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Spenser Bennett May 2016
I've never seen the sun set
Over Calumet
Sound out the golden Lake
I gave you my best

I've lost my share of old friends
To death and debts
He gives but he can't take
Know that this knows no ends

Come down from your cloud
We can talk this out

Come down from your cloud
We can make it out now

I've felt the Sun's rising heat
Alone in St. Pete
Drown my flickering beat in white sand
Gave it up to sleep

I've found myself in loneliness
And dying less
The glistening glass couldn't sting my hand
And I'm feeling less than feeling blessed

Come down from your cloud
We can talk this out

We can make it out
A feeble attempt at lyrics, please feel free to criticize and deconstruct.
Rex Verum Regem Jul 2018
Do you know what makes us great!?
Do you know the delphian feeling!?

I have walked on the sun and slept on the moon
Letting out my own flares
Creating my own current

We have been burnt and suffocated
Leaving ash in our wake
Multitude, overflowing; adrift, washing away

Do you know what makes us great!?
The ability the see the lights potential and make it shine seen through all the sky’s as a dying star
We are capable
Yet we long for more

Do you know the delphian feeling!?
Our ability to achieve and go beyond, encouraging greed, deception, betrayal
The Light!!
A two headed sword
Cementing history
Creating mystery
Certify Victory

The light beautiful and bright
Yet dark and mysterious.

Rex Verum Regem
Daniela Dec 2018
I stare at my blank notebook trying to put down the things my heart feels, only to realize I can't. This sadness,disappointment.. where and how do I begin?

My best moments were with you,always. How I wish we were there again. The flashbacks come and go like fireworks in the night. Ones when I was in your car looking up at the sky to look at birds. The one of us in the darkness of the night looking at the sea and stars...

To think I loved you for everything you were;for everything you are...
I became you in those days. I absorbed you like the rays from the sun. I lost myself to you,to be everything you needed. I was your shadow.
And like the shadow I stayed behind.

But seeing you slowly back away from me broke my heart to pieces. All the while I told myself I was okay, that I knew all along.
That it was too good to be true.
Frustrated I cursed at the wind and hoped that you somehow heard me. That you would feel what I feel. That you knew what true love looked like.

I see it clearly that you never deserved me.
Never loved me.
Never saw the real me.
You will NEVER see the adoration I had for you. And how I would've gave you the world on a platter in exchange for your sincerest love and affection.
And now you will not see nor hear from me again. Exactly like the way it was in the beginning.
Jen Mar 22
Words on my skin
Tightening of my throat
The words you shouted
And the things you spoke
Through your lens I’m
An object
But I am a woman
Not to be used
Or abused
I shed your words everyday
I wash them away
I am not yours to be looked at
Or yours to be swayed
So take the words you have
strangled me with
And wrap them around your own throat
Till you suffocate
Sirrah, so told the Two Modern Bards knew
Jack's Union does Proud for people relate
I thought I dressed a-tunney; For in Review
This Show of Efforts which make your Art Great
They are called SONGS: Honours to their Gospel
With some Promotion they must get to Ascend
The Theme was Clear; And for Manager's Hassle
Defers deaf Youth to listen and Conscend
Grateful for the Samples. Such were eaten
By my Pod's silent but crow-cockneyed Mouth
They left me at Home; Much was Forgiven
To have me Dance quite rarely in the South.
Fie, this Average Feedback does Persist
Nothing else can Repel what I Insist.
Benjamin Rain Aug 2013
Evil monarch, that huge tadpole.
No reason to rush it all.
Cowardice, procrastination.
Your feedback is nothing more—

—Than negativity and more barriers
With more obstructions, how to fall?

Beta thinker beta person,
Pleasing people is your call
No greater malice than silence
Crippling people, you adore

Negligence is your perfection. To obfuscate, illumination.
But with hopeful consolation, we write in quiet desperation.

For the God that troubles mankind. And these tyrant, hinder growth.
They have killed our brilliant mindset.
I hope my poem--
I hope my poem kills them all.
ryn Jan 2015
. a fragile little thing,
     that most tend to overlook.
     Small word with a **** big meaning.
     Some may uphold it; some may
     conveniently have it mistook...

Trust... in the grasp of the unknown
     that helps you up when you've fallen

Trust... the pact between you and the cab
     as he takes you to where you want to
     be, across town.

