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Nat Lipstadt Oct 2015
be ever gentle to thy words
treat them, your tools, well,
cleansing and protecting,
wrapping them in cloths of chamois and moleskin
that they may be well conditioned and
pour forth with a temperament clear and viscous,
reflecting their high honors and a noble lineage,
they are well-intentioned to exist far longer
than your meager temporal life,
upon this ever hasty, ever perpetual, orbit

give them all respect, their fair due,
they are treasure immeasurable,
for which you have been granted guardianship,
custody received from others to be gifted onwards,
yours, but for the duration

so oft we trifle words,
expel them from the country of our body,
without passport and earnestness,
as if they were the cheapest of footnote filler,
day tourists, to be treated as leavings,
refuse for daily discardation,
barely noting their fast comings and faster disappearance,
but leaving not, a mark of distinction

more truffle than trifle,
find them in the dark forest of your life,
use them sparingly, just for soaring,
take them from the roots of your trees,
shave them with a paring knife,
counts them in bites and measure them in grams,
even in grains,
for words are the seasoning of our lives,
agent provacateurs that can modify the moment,
bringing out to the fore
the flavor of the underlying

speak them slow and distinct,
for they arrive slow to you,
a trickling of refugees for your sheltering,
harbor them as full companions,
protected by natural law,
provision them well,
prepared and ever ready for a quick departure,
moor them at the embarcadero,
for the next restless leg of endlessness,
which they themselves will inform you
will last longer than eternity,
long after there are no humans to speak them
Oct. 6, 2015
Manhattan Island
Poetry by MAN Feb 2014
My Darkness is what makes me
I embrace let it taste me
Down to the abyss
Death my favorite wish
Naturally a killer
Life is just a filler
I hold the cards what should I deal you
So dark feel me wicked
See a knife I want to twist it
****** or ******* either way I am gifted
You will never see me
You can even be me
My Darkness seeps into the scenery
Serial killer nah I'm much ill-er
My Darkness is primal I am a sealer of fate  
Death Note set the date
Allow me to demonstrate
Villain mastermind
What I am can't be defined
Dark so lovely go ahead try mug me
Eyes behold what's beautiful is ****
Call me a sinner I'm not a beginner
We can play a game there is no winner
So let My Darkness take you
Devour remake you
Heaven will never miss
The devil in my kiss...♏
Zoe Sue May 2014
If my words could bring you back
I'd tell the mirror that you've gone away to battle
My noble prince will return
(Though your best weapons were always cold words and cold shoulders)

I'd inscribe my name into the bindings of all your favorite books
As though some part me could find some part of you in them

I'd yell at every pillow
That couldn't manage to muffle my cries

Every song that sounded just too much like us

Every fairy tale that seemed mocked us in it's polarity
(Dear, I wish I could've spun us in gold)

Every picture we took
That now look too much like broken promises

I'd sweet talk the fridge
Into making me feel worthy of more comfort food
I guess
you always said you like them "thick"
After you told me I'd gotten rounder

I'd scribble ***** sick sorrys into the floorboards
Serenading the floors you walked
(I think they turned to water on your final gracing of them
Because now I'm falling through)

I'd tell the fractures in these walls that you were the best filler
The fractures in my chest the same

I'd speak of you in the highest regard
My bourgeoisie balance act
Always calling for a coup d'état

And maybe that's why when I see you
I'm so choked up
I gargle these words in my mouth
But they fall into a silent drone
And If my words could bring you back
I still don't know that I could say a thing
EBTI Jan 2018
I am my mothers daughter
I am no daughter to my father
That ship sailed a long time ago
Driven by my sister that I have right now
She is her mothers mother
She is the soul of all the lovers
She told you, you're a getter
And im a filler, so fill them up with poetry
Get a hold of them, she got a hold of me
“Can you see something?” She asked
No it's all fuzzy
My mom told me, they tried to conceal me
Tried to take a breath but, it's all fuzzy
So she's a killer!
Tried to run but guess what? She's a fast runner.
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
Our salvation taking
another high-life (Lip)
The middle-income lip
Our lips leaked
Being possessed the kiss
on empty

Humpty Dumpty sat
on her Lego lips
Singers the Talking Heads
Where are the feds to late
Those stolen lips
State of a wedding trips
Rainbow chalk the state was
on lip nightmare call
Being stalked (Lumber Jack)

