Pax Oct 2016

a smile is just like a ball
it bounce from person to person
with the right

© Pax

just a quote

Thank you everyone. It was a tough year for me. As you have known, i lost a parent a few months ago. Coming back here and writing  is like starting all over again. Smile was inspired on how i wear it on my daily routine in the office, even in tough times. This shows that i still have strengh and will to move forward. So i greatly appreciate everyone's support.
DieingEmbers Mar 2012

Friction burns

caused by thoughts of you

and tight jeans.

David Moule Sep 2010

How deeply the lie was conceived
in a gospel of faith and ignorance
How easily the people were deceived
to separate through intolerance

Truth is powering the commotion
A hunger reminds the desire
Reaction is empowering the emotion
Friction sends us the fire
Who will burn their skin
Lying on life’s beach
Who will turn within
and practice what they preach
Who will feed the flames
Who decides the names
They have a book…
the ghost-writer’s lied
Concealed in symbols
Hidden in signs
Revealed in geometry
and between the lines
In passages
are messages
In shape
In colour
In sound
“Man, Gnow Thyself”
so ‘Self’ is found

Who can see
beyond the distractions
What will be
the cost of our inactions
Annihilation of the Way
Co-creation every day

© Verso-(David Moule) 16/01/08


I am far
Far is a Good Place
From the Friction
of words
of views
of opinions
of faith
of our hearts
of our souls

It's hard to be a hopeless romantic
In a sea of hell-fire and friction.
Maybe I'm in the wrong place.

MyThousandWords Dec 2010

How cruel is the thunder that woke me from my dreamless sleep.
I've longed for that luxury so many nights more.
I think we've finally arrived at fighting now,
A sort of anger we've not yet experienced before.

Stupid? Yes.
Stubborn? True.
You can fight me on it all night long, dear,
Because I love to fight the way we do.

rachel g Nov 2012

          It’s funny to think about how messed up a family can be. Everything’s just a big facade--we all pull ourselves together to cover up the cracks. But if you really look, you can see how stretched thin we are. No one wants to reveal the shadows, the burns. But there’s so much anger. We are so taut, ripping at the seams as we yank ourselves into place, as we force back the emotions that beat at the bars.

         There are reasons why we have our distractions. There are reasons why we sleep, why we eat, why we read, why we watch endless hours of shitty sitcoms. We don’t want reality. We don’t want the pain of confrontation, whether it be with ourselves or with another person. We live in a fuzzy world of bliss, with the third-party privilege of being at a distance. It’s nice to imagine, for a little while, that your life doesn’t exist. There’s so much less friction that way.

Tyler King Dec 2014

Dragged out screaming, senseless from the hallows of martyrdom
My father's mother's wayward brother
Baptized in propaganda and searing lead
Kamikaze death machine to paranoia fever dream
A noble experiment in utter catastrophe
Half measure, interstellar tourniquet
Stem the free flow of blood like inconvenient statistical evidence
Dripping down born-again virgin America's chin
Vector-like, everything explodes outwards
And on trajectories like these only friction is holy
Murphy's law in ecstatic altercation
A furious life lived under an anachronistic magnifying glass
Truly the only thing worth decaying for

David Barr Dec 2013

Sings hymns to appease the wrath of the gods.
Plough the fallowed ground and acknowledge that feminine seductions are the source of interplanetary equilibrium.
Is that the best that you have got? Well, we know your wiles and will not succumb to your enticements, despite those expectations of the authorities.
A wet orifice certainly comes at a price, yet her warmth contains forbidden properties in the face of ritualistic defiance.
So, my heavenly being, I urge you to bow the knee in humble adoration to your anatomical deceptions.

if revenge breeds revenge,
will there ever be an end?

if killing breeds killing,
will there ever be a change?

if war breeds war,
will there ever be a peace?

in this chaotic world
the "law of the jungle"
remain unchange
this was inspired by the book i've read
the first sentence was not written by me
david badgerow Oct 2011

a new face
a devil's diction
a change of pace
a gift for fiction
a brand new taste
a signed petition
all heads bowed at benediction
a very small space
a cause for friction
a high speed chase
a duty left in dereliction
a rat's race
a drug addiction
a heart misplaced
a rape conviction
a gathering place
a tight constriction
a country full of human waste
an angel dies of malnutrition

Her voice so harmonious,
Silent when no strings attached,
Both the curves so very sexy,
Smooth is her texture,
Admiring her beauty with fingers,
You seat her on your lap,
Putting her arms around your shoulder.

Tickle her hard to make her peck,
She touches your heart with her sound,
Nibbling your ears in between,
The motion generates friction,
Friction generated heat,
So icy sweet is her music,
All over, you scripted success.

I talk of my guitar here.

I have 3 guitars.

My HP Poem #1022
©Atul Kaushal
Richelle Leigh Dec 2011

you're in paradise, but still calling out to me
you see, i don' have a problem, crossing the sea
i'd do it for you, within a single beat of my heart
that way, our souls would never have to part

i'd like it that way, you know, you and me
you've shown you don't have a problem, crossing the sea
you'd do it too, within a single beat of your heart
so why, why... do you demand we must be apart?

i'm sickenly optimistic
not one to be very cryptic
let me show you, just how much
just feel this friction in our touch...

feel that? yeah, that's it.
i know it's hard to admit.

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