Susan,  staring so long into the vacuum
of the sun's face,  walked away w/ two
burnt eyes &  locks of lightning yellow
Onoma 5d
You are the body of Siva, having sun and moon for twin
Your Self, I surmise, O Goddess, as a new sinless Self;
Therefore, by mutual complementarity, this relation
remains one of common reciprocity
Between You two, participating on equal terms of
transcendent bliss.

--Soundarya Lahiri

you wandered into the cave

of this spiritual heart.

the moment you entered, these

eyes flew open--and glowed


black, the color of dispassion--

moved with you, till it realized it

moved and was broken.

even after perfectly seeing the

hell that is desire, desire thus!!!

you conjured this, you called out into

the wild...and now i call back!!!

i couldn't resist you, because you awakened

the realization that there's more to be burned.

your hand found its way across

the cave walls...never was a touch

so familiar.

you create the time it takes for

five fingers to hold every hand

ever formed.

if it is i've understood the energetic exchange,

and you have not...manifold the cave.

how unfathomably deeper the

depth, and i must love you

relentlessly for making it there.

i have forever to wait out your


eyes closed...tears of ecstasy

cutting down a face of ash.
Ecstatic tingles keep me alive hoping that someone will cut me like a knife
My buttery redemption deems a perilous pearl
To the fools who fall in love with this treaterous girl
I will break you apart
Suck love out of your heart
And pop your joy into my mouth
Like a delicious pop tart
And rapturously smile painting ruin so smart
Your demise is my subconscious impeccable art
I am sorry.
You’re more tempting then heroine
Especially when you give me some tender love to hope in

My spirit animal might be an evil dragon
Or serpent goddess
Or something
Or maybe I’m just trying to fantasize over the fact that
I. Am. Not. Nice
My advice to you- RUN.

when donned the mask
the transformation
smoulders forth the other

the fantasy of your desire
carnal fire
on wings of dreams

she is she
and too another

unleashed at light of ardor's moon
her masquerade does lust ignite

manifest at your request
sustained this night
at her delight

she is isis
she is venus
a goddess true
in every measure

she is your every longing loosed
to bring you every pleasure

she is everything
and much more than this
bestowed with every molten kiss

as you burn
remember this
beneath the mask
your real bliss


rob kistner © 2010
(revised © 2018)
My beautiful wife and I had just watched Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Open" and it sparked this lustful fantasy.
This write was further fueled by my long-standing personal penchant for occasionally making love wearing captivating eye masks, for a playful kink.

— The End —