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Joe Fogg Sep 2011
Water from stone
Warmth from snow
Fire from Ice
Flames without glow

Sunshine at Midnight
Stars at noon
Clouds in a clear sky
Seas on the moon

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Infamous one Jun 2015
Another fight
Walk away and write
Thoughts get crazy keep you up all night
Clear your mind till it goes numb
Tired of others treating you like you're dumb
You'd set them straight but all they do is hate
Give them something to do
since they have nothing better to do
Always willing to grow learn something new
Staying true to what you love
don't let others envy turn your heart blue
Called you names but unlike them full of pride not shame
Fake to your face talk behind your back no courage
Walk away no need to share their pain
Block out the bad memories forget all the drama
Focused on being a better person instead of sinking with them
Not going under always wonder sound of roaring thunder
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
In sunshine
A shadow
Through brightness
Such darkness
Though joy
This Sadness
From closeness
To distance
A bond
Now broken
A trust
So years
Once forged
Like leaves
Now crumbled
Tides turning
Rivers divided
Two paths

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Joe Fogg Oct 2011
Up to the North
Down to the South
Keep the ships feeding
The big Mersey's mouth

14 big docks
And 19 big stops
Dad's got big hands
He works at the 'Brock'

He's seen Alexandra
And Nelson too
He passes the Princes
On the way to the 'Loo

Jump off at the Sandon
For a bevvy with Joe
Saturday's half day
To the match he will go

The merchants at Toxteth
Are rubbing their hands
There's money in shipping
And at Seaforth Sands

Jump off at Pier Head
If yer wearing a shirt
Stay on till Herculaneum
To get covered in dirt

The EMUs keeping rolling
From morning til night
Our dockers umbrella
What a beautiful sight

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
This, another in the Mersey Rhymes, series recalls Liverpool's overhead railway. It recalls the station names and hints at the long standing passion for football. EMU = Electric Multiple Units - the worlds first railway carriages that did not need a locomotive - now the world standard for Mass Transit Systems.
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
A thriving port
A declining port
A potential port

A dockland
A wasteland
A stones throw
From my home

A docker
A carter
A clark
No vacancy

A History
Our dockland

A grain store
A butter mountain
A starving world
An unused fountain

A dock village
A flower show
No work for
A dockland

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
When the UK traded with the US, Liverpool was the gateway to Europe. As Europe increased trade within its member states the East, the 8 miles of uninterrupted dockland fell in to decline along with the local economy and the lives tat depended on it. The population declined rapidly as people sought work elsewhere. The derelict properties adding to the industrial wasteland. By 1980 the port was at its lowest ebb. Its remaining storage being used for surplus grain and butter. European farmers were guaranteed incomes from the European Union to produce food that would never be used, not even for the starving in Africa. The UK governments response was not to divert that money in to producing goods (and creating employment) that was required but to decide that Liverpool need a garden festival to help regeneration. The festival site remains unused today. Fortunately the city's beautiful and historical buildings remained intact. These along with its musical and sporting heritage helped it become European Capital of Culture in 2008. This time the city has been regenerated and is the top UK destination outside of London.
Joe Fogg Oct 2011
Mersey Ferry, Mersey Ferry,
Go across the sea,
Take them a Daffodil,
Take them an Iris,
Tell them I love them
And tell them I care
Return them back safely
And you shall be queens
So, go bring my loved ones
Back home to me

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
A simple rhyme in a new series I'm writing and invite people to add to. This one recalls how the Mersey Ferries became 'Royal' (e.g. the Iris became, the Royal Iris, as with the Daffodil) following their involvement in the evacuation from France following the failed invasion. The style is intended to be used with skipping games.
Joe Fogg Sep 2011
When we are needy
The greedy feed easy
When we just please
We are easy to tease

Seeking approval
Is responsibility removal
Who's approval do I need?
To make the choice to succeed

Feeling displeased
Like feeling dis-ease
It leads to disease
That leads to decease