     ...the bough on which your swing does
     Pray that it doesn't break as you enjoy
     its joyous ride.

     ...your cook, hoping in your food he
     doesn't spit...
     Especially when you've provided
     feedback that scuffed his pride.

     ...lays exposed when the keys to your
     house you surrender,
     to your neighbour who'd keep an eye
     while you're away on a retreat.

     ...exists latent in the open palm of your
     As a child you'd take his hand so he'd
     ferry you safely across the street.

Trust... the unspoken oath that I had thought
     we both held sacred...
     When I spilled the contents, my heart
     couldn't bear much longer.

     ...meant nothing when you took it all for
     when you weakened and succumbed...
     ...and then shared with another...
KiraLili Oct 2016
She speaks
with her body
and it’s so
to see her
curves and
instincts in conversation
those automatic
pulsing movements
responding to
caressing dialogue
goosebump murmurs
felt under my hand
triggered by
physical pleasure
******* heave and expound
clenched fists pontificate
while I respond to
the most rewarding
and tell tale
loud screaming arches
as she wriggles
her lower half
and her thighs
Just before
Her whole body yells
Bedroom Conversations
I'm afraid to write about you.
In the event that you're gone,
you will have been made immortal
within the ink of these pages.

I'm afraid to write about you,
and the way you can caress my
body with your ocean eyes,
sending endless waves through me.

I'm afraid to write about the way
you breathe when you sleep, like
a metronome lullaby, keeping
perfect time with my own breath.

I'm afraid if I were to write about you,
that I'd never be able to rid myself
of your touch, even if I hadn't felt it
but in the dreams that'd haunt me.

Anyone who reads my work will
know you, nameless nonetheless.
I'm afraid to write about you,
but look what I've done.
Don't fall for any
fantasy you have of me.
I am real and I
am dressed in imperfection.
I hope you won't feel let down.
Jen Mar 21
And if I love I do completely
And if I hurt I do alone
And if you ask I’ll say I’m fine
And I’ll wonder if that was a mistake
But you can’t carry the contents of my heart
Without folding yourself
And that’s just the nature of your gravity
That makes it so hard to trust you completely
So I wait for the day
Where I can give my sorrows to someone strong enough to carry them
And they’ll know what to do with me.
Somehow I already know
how it ends,
even before it begins.
Call it some type of

But you were unexpected;
you weren't part of the plan.

I chased you from the
comfort of the only path I knew,
and now all that I know
is how lost I'd be
without you.
Tommy Randell Jun 2017
Reap where you soar you Eagles of Invention,
Music for the hunting and freedom for the soul.
Harvest the harmonies from the octaves of contention,
In the rhythm of words sing the stories untold.

Stand centre-stage unstoppable and uncowed,
Timeout the feedback on the Nemesis delay,
Ride out the thermals to smash through the sound-cloud,
A quasar of energy on a glorious crusade.

Live out your hunger, ride the reverb tsunami,
Surf down the back-line stoked on the juice.
The end is in sight, locked into the pipeline,
One wing in the water, one claw hanging loose.

Amp yourself up for the avalanche party
Such concepts of grandeur will never grow old
Dry Ice and lasers boost the glare up to ninety
Music for the hunting and freedom for the soul

And the dragon is with us our karma unleashed
We watch it catch fire it's plumage alive
In a beautiful frenzy see it rise like a Phoenix
No Angel and no Demon but the Beast that was prophesied!
A myriad of memories bunched into one - HAWKWIND from the 70's to NOW are a force of Nature and ROCKnROLL.
I wanted to be a city,
decorated in winking lights
and lively seas of people.

I wanted to be a home,
warmed by the sunlight,
alive as the garden out back.

Today, I am neither of these.
I am nothing but a vacant
chassis of progression,

where every day a piece
of me builds and then crumbles.
I am content with this.
MoonBunny Aug 2018
As spring came through the flowers spoke of you,
I didn’t know what to do,
Listen to them or run,
For I am afraid,

The rain might take them away as winter comes through,
Like you chose a way and left,
But it’s okay,
For the sea still holds the sun’s reflection,

And I will keep holding onto your heart.
On this Earth, there are
millions of people that
walk these moonlit streets.
And nothing compares to the
favor the moon has for you.
You're so magical, and the moon is envious.
I love the sight of
flower petals on creased sheets;
they remind me of
how you'd undress and expose
my bare skin to the spring sun.
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