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Piyush Gahlot May 15
It's been a month,
Since I have published a thing,
I miss poetry, want to write but
Motivation is missing.

Guess I was keeping busy,
Out of ecstacy,
Just skipping the feelings,
Life goals em focussing.

Weird but em actually missing those days,
When feeling depressed my heart bleed
Unable to sleep and my words speak.
Soaking pillow and her memories peak .
Trying to write after a while
Shruti Dadhich Sep 2018
On my way,
One day,
I met a handsome guy,
Who was on the seventh sky,
He told me I looked like a ****** ***!!!
& with his sayings I was embraced
I cried & went to the mirror,
I asked,"Do I look good???
  Am I too fatty or too slimmer??? "
Laughing at me it didn't answer,
I understood & was filled with tear,
Oh I didn't eat during day
& couldn't sleep in night,
It was like I wasn't made for this beautiful beauty filled site,
& hiding my face I went out, & stood aside...
I looked at the moon,
Jealous of his beauty I closed myself in my room...
I forgot the incident & was lost in the world of books,
No I wasn't at all focussing on my looks,
Oh after bending over backward for several months,
I got the fruitful results,
Now that handsome proud guy saluted me,
& the mirror couldn't match his eyes from me,
& now I stood in front of moon's fake light,
Asking it to ignite itself,
& be bright,
Else at his place, he will see myself!!!
Looks seriously don't matter, the thing that matters is one's hardworking, & one's attitude towards life!!!
& beauty isn't in one's face, but it's in one's heart, & one's behaviour!!!
AditiBoo Sep 2018
Maybe I'll write something cheery for a change
But then even Edith Piaf's 'La Vie en Rose' is tinged with sadness
Perhaps the thought of contentment is within my range
But mountains of molehills make it hard to see past the distance

Like the artificial light that makes the stars hide further in the shadows
So our hopes become weighed with the anticipation of the bad
And a single disappointment makes all the good crumble like dominoes
And that smile that was pushing through is pulled back by the sad

Maybe we need to stop focussing on the little mistakes
Maybe we need to remember that despite the falls, we still stand
Maybe we need to remind others of the solidarity hidden in handshakes
And that there is strength in the simple act of an outstretched hand

Countries have boundaries and people have walls
Children know nothing of this but slowly they pick their side
Maybe hugs and niceties should be auctioned in stalls
Maybe we should teach our youth the power of being allied

A stranger cried in a corner and others simply walked on by
Then someone stopped, touched his shoulder and gave him a smile
The slump in his posture disappeared, so did the emptiness in his eyes
And just like that despair and solitude were made beguile

We are not a mean or selfish race
We are not wholly made of malice or bad faith
But, confusing it for being our weakness, we hide our grace ...
Maybe we should own it and not yearn in its wraith

— The End —