Seeking to blame
The simplest game
Avoiding a responsibility
For my own possibility

Choosing my emotion
Without the commotion
Didn't choose the inference
But I do own the response

Anger like coal
Burns who it holds
Vengeance a slave
So dig it two graves

No need to accept
No need to reject
No need to adore
No need to abhor
No need to be needy
So, needy no more

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
I wanted to watch you
My eyes were shy
I wanted to kiss you
My lips were dry

I wanted to hold you
My arms were weak
I wanted to tell you
I could not speak

I wanted to  love you
Just never found the voice
I wanted to be with you
Just never made that choice

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Some of us, in our youth, admired another from afar. Overwhelmed by our emotions we froze and were unable to take any action at all. Forsaking for ever the never knowing of rejection or acceptance.
Joe Fogg Sep 2011
Love would bring us freedom
When the passion's gone
This lust that comes between us
Beyond this moment
There is none

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Snoop dogg, snoop lion
Through the fogg we see hes cryin
we ask him why he will not tell
He broke his favorite reggae bell
It sounded smooth and made him feel good
Just like his kush that he burned in the hood
Dre gives his condolences but it is no use
Snoops bell has already tied its nuse
So for his bell we mourn, for his bell we pray
Light one for the bell, it died to day
Rip Ja feel?
Joe Fogg Sep 2011
Darkness touches window panes
And seeps right through the walls
Traveling back from years ago
With secrets it still recalls

Stillness stirs and senses tingle
With fingers along the spine
Imagining its an angel's voice
Or something less divine

Whispered words fill the silence
And within these walls it gathers
Touches and then passes through
Right through these earthly tethers

Turning keys in unlocked doors
A past existence now returns
Bygones can't be bygones
Whilst the past for justice yearns

Searching down the line for years
Looking for the chosen
To overcome their worldly fears
So the holding can be broken

To hear the voices from times passed
And secrets that must release
The tapestry of lies unmasked
So the past can live in peace

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Do you sometimes get the sense that someone / something, perhaps unearthly is trying to communicate?
Are there spirits are walking abroad?
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
Closed guarded secrets
Guard them with you heart
Guard them for eternity
For if I find out
What I find out
The cruel lies you've kept from me

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Please help develop this verse - suggestions welcome.
Joe Fogg Oct 2011
I went to a temple
They call a retreat
Monks put on robes
And walk in bare feet
I love what they're teaching
And their shaven haired looks
I so want those robes
To attachment I'm hooked

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Joe Fogg Aug 2011


cop­yright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
A man who seeks revenge digs two graves
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
I've seen religious belief
Bring nothing but grief
When holy soldiers lives
Can be remembered by their wives
With nothing but a wreath

I've heard of political aims
From men with claims
To be able to see
The way to be free
Then pocket all the gains

I've know countries start wars
In the name of a cause
Thanking those that died
Forgetting those survived
To a round of applause

I've seen flags fly high
As young men die
With the family loss
Marked by a cross
But not a reason why

I'v asked what it means
When men forsake dreams
For a noble sacrifice
That takes away their life
For a propaganda machine

The answer comes again
And still remains the same
They sell us a story
Of honour and glory
Lest for truth we'd refrain

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
Parting has come
It was destined to be
I can blame no-one
No-one but me
There are some people
Who are owed debt
They think this has passed
I'll make them regret
Time will soon come
Time to collect
Biding my time
From mercy refrain
All of my life
To pass on this pain

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
WIP - please suggest changes / new lines / others work.
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
Like  a rampant plague
Destroying crops
Hate's as vague
As the mask it adopts
It comes and goes
In many forms
Like a morning frost
That kills at dawn

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Never got this finished welcome your suggestions for additional lines.
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
Yachts like musical notes
Line the horizon in chorus
Whistling through the boats
As sails dance around the masts

The breeze plays flute
Against the trunks of palms
They sway to the tune
Each in perfect time

The sand ups and whirls
Then twists and turns
Like dancing hula girls
Twirling garlands above their heads

Birds rise and fall
With the song of the waves
while freedom she calls
And sings to us all

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
I need help with the ending - suggestions please?
DracoTalpus Mar 2018
Phileas Fogg,
On a brigantine sledge,
Braved the Omaha wind
As it twirled.
So, Jules Verne might say
That a full eighty days
Is plenty to travel the world.

