Donna Bella Dec 2014

Born on Mars
Raised up as a Scorpio Goddess
Destroying the demons in my path
Loving everyone who can be loved
Hating the ones who've betrayed me
Living on as a Goddess
An egyptian goddess who speaks words of life
A goddess

Meenu Syriac May 2014

When the first rays of the sun is cast on you through the venetian blinds
Your hair, a golden hue, in curls they tumble and fall on to your sides.
Your skin, a tanned wonder, Aphrodite will envy with her immortal soul
And your wild and untamed spirit, through your eyes, even Artemis will fall.
Your voice is like honey and works magic to the heart and mind
As you sit there, by the window and sing till the heavens will open and the gods descend down.

Vanessa Ponce Oct 2013

A goddess in design,
Ain't no way she wasn't going to shine.

She continued to see the light,
With her face held upright.
Even when the world told her,
the future wasn't that bright.

But she couldn't let them win,
So she responded with a grin,  
I believe from within.

You wouldn't be able to bring me down for a goddess has no bounds.


3rd poem of mine
Gary Robinson Jun 2014

You are the definition of sexy.
Sexy and cool lady
That’s you.
A nameless Goddess that sashayed into my circle
To stay only for a minute and vex my feelings
Then disappear as swiftly as you came.
You must have been blown by the breath of beauty
And modeled your movements after the Goddess of seduction
How else could a mere mortal achieve such poetry in motion?
Such fluidity of grace is only found in the movements of oceans,
Goddesses of seduction

How can a mere mortal kick it to a Goddess?
Words seem so trivial,
And my voice so inconsequential
For you I would have to speak with the voice of thunder,
And allow lightning to spell out my passions for you in midnight skies.
Allow natures songbirds to sing my odes to your beauty.
And a valley of Jasmine’s to intoxicate you with their fragrance.

For a Goddess
Such things as mundane chariot rides through man made streets will never suffice.
For you I would capture a Phoenix,
That it may take you to the ends of the world,
And speak to you of things deep within my heart that my mortal tongue knows not the language of.

To kiss you with my mortal lips would result in spontaneous combustion,
And although I could embrace this fate
For such a taste,
I want to kiss you for eternity
So I would call on the rising and setting of the sun for the rest of my life to do this honor.

If love is jewel,
Mine is the largest-
Most magnificent-
Ever fashioned by the human heart,
And in my mortality it is my greatest possession.
To you Goddess I offer my heart.

I perform this Poem on my youtube page:  Gary Robinson The Poet.
If you like this check out the video.
Rockie May 2015

If women have to suffer to be beautiful
Then why aren't I a goddess?

Chloe Dec 2014

starry eyes with a bold stare
the universe isn't frightening to you
admirable because you are the one percent
the one percent who lives life to the fullest, one hundred percent

curls that your head weeps down
that resemble the salty ocean waves
skin as pale as a snow flake
with sun kissed spots on your crinkled button nose

translucent personality
angelic intentions
a golden silhouette of a heart on your wrist
a kiss that takes and gives air

Just Melz Jun 2014

You won't find another goddess like me
Making all my words flow like poetry
I'm a lyrical genius
A metaphorical blasphemous
A stream of consciousness
To rock your world
I'm not just another girl
Make your minds spin and twirl
I'm THE Poetry Goddess
Making images with words
Like paint on a canvas
A visual impression on your mind
A poet like me
Is hard to come by
Try to visualize
Me walking away
That's the day
You'll say you're hardest goodbye
Cuz a Poetry Goddess like me
Is hard to come by

Exhale Your Mind Jan 2016

I am black coffee with curves of sugar.
I am a spoon of chocolate
I am soul food
I am a wombed man
The rib of an african king
The golden crown of the cosmos.

I am full moon or a sunset
I am light,
I am a spark,
a flame,
a bonfire,
I am fire works.

I’ll leave traces of smoke in your nostrils.,
Just so you’ll recognize my presence when you’re seeking me.
I’ll shelter myself between your veins just to make your heart beat a little faster.
I am the revolution of love.
I am a silenced desire.