The devil filler up poverty
The world being pulled
Push her lip up
                    > >

Arrowsmith bow and arrow
  Losing elasticity lips go
UPSTATE gravity

"What an under(state)meant"
"The press (God Bless)
    the golden child
     lips filling in
       the gaps
What!! no comment"

 So sad we need the happy
Irish lad too many
    Sugar Dads
lip recession deadlines to meet
The curveball
Another sip we joined the
Navy but eyeshadow deep-over
the edge gray
The Seal had an unusual tail
Her lips fast food drive smashed
Her Meal

The peace lips blew far away
"Medieval Swords heart lips
            will pay"
Times come and go its excruciating
Lips went too far always mating
Imitating people takes a whole village
Of pain

But the spiritual blessing rain
In Woodstock concerts
What perks to gain
The acid trip music we can
sip each other's lips

    Now if this wasn't passion
What a state got smeared
Like a crime scene
of fashion
Her lips could rise
Like the Millenium

Playing the jazz sax
Still the income tax

But the state in a crisis
of sales tax
Star a stage minimum wage
All the states we travel her lips
The water stays refreshing where
On her body, he really sees it on
her lips nowhere else

How many states can you
count on your finger
Long lip Ranger

The Victoria Secrets
The Tra la the bra's on the
Five-star Hilton Hotel

Holding onto her guns
Going right or to the left
Powerful lips he went
off the cliff

Getting Burned and
the State tax
You earned
The Swearing
Her lip talk so caringly
Can we move her lips to
another state more cautiously
How her hips look like
they will inflate

I am not a painting by
your candlelight fate
I felt like a tax right off
Taxi yellow race her lips
on the meter money bluff
I ended up in the state of
Tricks are ****
Like a lip magician

Kentucky home was barrels
of Bourbon
I never said I wanted a drink
my name is Robin

Going to Deleware
what hardware did anyone care
So humble like the bumblebee
She was way too soft as her software

Have gun we travel but have lips we rumble

We need courage this world of states
can be savage
Gold bonds of "Dynasty European"
top dollar vultures mean
funds that's a grand entrance

Now I see how these states
start to unravel
California here I come right
back where
my lips started from

Her upper society lip could use
Champagne and caviar
The star was getting fat a nice trim
Grumpy beard make it a
short tax cut with him
Text and tweets no lip sweets
Rocky Colorado mountain men

French lips played art
Like Van Gogh perfect 10
Scenic route crazed
So many states should
be sued overly sexed suites

In Alaska, she was on a freeze

All the money in the world she got New York Token

All I asked the waitress
for State fair pie
My lips could have
used *Sweet Peach * so
pucker up
Don't be a sucker
Alabama state trooper
in Kansas City

What a spell click of heels

Georgia is always on my mind
Is New York only a state of
Frank Sinatra singing mind
What a big foot in her mouth
Nancy Sinatra dark lips Goth
State boots softly made
for loving that's just
what lips do one of these
Days my lips are going to
gloss all over you
Who's the Boss
So fasten your lip belts
The spiritual state always does the cross

Bumpy ride (Bette Davis) Eyes
Taking a trip to the end of the
boot of Sicily vineyards
Whats mine Jailbirds
She cut her lip when she was
in (Connecticut Movie cut)
On the Mystic Seaport lips were
getting hot ****** fit

Like a state disease fire pit
State of a lip disaster
But the state couldn't
resist her
Ending up in Arizona
Something is swizzling
it's not Kevin Bacon

Make no mistake when you plan
a state trip you better have your
weapon ready
Mafia bullets Bonnie and Clyde
they rob *Banks money Lips
Stae of mind we are traveling again but our lips will be the walking the yellow pages old news Staes can rock up she has the Wizardly Oz shoes
Andrew Oct 2017
The rivers channel rain
The way I channel pain
I begin to see the futility
In denying pain's utility
Pain takes on a ****** nature
And becomes my intellectual savior

I shatter the mirror
And swallow the shards
The pain becomes clearer
So my ******* get hard
Glass fills my lungs
They're profusely bleeding
From words that stung
Being my daily greeting

***** shoots out from my gun
When I cut myself for fun
My hose starts spewing
Once vultures start chewing
It's the only way I can cope
When it's pain that gropes

