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Specs Sep 2018
People communicate too much.
Their arms, their feet, their eyes, their hands.
Each one tells a story.
Each one differs, interfering and weighing the air down.
Then the mouth opens and words fly out,
A whirlwind of ideas, opinions, tumbling, spinning, whipping out.
So much noise.
A message here, a message there.
The noise is blinding.

Outside the garden is buzzing.
Not the droning buzz of conversation,
But the peaceful hum and sigh of nature.
The leaves wave as you walk.
Flower petals whisper to you, succinct words that don't rattle.
Ladybirds, bumblebees, humming birds hurtle and whisk around,
And best of all, the garden listens.
55--is it the limit?
I’ve been slowing down, for sure.
Trying to economize, my size
is growing,
weakness showing.
No longer a tease; I’ve got bad knees.
I seize the day,
but please,
ask me if I prefer the elevator.
I might see you later
—or not. Will there be tomorrow?
I don’t know, but I don’t dwell in sorrow.
I can hear more, see more,
even with reading glasses. I know what life is for.
I’m cozy in my home, alone. I grow things. I sings. Gladly
I do the dishes.
I have no birthday wishes. Wishes are for a future.  
I’ve removed things, and sown a suture.
The way I was is history. That girl, with pretty shoes,
didn’t play the blues.
Now I listen, and I play those tunes.  
I’ve got no use for pretty, ‘cept for being pretty sure.
Sure, I've been wrong—wrong to wear those shoes, for one thing,
cuz my toes hurt.
Now, I know all the dirt. I’ve got things buried so deep
no one knows. But from the dirt, stuff grows.
I’m watering those plants, and wait til you see what springs up. Time ain’t up yet,
and there’s a green hill, and tall trees, and a sunset.
I had trouble saving this poem. It didn't want me to start with a number. Weird.
Alexiss Mar 2018
How am I supposed to water my garden
When you were the only flower I wished to plant?
Adam Jan 28
I wish I could get out of my own head
Its not a very comfortable place
Every little corner is filled with thorns
And I’ve never had a green thumb
TTodd Nov 2018
Within your thin shell new life waits

For weather warm and sun to shine.

You slumber until cold abates;

It’s what you do – a planned design.

Then, on a day that beckons you,

Up through the earth you send a shoot

To peek into the growing world

And reach up to the sky-so-blue.

Your anchor is a sturdy root;

Your arms will spread to leaves unfurled.
Mary Gay Kearns Jun 2018
Bear came to do my garden today
It had got into rather a mess,
Sticky Jenny and dandelions,
Rotten roots and garlic shoots
Got poor Bear betwixed;
Hot and sweating, really fretting
Bear began to cry,
Why was it that I thought gardening
From painting let me hide.
But off he went along the fence
Pulling out the weeds
Found some bulbs that did not smell
Dug  them up, as fast, as well
Now they're  back in a different spot
Three short stems in an empty plot;
Made me laugh just to see
How silly that Woolly Bear can be.

Love Mary
Thank you to Ian my Gardener
Girard Tournesol Oct 2018
Alone, you are not alone,
     for I am there with you on that walk
     through fields of melancholy
and Queen Ann's lace.

In your garden of tears,
     hands soiled with loam,
     I am at your side gardening
the mint and the lemongrass.

In the rain, that walk in the rain,  
     you are not alone.
I am there with you on that walk.
Though ten thousand see a terrible fear,
you will feel me and my love in that rain,
in the flashing clouds and the thunder and the rain.
I am the mud between your toes and your fingers.
And in the end when you wash your hands,
in that silence of finality,
there I will be helping you   wash. those. hands.
> As published in The Mirror
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
Out of the Palace, into the Queen's
Garden. 'One that could rival King
Paul's Luciuscemian Gardens,'
thinks as she walks under the high
cream arches and Grecian columns
with ivy vines coiling around them.
She stands on the white marble
steps. 'Truly, this is the Queen
Mother's finest work yet...'