Brycical Jul 2011

Goddess of virility suckles me
to orgasm—

Her legs stiffen…
to acute angles.
Toes, ballerina firm
make her
                         levitate from the bed.

A smile reveals…fangs
the tips of which
          are barely…touching
                   my ear.
The lizard tongue hisses in ecstasy
revealing ancient—spiritual…bliss
mystics could only
           speculate of.

Her anaconda legs
        around my back
as her fingernails
           embed into
         my            spine.
   When I yank
Her hair
                    Her             eyes
Scream                   inside                out.

Our bodies—
Swimming             in
An ocean      of         ravenous
                  Liquids pulsating from       our pores.
Sopping hair clings
          to our        foreheads        
we suddenly realize—
                 A new shape is            invented.      
We make a sound         so         primal
inside each other’s mouth
as her jaws snap down
to my neck—
both bodies rigor-mortis stiffen
       as the mountains collapse around us
and        the   sky is ripped open      as a tsunami
billows down into a wave of exhaustion.
The wind cradles us,
Back to the earth
    We split,
Admiring a new continent
We created.
      Our limp bodies—
numb from the velocity and suggestions
resign to the crater
we call a bed.
We smile, simultaneously,
looking past
our brains,
in         this        moment
we, are one.

The cold wind greeted
the hoarfrost that
evening as white
butterflies started to
fall from the dark sky.
Soon the pearly blanket
was spread across
the whole land.
It sparkled on the milky
moonlight, giving the old
willow tree a wooly gown.
Covering all the roofs,
the fields of corn and wheat,
the tall grass on the meadow.
But then she appeared,
sending fairies to dance on the
frozen lake thus melting the ice.
And with every step that she took,
snowdrops began to bloom.

Anna Krijger Jun 2015

She is a wounded goddess
who loves so deeply
that she was rejected
time and time again
What could make her see
The light that she holds?
This wounded goddess,
she is a Master of the Divine
Shaping this world
and many others
When you meet her,
look deep into her eyes and
awaken her soul
Your reward will be substantial

Ocean Carter Jun 2015

He found her standing before
the large Ocean staring unseeing at
its mysterious frozen surface. She was
shivering. He watched her
doubtfully for a moment.
"The Ocean is too cold and too big."
The Goddess thought out loud.

In reality, The sky was too: cold and too big.
And the
whole world
was: too cold, too big. And even too

he said to her back, where’s
your coat?'
'Where’s yours?'
He moved to stand beside
her hourglass figure. 'I’m warm.'
She tilted her head to his.
you’re warm and I’m coatless,
there’s only one friendly thing
for you to do.'
'Go back and get your coat for
She smiled. Reaching out to
him, he pulled her close
against him. Being a gentleman he wrapped
his arms around her,
surprised, and tried to rub
some warmth into her
shivering shoulders and back.
'That’s it exactly,' Goddess said.
'You must keep me warm.' As a gesture to never let her go,
He laughed and held her
tighter with one hand, while drawing a sword at the rest of the world.

Special poem inspired by an anonymous muse.
Eros Oct 2014

Her mind is an observatory.
A really fun one. You know,
With rock candy at the entrance,
And a gift shop full of unique keepsakes.

Like compassion.  
And warmth.

And when you step inside,
Her constellations are painted upon the dome ceiling,
Telling a story only visible
To those willing to connect the dots.

A story of glowing blues
And scattered specks
Of burning red,
With a dark void
Occupying the gaps
You so desperately wish to fill.

She has an entire solar system
Inside of her,
Hidden within the stars.
A heart as gold as the sun.
A soul as old as she wants.
And when she speaks,
You fall in love.
Because you don't have a choice.

Her voice echoes amphetamines
Along the walls of my skin.
Her smile shines
Like the crooked panels
On every straight paved sidewalk
I've ever known.

And when I look into her eyes,
The universe stares back.

I think she's a goddess.

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