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September Roses Feb 2018
The flames they rise up inside of me
an inferno of words, all screaming
to be the first to break my outer shell
to be the first to break me
to make me let one slip,
to form a crack, running down my face
inviting people to pull it open.
and as curiosity consumes most,
that one inferno risen word
will be the end of me
Marla Apr 20
This flame grows higher
As the days march on,
It shan't ever tire
For it rages much too strong.
In my heart, yes, in my heart
The immortal heat yearns,
Bring thy kiss and start
A sensational sweet burn.
Poetria Jun 2015
She had waves of hair           
cascading down her back
And waves of thought
running through her brain
Waves of sweet melody     
dripping from her tongue
The waves were strong         
and couldn't be tamed
The aqueous flame                 
in her heart was the same
                      Her waves were of                             a fiery essence
And left them in need          
of her shallow and deep

For when they, the people, were in her presence
She was the only source of life they could see

Human beings are constantly in need of water
And she was water of the best purity

So how could they deny themselves
A taste of the natural salty sea?

A sea that was blissful, wild and free.
Ashleigh Black Jul 2014
Some women are lost in the fire
circling the flames without a care

But I want to be built from the fire
feeling the flames abrupt from my chest

And I need to have the passion of
the roaring waves of rouges and orange

And I can't live another day without the heat
from the love I have for the life I lead.
gabriela Dec 2013
when does the night become us?
at what moment is the soul raised to the sky?
death, say some
and some ask why

the stars are dead,
and because we watch them miles and miles from where they rest
we are still fascinated by
these flames that hang in shapes and forms that make up our night sky

but what if our night sky is really not made up of bones?
if the stars don’t dwell on our dead bodies or take pride in a corpse,
I would in fact believe that
the sky does make up your soul

I do believe your heart's the moon
and constellations map out your veins
so when they ask if our souls look down from above,
I'll say I'll ask when I see you again
Lynnia Jul 2018
We were dueling with sparks
Now we’re juggling fire
Flame still starves in the dark
Never beaten or tired
Doesn’t dim with age
It can’t be blown out
Still alive with rage
Feeding on your doubt
It doesn’t think
And it can’t feel
Driven to the brink
Craving its next meal
Anger scorches your soul
Many have learned
If you play with fire,
you’re bound to get burned.
Anger scorches you from the inside out and letting the blaze speak for you has its consequences.
Kay Reed Feb 2014
my eyes begged him to stay
even as his hands pushed me aside;
i chose to follow the advice of the more
physical threat.

the parts of his knuckles that were't red,
were white, and had little beads
of bright crimson blood
forming on them.

my lips still felt slightly swollen,
but so did my right temple and it was
throbbing hard enough to make me question
where exactly in your body a heartbeat came from.

the room was cold, even though it
was the middle of July and every window was open;
the sun couldn't seem to be able to thaw out
the ice that had frozen in his pupils.

the dandelions i had picked on the walk here
were scattered and flattened into the cracks
between the floorboards, their bright yellows
slowing darkening to a dull, **** brown.

and when the sun had set, the dusk brought on
the relentless demons that hid in the night
that we both feared yet continued to feed,
stretching our necks for them to sink their teeth into.

i thought maybe there was a softening to the
rock hard grimace of your face only to realize that
my eyes were playing tricks on me in the low,
flickering light of your lighter.

it was when you asked for the last cigarette in my pack
that the vinyl we had bought that afternoon
screeched to a halt and white static from those
second-hand speakers filled the room.

i stood, my knees less-than-stable and hands
far-too-shaky, and walked to the door.
i turned, expecting at the very least a salutation
only for you to blow smoke in my face.

i closed the door on the remnants of your french inhale.
yeah don't know what i was goin for or where this poem was headed
For so long I wanted to be water
An element that soothes and saves
For I was born of fire
Wild, destructive and difficult to tame

I tried to dull my flames
In order to gain some control
Though the spark deep inside me
Wanted freedom to console

The hatred I held inside
I couldn't accept my role
I wanted to be everything I wasn't
The ocean, the rain, the winter's cold

How can I run free
When all I'll ever do is destroy
The fire that burns in me
Is a passion I can no longer avoid

I finally embrace my element
As it is in my nature
I want to be free to be myself
I've never felt more sure

For so long I longed to be water
An element that subdues and relieves
But I was born of fire
With a warmth that burns so passionately

I am a candle that provides you light
I am the fire that warms you whole
I brighten your darkest night
I thaw the coldest hearts and souls
hypotheses Feb 2018
Your arctic blue eyes
Light my heart on fire
Your cold flames of ice
Burn me
Yet I only feel a slight chill
As my heart erupts into electric blue flames