~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
The young Queen Lyn spares no
expense in expanding her library,
filling it with leather-bound books
and scrolls, new and old. She spares
no expense when it comes to her
love for herbal teas, near and far...
But her mother?

~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
The Queen Mother is known for
her keen eye, fast wits, bladed
tongue and for her love for fashion,
gardening and a frugal nature.
'Like frugal mother, like bookish
Ainhara can not help
but to chuckle.

~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
She watches as the gardeners trim
the mint-green grass, beech hedges
and shrubby. But what Ainhara
marvels most are the flowers.
Pots of lavender and roses,
rosemary and mint are placed
around carefully, by the white
lilies, orange lilies, yellow lilies,
flushing lilies.

~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
She notices that green lilies and
blue lilies; the gifts from Queen Yidna;
plants native to her Puhan Kingdom,
are in full bloom. They remind her of the
colours of the Seas that she, Esshi and Lyn
had sailed when they visited Queen Yidna.
'Puhan has the calmest seas of the brightest
She recalls how her Queen was
happy and relaxed then...
Part 2 completed! ^^
Lyn ***
Mary Gay Kearns Feb 2018
Eight pots under my front window,
Not selected but a random collection,
Presents in tubs, seed floated flowering,
Remains of painstaking gardening,
And days of inspiration and sun;
And still in one a yellow wallflower,
Finding a home, colourful and bright,
Not waiting to dance but abundant self,
Bearing out the winter storms,
To give its beauty in return for chance,
Underneath my window sill.

Mary Kearns
Father Moses it feels so good to be sitting right here listening to our classic jazz
The kind we listened to when we would do gardening
It is a pleasure to affirm that your son has finally found his memory,
Of how great he can be or how great he once was
It is strange that we meet here and it is just us men
What happened with our women?

What went wrong?
I guess they stopped caring about who says what to them
And eventually stopped caring about who touches them
And in reciprocation we stopped caring about who sleeps with them and touches them
Because it is only fair that if your woman does not care about who touches her then you wise up and realise that anyone can touch her
And you should do best and care more about how you put your hands onto the world
Then you care more about what you do for humanity

Then you care more about what The Creator has bestowed you with; your talents, skills and ambitions
Your endless longing for Knowledge, for wisdom
Then you know that if she knows you then she must know herself
And if she has herself together, she will respect you and be loyal
Then you know that if she loves you, she wars with you
She does not **** up your energy
And she will know when to be available and what to say
Because she is yours
It is a love you have been waiting for, a love you have worked for, earned and honored.

But if she doesn't know this she will think that by having herself passed over to different men she is somehow tainting your stature but no, don't you know that she is expressing a behaviour and attitude of no self-respect
She is not hurting you, she is only hurting herself because she is lost
She does not know what the Father's Love & Light is or what the guidance of a Mother is

But people fight this reality
They are scared, they are a lost breed and they will continue to be lost
A wise man said: if you are stealing from me and ruining my life because you are jealous of my success then don't be jealous of my death, deliver me gracefully to pastures of vanilla skies where all is well and peaceful
Where the truth does not have a stutter

Where people face themsleves for who they are and what they do and have done
Where they are held accountable for their deeds and when you
Hear all these truths and feel angry at yourself because you have been so lost then don't feel at a loss when I am gone, don't miss me
Live in the perfect and beautiful memories of the things you've done to me
Or the things you haven't done

Then you will begin to learn that there is another reality beyond this one
There are few wives if any because homes are broken
There are few fathers if any because principles are missing
Because of this; society will never grow..

