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CDs Jul 10
On fickle feet I make my flight
Moons of Neptune o'er head
Bathed by its cold, ardent light
Let no devil's tricks belay me
Nor wrought iron dissuade me
I return to a place of forebears
And tread estatic where other mortals not dare!
neptune mortal moon light flight
chickens still wait for corn
by the door of my granny's kitchen,
where sun once rose with a daughter
in skin of gold, and set with a son,
with silvery dreams

little girls still dance in twilight,
clad in the nakedness of innocence,
their chests bare, where ******* ought to be,
their scarves wild, flowing in the wind
and their voices climb palm trees,
in a bid to beat the boys to their dreams.

little boys form a group of toughlings
flooring the other in smart fast moves,
wrestling for fun, and raising dead dusts,
dusts of their forebears, who warred,
and set boundaries they'd grow up to meet:
and then forget unwritten bro codes,
forge new laws and grow cold,
act brave and grow old...
watch dreams fade into the dark

and the song of wasted years
punctuated with short sighs
shall form a new language
that tumble down our throats, tasting strange,
yet worth the dirge after all

adieu is the song, and
the circle goes on,

I've no idea how to keep things made
of souls, like me
from eternity
The dead leave bones ****** from the dirt,
Honing the wind;  we
Inscribe them with etruscan words, numbers that
Mattered to forebears trying to
Organize a Universe
But Time does not recognize chart or
Preferring the fall back to Earth

— The End —