I live in a world that mixes *** and violence
I live in a world that mixes *** and silence
Where the painkillers
Become the pain creators
And our life's filler
Is being pain traders

A bull has charged through my library for a decade
At this point every bovine movement cuts like a blade
He creates pain that lasts
When every day becomes my past

I had a dream
A sorcerer controlled my body
But he only wanted pieces of me
Bones started snapping out of my skin
Blood spurting everywhere
I awoke to ***** down there
I guess life isn't always fair
When I dream to avoid stares
The real pain comes when I care

When the privileged boycott
The impoverished boy's cot
He learns to ******* in the streets
And gains an appreciation for feet
Feet that trample
The pain is ample
When people powerfully push him away
So he decides to go against the grain
But there's no peace to be attained
And all he's left with is pain
Advent Feb 8
I feel like a sick lady waiting for well wishes from my sisses and mates. I’ve been a giver and a settler and in three weeks, I found myself hanging in between. And now here I am, in my sickbed crying for attention— living in this pocket-sized, time-filler, slick box for most of my days just prying on everybody else’s lives to check how incomparable it is to live a life less like mine.

Everyday at five, the sun sets, overshadowing the blue sky with soft transitions of reds and oranges. And just right before I knew it days, weeks have already gone by. I found myself with nothing but dull empathy and collective misery. I re-spiraled down to the mantle of my being until it hit me— attention is cheap, but intention is gold. And I have wasted so much time, so much time, chasing the idea of perfect romance from the most impossible people. It made me worry, too, on how bad I have been in making decisions just to curtly satisfy my longing for any human who can provide even the slightest damp on my cold skin.

I’m not trying to compose a self-help quotable narrative nor ****-**** essay about self-love. I have stripped off the idea of 1-2-3s, of healthy coping mechanisms, of capturing perfect moments from the most mediocre, mundane fragments of life during my trying times. These past few encounters have been merely playdates and guessing games where I’ve lost sight of innocence and sincerity, making it hard for me to differentiate temporariness with permanence. And knowing kindness with or without an agenda is like a cloud in my head. Therefore, throughout these years, the flowers I planted have slowly wilted under the shade of infinite uncertainties. I have lost the love I was willing to give, and I can’t help but think that romance is not for me. I’m tired of giving and losing; I have given up moving mountains and breaking walls just to find myself being stabbed for being too much. From this day on, I am going to be me, with me. A bloke. A woman—alone in a swarm of parasites and flock of birds. A strong, pragmatic, detached woman in this horrifying epic journey of self-salvation.

Emma Katka Dec 2018
can't help but feel a little bit like a failure
even though I know better
the struggle makes you humble
if it doesn't,
open your eyes wider
overwhelmingly inspired
with too little energy
I've lost the identity
of everything I am mourning
it's a melting *** of sickness
I want to feel less
I want to be more
I've been ****** for so long
that being sober feels like a high
my bad mood killer
my void filler
last night I took a drive around my home town
I drove past every house I've ever had memories in
sort of a crazy behavior
but I'm addicted to the nostalgia within each one
if only I could locate the time frame
in which I stopped being honest with myself
but knowing that won't change the past
starting over is terrifying
I just want something that lasts
longer than my attention span
I want attention and affection
from a real ******* man
who isn't afraid of me
but doesn't scare me either
I know my worth
I have to free her
I have to be her
I need a breather
pass a joint my way
lina S Jan 14
Like the emptiness of the dessert
That is my حالي

Questioning my decision like a
مدير مالي

And if I run from it, nothing will disappear
It fact it hunts me back like a جني

Getting used to it like its my profession
And I follow it let it domesticate me like دجن

And so I created my own سجن
ملل bored of myself
I look at you for لهو
Distract me like a filler
Botox me up till I انفجر
Fake it cause ill never make it
Blind sighted like سحر

Like the stinge in my cigarette
Like the stinge in my black coffee
Is the crave to be free

تحت جلدي
Is the truth that would punch
Hit, hurt
Get hurt and bleed
Cause from you I dont استفيد

Im leaving this earth lonely
And I dont even know me
Screaming for help
******* انبح صوتي
And everyone knows it lowkey ..

Till the last breath.