Amelia Earhart
Crossed the sea –
The quickliest feat
…For a girl –
In twelve hundred forty
Short minutes, you know:
Others failed, but gave it a whirl.

Rosemary Doyle,
Our wonderful mum,
Exceeded these
Feats of grand scale!
She has crossed oceans faster,
Breezed over Great Plains,
And – without perspiration – prevailed!

Carefully, casually,
She raised five kids:
‘Neath our burden
She never collapsed.
Loving and giving
Us lives we are living.
Have there – really – eight decades elapsed?

Silliest word:
It sounds like
A sea creature’s vet,
But if you want true fun,
Then just orbit the sun
Eighty times, like our mom:  It’s no sweat!

© 2Mar2018 DracoTalpus
For Rosemary N. Doyle
On the occasion of her 80th birthday
I love you, Mom.  Thank you for creating me.  Thank you for including me in your family.  Thank you for loving me right back!  <3  :D
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
One day soon
I'll be riding on the wind
One day soon
I'll be rising on the tide

Running over hills
With grass beneath my feet
The trees they call my name
And I know its one day soon

I'm walking by the sea
Water soft against my skin
Wave's they roar like thunder
And I know its one day soon

Resting in the valley
Rocks high upon my sides
Breathing echoes to the distance
And I know its one day soon

Searching through the darkness
For a star in a midnight sky
For star's all hold a message
And I know its one day soon

I'm looking to the heavens
I'm waiting for the voice
The one that calls my name
And says its one day soon

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
Dark like a shadow
Cold like ice
Lost like a bird
On a winter's night

Nightfall will take you
Wrap you in her arms
With darkness protect you
Keep you from harm

Secrets kept safe
Stars behind a cloud
True self hidden
Jewels behind a shroud

This mystery you're hiding
Hidden since youth
The sun is still shining
On lies and the truth

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
tatiana hall Sep 2013
is this what i really want?
                                     do i want the scars to fade way into the stars?
                               so far away that i wont remember what caused them?
its going to feel odd not seeing the fogg every time i turn not feeling the burn that caused them. do i want my memories to fade away so i wont remember the other day when i saw my mom get punched in the face and turned away? yea those were the days i remember it like it was just yesterday dam what a shame he put her through so much pain. He smashed the car into bits it through my mom in ditch man that day was a *****!
this is all a true story!
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
A diamond side
A needle's edge
Rest upon
The highest ledge

Downward distance
Too far to see
Space between
Reaching you to me

Falling faster
The ground so near
Memories like movies
Joy, hope and fear

No way of resisting
Or changing my fall
Passing so quickly
A lifetime's memories recalled

No chance to pull back
Or in to the side
View from an angle
Love's downward slide

Look backwards and up
A shattered dream fades
No more chances
To change things that remain

No actions determine
No reasons explain
No answers to why
This parting's in shame

Let decisions in haste
Not turn us to hate
May years yet to come
Be filled by the sun

A last gasping breath
One final heartbeat
One glance to the past
Before closing the door

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
Two Children
Two Cups
One empty
One full

Two Children
Two Cups
One upstream
One downstream

Two Children
Two Cups
One empties
One fills

Two Children
Two Cups
One stream
One flow

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
The idea that we are all one, from one source, returning to one source. We can pour water in to a stream, from one cup, but we cannot capture the same water - it disperses becoming one again with all things.
Joe Fogg Sep 2011
You are not my pearl
To that I am resigned
For to an outside world
You cannot be defined

