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Seanathon Jul 2016
You see this building? I built this building. But nobody knows that I built this building.

I can only assert that I did build this building, and refresh my own memory of building said building.

But at the end of the day, it's just an old building. And ironically enough, I've never stopped building.

There are a few other people who helped build this building. Like myself they can say that they did build this building.

And even if all of our name were there on an engraving, it would never truly be anyone's personal building.

Because we built it for those, so that they could start building. So that they could get going and build their buildings.

Because the framework we built was a structure of learning. And we each taught ourselves through the process of learning.
It's true.... :D
mariamme Mar 2018
she collects thought
like seed pods blown
into untidy hair
by the four winds
that whisper her silenced name.
her thoughts are
precious black pearls
in forgotten oysters, washed
up on a beach somewhere-
and sometimes just as dark-
shining in the heat
of Summer Sun's
reflecting glare.
not unlike a
deer in the headlights
of an absent father's
old station wagon.
and she is as
broken as the
hoof-cracked windshield;
spider webbing
radiates through the glass
as sharp on the edges
as her mind.
coke bottle specs
with glass unbreakable
hide brilliance
or perhaps underscore it.
existence is itself
division from everyone else.
she reads Tolkien
by the empty light of
the distant moon
and words fill up
leftover spaces.
in her face is
the great face of
flower children and
sunlight muted
in the evening hours
spent dreaming up
a life better spent
a piece i wrote in high school <3
Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
As a slob, I see no reason to pick up my own messes.
I’d rather just sit amongst my problems
allowing them to marinate
in a puddle of negativity and self-hatred.
I’m such a pathetic slob.
A mess.
A disgusting freak just
bathing in my own
filth and *******.
Decaying along with
my grime and trash.
mariamme Jan 3
i keep gazing at circus glass
mirrors that warp and distort

i feel so visible at the moment

nothing fits me better i fear
than the slimming of my soul
to better match the mirror

body in waves, look at me
i feel like i'm a piece of art
that once started was set aside
too abstract to keep working on
at any sensible hour of the day

it doesn't really make sense
this relation of skin to a soul

i think i'm losing my grasp
being abstract art feels somehow
safe - it's a comfort to be loose

let my soul shake itself out

i like the way i radiate chaos
on occasions few and far between

the circus glass is a relief today
i'll be a tapering candle flame
watch me waver & dissociate

i don't recall being complete
03 jan 2019 | 10:59am
Wyatt Aug 2018
I can tell you’re a freak
by how your hands
wrap around my throat.
You establish dominance,
you shut me down.
I’ve seen this before,
I’ve felt this before.
The lust between us
put a target on my back.
You sent a shiver
down my spine,
shook me to my core
then you took my heart
with you back to your door.
It’s only natural, it’s obvious.
I’m meant to be owned by you
with nothing at all in return.

I picked out locks
to get into hearts
I had no business being in.
I took your bait,
settled in and got comfortable
as your trapdoor caught me.
I took just a shot of her
then I found myself
at the bottom of the bottle,
addicted to her taste.
I’m drunk on a girl
who knows her way.
Her legs wrap around me
like a snake with her prey.
I’m drunk on a girl who knows her way, she’s a freak of nature.
Jack Jenkins Apr 2016
My mind is a maze
Mirrored walls
Sloped floors
I can't find my way out of it

Like a circus freak show
My mind freaks me out
Terrorizing me in the night
Invading my resting dreams

But in these times I'm lost
Although I'm scared and alone
There is peace in these halls
Of my mazed mirrored mind
//On anxiety//
I do suffer from PTSD, due to trauma growing up. I've never been in the military or overseas.
Carter Ginter Jun 2018
What a day
What a life
I've been here many times
But none of them felt like this

My first year
I saw this couple
They were dancing and singing
As they gazed into the other's eyes
The love there was palpable
And to a young queer person
Feeling extremely alone and unlovable
I cried because I didn't think
I could ever be worth
A love quite like that

