Worlds apart
but I wish we could just restart
I miss you in my art
I miss you when you would fart
a smile always firmly planted on our faces
we would take each other to new places
higher elevations-sitting in your room making our own theories
learning each and every single one of our queries
ones that we have never told a soul
but now together they are ours to hold
opening up something so new and grand
seemingly enough we ran off to Neverland
looking down, always holding your hand
next to you I felt powerful
like I would never come down
but the dream faded up
when you left town
I woke up abruptly to the words you said to me
each one leaving searing pain
but who is really to blame
you say I did not give you enough
recovering still, I gave you what I had
I told you great things were coming
that I would have the strength soon
my heart was not happy or healed enough
to do anything
I was depressed
I was a mess
I definitely was not at my best
But non the less you loved me unlike the rest
I saw in your gorgeous brown eyes
that you loved me so much inside
I wanted so badly to give you everything inside of me
I saw you hurting immenesly
not only from me but your tough family
'with nothing to do I just coddled you intenesly
then my depression from no job reckoned me aggresively
leaving me with absolutely nothing
rock bottom
the thought of just giving up
running through my head
every nerve in my body pushing me towards the edge
instead the strength inside of me came free
my whole future was highlighted in front of me
slowly but surely I am unlocking the key
I just wish there was a future with you and me
but two broken girls
both thinking they could heal
sad enough
luck was tough
no one
but month after month
of trying to find someone to replace you
my mind refuses to erase you
but every kiss
every touch
every memory made
will not fade
the feelings that I still have for you
a fire that burns inside of me so strong
I wish that I could just move on
my heart goes at a mile a minute
just at the thought of you
my pulse runs fast
my legs shake
my whole chest tightens and almost breaks
this is a feeling I just cannot shake
I have never felt it before
And, No I am not quite sure
Written By Lauren Dolbow

— The End —