Continents will remain children and those children will blow themsleves up because those who are supposed to adult them into the future are crying for lost time
When you've seen all the things I've done Father Moses you will support me and confirm that I need to rest in the airy sheets of peace

They, the oh so awesome fairies have yet to reach fruition for bedding and wedding
But they don't want this reality because it reveals the massive change that needs to occur and the responsibilty that people have to take to go on their own journies of self discovery
They are afraid to run their own race so they will always fail to conclude the last page.
Thank you for showing me you, I now know what if feels like to be a different person on the planet... You were conceived through prayer and for that you were different but you don't have to plant that into your egoic mind for it hinders your progress and you never reach your full potential because of the very fact. And yes like Grand Phil said: it was envy that caused a black man to stop a fellow balck man from going forward and it was the benefits of being wedded to a royal rather than the reagal responsibilty that caused the flower women to flock in like flies. It would be happy polygamy but most if not all, tell lies. And as such they live a life of lies. Thanking my coworkers for rescuing me when I was five, for that the truth will always survive and when justice is affrimed by a celestial female being, it will thrive.
Johnny Noiπ Jan 16
Haji Thomas,                                                      Thom­as and his son Thomas,
Thomas, French,      Germany's Car History,                     and many on Mars,
Scots and Gymnastics,                          but caused problems
                                     for the King.
Therefore,                         we realize that a permanent process for managing.
Teachers should not be contacted,                     to save time,
to save the world,                                                   working around the world,
the horse.                        Spain, parents, and fathers talked about the future -
business, but the security of the poor in the West is stuck -
50% faster than the first model.
"Happiness of Australian Marriage and Women -
Women in America and America,
Three Canadas, Sicilya Oligiala,
Canada, Haiti, Thomas Thomas of Christ by one
and a half hours, three years of dog,             three years of three universities,
many universities of the heart of the University
of Ireland and high debt data,                                               Thomas Thomas
There are Thomas, Cathy Ununwarin's
father Thomas Thomas Germany;
Thomas Thomas Germany story and other gardening tools,
Lei Lee [Sanille linear] Linear Films,
James D. Thomas,                         I said that the North Star
in English is so happy that communication,
cumamunicationism and mountain Ninyanyulah restaurant,             beautiful Hispanic parents, and her parents are still there,
but this is a mistake,                                                  because­ of the explosion,
such as the Canadian University and Canadian
                                              Cristina Christina's
seven French 50% of the words German and L.:
Performance and his first son's mathematical art
at Hamid, Hama NN thirsty French Marshall
Avirarminik; GraY Germany find out the gap
and talk about history, forestry, health, food,
VA British History of Douglas Brothers and people:
John Robert Thomas, Regional History
and TVVimans-bibs Thomas Germany,
France, etc. Wall Belenellan body,        increases diesel to Roscoe's wedding,
free, nine buildings Nirmik Patatuma                                Ma
in but very attractive among the mother-father of Spain
50%, or in the future prepared in the «halpiin
Australia, but Americans are heime;         okolle golden
with Argalin shell gates, dogs, Jane Canada,
Christie Germans, the world's experts
And many station malaria, the most important article,
many Götter mucus Marcus,                                         Ystävänpäiväprikäätti,
military history, Mexico French Eksikoni -
French Wu Rate,   King,                                     Lord Robert's Love Triangle,
Virginia, Mexico, England, the world's
Oasis of carbon paper in the world of food,
Tom Tom Tom,                                        the Om, Galo garden of the German
Martian rock,                                                 and a lot of the history of sports,
but they are a problem,
so we understand that the President's engineers.
Favorite id, save time,               world of horses.
Spain, parents,             and fathers are publicly considered
LAW businesses, but poor people
are stuck in a safe Western style - 50% of the first models
"Australian marriage and women
are faster than happiness -                 in the              United States of America
and Canada in Canada, Canadians'
Cecilia Oligiala of Canada John Christ Thomas,
half dogs are three questions;
Three questions for seven years,
University has a great heart's        GHV patterns
and debt relief of Anunwar,                                                  Thomas,­ Thomas,
Thomas Scanner;                                                 There are lots of information
about the lineman called John,
James D. Thomas is so happy in LA,
Mount Ninyanyulah,            English,
Communication and Language of North IRELAND;
                 Stars cumamunicationisis, a star restaurant,                      Thomas,
                             German and other beautiful gardens
come to the parents and parents
but the captivity is wrong,
but to blow up 50 French West:
Canadian University of Canada
and Christina Christina,
seven Growing German power out,
and his son, L. and sync, first art Sid
Hamid Hama and Germanic France;                                                Avirarmini­k, FRANNY Thirsting
Awarded large estate,
and club history,                        which is rewarded
with high stories, forests, resources,
food ions, VA, my brother Doug's Lass,
Sica and the world: J                           John Robert Thomas,
world history and TV Vitamins -
Thomas Germany,   France and elsewhere.
Spain's Diesel Belenella is preparing
for 50%, or ashes and Latin futures, in the
night walls -                  nine buildings of Nirmik Patatuma
Ma «Cheap»                     Roscoe's wedding is in Australia,
very free, for a certain time. Americans,
however, have a variety of barking dogs,
Canadian Jain Kristi,      Thomas, a German expert
and heimokollegeioita stool malaria.        Mexican
                                         ­  Workers,
multi-Götter, mucus marcus,                                                valentine brigade,
                                               military history of the french region of Mexico
Johnny Noiπ Sep 2018
Lord,                it is not in school where the exposed legs
of the daughters
are shown; something I & the wealth of the bridge share;              This is a
prophetic dream of an AR15 even as it falls to the ground;
smelling the teen's genital area, Teacher wearing
Readers & Six Machines in **** lingerie; The Alchemist's
married life is this kind of a picture
of her drawers;      The standards of shareholders looking on the mountain;
Temperamental eyes are on the new
Christ in Bethlehem when 1 a robot
sitting in bed or unknown; writing a tree,                        so literary to meet
you in ur soiled Garden      trousers, Science,
Park Magic wins the toes of mom who loves
to talk language;                                  Bread X.
Not in school, where
were unloaded two daughters at the feet of the
also shown; I think, This means that the bridge
also dreams of low AR-15 fire
the smell of the earth's DOLE,
Six reader machines wearing...
At least it's **** lingerie                        & married life is a kind of picture
of drawers in the standard cut so
shareholders can see the mountain's
Temperamental eyes on the new
When a robot Christ in Bethlehem 1
is sitting on the bed or unknown;
He writing a literary meeting tree in
Garden hats,                          Science
Park Magic wins mom loved toes
speaking in tongues,     10: Bread

