Styles Jan 2017
Your body speaks a language
I yearn to learn, so we can speak
To each other, in ways that make you weak
Styles Dec 2015
Throws of pleasure,
buried under a sea of passion.
writhing under skin;
swells of flesh,
peak out,
swollen with desire.
Thirsty for heat,
Desperate measures.
Sticky limbs,
drenched with pleasures.
of two devious minds,
wearing nothing but a smile,
two bodies collide and form one figure.
Mercury Chap Jun 2015
Figures of black and white
Walk around in the street
Half black, half white,
They all bow and greet.

Inside some are complete
Shade of black
Inside some are complete
Shade of white.

Only if I could look into their eyes
Only if I could know who they really are
Only if I knew they were like smoke of a cigar,
White from outside and black from inside.

Is there some way to know
If they are truly sincere?
If they are more white than black?
If being more white is rare?

Figures of black and white
They may deceive you in the shade
Figures of black and white
In the darkness they completely fade.
Figure of Black means a black heart or to elaborate more, the bad the people in the society.
Figure of White mean a white a heart or the good people.
It simply means that I am confused if people are more good hearted or not. Then my confusion ends at the end.
ryn Nov 2014
If only we were figures...
Accentuated in the night sky.
Starlit effigies bound by cosmic tethers...
Secrets of the universe many would attempt to pry.

If only we were figures...
Painted on pored upon canvas.
Fantastic renditions by masterful painters,
Abstract oil swirls dancing to a whimsical opus.

If only we were figures...
Given life in the lyrics in a song.
An example of harmony in verse,
Bridge and chorus...where we belong.

But we are only figures...*
Trampled on by indifferent feet that came to mock.
We can't undo such a potent curse...
We are but grounded figures outlined in chalk.
Cassidy Shoop Apr 2015
I expected my first night at a college
to be like in the movies,
and to an extent it was.
Walking down streets on wet asphalt,
halloween night without a raincoat.
Half of my expectations
must have been coated
in a thick fog,
surprising me with consistent images
of you.
We snuck into the bathroom
of an unfamiliar apartment
just to manage one last kiss
before we sobered up.

The costumes would come off
and we would go back to pretending
you were just a friend.
I had as lief be embraced by the portier of the hotel
As to get no more from the moonlight
Than your moist hand.

Be the voice of the night and Florida in my ear.
Use dasky words and dusky images.
Darken your speech.

Speak, even, as if I did not hear you speaking,
But spoke for you perfectly in my thoughts,
Conceiving words,

As the night conceives the sea-sound in silence,
And out of the droning sibilants makes
A serenade.

Say, puerile, that the buzzards crouch on the ridge-pole
and sleep with one eye watching the stars fall
Beyond Key West.

Say that the palms are clear in the total blue.
Are clear and are obscure; that it is night;
That the moon shines.
Justin Griego Nov 2011
Sitting at the library with blank paper and pen
I was bored so I began to draw a stick figure man
His head was round and his legs were long
He wore a hat and he whistled a song
And in his hand I began to draw another
and decided this hand belonged to his lover
Who was pretty and tall and stick-figure thin
and the stick man knew that she belong with him
So they went for a walk along a lovely beach
And I drew a sand castle just out of reach
With the setting sun in the distance so bright
I drew a bonfire and some marshmallows for the night
A dog, a plane, some friends and some food
Then I stepped back to look at what I drew

I smiled, and with a thought the smile was gone
Something was missing, something was wrong
So I stared and I thought, and I stared so long
Until I realized what had been missing all along
And with a smile I wrote your name by her face
Then I crumpled up the paper and threw it in the waste
Another Insomniac Poem
Tatiana Oct 2012
The darkness masks ideas
Your perception is not
what it can be.
Everything’s gloomy
But yet we strain,
Our eyes to see.
Every dark figure,
That reaches out
With unsteady hands.
To steady our
In this dimly lit world,
We believe,
That these figures,
Are not what they seem.
Morrey Feb 2011
Ash like snow covered the town
a black and white feeling..
with a chrome look
and gray colored gesture
she sat and stare..
A dozen hourglass in sight
and a pocketwatch she held tight
along with her blank look
and pallid face,
she murmured; 'you're late'
with the most absent-minded tone
she could make..
Am I late? I asked myself quietly
Yes you are, yes you are, she replied,
A voice as smooth as it's dreamy
defies her silly looking eyes towards me
Where am I?, I asked her
She answered, You're stuck on reverse as you can see..
She asked for the hourglass that I hold so tight
I gave it to her, confused, not thinking if it's right..
I shouted wait, can I take it back?
She looked at me, well then, would you like to redo your life?
A quiet nod that means yes,
You're one odd fellow I guess..
As she turned it over once again,
sands of time free flowing
Embrace life, open your eyes
this is one great morning..
copyright Morrey 02-24-11
Pen Lux Apr 2012
balancing punches against my waist line
with creatures and cancers that got
close enough to figure me out.
fingers nestled and danced with a thin boys spine
they spooned honesty
through quick teeth with
impossible intentions.
never planning but learning lessons.
planting gardens around
a king on his throne
soft as sand
who gets thrown
off by the sweetness
that floods through his veins
when a tender lipped tulip
breaks and bends in front of his eyes.
wilting in water
and falling on pine, a look from a mother
and they're dead right on time.
grasping fortunes for reference
as to cause birthed through preference.
fouled by income, the souls follow in some
and the door is unlocked like in a waiting room
but no one ever dared to get up and walk out.
Caroline E Dec 2015
It's a shame falling for the
wrong people
thinking they were the
right ones.
Brandon Brazel Aug 2015
You said you'd be there
You said that you loved me
You said you would never hit me
But then you pulled off the mask.
I feel many of you can relate, this ones for all of you who put up and deal with this. You shouldn't, but remember you're stronger than he'll ever be.
Scarlet Keiller Apr 2015
I am a flower, while you are a garden.
I am a cloud, while you are the sky.
I hold you closer as you run away,
As I am hello, and you are goodbye.
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