Then this year happened
I thought they were a new crush
But those gorgeous eyes locked into mine
And I feel like I've known them for ages

A few drinks in and
The anxiety begins to fade away
As our bodies time themselves to the rhythm
Of music I didn't think I could dance to
As strangers question the intensity
Of the intimacy between us
And would probably freak if they knew
That we've only known each other
Just over two weeks
But time is irrelevant and
Feelings are everything

Their vibrant energy electrocutes mine
Sending my body into both a
Simultaneous rush and deceleration
As we are transported beyond this space
Beyond the heavy crowds
To a place of our own
Where no one can touch us
Where no one else exists
Where it's only them and I
Staring into each other's eyes
And feeling each other's souls
Exactly where I wanted to be
Is exactly where I am
Nayya Aug 2014
You were, but a music freak
And I
Just another song
Removed from playlist
After being overplayed
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
So humble
and so demure.
Yet . . . . . . .
. . . . you still freak me the ****
out with everything you do.

You amaze me just so
you'll absorb me, I know.
Then we'll both become one.

I've been erased,
now (I'm) no-one.

Poetry by Kaydee.
By giving too much of yourself to
another you become a non-entity,
drifting without a name or an aim.
Talia Jul 2018
your feelings for me are twisted and unlisted
yet you're the person who keeps crossing my mind
I can't say that I never resisted
to keep our strings from being intertwined
but I know
the version of you that I knew so well
is no longer my precious freak show
you aren't my favorite thing for show-and-tell
Alexx Luceanu Oct 2018
They call you a freak,
**** those clowns,
Don’t associate with people who get you down.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
I heard you were
A freak


I'll freak
You out

The things that scare
Them other

I turn
Inside out

Let them spots
Shine in those purple

Get our freaks on
I'm always

So trust
Me when I look
You in the
Eyes and


You can't scare me
I was raised by circus clowns

You cry but I
Know how to turn
You upside

I'll show you my
Freak show
If you show
Me yours

Trapeze artist
I can
Always get
You more

New song
Michael Marchese Oct 2018
You drown your potential
I swim with the sharks
You get sentimental
I break broken hearts
When you lie to yourself
I'm the serpentine grin
When you count all your wealth
I'm the ghost of Chi Minh
When you fail to confess
I'm the guilt in your chest
Where you see the oppressed
I'm the civil unrest
You regret nothing? Oh, is that so?
Well I do
I lament every moment
And know you do too
You are scared to be what
I release from its cage
Just an unmuzzled mut
Layin' waste to this page
King Panda Feb 2016
I was flying home from Denver
and the man next to me ordered 3 double vodkas
slipping the stewardess a hundred bucks
by the end of the flight he was asking me
to come home with him
he had a sheepskin bed throw
that would keep us perfectly warm
this chill winter night
I refused
called him a drunk freak
and giggled when he stumbled down the escalator
and split a **** in his forehead
that cracked like
like Easter
smothered in chocolate frosting
Big Top Cruisin' Freak Show Humans
Orchestrating Mass Confusion
Freedom Pleasing People Unions
Subsequently Crash Into Them,
Petrol Hoarding Leather Goblins,
Building Homes They're Paid To Rob
From Bigfoot Truthing ****** Loser
Tightrope Walking Mine Defusers.

Performers Of The Great Parade,
It's Storming Clowns On California
Pouring Bears In Maine,
Taking Stages Captivating
Trapping Kids In Lion Cages.
Uncle Sammy's Hat Is Full Of
Peanut Roasting Gophers
Toting Automatic
Pigeon Feeding
Battle Ready

We The Wild People
Take These Truths
And Hold Them Proofless,
On Glory To
We Glorious Few,
Cheering, "Circus-Circus!"
Daniel T Aug 2018
All the nights of unpleasantries
will no longer keep me awake.
I will never again dream
of you by mistake.

I wish that you would die.
A freak accident leaves you paralyzed
maybe a piano from the window
That lives in the blue of my eyes.
Or maybe that "random" passing car
will clip you in the thigh
And you'd be left (like me)
alone; just to die.