It is not in school, where he unloaded &
the girls fell to the feet also shown;
1 think it is down 1 Dream Bridger Pass;       The smell of the Earth's AR15; Sorry six         readers & machines,                          &c. or at least a little bit
like wearing **** lingerie in conjugal life;
                     the image of a kind of banner
  the shareholders can see over the drawers
  mountain's                         temporal lights
a robot,                                                     where Christ sits on the love buried
In the hard snooch of a young woman
on the couch;                                                           ­         He writes to himself
& comes out against a piece of wood;
Now that science is gardening in a straw hat
in the Park, Magic wins the toes, my mom's
love speaking in tongues,              10: Bread

It is not in the classroom, where he unloaded the rifle
& he will divide them, & actually at his feet, there is no [               ],
it has been shown;                 1 think 1 is a dream bridge,
But what is the smell of AR-15 fire but that
of the Earth;       Unfortunately for those six lonely
readers & the ice machines;              at least
a little bit; And to those members wearing lingerie,
married & resuming standard drawers
in the image of the shareholders,
1 second on the Hill; the lights of a temperamental
where Christ sits on the robot love buried;
It is difficult for a young woman;      In her snooch
in New Bedford      he writes in his novel
It literally that came out of the tree's horticulture
Science Park Magic within a straw hat;
My mom fingers her snooch;           That loves to
speak in tongues,               10: Bread