Who am I
That I decide
By who's decree
Do I preside

Like a morning sun
That sweeps winter to spring
Like an evening sun
On a distant sea

What will become
Of all the things
That we have done

Beauty so far

Like the evening sun
That meets the sky at dusk
Far out on the horizon
All things merge to one

Visions to a blind man
I cannot say what I can see
An earthquake to a child
I cannot know what I can feel

Something about pride
Keeps our secrets inside
Lies draw them blind
Yet still they can't hide
This deeper divide
That rides with us till we die

I want to hold it up to sunlight
And see the truth shine through

Against that tide
I tried to hold out
Tried to be so hard and strong

Escaping to warmer seas
An old whale cruising a summer's night
Hunted and hunted all of my days
But the prey will be hunted no more
Instead I'll be dancing the waves

It's not what I wanted
Nor you I suspect
It's not love were without
Seems we've lost all respect

You smile so solemnly
That smile used to say hello to me

You only touch the surface
You only ever cruise
You never see the depths
Deep inside of you

To see love end up as a motto

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Sifting through a hundred poems/songs written in my teens and early 20's I'm now extracting lines from each and merging together here - just see what I get. I'll then play around with them and see what comes!

Feel free to plunder anything that sparks and idea.

I'm noticing a few themes emerging - sun, sea, freedom....
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
Nothing wrong
It's gone on too long
Nothing right
That's why we fight
Nothing left
Beside a love bereft
Nothing here
To reappear
Nothing changed
Is why we pain
Nothing changed
It's not the same
Nothing missing
Except the blame
Nothing bad
And nothing good
Nothing missing
Like nothing could
Nothing Lost
So nothing found
Nothing now
Can turn me round
Nothing spoken
No words can say
Nothing better
Than to walk away

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
How often when asked what is wrong we tell that small lie that covers the truth like a thin layer of varnish on an antique chest "nothing". Inspired by Edie Brockell and the New Bohemians.

Please suggest changes and or additions.
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
I need to be free
I have no more to give
I cannot lose any more

There is no more in me
There is nothing to be found
The tide is turning now

I need to be found
This is not my home
I need to be reborn

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Joe Fogg Sep 2011
I've stood close by your side
Held you tight within my arms
There's this space between us
When loves at hand
I can't get near to you

I've seen our eyes meet
Within a breaths reach
The distance between, so far
Reaching out, sea to stars
And I can't get near to you

I've caressed your tender skin
Two tides within one stream
Entwined in perfect time
Your warmth is flowing through
Yet I can't get near to you

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Ever had that relationship that has immense emotional intensity,  yet without closeness. A merging of the physical without the consent of the spiritual? It feels like love yet lacks oneness?
Ryan Seth Cole Sep 2017
I dont think she remembers why she came.

Why she is a different person, when it rains.

When everything began, before she knew her name.
Before this creature, she became.

With the thickening Fogg and Desolate Rain; she grip's her cloak and follow's her pain.

Her lifeless eyes lead her astray, as her feet trip over one another before two others came.

She made her way into a clearing and silence she regains.

The dark purple skies reveal a shape of blame and into her form she became.

Her sense's heightened like a catalyst, her intentions were vague. Inside her heart was filled with rage.

She made her way into town, devouring all that stood in her way.

Her blood shot eyes could see for miles. Her smell was refrain.

But unto others she would look the same until her mistakes began to leave a trail from which she became.

They gathered in many, they carried they're pitch forks and Stakes but nothing would **** her and she would eventually get away.

Leaving the town in fear, she made away. She layed low for year's until one mysterious day.

A weary traveler stumbled across her home fatigued. Riddled with torment, the man lay waste.

Her heart poured for the man and so she decided to let him stay.

She catered to his wounds and she fed him each day.
He then returned to health and asked for her Name.

She barried her head, she did not say.

The man so thankful for her help; he decided to stay and pay back the woman who had no name.

He did not remember from which he came, this weary Traveler also had no name.

He promised that he would do anything for her to let him stay.