You could paint the town red
with your angry tongue
but instead maybe if i cut it out
you'll finally listen instead.

In laymens terms, prepare to be hurt,
I'll smile as your body lies in the dirt.
And blood seeps into your shirt,
coloring the earth.
Your purpose has been confirmed.

Thanks for the trauma and mental illness, miss you lots.
silentwoods Aug 2018
Two years into adulting.
It’s possible, who knew?
I look the same as yesterday
But today I’m twenty two!

Dentist trips still freak me out,
Sometimes I burn an egg.
My blanket covers both my feet,
So monsters won’t grab my leg.

I don’t go out on Friday night,
My ankles feel the weather.
And when I help the kids with homework,
We both learn math together.

Sometimes I’ll burst out crying
For no reason at all.
I know the words to one rap song,
And still prefer guys tall.

My puns are all intended,
There is a spoon I hate,
I’ll never mix my whites and brights,
I can’t stay up too late.

My life has been a wild ride
But I’m thankful for each day.
One day I hope to be mature,
One day... but not today.
Traveler Jun 2013
I was turned on by a Toaster, she tanned my bread to gold
In time she ejected me, it was her natural Toaster role...
I fell for her sister, a Deep Fryer in despair, my lust began to boil
I had to come up for some air...
I ran off with a Can Opener, she could even sharpen knives,
She opened up a can of *** whip, she could never be my wife!
I met a **** Freezer, but her heart was cold as ice, I was bitten by her frosty ways
Once bitten, never twice...
I made my way across the tile to an Oven quite unique
All her features were well displayed, on this EZ Baking Freak!
She cooked me on the surface, yet burnt me deep within
I guess my culinary skills were lacking in the end...
So now I date a Spatula safely from the heat
She flips a mean burger and french fries by the heap!
Truth is I'm a Poet
Who simply likes to eat!
Traveler Tim
SJG 5d
Good theory never degrades,
Just kind of hangs about the party
Until it forgets everybody’s name.
As Pontius Pilate used to say,
“Rome wasn’t built through good intentions,
But a bucket and *****.”

Life is full of rain. I got lucky.
Twenty percent of men and women
Would probably **** me;
Given the right light on the right night,
Or a deficit of able-bodied men after forty years of war.

Took my winning ticket to the bookies and said:
“Pay up or everyone in this room will be dead.”
With £20 in my back pocket,
I was escorted from the premises in a zipped up bag.

Actors, make hay.
Actors, make money.
Speak out where you’re safe.
Pretend you’re funny.
I wouldn’t share a word with you on a good day,
Let alone an abattoir floor.

I sold myself out.
I took the money.
I’d do it all again,
Just need people to trust me.
My friends, my colleagues, my own kin,
There’s a price for them all.

Grudges make men.
Grudges make great stories.
Give me a petty rivalry,
Less death and glory.
It’s a circus of ******,
From head to toe.

Life is full of rain. People bore me.
I sleep upon the shoulders
Of the giants who lived and died before me.
And if you have problems with my life’s work;
Well, what can you do?

Actors, get in league.
Actors, take trophies.
Nod sagely at the in-memoriam.
Imagine your face on that screen.
We climbed out of the sea
But then the sea climbed up
To claim us all.

I was born a freak child.
No-one saw me.
Physiotherapists tried to provide
A viable future in the workplace for me.
They’ve been telling me that I’ve failed
Since I was eleven years old.

Life is full of rain. Love’s a rocket.
Sleeping beauty’s filtered face
In a light-up locket.
I remember her the way she would have wanted,
Apart from me.