And this feeling
You will never undress
Vania Irene Nov 2018
let me tell you,
do not stay in a relationship
that makes you questioning your
worth, or a relationship
that feels like a big question mark.

you deserve someone who loves you
without looking back,
someone who does not make you
a second best or option,
someone who does not involve
you in the comparison game.

because you are not a void filler,
you are not a backup plan,
you are not a second choice.

let me tell you your worth
and what you deserve;
you are a galaxy with all its beauty,
you are all the best parts about art.
you deserve someone who is willing to give
the world to you.
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
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Latin America, and especially grammar, George
George Wade, Director, CIA - Laura's good father,
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Australia 2100 Signature, George Washington,
South Africa, black, Indian, American artist,
American music, or green Kobe, Wade Kennedy,
Chip, Michael, and Italian director. No conference
conflicts. In Canada, the Riad Mark Douglas arch
"in the White House," a teacher in the gymnasium
of Iran's bid included Natural, Natural 200.Kenya
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rose red, green, green, green, green, 100 on behalf
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Digontas. United States of America, Canada, and the
light Wade, George, George, George, California
at war with Veganism, Jennifer Lawrence, Geometry,
American, American Muzakini, 21, 00 founder,
George Washington. South Africa: Black Broadcasting,
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as a big problem. Thomas M. Douglas Radley
"Salvicus acid" silicon material made
of "red, sea green cotton instrument
with a" high school students to the fullest.
The United States, Latin America
and grammar, George George Wade,
Georgia Director, CIA Laura's good
father and my bride US 200.200 Fellowship
Hall. Tom and three representatives
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Radzą. US, the United States and the waste
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visibility, Georgia, California, firefighters,
predators and antivirus applications.
American Music, USA, Australia 2100
Signature Maps, George Washington,
South Africa, black, Indian, American artist,
american music is green Kobe, Wade Kennedy,
Chip, and Michael, seen as Italian
Johnny Noiπ Jan 17
Viva's Saber (in Spanish: L Awaller)                                                   [1...]
In 1798,                                                 the Spanish artist Francisco Goya
drowned in a canal.                             Today it takes place in the Lazaros
Museum in Galadiano, Madrid.
It was purchased in 1798 with five other paintings
relating to the wise duke and Osvan. [2...]   ||      Viva Sabers (Spanish: L Awaller) [1 ...]
                                                 In 1798, the Spanish artist Francisco Goya.
                            Drowned in a channel that today takes place in Lazaros.
Galadiano Museum, Madrid.
It was bought in 1798 with five other paintings.
Connected to duo knowingly and with Osvan. [2 ...]
Due to the capture of secret images,                the duchess was responsible
                     only      for the duchess, but she did not know
                    if it was finished or not.
[2b] In the twentieth century, painting.
It was bought by businessman José Lázaro Galdiano,
And his death was transferred to the state of Spain.
On Saturday there is a handwritten light.
Like a goat captured during the baroque desert period,
With a blanket of boys and magicians.
The goats have large horns and are decorated with oak leaves.
The old salesman had a baby in his hand.
Satan seems to be working
as a priest at the opening ceremony of the child,
although sometimes the belief in superstition
It is often the whip,                     and the vessels of the people who feed on it.
                       You can see two guys cheating.
One on the left,                                 the other on the crown facing the center.
                                      Established office clothes picked up a touch of earth,
Satan was a cassock. [2, 5]                                         Therefore, beards [2. 6];
                 The silhouettes act like poverty and the body cavity of the mouth, keep applauding and applauding. It's a medium
As you can see,                              and with respect to Moloch's abomination,
                            dirt without form at the same time
The Canaanites, to have a Kircher illuminated 1652.
[In 27 schools]                        Before the court stayed too often as a woman,
especially if they derive from Cowin Woonderfull.
[28] The other form of terror brought arcs;
                        His head had to be watched
          while the patient breathed with fear.
There are women in the history of art,                writes Brian McQuade,
"subgroup of men gathered
and this is mainly due to wild idiopathic stars. "
[29] of his absolute power that women compare.
                                 with King Carl Jung, in 1815, near the Philippines;
There are many specific chauvinist influences,
fear of power [3] and women, young and old,
And similar characteristics, but the rope and the nerves at work are ...
in the atmosphere of Perkins' tone,
I created Luis Vives during the fourth Gomarrah,
Ribera and Jusepe; It is this fact, however,
who are using changes from each one of you,
And in the dark, he was an admirer.
From the chiaroscuro of Caravaggio.
Chamber Orchestra; and the steps,
that are used in obedience still known
for the things that were given to him,
And the same sources,                   as well as Rembrandt.    
[30]                   the devil in the form of a goat,
Surrounded by the flock of the crescent moon.
From the prey of the Covina pig,                          it illuminated Món Barril.
he conquered the crown of oak leaves and goat horns,
You will have a wide range of closed transactions,
It must be picked up in the child's hand.
Near the body, the children are dead.
when a bird was flying over the night of the head.    Substrate with seven arc
                       waves 1789 -
Goy images of witchcraft,                                 they saw the fear of a robbery,
Political gain and half of age of the people.                                           [31 ...]
                                 An old woman sitting to the right of the goat;       I'll see
Nobody hides his face,
And half of the white man is the copy.
Of the hooded head and habit habit.
I sat to the right of the bottles and the axis region.
   If Judge Robert Hughes is wonderful,
"And witchcraft and the filters of evil".
[32] With all the eyes of the characters.
They are full of white paint [33] in which the two main figures -.
The goat and the extreme right in recession.
The woman was separated from the group,
      You can hear what is happening at Covina's request.
[32] These two kings, and probable lover, good maiden.
Perky in his industry, Leocadia Weiss [2 ../ 5],
The image appears throughout the fill in the same series.
                                                                ­   [33]