She gathered his stuff and pushed him away.
She shut him out when it started to rain.

The man confused inside but determined for change.
He decided he would go into town and return with necessary things.

As he returned there was a beast at her door. In a panic he grabbed a rock but The beast instincts much quicker than his own. The strength of ten men charged him down to the ground.

This beast would not take his life all at once.

The man remembered in that very moment from in which he Came.

But he still loved her, So he pursued her any way.

The beast then Struck him down. This time oblivious in rage.

She tore him limb from limb but Realizing was half of her Pain.

The other part of her enjoyed it and so she continued to slay.

I dont think she remembers from which she became. Her lifeless eyes that lead her astray.

Her feet fall over one another before two others came.

Werewolves have no love life
Joe Fogg Sep 2011
A day without care
A chill in the air
A breeze in the grass
A lake mirrored like glass

The chorus of birds
Is singing no more
But the songs that they sang
Will stay with me til the end

Whilst the scent in the air
Is no longer there
Its presence will linger
And memories stir

Sunshine surrenders
To the moon and the stars
The joys of one day
Surrender to time

There's a feeling inside me
That will glow when I'm cold
This feeling inside me
Will stay til I'm old

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Joe Fogg Sep 2011
These things I've seen
This loss I've known
For all this time
I let it grow

It leaves me now
I am alone
To live my life
I'm coming home

From a darkened room
In an empty home
To bathe in sunlight
Wash away the stone

No longer hunter
I have all I need
No longer prey
No fear to feed

Cobwebs of living
Blown by the breeze
Freed from the outer
By an innermost peace

I'm building a city
A place where I can live
Building up inside me
All that I can give

I am the wind
Now blowing
I am the tide
Now flowing

Not wondering
Just wandering
Not longing
Just belonging

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Work in progress - suggestions welcome
Joe Fogg Sep 2011
You ask me where to begin?
I say let's start with the end
These words are not ours
Like love we've stolen again
You ask me why I'm so quiet
There's a lot said with silence
You wonder why I'm alone
I'm least alone on my own
You want to know where is my home
I say my heart's where I belong
You ask which season is mine
I know October is yours
So how do I sleep?
With a conscience that's clear
And what secrets I keep?
They're no longer here
So why do I weep?
Well, I can't chase the fear
You say sometimes I' am a bore
I say I have my own flame
And if you'd asked me who for
I'd say one day it was yours
So where do we go?
I guess we're already gone
You ask can we still be friends?
I say I've enough enemies
You hope that we shall still speak
But don't know where we'll begin
Well my new friend
Let' start with the end

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Inspired by Jon & Vangelis - a credit in the opening lines
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
See the day
Turn to rain
See it coming
Feel the change

See the birds
End their flight
See them shelter
For the night

See the sun
From darkness shy
See the moon
Light the sky

Feel the chill
An evening shadow
Feel the warmth
A Moonlit glow

Hear the quiet
Of slumber deep
Here the fear
Of awakened sleep

A Sea of stars
And galaxies flow
The rivers of life
Wer'e yet to know

Go stargazing
See it clear
Follow your dreams
Lest they disappear

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
Please suggest line changes and additions.
Joe Fogg Jul 2011
Your days all painted grey
By the shadows in your heart
The colours of your soul
Come shining through the dark

Your faith is coloured white
Purity of you sin
Love comes calling green
Raging jealousy held within

I saw the storm was coming
Long before the rain had come
Something black was forming
Keeping out your glowing warmth

Like the cloak of twilight
A shroud across the sun
Your here with midnight turning
When daylight comes you're gone

I watch the flowers waking
A golden sunrise fades away
Now ebony clouds are tracing
To paint my darkest day

If I could stop the rain from falling
The silver tears upon your face
There would be no more hurting
We'd find a perfect place

copyright/all rights reserved Joe Fogg 2011
George Raitt May 2019
Gold coins from ancient
Civilisations long gone.
Valued now as art.

