
I thought it was the seventh page.
Picture poetry is fun
But I couldn't paint, only write.
I put a poem in,
But it's hard to understand,
Cause when I thought I wrote it,
I wrote on my hand.
Its a goofy book of things,
That you never knew could be.
Why don't you come and see
This goofy book of things,
That You never thought should be.
This is kind of what I would think shel sliverstein writes like.
SunFlower Sep 2015
So sweet with every taste of sugar
Chocolate drops gooey, goofy, goodness
Warm, soft, edible, delectable, incredible
Beauties, that's for sure.
Why are they so appealing ?
Is it because of looks.
Or is it because I'm extrovert.
Or is it the taste.
I am a hopeless introvert ---
Lizzy Jan 2015
You’re annoying,
And offensive,
And loud,
And rude,
Yet entertaining,
And funny.
You’re thoughtful,
And deep,
And passionate,
And strong.

You keep me safe,
When my hope is gone.
You drive me crazy,
But keep me sane.
I lose sleep at night,
Because I can only think you’re name.

My mind is messy,
But you don’t care.
I need you,
Like my lungs need air.
I love your smile,
Your goofy laugh.
And how you let me play with your hair.

I know its hard right now,
Because you’re so far away.
But I promise,
It will all be better,
Some day.
Daniela Collu Nov 2018
I sit here, listening to your snores
Alluring, goofy and sweet
For a moment I'm there, all yours
Between the warm sheets, counting your heartbeats

I close my eyes
And snore with you
02/11/2018 - For Nick, the love of my life.
Nassif Younes Feb 2016
I remember you with your goofy hat
And your childish glow-in-the-dark jacket;
I remember the way you spoke into your
Glorified walkie-talkie
In a language, impressively synthesised
From that of a 12 year old autistic boy
And a football hooligan;

I remember asking you a question
To which you responded with a firm
And gripping
Which clicked tightly
Around my wrists.

I remember listening as your opinion moved me
Into the back seat of a car,
Moved me
At forty miles an hour
And then convinced me
Into a little box-shaped room.

I remember you extended towards me
The intellectual courtesy
Of not adhering to that dull English tradition
Of answering my question with questions.

Instead you proved your illuminating point
As you turned on a light above my head,
Shone it brightly in my face
And shoved the righteous truth
Right up my ***.
Meredith Ann Feb 19
“Velocity is squared in centrifugal force”
You yelled, as you grabbed my knee,
Your goofy face begging me to laugh.
Regan Mar 2018
Blurring of emotions
Head’s pounding
Strangers falling in and out of unrealistic love.
Caught your eye.
The stench of cologne
The rush of everything
The slowness of you looking at me
Our eyes meet as you slowly make your way towards me
Shaking hands, goofy smiles
Music flooding our thoughts
Making it easier to confess to you
How much I want you
But I can’t
The music drowns out everything
Leaving it with just you and me
Holding you close but keeping my distance.

© Regan
haha he read this one lol
I have food in my belly
A roof over my head
And thoughts that keep me spinning

I have a grandma who loves me
A cousin who looks up to me
A cat and a dog
That have so much warmth to give.

But All I can think
Is how there's a chance
That you don't love me

Every 7am
I check my phone
Hoping there's a message from you

How far down the line does this go
Is it mutual
Even a bit
Even at all?

But my hope is too strong
My faith isn't giving up
On the possibility of meeting your core.

I'm hard headed
And passionate to the bone.

I'm silly
And I'm serious

I'm goofy
And ****

I'm a paradox
Wrapped in skin.

You haven't figured me out
As I'm unraveling more so
Each and every breathe I take.

Discovering the magic in my fingertips
The power of my voice
And the strength in my dance.

I'm a warrior woman
A goddess who will always strive
When I'm weak and shaky
Even when it's hard to get up

A goddess will always strive
Even with warm tears
In her eyes.

If the girl over there has you distracted
With her big eyelashes and flirtatious flare

I hope it's worth it,
Cause it cuts my wounded heart.
To know you didn't even try to understand

My eyes.
My tries.

Take a look deeper,
Take a look inside..

I may be fallen now.
But I will rise.

regina Feb 4
It's not the breakup that hurts.
It's the fact that he is no longer there to fill your day makes it hurt.

You are no longer waking up to the sound of him sleeping soundly next to you.

He will not be there to comfort you when you need shoulder to cry on.

You will never feel the touch of his warm arms when he cuddled you close.

His goofy smile faded as he walked out of your room, without turning his head back.

Maybe this is why we said love is an idea.
I loved him, just because he is always there when I need someone to lean on.

Now I have learned,
Sometimes we just want someone in our lives,
Even if it is not the right fit.
i came to realization today.
arthohos Feb 15
I woke up wanting you back
I woke up ready to do anything
to have you back
I woke up wanting you to be mine again
I woke up wishing you would have
you used to hug my sadness away
you used to carry my anxiety away
you used to tame my depression everyday
why did you leave?
was it necessary all that pain
do you feel sad too?
do u wake up everyday feeling empty too?
do you miss me?
do you miss my goofy self around you?
i miss you and I can’t deny
Alex Summers Jan 20
There's a bunch of small things about you that most wouldn't notice,
That I just happen to love.

Like the star-like pattern of little golden flecks in your beautiful brown eyes,
Or remembering how soft your lips were against mine.
Or that goofy smile you give whenever someone actually makes you laugh.
It's different from your usual, kind of faked smile.

I doubt anyone but me and you
Remember the fact that, well,
You called James Madison a little *****.
Or that my running joke with you is 'smonk the wed.'

I doubt anyone really sees the way a few of your teeth are just a little bit crooked,
Or the way your eyes and nose crinkle up sometimes if you smile wide enough.

I doubt anyone remembers that time you wore my cat ears to comicon,
Or, really, the fact that you still have them- somewhere.
Or the goofy way you called me out on instagram for not liking pickles.

I still remember feeling your hand in mine.
I still remember stealing your definitely too small for me hoodies,
I still remember being in theatre with you.

I still remember admiring your eyes,
And the way your hair curled into ringlets when it got down to your ears,
And the way it felt between my fingers.

I still remember the way your voice calmed me down,
Or the day before thanksgiving when you called me, crying,
Begging me to stay on the Earth just a little bit longer.

I still remember you next to me.
I still remember all the little things, too.
I saw this as a prompt for NPM like two years ago?? but I got *** Inspired so I wrote this about a boy I fell in love with last year
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