It is less than the black passenger.
Solve the problems of Perkins,    painted in blue, brown,
gray, serious and serious blows.                  Sometimes they went to the place
                                        where they were staying, where the dark black was.
           Of course, they are in the form of a girl,
This is the pain, given the feelings of the devil.
Like other works in the series,
take a week after work,
net shots [34]                     The thickness of the black carbon chalk is applied
                                                    to the underground wash with a white pencil
    Because of the capture of secret images,                                    the duchess
                 was responsible for the Duchess,
but she did not know whether it was finished or unfinished.
[2b]                                     In the 20th century, the painting
was bought by businessman José Lazaro Galdiano,
and his death was transferred to the state of Spain.
On Saturday, handwritten light appears
as a goat captured during the baroque period of the desert,
with a blanket of young boys and old wizards.
Goats have large horns and are decorated with oak leaves. |
The old seller had a baby in his hand. ||
Satan seems to work as a priest during the child's opening ceremony, although sometimes belief in superstition
is often the whip and goggles of people who feed.
You can see two guys cheating.
One on the left, the other on the crown in the center in front.
Wear clerical established picked up a mound of earth,
Satan was an cassock. [2, 5] Hence, the beards             [2. 6];
       Silhouettes act like poverty and body cavity of the mouth,
and a heavy, described clapping.                              It is a form,
as can be seen, and as for Molech the abomination,
of the filthiness out of shape at the same time
the Canaanites,                                  to have a 1652
                                                    Kircher are enlightened;
                                           [He holds 27 school positions]
before the court sat around too often as women,
especially if they derive from Cowin                                      Woonderfull.
[28]          The other form of terror carried bows;
his head to observe as the patient inhales in awe.
There are ladies of art history,                                 writes Brian McQuade,
                                    "sub-group of men gathered
and which is due mainly to the wild, idiotic stars."
[29] of its absolute power that women compare
with King Carl Jung, in 1815,
near the Philippines;
|   there are many specific charisma's influence,
power fear. [3] and women, young and old mix,
and similar features,                             but the job's sad cord and nerves are...
                      in the atmosphere of Perkins' tone,
used to create Luis' Vivas in the fourth Gomarrah,
   Ribera, and Jusepe; it is this fact, however,
that the use as of the changes of all of thee,
and in the darkness was an admirer
of de Caravaggio as chiaroscuro.
Chamber Orchestra;                                                       ­    and the steps,
which are used in yet learned obedience
                                            by the things which were delivered to him,
and out of the same sources, as well as Rembrandt.                        [30...]
the devil in the form of a goat,
surrounded by the rising moon flock
of loathsome Covina carrying,                              illuminated World barren.
conquered the crown of oak leaves and goat horns,
has a wide range. it will be a closed transactions &
should be taken up in a child's hand ordained inside.
Located near the body, some children died
when a bird flying over head night.                        Seven bow wave substrate
                                                          1789 -
Goy images of witchcraft,                       who saw fears of a robbery,
and half of people's ages political gain.                                       [31 ...]
An old woman sitting to the right of the goat; see.
There is no one hiding the face thereof,
                                           and the half of the white man is the copy
of his hooded head, and of wearing of the habit of.
He sits on the right of the bottles and the shaft region.
If Judge Robert Hughes is wonderful,
                                           "and witchcraft and philtres diabolical".
[32] With all the eyes of the figures
are lined with white paint [33]
in which the two major figures -.
The female goat,                       and the far right - in a recession.
The woman was separated from the group,
one can hear what is going on in demand Covina.                  [32] These two kings,                                          and probable lover happy maid
Perky in her industry Leocadia Weiss [25+],
whose image appears on the length of filler in the same series.              [33]