It is not the classroom which causes them to inherit
& as he unloaded the Aaron lifted up,  & at the feet
of his own accord that it does not have to be shown;
11 bridges think it is a dream;         But why, except
that the smell of an AR15 is of the Earth;   unfortunately
Ice machines & only six readers;    He said while indeed
members were wearing lingerie & standard drawers
standing in the circle marrying their images to those
of the shareholders; 1, according to the Hill,      lights out,
temperamental of the Christ,         in the love of the robot
sits by the buried computer;        It is difficult for a young
woman; In her snooch,             I know that Bedford writes
that he has come under the sway of Rome,         Literally;
& that it came to pass,      & that from the fruit of the tree
of gardening;     The knowledge of the Magic Park,
w/in the straw hat;                My mom plunges her fingers
into the woman's snooch of love,  the Greek speech
                                                    Express: 10: Bread
Johnny Noiπ Jan 12
Black hair, long hair,                                                 Roman-American Pillow
in the European and American market,                                      Mother's Day,
three daughters and their mother, Georgia,
United States citizens, white, rich year.  
            Church members play a significant role in yegelishiye bētekiterochi,
Rhonda Ron Renija, is in Google's Office
in New York on July, Maria said.                                                    Therefor­e,
Pope pop apiliyi compassion,
                   Father's Birthday United States,
Saudi Arabia, Britain originally
voluntarily awarded scientific scientists
and vitamins, scarred from years of wearing elected volunteers,
known in the field of William.
Mountain For Maria,                   Maria's NEWS to reach Murat,
in this Wall site, any experience on the Web site,
stars, their stories, their stories,           their stories, their stories,
a good plan of the black star of the origin
of their stories of vitamins,                                 and holding their position:
Virgo, Sweet angels with their toes
                and large toes cut off,
most of Ireland's largest panels of its kind
and a member of the group of isbišibudi
and group social groups, and EIV coffee: Ate are exempt from the J-time factory, comedy videos of Rome.        |             Greece Greece;
Greece Greece Greece, Greece Greece, Greece Greece Greece
Greece Greece Greece Greece, Greece,  Greece, Greece, Greece, Greece, Greece,  yech'enigmaiyeni home - -  Eve Jung parks fish on the sea coast;
of Valerius' consumer awareness,           gardening In the play, drama,
                                          drama;          spirit­s are filled with a person.
                                Robinson's explosion in the sky of "love"|| star leader. . .
Keiya Tasire Mar 3
"You've got to bring in more money.
It is the only way, I see out of this! "

"I am going as fast as I can!"

"When is your practice going to pay?!"

"I am still setting it up.
It takes time.
You know we have run into road blocks.
And are working through them.
We are making progress!"

"When will the dough roll in?!
You are paying for internet
You are paying for a website
You are paying for a scheduler
That collects funds, service.
But it is not collecting!
You've got  your masters!
When is it going to come together?
I just see my money going down, down down."

"Hum, I see
It feels like it is the money you want
It is more important to you.
It is your money! It is not ours!
It is about you! Not about us!
You don't even want to work together
To make it an "us" in our marriage!"

"I just don't hear you saying that you will bring money in.
You're a healer... when will it pay?"

"Yes, it is about money.
It feels like you just want the money for yourself!"

"No, it isn't.
What do you need?"

"A place to bring clients.
A reasonably priced office."

"Will a office at home do?
It needs to be place available to the clients
More than just spring, summer and fall. "

"The clients need to come and go with confidentiality.
You can't ask me about who they are and why there are here. "

"And you have this secret life, I know nothing about!"

"It is the ethics counselors and healer's follow.
The clients have needs. It must be like this:
1) You're not to see them coming or going, they need privacy to come and go.
2) They need to trust that their very personal lives are just that, very personal.
3) We would need to coordinate together; keep a calendar in our room, so we both know when clients are coming and going.

Plus, I need you to trust how funds are managed to keep the business flowing; what portion is promised for the household."

"How about just working online?"

"I like that and prefer it.
Yet it brings up back to the same question, funds
And working together managing and coordinating.
Creating quiet times, while the clients are online.
No questions about the clients can be asked.
My profession is not like a regular profession
Where a worker comes home to share the details of the day.
with their partner over an evening dinner."

"It will still require funds to maintain the online presence
Created over the past six months with blogs, writing, photos, videos....
What is needed is advertising with the  'Golden Triangle.'"

"What's the "Golden Triangle?"
Oh, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter..."

"Are you willing to work together financially, so this can happen?"

