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Q Feb 2017
Years of my tears dry to stale grit
Rusting my skin with crusting corrosions
of Yesterday's emotions frustrations devotions
With time, composting into a dirt coating
Renourishing layers of decomposition
Green seeds in germination with anticipation
Sprouting fresh roots of deeper perception

A Glowing. Growing. Living. New Me.
Wild morning glory
Ties the world in knots
Pigweed or Aramanth
Appears in late Spring.

A ****, simply
a plant,
A long term survivor
A carrier of germination.

Eating weeds,why not!

Love Mary ***
Dandelion, ground elder,
Caroline Feb 10
Exhaling, my breath drifts through this frigid air like a living,
Languid smoke,
Sharpening my senses to the immaculate cleanliness of a northern
Tundra, delicately glacial and remote;
One that thrives on the absence of fertile growth.
Frenzied atoms approach
Near total repose.
A death-like calm
Preceding the germination of hope
That arrives with spring.  

And in this space I can finally breathe,
Release my burning places,
All the faces of rage,
Supplicating my unbridled spirit
To the numbing fingers of
Subarctic days
That are washed clean of shame.

And so, I wonder if you can see me,
Poised quietly under these winter stars,
Barren figures of deciduous trees reaching up their naked arms
As if to plead
For this arctic clean to descend into us all;
To permeate the torrid edges of my soul.

But what of the thaw?
When the frozen rivers once again run
And the lonesome trees begin to bud,
The wind carrying in the scent of cedar, sage and mud,
What then?
What then of my wild blood?
When the frozen plains no longer restrain me,

Will there be any way of taming
The reckless burning of
It has been up to -50 with the windchill on these northern plains where I live. It brings a harshness, but also the absence of complications; a certain purity.
Yenson Sep 2018
Stinking Thieves and Degenerates thus proudly declared
We will drive you paranoid, give you ******* brain cancer
We will put hot things in your head, head lice they blared
We will plant dissenting seeds in your mind by our passers
Chatter and natter with toxic germination brain  furrowed

With poisons, fears and doubts we'll polluted your mind
We are the majority and we'll recruit followers in numbers
Build a pyramid of lies and hassles to hound and down grind
One tell ten and onwards, chinese whispers makes you to wonder
Peck like vultures at your life  with harassments that's unkind

In our putrid pond, caves and gutters a Grass is what you are
Goody shiny two shoes who stays aloof thinks he's better than us
Whistle clean, no crime or stains, how pompous, how you dare
Evil and destruction is our wont, purity is anathema go you suss
We'll sling mud, blacken you, weaken you and lay you bare

Go call your Jesus to save you, see if he dares tussle with the pack
The ******* cemetery is full of Saints who we've offered free rides
Showed them the Hell we make for good people before we wack
We'll get in your head and mind and trounce your soul with hide
We are knaves, criminals and reprobates and we have the knack

Yes, we burgled and stole from you, that's our trade, what we do
We are criminals not ******* Mother Teresa saving the poor
You work hard to acquire, we work hard to acquire, isn't it so
Then you chose to grass us up, ruin our trade and shut our doors
see what happens to upright and legit, jobless, lonely and broken too.!
Brother watch out, it could be you..............
Do unto others as you want them do unto you............

— The End —