                                      ­               That is less than the black sooted passenger
solving problems Perkins, painted in colors of blue,            brown, gray, wide serious blow. At times,                                    they went into the place & left,
                                                                ­            where there is the dark black,
it is clear that they are in the form                                        of a girl,
this is grief given the feelings of the devil.
                    Like other works in the series,
carrying a week after he worked,
slashing strokes. [34]           The thickness of the plaster carbon
black paint applied to the field underlain wash
with a white pencil, color,                                                crystal glass of red
                      and blue in Dortmundi
crushed iron oxides,                               Orphic ointment, cover.        [35 ...]  
     It is not necessarily material is mixed. [23] Technical analysis indicates
                                                                ­ that the majority of Black Art began
with preparatory drawings.               This page was the exception last week
of the composition of the waves does not think
that there is no reverence,        portrayed    in stone.      muzki of the brand
seems to have critic Carl, Mark Licht
«clumsy, bulky and slow, 'it is not enough in comparison
with what went before the end of the work.
                What a thought of how much is a scam,
and they were unable to believe, being vainly Lit
          by their own feelings in the body,
the introduction of a human is doubtful.                                               [36]
The only thing for the series of the week, and the sagas have not changed significantly from the original work Perkins.                                       [34]
Function fantasy wizards, many characters.
The goat runs to the left of the child,                                             not the left,
and the moon stands in front of the canvas
in the upper left corner.                            [5]         In the middle of high land,
many brave warriors can see the speed
of moving backwards along the curves of Chris S. Chandler.

        When the religious clergyman puts an end to the monk,
he brings out a pile of earth that the devil can eat.
[25] Thus,                               the silhouette of a beard                               [26]
                                               works like poverty,
the body cavity, the ****,    the palms
and the palms.           It is a form, as you can see,
and Moloch has put the filth of dirt in the figure,
while the Canaanites,                                  to get illuminated 1652, Kircher.
                   [It took 27 seconds
                                                   before the courts became known as women,
especially if they came from Quinn and Wunderful.                               [28]
               The other form of terrorism takes its head
                                                   to control the patient's inhalation and terror.
There are women in the history of art,
he writes that Brian McQuaid is "a subset of people gathered,
mainly because of silence, because of the stars".              [29]
His absolute power is compared to that of women
with King Carl 1815, near the Philippines;                There are many effects of specific charisms, of fears of power. [3]
Women,                                           a mixture of young and old traits, similar,
                       but the task is nerves and rope. n    
                       The tone Perkins used to create Louis IV's Lives to the fourth
                 Gomorrah,                                                        ­     Riviera and Rio;
Jusepe. Saint-Tropez is a coastal town
on the French Riviera, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region
of southeastern France. Long popular with artists,
the town attracted the international
"jet set" in the 1960s, and remains known
for its beaches and nightlife. The cobblestone paved
La Ponche quarter recalls its past as a fishing village,
although yachts now outnumber fishing boats
in the Vieux Port (Old Port).           However, this is that the use of change
                                                    in everything,
and in the dark,                                                 was admired by Caravaggio
as a true one. Chamber Orchestra;
           the steps used in obedience
that have been won so far by the things
that have been given to him
and by the same sources,                     as well as by Rembrandt.
[30]                                          The devil, in the shape of a goat,
                         surrounded by the high moon of litigious cattle,
illuminates the arid world.                        The crown of crowns
ed oak leaves and goat horns have a wide range.
               The operations that will be carried out
in the hand of the child specified at home will be closed.
Located near the body,                       some children died
when a bird flew during the night.
Seven Substrate Rainbows,        1789 Joey,
magical images that have seen the fear of theft,        half gain political gains.
                                                                ­              [3, 1...]
An old woman standing to the right of the goats; watch.
Nobody hides his face,                   half of the white man is a shadow version,
usually hard.
It is located on the right side of the bottles
and the axis area.                                   If Judge Robert Hughes is wonderful
"and a witch and a demon".
With all eyes, the numbers
   fill with white paint [33] -
where the two main characters -.
The goat and the woman from the far right -
in a recession.          The women separated
from the group, you can hear what happens
with Covina's request. (32)                            These two kings, likely lovers and the complete maids of Perkins Leocadia Weiss,
[25] the image appears throughout the series.  [33]