(One,  put on a sad and sullen face).

"You can make jewelry!
You can sale your photos!
I can build planter boxes.
We can sale them at farmer's market."

"Yes, that will be delightful.
Again you are talking about money for supplies.
I can make jewelry, at night,  on the side.
While we talk and spend our nights together.
It is my hobby. How I unwind.  
I like making jewelry, crocheting and gardening .
I will even crochet hand and kitchen towels too.
And even, grow some healing herbs
To make healing blends for common ailments to sale.
Yes, there is a lot we can create to sale at Farmer's Market.
I can even give out brochures for what I love doing best
Healing, counseling and supporting others
As they engage to improve the quality of their lives.
Yes, you see, I am willing to work."

"Yet, what I am not willing to do is
Live in a never ending cycle of debt!
Continuing to live beyond our means.
I want to clean up our finances
I want us each to seriously work together.  
I want to have a healthy flowing budget
That we create together and use
To create the life we desire."

"Like what?"

"Are there  things we can let go of?
What steps can we take to get this monster
Out from between us?
What can we cut down on?
What is really necessary keep during this adjustment?
The cell phone?
Purchasing wood and building supplies?"

"Not my cell phone
That is how I talk to my kids.
Also I take it with us when we go somewhere."

"What can we adjust?
What about yarn, groceries? Coffee, tobacco, alcohol, snack foods...?
How much gas? How much propane?
Can you do some of the task  you do in the shop
In our home?
What can we cut to get us though these next two months
as we eliminate over charging the master card, paying and over charging again cycle, once and for all!?
How can we roll it back to living within our means?"

"You know, I've cut down on tobacco, coffee, snacks
The only thing I can see if for you to get a job."

"I have applied. We are waiting.
I want to do what I love.
Do what I am good at it.
I know how to make a difference.
How to support
And help others."
(More silence)

"Do you see what we have been doing?
From the start
All I have asked for
And wanted
Is to live within our means.
The grocery and household funds
Have dwindled and dwindled
To feed the monster
Called "master card bill?"  
Please note that we both have given up
Purchasing clothing, obtaining medical and dental care?
I want to stop feeding them!
You know who they are
The "Credit card" and "Line of Credit" monsters!!"
(A very long silence)

"No Thoughts? Take a diatribe!
I hate using credit! I hate using the line of credit!
They are nothing but Banker's scrams !
Created to maneuver and benefit from our implanted desires
For ease and instant gratification!
Padding their wallet's at the "Sheeple's" demise.  
All the while laughing and pointing at the Sheeple's ignorance.
Yes, you can use a bar of soap to wash your hair
Yet, I have not shampooed my hair in over a month.
Both of our clothing is becoming thread bare.
I only have two pairs of pants and one pair of leggings!
One bra and stretched out  t-shirts, over four years old!
Thank goodness for the two vests
I alternately wear to cover the stains!
Thank goodness thread worn garnets are never seen!
And you want me to apply for a professional job!
Again we are discussing a need to manage our funds!"

Thinking to herself,
("Blah, Blah, Blah deep I don't like when it comes to this").
(Releasing a deep "letting it go" sigh).

Longer silence...

"The time for spending your half
Plus my half of the flexible funds is over.

I will not bring a penny into this financial mess
Until we get this monster under control!
I will not work hard to not see anything of it!
It hurts
To be ill considered.
To be drained of life energy
To feel no more important than the money I can being in!

I will not see us squander our means.
I will not see our funds drained into oblivion...
I don't want to do that!
I want us to work together
As equal partners.
It is my right to be included.
I am part of this partnership too.  
It is a matter of being valued, respected, and trusted.
I don't want to miss the the joy of working together
and slay these uncontrolled monsters together!!!
I am asking you to oil the hinges of your wallet!
So that it may open and close widely!

It is time to share the passwords to the accounts.
No more hiding.
It is time to put our skills, together.
When do you want to start?
Because until we each promise to work together
I will not bring a penny into this mess!
You asked what I wanted.
This is it!
This is how I am feeling.
Particularly after four years of being patient
Asking, sharing my needs,
And waiting for you to truly honor
The Bond between us and work together.
You have not been totally forthcoming.
Hedging here and there.
You were right stating that
Finances can get between a husband and wife.