How many hands have
These coins touched. Success and
Failure, lives unknown.
Ben At93 May 2016

Wandering in the winter garden all day
The fruits are falling as it breeze
My body trembling, left and right it sways
My teeth chattering the lower as the degrees,
It's snowing on the main and sideways
Am stranded and almost falling dizzy
In my search of my look like chardonnay
Fogg blindens me,Am too vulnerable to see,
Is this a price I have to pay?
Just to have you my Valerie.

Round and round I go,
About to find my encounter,
I gotta move careful and slow,
For you don't come on a silver platter,
I will walk, run and crawl,
I am neither being sweet nor flatter, 1
Even in the darkness you glow,
With your hairy skin I pamper,
Our hug dates on that ***** stair floor,
Just to pull you closer and tighter
To keep you from the ****** and bores,
I will fight your harms and batter,
We're invincible whether you accept or No,
Just like ***** to a rasta,
Cause I can't live without you girl
For am the patient and you the doctor.
Gary Dec 2014
As I lay me down,
To feel
the shape I'm in.

As I wonder what went wrong
To put my body
in this hell,
of being.

My thoughts are as clear- now
As my fogg filled mind- now

Can't remember -anything
As it all blends- together
In time.
Can't call heads or tales.
On a double sided dime
Called life.

To equal not a thing,
If nothing, is something.
Then that must be, what I have.
Is time, not to equal a thing.

Help me from this hell,
Please help me find salvation.
Guard me tonight,
Please help me find safety.
Help me see some light.
(Just a glimmer, a sign)

are my complexed thoughts.
To live,
under this control.
my everymove.
Round and round,
We go.

Like a mad crazed- carni
Are my emotions,
Round and round
Till I can't stand- no more.

I am the puppet,
my nerves, your strings
Pulling and tugging
the pain you bring.

Tearing and shredding
all, my dreams.
I am at the mercy of this,
Un-named, disease.

You give me no choice,
But to lie.
Trying to deceive.
Pretending life is pretty,
With the ugliness in hate
That you breed.

Yhe enemy now lives,
where my soul use to be.
Pulling at my hearts
Very fragile strings.

Fighting to be brave.
Fighting to be saved.
To pray away,
All the pain.

I pray,
each day.
Praying, to stay sane.
Praying, everyday.
To my God,
I plea, show me the way.

Help me please,
get out of this hell!
Reverse to good,
This horrible spell.

Help me please.
Please God, help me,
Find my salvation,
Please God, I plea.

Guard my soul tonight,
God help, find salvation.
Please help me, I plea.
Guide me safe, to my light.

Invisible you may be to,
so many.
Sneaking into others,
with unfamiliarity.

Changing their lives.
Turning them upside down.
unsuspecting, without a choice,
One day when you are found.

The shape I am in.
My mind worn thin.
This pain aches, in my heart.
Is where all the weakness
Does start.

God help me,
Guide my thoughts,
through the night.
Let me feel you, in me
Let me,
know it's alright.
Ryan Seth Cole Dec 2018
The whole world is on fire and I can only think about you. My mind re-wired to forget what my worst desires have brought me into.

The attraction of strangers eye"s should make me feel un-comfortable but instead it soothed. Somehow they all disappear and I am only looking at you.

I never dreamed I would dream of you. Black and white ambience encloses like a fogg around the room.

One moment I am miles away and the very next moment I am right next to you. I have so much to say but I then remember I will never see you again, so what good would that do?

If I knew what love was darling, I wouldn't have hurt you. If I knew what forever was, I would still be with you. Only foolish people hate the truth. But this isn't about me, this is about you.

Dreamers dream what reality couldn't do. Weavers weave a stranded connection between the two. Believers believe that somehow they can carry on living like they do.

I know that I cannot and I am lost without you. My hearts desire is to reach you across the chaos and somehow convince you.

I was listening to; Wicked Game by: Chris Issak.
While writing this poem.

— The End —