CharlesC Aug 2013

a withdrawal
cycle of life..
cycling since
primordial times..
afternoon rainstorms
that rain from
earthly stimulation
now her flow
interrupted impure..
is now time
for fracturing
or for
joining and

prompted by article
Kabbalah and Fracking Don't Mix
Rabbi David Seidenberg

people going mad telephones there hacking
all along coast they want to do some fracking
looking for some gas all along the shore
disturbing all the sea life like they did before
they dont seem to care about the consequence
public up in arms feelings so intense
anti fracking groups with there protest fight
fighting for there cause and what they think is right
why cant the frackers go and be fracking free
and  leave the place forever and give us back our sea

Pass me a Joint,
But I'll pass on Environmental Regulations
Here in Colorado.
If we don't keep Fracking Natural Gas.
Who is gonna' be able
To afford all  the Marijuana for sale?
Money doesn't go on Trees.
That's why I don't give a fuck
About Trees any more.
It's the Black Gold
That pays for the Green Herb.
That's all you need to know
In the Mile High City.
Chic and Trendy
Or Homeless and Miserable.
The Cash keeps flowing
And that's all that matters
To me.
Burn the Fossil Fuels.....
Light up the Joint.....
You could say
That we're
"Burnin' it from Both Ends."

nivek Sep 2014

seeking poetry of today
where no poetry can be found
will take deeper mining
Industrial machinery
maybe even controversial Fracking

Nick Strong Apr 2015

Well, what a week, full of revelation
Enough to stir this talk of revolution
Makes your hackles turn on end
Then send you round the bend
The southern gentry have found oil
Right beneath their derriere boil
Now most of us on this golden isle
Need not worry about this pile
Those who wear weekend country tweed,
Built their fortunes from housing greed
Have already decided
That it will be one sided
They’ll say it’s theirs, by rights
And if we argue, will read our last rites
The South will declare independence
In certainty of their full ascendance
Over the outer reaches of this nation
They pounded into servitude, by taxation
And if we have the nerve to debate, I’ll be bound
They’ll leave it horded in the ground,
Then blame the anti frackin’ hound
Now I may need a political re - education
In a 1984 establishment for rehabilitation
But I can see it coming a five-nation island
Southland, Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland,

And the Detritus

A tongue in cheek view of the discovery of oil in England

Walking along the river, side by side
She asked, “Have you forgotten how to sing?”
To which
She heard no reply

Our planet isn't dying
It's being killed

And I will remain unfulfilled
Until I pick up the pieces and help

Kelynn May 2015

Hydraulic fracturing
Is ecoterrorism,
Hide the name:
The Chemical attacking,
but they call it fracking

Sjr1000 Dec 2016

Waking up one morning
It's a normal kind of day
Only there are bulldozers
on their way

It goes this way:
At the end of your driveway
down to the right
in front of the picket fence
The land is graded
a horizontal drill brought in
made to feel at home

You see,
We you me may own the land
But the mineral rights are theirs

A concrete utility structure goes up,
in what do you think?
About three weeks?

Chemicals are shot
horizontally under the land
under the house
to release the gas from the sand
While the ground water
is fearfully shivering
it knows
its days are numbered.

The concrete utility chimney
pouring out chemical smoke
24 hours a day.

The  County says,
"What do you expect us to do?"
The State says
"Screw You "

Cancer clusters
Sick kids
Chemical water tasting very weird

Guess what?

Whether it be our 89,000
189,000 or 889,000 dollar
American dream home
The dog is going to be
taking a piss in the backyard
claiming ownership.

Welcome to LA too
No matter where you are
Every other day
the earth is shaking
buildings tumbling
Dance Dance Dance

Dots on a map
thousands of them
all around us
coming our way.

Better take a drive
next time on talk radio
"Drill baby Drill"

All hail Exxon
Cars love Shell Gasoline

The old USA
sucking gas
And it sure ain't nitrous
cars idoling on a stop and go freeway
finding our true purpose
a grounded oil derreck
for the Koch Brothers
He who pays the piper calls the tune
Oh yeah
Drill baby Drill
I'm heading up Highway 101

The Earth hot and horny
for a new life form

Welcome to the new world order
Welcome to the new USA
Purloined, poisoned, polluted
The United Petro States of America.

Hey Hey Hey

"New world order" of course, Bruce Springsteen, the Boss.
If you live near one of these friggin fracking structures, love to hear about it.

Sometimes you gotta write a protest song.

why dont they stop the fracking digging up the sea
why cant they leave the sea life the way that it should be
the gas is part of nature thats where it should stay
why cant they stop the fracking and simply go away
they dont know if its safe but they dont really care
messing round with nature really isnt fair
they should leave the gas a bottom of the sea
leave nature in control the way its meant to be

Fire on the mountain,
flickers of devil in the sky
I once found peace here
until they came by.

A protest song inspired by sjr1000

Frig & Frack dance a dance
To see who is astute
They run an oil rag up a pole
To see who will salute

Nobody seems to see it
They just watch TV
Corporate's just overjoyed!
They can dance for FREE!

They just quash the media
Build gas-guzzling trucks
People purchase in their millions
So Frig & Frack make BUCKS!

Nobody seems to wonder
Why water tastes so funny
Why their kids have cancer
Why... Big Oil's makin' MONEY!

Yeah... nobody seems to care a fig
Most people aren't that hyper
Now Corporate can laugh and jig...

...and we all Pay the Piper!

(C) 1/16/2017

Please read sjr1000's poem
"Friggin' Fracking"
It's just scathing.
We need more protest & awareness of this!
The media ain't gonna tell folks...
That's what poets & songwriters are FOR!
Mark Parker Apr 2016

Even Smokey the bear influence
couldn't save us from this forest fire.
Oil and fire will soon be mingled
with human anxiety and distress.

Saving Earth is like smacking a child repeatedly. The human race as a whole is so young after all. Despite this, I do not condone child abuse. I just find it hilarious that as a group we can't find a better power source.
AJ Mayfield Aug 2014

I was given, at my first birthday party,
a gift sublime, a lovely, lush garden
I played among its fonts and flowers,
traded baseball cards with Atlas and Athena,
rolled in high grass with iridescent dragons

Then one fine day through leaflets high,
I spied a fat juicy fig, haloed by Summer sun
The tree was poison, I knew, its sweet fruit
most likely bad as well, but in my arrogance
I climbed the trunk, got tangled in its branches

I lost control, lost something never truly held,
and fell, through viney snarls and vicious thorns
Fell farther than I ever rose, to putrid death,
moldered slime beneath the canopy
of verdant paradise on gentle hillside above

I crawled about in mud and earthen warrens
Slowly, year by year, learned to walk again
But arrogant I remained—had not my
lesson learned, and so I doubled-down,
made mockery of this chance for redemption

All the sweet virgins did I rape, and teach
our children sin, in crystalline waters
I did shat on mulched fields, amber and green,
with cigarette butts and baggies blowing
listless on Autumn winds

When Winter finally came, as winters must,
to kill off weakened souls, and make
the garden ready for new attendants,
I did not learn, I did not take the blame...
It's Him, I cried, I have not power to do this!

But then my youngest daughter sobbed
She watched, sadly, out clouded, grimy windows
and, looking up at my limpid, sullen eyes
crawled into my arms one last, lonely time
to face what I could not...

Behold, the Silent Spring

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