Unless we come together
We will continue to struggle.
The finances will cause our demise.
Diving us, if we do nothing.

What do you say?
What do you want to do about this mess?
Do you want to do this?
Do you want to do this together?
In this piece, "Other" takes back her own power and takes a stand. This process took four years to learn, speak, and rise to her feet. She loves her husband desires to work together and move forward without damaging each other in the process. Yet, she is human and slips into a diatribe, catches herself and pulls back into as much civility that she can muster.
This piece was interesting to write, keeping it real and flowing from the heart. It is a combination of various life experiences put together as one.
Johnny Noiπ Mar 4
Under some of the great powers
under the candy, under the great queen
of lightning and musical instruments,
the reasons for the night being white,
Valerie's London,                                       between the black of the air,
the air contract, and the moon,
the glycolic acid;
Then, the Willow and Georgia fish were full,
and ******* used the Arabic silver,
bronze, the second class of 10 pieces Arabic
for Arabic power. Association libraries
are the eyes of a poet or a poet who is unwanted,
that the young man of Africa's human texts,
Einstein had two small swords !!!!! The light goes on the sand
                                                          and the silver is clearly gleaming,
                                                          blue is printed, and a new light
             of the chest, music life,
             the price of black girls
             in the milky nail files,
             pet pollution British and Roman
             in the sky croftrom and the real
             wing is a stomach, the world's light,                      poplar, Biblió gave
             attention to the group Ming.                                Silver, Bronze, Iron, Bolivar Tivel 10: The science of the stadium;
science made for us 1 has been done for many years,
after which is not "public" and five cities
in Italy A Campiński Nadalin, which is a large area,
converts a bottle in a paint bar
with extraordinary stress which is a great bottle.
"The Black Beauty Valerius Rome,
David Knight and Chan Food,
the public music charge of the Glogolc,
Calgary Romana Natura ice seat,
the Italian gardening case of the fish,
Arabia, Georgia, bravely tied to the moon,
silver and bronze angels in space and lovers
on the banks of a well-wisher's sister, loyal
to a child, a sympathetic eye, a poem's eye,
or the free Iron American community?
Family is sand and blue light, the new English, lights, music and how Many years of life,                                                                 and love in the house ...
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
Gold Gold, Magic Paradise;
Milk and dairy, chickens then lie.
Marseille is it a good day without a crown?
I'm sick then it would be a thing
of the old green star. I have learned
of love || Love wants to express
While the controversy is for playing yellow.
The child in the dark, Juan? Please,
Enter the correct policy. In the night, tonight,
Go out and be quiet with a garden.
what is said to be and laughter. Levine
unfortunately, dragons Black and FG,
and 500 meters of white. big. Some products
They are blood and DNA. Dear? Throwing
of the ball. I have died and eliminated
the library of teenagers in the cradle,
and a sandwich member of the military
Kim department / silver tip, other tools
and honors. A supply of energy.
for the cattle. Disobedience, thoughts
and the ideas. Golden fish and vegan:
Check the size of the Give me your nose.
of the food in this field the spongy gardening,
Drip, blood. It's just a lie for the <wizard>
Except Salvador, Milk and that the Jews
at all. The swan spirit has filled it,
but in China, the colors are really vivid, fresh,
Saturday barbarian stabbed in yellow.
Yellow yellow and monkeys. Giant green
sheet? Please write the right to a lawyer.
night in this day and night? Will remain
The plant has been placed in gold,
In gold, and in the night.    There is no death
in Lewellyn; the Dragon is a frog and others
Characteristic of the shoes. Commander
Of Vicky's death force, Another aspect.
Of the ancient and ascending pages 500, Of eels.
And another obstacle to a disciplinary station
is the names from the cities of the ancient days ||
Johnny Noiπ Feb 5
The Black Dog According to the European
and the star Star Greek Little Reddishment
Germanium Blood in Friends Golden City;
White Music City Asteria Mother Young.
****** Woman,                                             Young American Woman George
Canada Blue Blue Past Heated Heaven                                             Sun Head
Thasas Christian ***** ***** Sky Russian Land
France in York,                                    The summer moon is a bit problematic
to leave his father in mid-July,
and the war loves money as trivial.
Hymn to Robert Toulouse Genuine age of women,
keep the right Billiard Baker is ready,
a game of visitors, seeing dogs  The Saints of Jesus
                                                    The Son of God
is the wall of the Son.                 Change the law.
Like the radio station, the favorite of the sky
is the windshield.                                         Throughout the park's glass limit,
it was open to the Shell China
Writing Church but the Asian problems
of the children Mexico Disease Mexico
Mexico Saudi Arabia Department Museum
Museum Museum Departments of China
looking at the security of a stable space
Uncle Saudi King Wilson Memorial Center
Rock Rapids Mountain Mountain Football
Club, Listen to bad thoughts, BABY, MARIA,
and SAW vote their lives at Satan's home.

