Daniel Wilson Oct 2014
I am floored.

She teaches me with brown eyes the youth I've forgotten.
Every breath I take in thought of her pulls heavy on my lungs.
I can't stop.
The blankets I lay on turn to flesh and I firmly grasp what I'm able.
Her scent still lingers from our last lay.
Inhaling these moments only intensifies our time spent together.
Sexual fucking frenzy.
This woman rewrites what I claim of passion.
I know nothing now - she must lead me and I follow.
Her lips secrete the sweetest wine, her tongue uncorks me.
She wants me on cold kitchen counters and wooden floors.
I can't keep count.
We are sinning for the worse, the relationship founded on sex.
Reckless turns us on,
we push and pull and pinch and grab and bite and nibble and lick our way to the next line.
Whatever it takes to get off - she & I must have it all.

These storms of passion return a calm to my chest.
I'm reassured of who I am - why I am.
She has floored me, and I fucking love it.
Tiffany the things unseen you do to me
from the first time my eyes met yours
in your grampy blue van, u had me floored
hazel eyes and a spark of life behind them
to get to know you would be a ten
it seems to me like youre nervous
and a little unsure just like me
can you see?
Im writing this poem about you
cause I dont know what else to do
I was living in a tent
cause it was just me
and I cant afford rent
I thought....
just thought it would be pretty sweet
if we got to know each other
more than just on the street
Hanging out at the cliffs
that was neat
I never jumped from that height before
I was nervous
I kinda did that for you
cause like I said before
You had me floored.
EJ Aghassi Mar 2015
i saw the saddest face
in my beer last night
a single tear slid
down one smudged eye

perhaps from maddening
stillness it cried
or maybe from the
darkened depths inside

i can't say that it was a
reflection of my own
i saw nothing familiar
to draw a connection

but i certainly felt a
connection to whatever
emotion it was that
i was drinking

i drank in as much of
that tormented
face as i could
i digested the ambiguous

the sadness is holy
it's grounding
and i'll drink it in
until i'm floored
sloppy but i felt the need
Alan Dickson Feb 2013
Well, I was driving my new automobile
Just trying to get a feel for things
I was cuttin' figure-eights
And trying to stop on a dime
When I looked down the road and
Saw your face
For the very first time...

And... then... I...

Floored it, I floored it,
I put the pedal to the metal and floored it
I drove right up to you,
I said "Miss, how do you do?"
But I couldn't quite stop in time
And though some day you'll be fine
That's why you're in a body cast and I'm bringing

Well, your daddy doesn't care too much for me
But he lets me visit, grudgingly
Of course, he doesn't know that we will marry
I'll sneak you out of this hospital bed,
Put a pot of flowers on your head
And wheel you out with all the towels that we can

And... then... we'll...

Floor it, we'll floor it!
We'll put the pedal to the metal and floor it
We'll cross that ol' state line
Making you legal just in time
To marry a guy like me
And we'll live happily
And one day you will learn
When your memory has returned
That you made a wonderful
Made a wonderful
Made a wonderful
Made a wonderful
Made a wonderful choice
In ME!
Gotta love a country song...
DC raw love Mar 2015
Another troubled word
Something new I heard

It hit me right between the eyes
and knocked me to the ground

With a blurred mind
and a troubled thought

dance what you dance
I will never give you a chance

I see the hurt in your eyes
yet, I will not be pacified
Tehreem Jun 2016
When you smile slowly

With half opened eyes

A heart skips new beats

Spellbound and arrested
For the eyes that hold the world.
Tehreem Jun 2016
When you smile slowly

With half opened eyes

A heart skips new beats

Spellbound and arrested
For the eyes that hold the world.
Ormond Jul 2012
Water nymph, you are the gentle wind 
Bursting the daisy, your eyes, are bells 
Of blue echinacea spiriting the light—
Echoing sound which water makes, ring
The laureled forest leaves in cathedrals
Newly sprung of pews, meadows, spark,
The dance of bees, who trace your honey
Scent in combs of ambrosia and sunshine.
The miraculous waters are floored under 
Your white, lily petals of feet, your nests
Of hair are embracing tendrils of the wild 
Grape, wine and sweet, long forgetfulness.
Maid of the wood, daughter to the moon;
Are you of Elysium or temptress of doom?
Tarryn Aug 2013
You're a leftist and a Marxist and a socialist and you're right

There ain't no politics for real justice in this all condemning strife

So when the cause goes to war
And you're floored by the flaws
As the totalitarians scoff the Trotskyists
With their insufferable prejudice you abhor
Stand firm to the fore
And demand something more
Cause their aint no justice in this life
Till we all answer to those silenced
By the ringing of that call
K Balachandran Jan 2012
lovely weeds, what abundance!
asking to fall in love.
with a smile, i curiously glance.
careful not to get floored.
Against too many writers of science fiction

Why did you lure us on like this,
Light-year on light-year, through the abyss,
Building (as though we cared for size!)
Empires that cover galaxies
If at the journey's end we find
The same old stuff we left behind,
Well-worn Tellurian stories of
Crooks, spies, conspirators, or love,
Whose setting might as well have been
The Bronx, Montmartre, or Bedinal Green?

Why should I leave this green-floored cell,
Roofed with blue air, in which we dwell,
Unless, outside its guarded gates,
Long, long desired, the Unearthly waits
Strangeness that moves us more than fear,
Beauty that stabs with tingling spear,
Or Wonder, laying on one's heart
That finger-tip at which we start
As if some thought too swift and shy
For reason's grasp had just gone by?
Tilly Jun 2013

layers of        
of timely geology

carve me well...  


such cannons

   an age of  

- floored-

            mouths of    




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