Your frost-bound lips brush against mine
And my frostbitten heart
But freezes again as they leave
And forms a shell as hard as stone
And as cold as ice

Yet you leave me
Cold and unprotected
The turquoise embers still smoldering
Maybe I should fight ice with ice
But your hypnotizing gaze
Pierces into my soul and ignites it once more

The world bows to my will and power
But do you?
I am invincible from everything
But from your soul of ice
Your cold flames
And your arctic blue eyes
without friendship
we have nothing

no substrate sustainable
nest on fire fallout

we play with matches
kindling tilt hips
but these skins chill
so fast

in the absence
of underlying structure:

woodpyre pyramid ascent
pointing at blackdrop
where fractured lights
dance against

contorting shadowsong
upon crooked wings
September Roses Jul 2018
When the day comes
That my light leaves
And I go to descend
What ever will they do with me
All the way down there
Where fire pours like rain
Main population: pain
The one place
in the earth,
sure to drive you insane
I suppose they would start normally
With a burning stake
Or pitchfork
But what ever would they do,
When those things just dont work?
I suppose they'd try to drown me
In oil
Or flames
But when a smile
forms across face
They'll see
I like the pain
So this might go on for centuries
They'd try as well
To hurt my mind
But when all they find is numbness
I might get hired
Carter Ginter Apr 2013
Anger flows freely as the blood in my veins,
The only thing that remains constant in this life of mine.
But it hurts,
And it's a struggle every day.
When every emotion falls back into flames of anger,
Those standing on the side end up getting burned.
The ones I love,
The ones I'm supposed to care for unconditionally,
Only strangers when I lose control.
I have the will to fight on my own;
Letting people in never worked well anyways.
Not when the world is this corrupted.
Trust is for those who haven't been deceived,
Love is for those who can keep their cool
And living is for those who aren't already dead.
writerReader Mar 2015
our love is
slowly catching
aphotic blue Oct 2018
a flower with perfection blooming every night
with a sweet-scented smell but averse to light
she was a wicked flower on leaving a strange mark
withered in sun's rays but lived again in the dark

the wicked flower, loathed the sun's heat and gleam
everyday, her petal wilt and looses one as it seem
roaming in distinct grounds, digging up any mess
but the guilt of the providence gave an erroneous guess
her petals travelled and noticed the sun's heat
burning her in flames and crumble into sheet
the moon never came back, as the flower is dying
one by one her petals brawl and endure the vying
the flower wail in gloom, ignited by the blaze of the sun
she thought about hope but never come into one
she was the wicked flower, died because of the light
and never breathe again because of the fright
Cassia Lione Sep 18
You're a wonder and a dream
With that voice like silver ice
Searing fire along my back
Just like a dreamlike vice

You're so real and yet so false
And I dare not touch your face
As my wonder and my lover
Is too lost to be embraced

So here I sit with lonesome tune
Humming light with winter breath
Wishing I might see you soon
Clinging to the things you said
Wrapped in a winter sweater, looking to a lonely sky.
The night is ice but thoughts of you are brighter than any light.
I was the one
that came undone
At the very first signs of strife

I twisted
upon my cross
Praying for another chance at life

I tried and failed
then I wailed
please make me into another exemption

But the shadows cast
by the time
now have turned into perdition

So cast the sins
and the stems
Watch as they go up in smoke

I fan the flames
of burning ice
life is such a joke
A Aug 2018
Barley conscious
120 miles an hour
I got this
No threat deaths a promise
Popped another downer
Cherry to the top of this
Incredible really it's such bliss
Aim every shot you take but you still miss
Directly towards the flame
Addicted to the risk and all types of pain
Ending every night burning alive
Waking up just to spawn right back to life
Confused and cold lying right where you died
Living in hell like I feel completely fine
Impervious to the fire
Closer to that other side
Your definition of heaven is all **** a lie
See in hell you dont die cause
The dead can't see
For they have no ******* eyes
So sad and so broken
Feel tears but can't cry
Buried deep in the dirt
With a gravestone to define
All these corpses neatly lined
Keep trying to ******* see
But you're stuck blind
Still conscious in a small box
With super glue, bodys clogged
It's getting too hot
Every memory of your life becomes fogged
I'm dead in this coffin so why the **** its locked?
Living in the thought of my own mind
beneath earth buried in its back pocket
Hearing the rain fall but can't find it
Only capable of thinking
I can't stop this
Can't remember my life
So all these thoughts is nonsense
Moral of the story life is hell and its eternal
Heaven is the consequence
Cause your soul becomes immortal
Trapped in a lifeless body
At least in hell you're able to be somebody
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