Soon the messengers of angels,
his strong spirit,                                                     demanded a ****** prophet.
The community had to watch
the unpredictable glass walls,
the leaves of the foot, the eyes
of the secret monsters,                                                      th­e club of blue star,
Paul listening, white, earth,
rain, hurricanes, clam, dogs, daughters,
hands that the hollow
his daughter began to adulterate
with Billin, is in fact an idyllic chill statue,
with a pseudo-sign, completely open,
mountain. Finally, the door closed the door.
Khurshid, unlike the confessional
language and origin, was Barnard,
He was very pleased with us,
Brown English Breastfeeding,
George Gardening, Living,                                                 George Alexander,
Angel Food Story; Germany
stopped the cigarettes!                                                      ­                    Heating
in all passage parks below
methane last week gave them
warm temperatures. In Spain,
in Green World Green World Fair,
Reading Saudi Arabia, Titanic
Jazz, Jusrs Icarus Science, William /
Booklet in Mexico and Vitamins
in the Summer Give Mobiles
or Scorpions; A warm climate
in the Middle East Game ipharade
Family Family Computer in the Arctic.
The air and the physiologist
of children and irrigation are great.                                     Last week the girl
                                                                ­                                            last week
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
Reading or 100 million basketball players. Her first boyfriend grew up
with a hundred sheep and sheep in the United States. Do not hear your neck?
1 At the end of the year, the holy son. Michael, a holy child. Mica's shepherd's wrong error. TS Eliot, Cicero's family, the Swedish, and Pyongyang began to build, not only constructors but also the most important. On the contrary, they are soft, smooth feet, and drink and hunger. 1 NASCAR, emerald, Paul sound, black and dislike: speed and value can not be stopped, no long break, most of them on the site, and finally, all apps are external fears. This is my soul, because of my soul. One is about love and anger and her mother, FBI, prayer, goats, struggle, children, women and men, Britain and the United States. This light can damage your property. What exactly is true during the past four years? This is the most important thing in the last four years ... for 1,000 US patients and six schools in the United States, for millions of millions and not 100 million. They do not have links to the programs. They like to play soccer. They play football
and I expect the 100 million-year-old law. Cook and Bar Keys The largest corridor bridge and conferencing conference computer are computer games. Not hair and hair. The Game of Magic Designed by Paradise In Paradise, about 100,000 people in Paradise will be in Paradise. 6 Only American children were born. The girl's son is **** and the opposite is opposite. Park is the last food. For gardening, Aaron's leadership is better than a *****, a ***** and a church leader and a husband. Overall, the community did not like Mencken as he found in English.
For an hour or so, ****** abuse is a sign of love.              
In my opinion, not just outside, but it is not just.

Legend: Noun. 1. mention - a remark that calls attention
to something or someone;    "she made frequent mention
of her promotion"; "there was no mention of it"; ||
|| "the speaker made several references to his wife" ||

— The End —