This is less of a problem to solve
the Black,                                              Black Perkins problem of silkworms,
painted in blue, white, gray,                                and once serious and severe.
Sometimes they went to the left where the darkness is dark,
of course under this form is the sadness,
                                 taking into account the feelings of the devil.
Like other works in the series, it takes a week after working, cut.          
                                                  ­                                            [34 ...]
The thickness of the black carbon ice layer
is applied in the field below the surface by a white feather,
a color and a red and blue glass crystal
in iron oxides to the floor of Dortmund. [35]
The required material is not mixed. [23] Technical analysis shows that most of the black arts began with preparatory drawings.
                          This page was last week
except for the composition of the waves,           I do not think there is respect
                        for aesthetic photography.
The photo of the brand seems to be Karl's critic, Mark Licht,
"unfortunate, huge and slow",
it is not enough to compare it before the end of the work.
What he thinks about the amount of scam, he could not believe,
                      being unnecessary to his own feelings in the body,
the human introduction is questionable.                    [36]
The only one that has changed for the series of the week
                      or the epic of Perkins' original work. [3. 4]
Xallan Dec 2018
Poetry is a food, a fueler, a filler
Of that emptiness we hope to resolve
Words are a chemistry, a balance, an equation
For nutrition of our nonexisting soul
Words- we take, we bake, we fill
Ourselves too full, we are gluttons
Sticky letters dissolve to
Nonsense,  and hang off our tongue,
Always dripping, never falling
I began this movement, this culinary labratory
Where we mix chemicals together to
Create two-dimensional poisons of ecstacy
Lost in our minds, on our lips, savoring
Every drop-
Joanna Oct 2018
Two letters. One syllable. Packing more punch than an insect striking a windshield. At least in that scenario, the pain is momentary, release is instant.

But you. You said that simple word and the emptiness in the silence that followed was anything but. Because what it truly meant was disappointment. Confusion. Regret.

“I wish I would have known”
That’s why I was telling you now. Shouldn’t that have accounted for something? Shouldn’t you have seen it was hard for me to tell you that.

Falling asleep.
I wanted to cry. I wanted to know what was going on inside of your head because **** me, I liked you now and then that happened and now I felt uneasy of myself. Of my worth. All of it through the lens of you.

I feel like something is wrong but I don’t know what. Did I do something, or is it because of what I didn’t do? Just speak your truth to me.

“Sleep well”
With an emoji. Does that equate emotion? Or is it a filler for words you don’t know how to say, feelings you can’t convey, the way you’ll break my heart eventually but for now I should ‘sleep well’, sleep well.

Well it’s hard to sleep when the person you care about is the one keeping you awake at night. Do you even still care.

“Sweet dreams”
I say. But what I really mean is I miss you. Do you miss me? I miss your touch, your laugh, the way you slightly smile when you pull back from kissing me, the way you looked at me as you hovered above: that look of genuine desire. Was it all just physical?

Only time will tell. But in the meantime I hate the social constructs that tell me to play this game, to wait it out? To not look clingy? To not want someone. I hate it. But that’s the rules of the game.

So. Your move.
© Joanna Mrsich. All rights reserved
Dredd Dec 2018
are you actually laughing?
did you fall of your seat because it was that funny?

or was it just a silent filler,
filling those awkward pauses just so you can start another conversation.

was it just an automatic response that doesn't have real meaning?
did it make you LOL
or ROFL?

i didn't think so.
it wasn't that funny.


— The End —