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yúyīn Jan 2017
We're all looking for someone,
Whose demons play well with our own
Try to drown my demons
But hey,
The ******* can swim
Learnt every trick in the book
They've come to stay
Toying with my emotions
Their playground is my mind
The day is done
Light disappears
Darkness settles
They've come to play
Shall they have their way?
The dark invites them in
They're inside having fun
'Just one cut', they whisper
And it is done
My razor-kissed hand,
Is a pretty awful sight
No more space for damage
Where next shall I try?
They want to feed off my pain
They love to see my beautiful red blood run
What do they gain?
I've had it!
No more!
I'm taking back my thoughts
I'm taking back my mind
Kiss this place goodbye
Play time is over
Sebastian Macias May 2016
as I sat here alone tonight
I took my look around the place
listening to the magical, talented
voice of Mr. Leon Bridges
and begin to think about
people who I once knew, but
now are strangers, and strangers
who are kind of a family now
and those who've never left my side
I think about past flings
long nights, days of tears
weeks of uncertainty, years of regret
thoughts that only run though me
when I'm alone and its just that

It's my drink, my pasta
and this original Olivetti typer tonight
which pretty much sums up my life
and I realize how short the time
we have, we are gone so quickly
I see the world go by everyday
the bus drivers, the fellas goin' to work
girls at the bus stop, the lawyers
the mothers, the fathers, the children
I sometimes feel if nobody moved
if we didn't make the day rise up
would the world even spin around
we are so ******* important
and there is too many people
with closed eyes, waiting for the day to die

so here's to the artists
the unapologetic, the mother *******
the lovers, the insane
the everyday man not afraid of the morning
Sara Kellie Dec 2017
Time to leave these ******* behind
and delete them all from my mind.
All had gone except for one.
He was the worst for hanging on.
He should have been just like the rest,
who didn't like how I was dressed.
Not to mention my high heeled shoes,
well I don't care, It's them who lose.
I'll need to find a brand new friend,
not like these who all pretend.
One who'd say "I don't care, do what you do.
I'll put the kettle on, you fancy a brew?"
Once again I've written a poem when angry. I don't know why I do that. Still, It's one that says what's on my mind.
Written around 2011 ish
stefan badham Nov 2017
remember them all
remember the fallen
all the fallen
every one of the fallen
never forget
those who died
those who were killed
blown to pieces
left screaming in agony
on freezing mud
torn to pieces
by rusted barbed wire
all slaughtered
all maimed
for **** all
for a patch of land
they died in agony
so when you remember
remember these others
the four-legged others
the feathered others
who dragged the guns
who carried the loads
who carried the message
who were the reason
that millions more
precious humans
did not die
remember also the others
the horses
the dogs
the pigeons
they had no weapons
no uniform
no kings shilling
no camaraderie
no trench to shelter in
no knowing why
they were there
no knowing what
the bangs were
they also died
they also were killed
for a patch of ******* land
because some *******
some upper-class *******
some General *******
some bloodthirsty ****
from some office
from some ministry
said they must
remember them all and not just for one poppy wearing day
Sebastian Macias Mar 2018
It's as if they forget the rest of the world
The computers, the telephones, the policies
Each in their own never-changing world
Then it gets even worse than them
You look around and begin to notice things
The officials, these people "In-Charge"
With fat wallets and hollow brains
How the **** did you do that?
Half of them can't sharpen a pencil
And they get filled with hot air
So they think they're doing the job right
It eats at them knowing the real truth,
That there's mother ******* out there
Who will eat them alive at any given chance
The hard workers, earlier risers
Those who earned their keep
And you can feel their warmth as they walk
You know when they've entered a room
I like those beasts, those warriors
Those not being destroyed into robots
Keeping their creativity a float
Letting everyone know, that they are watching
stefan badham Nov 2017
stinking Western dentist
and his stinking ******* gun
allowed to **** old lions
just for ******* fun
another ******* trophy
another ******* collar
another grubby ******* fist
holding another grubby dollar
tigers butchered
the filthy ivory trade
the market overseas
all slaughtered and slayed
all brought to their knees
for some Chinese
who think a bit of murdered zoology
will cure his lack of virility
and in so-called civilised society
the fox gets cornered
out of breath
by ******* who show no mercy
and enjoy inflicting death
those that are beyond words
Planejane2 May 19
What happened to just being there
Not these ******* filters
Or showing off your nails and your hair
What’s wrong with being present
Talking and expressing feelings to some mother ******* that don’t care
Everybody’s in a ******* movie
Lip syncing, finger pinching
Tryna make angles that aren’t even there
You all sitting together
Snapping each other’s life
Yet no one is living theirs
John Dec 2018
Twas the night before Christmas
And all thru the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse

There were no stockings
There was no one to care
No one would be calling
No one would be there

Because I had ****** up
Turned my life to into death
Lost my family and my career
To a drug called ****

It was my new love
The white dragon I chased
It was such a great high
I failed to see what i erased

Friend were all gone
And so was the money
For such a fun drug
It sure wasn't funny

Clean now 3 plus years
Focused and staying on track
Just wonder dear God
Will I ever get my life back?

So I sit her this Christmas Eve
Feeling lonely and sad
Wishing even ST. Nick would stop by
For even that I would be glad.

Merry Christmas *******.
Bummer May 30
******* for calling my art “rants.”
For not being able to see past letters I paint on a canvas.
There is a certain spot where ***** like you will never be allowed,
and that’s between the lines of the words I write.
I’ll write all you ******* off as I write of all your ******* sins,
and I’ll wear another mask just like you want me to.
I build a home and you burn it.
I build a reputation and you stain it.
I’ll be a ******* carpenter of confidence, and you’ll still be my villainous vandal.

So *******.
And your scummy scandals.
And your insidious intentions.
And your daggers of delayed and destructive dialogue.

I’m over you.
agnes Mar 2
everything and everyone makes me feel insane
the mirror taunts me and I’ll never look myself in the eyes
I’m afraid if I do I’ll rip those ******* out
for who wants to see the person staring back at me

please chain me to the wall and never give me the power to reach
for a simple look will turn everything to stone
I’ll be your Medusa

lock the door and burn the key
why not burn the ******* cage too
the last memory of me should be a nightmare
for that would be all I amount to

let me swallow my sins and never give me holy water
for it will dissolve before it can reach my tongue
why not let me do the job of ending what I started
you know I always thought I was cold hearted

give me a knife and I’ll cut off my wings
I don’t deserve the privilege to fly away
fight or flight will never work on a soul that’s already dead

I think I’d taste of venom
take me to Sarpedon and use me as a weapon
Perseus will be pronounced a hero and I will die a villain

full circle
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