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.England... no wolves... oh well... the next best "spirit animal"..? Bacardi! no wait... Whyte & Mackawy?! no... ****... what could it be... and believe me, Maine **** cats share a disposition of curiosity with this feral creature... this Robin Hood... what animal is it? hmm...

it was supposed to your generic,
bog-standard Saturday afternoon,

i was given the pleasure of
cooking dinner...

Xacuti chicken curry with
        star anise & nutmeg
from the Goa region
of India and

  a curry from Sri Lanka...
absolutely beauties...

    all that heating of the spices
on a pan and then blending
them in a coffee mill...

seriously spread like a forest fire...
not too long... well,
by the time i finished
all the prep for the second curry,
and was already letting it

to my honest disbelief...
   and this was mid afternoon,
about half six -
   bright as ******* daylight...

who's this?
        you like the smell i see?
    what a pristine healthy example
of the feral -
and the most beautiful eyes...
had to take a picture...

    so i asked again?
  does it really smell that good that
it has given you the kind
of cheek and audacity to risk
climbing out from your
safety prior to nightfall?

   ****... i heard before that
i am a good cook...
   but you, dear fox -
   have paid the biggest compliment,

— The End —