Actors, concede defeat.
Actors, really?
There’s as much truth in pantomime
As there is in Debussy.
If I sound crude, If I sound bitter,
Just let me hold your award.
Thorns Feb 19
Don't you know how some of us feel sometimes?
Don't you know what some of us do to ourselves sometimes?
No, you don't know, nor would you care
Some of cut, cry, try to **** or all three and more to ourselves
But even if you knew you would just say aloud or flaws,
Criticize our looks,
Or beat us to the ground...
Because that's what the world thinks of people like me
They scoff in disgust of our loves and sexualities
They beat us till we suffer from LIVING
The one thing they WON'T do is,

E N D  O U R  S U F F E R I N G
"Just leave the goth chic in the back alone."
"I'm. Not. Goth."
   "Whatever you re your a FREAK! A ******!"
Then kicks me till I'm on the ground.

All because I just think dying is better, I like black,
and I sing MCR and Panic!

Like ***!
Xallan Jan 11
Go hard, or go home, right?
I'd rather cut off my hands at the wrists
Than make a little incision.
No temptation to take a blade to my throat,
Then, because I wouldn't have any hands,
Just bleeding stumps, see?
No hands, no grip,
No blood, no life.
Nothing but a pitiful excuse for a body
Without life. With severed hands,
And nothing to serve with
But glances of pity and sob stories
To warn your children not to be like me.
Useless excuse for a person
Who handicapped themselves!
It's so ridiculously stupid, it's downright comical.
The men who freed themselves will
Laugh their little heads off at this.
They might take a look
At the space that their hands compose so
And perhaps wonder empathetically
What might drive me to discard so many
Perfectly designed atoms designed subpar.
Maybe a brighter one will realize
The truth- it's psychological
No hands, no touch
No touch, no feel.
Lizzy Mar 2014
My therapist says i need to be honest
i need to tell everyone the truth
about how i feel
what goes through my mind.

im so lonely and distant
and the only way to get close
is to be honest.
but i cant
im not sure why i cant

i cant tell him how im dying inside
i smile and blow a kiss
but i have killed myself a thousand times
in my mind

"surface relationships"
thats what she calls them
doctor know it all
doctor get inside my head
doctor please fix me

maybe im just a freak
she tells me not to say that
but the idea of letting someone see  my pain
is so terrifying

anyone whose seen me bleed
tried to stitch me up
stop the gore
or brush me off

and i cant do it again
i cant get close
once i do
they disappear
even if they didnt want to
they were gone

and sometimes im the one who leaves
i dont know why that is either
because im just a freak

i bat my lashes
and put on my red lipstick
smile and laugh
like a babbling idiot
when all i want to do is die
and i dont know why
Alex Smith Oct 2018
Like an albatros
I criss
Then cross
Lines of red ink on me
And what's the cost?
I keep fighting,
But lost
And cut my ear right off
Like Evander Holyfield
Or Van Gogh,
An artist
Now trust.
And me,
The curse
Who gets worse
The more you get to know him.
Everything I do
Is like a ******* sin.
And life is a pool
I can't jump in-
I can't swim
And then I sink
And think
Of those who can't swim too
In my ocean of negativity
And now dying virtues.
This is my cue
To leave out
And choose
The ones who know what
I'm about
Before I lose
My sanity to clout
And pick a fool
Like me.
A maniac and insomniac
And freak show
To be.
This is a cold perfect night
The sun switch off the light
Hear my guitar owns the night
I stood on the beam of the light
To give the rule for the moon
He reflects It through the dune
There your heart such a stone
See a rock keeps a stone to retain
Then the rock was my silly brain
Such a sculpture looks really fine
Keeps the memory a part of mine
In a hall of the magestic britain
I'm inveterate to cross the line
Carefully she watches how i speak
In a magistic break doesn't bleak
Tired world makes me the freak
A plague of feelings makes me sick
The steak of heart does not streak
The plague is there wouldn't break
So i keep my eyes away of her eyes
No escape from the morning breeze
A viscous fail on her warmer tears
While i'm lost between the aisles
No matter how much hard I do
Can't Escape the reflections of you
You Know my soul keeps crying too
But i can't forgive The sins you do
Destiny keeps our separated ways
Deeds aren't hearts keeps the ties

Author/ Aladdin Aures H.
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