whatisthisplanet Mar 2016
the sailors called the sirens beautiful
they wept, tearing out their hair
and tossed it in to the ocean
turning into sea weeds.

the sailors called the sirens beautiful
who hid themselves in caves, till they passed
their skin growing pale and lifeless
till feathers emerged from their hands.

the sailors called the sirens beautiful
who mutilated their legs
and scarred their feet
so they would no longer be human.

the sailors called the sirens beautiful
the creatures wailed as loud as they could,
screeching noises, ringing
sounded only like bells to men.

the sailors called the sirens beautiful
they didn't see beauty or sin
walking vessels
and a prize to win.
I lost my original draft for this poem and had to rewrite it from my memory. Not the exact one I wanted.
Peter J Jul 12
There's nothing left of that night,
but the sound of my fingers
that runs down your pictured face.

And if you were to say I touched you,
then the bait is surely drowned
for the excuse I use is rarely legal.

And before your mothers shawl
I looked through a window for a shrouded man founding only good and praise with certainty.

But where your long legged flesh
stood alone at the door of my home,
where my long heavy hearts breath inhaled
just as a slow heave of sea bares it's chest.
I rose up just as a storm that vents its claws
to rage upon your fair pale young skin,
skin adorned with the feathers of a small bird
that lit up my eyes and heart for this was my thirst.

There is nothing left of that night.
The drift has all but disappeared
before I could be pitied as he that fell twice.

And if you were to say I touched you,
on my mortality and bleached white bones
I'd say I was rich in my rudeness
to those who would listen.
#a long long story and I fear it will never be finished
#re-wite #3
In the beginning

I the beginning was the word
Floating silently over water
Unspoken and unheard.
Wind started to move
Forced word down to touch water.
She was immersed, submerged,
Began sinking, absorbed water,
Became pregnant and gave birth
To thought. He struggled to breathe
Swam to the surface, looked
For earth. To his relief, he found
A beach, grew limbs, started to walk.
Grew feathers, started to fly.
Developed eyes, saw fire in the sky.
He grew hungry, consumed
All he saw until his belly heavy,
Sore, split open and snake-like
Sentences emerged, writhing
With verbs. They slithered
Off over land, back into sea,
Swallowed what was left of word,
Gnawed back into thought,
Multiplied and fought,
Developed forked tongues,
Spoke sibilantly, encircled all.

This then is how paradise began
And we inherited the universe.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 16-7-2018
7 18 2018

Iam just a fading leaf
Fallen from the branch
One part of the tree of life
A dead end. Becoming sand

No future to hold or be held
No warm embrace. To be felt
While others run away. Hand in hand
I remain. A lonely man

Laughing smiling at myself
A cold sad face in the mirror. Oh well
Why look to see what others see
If not a single face. Ever spoke to me

Love is complicated. Time in life
Its short lived
Waiting. Waiting. Forever
But no flowers fall. I was too clever

To say i wait for just one
While i gaze. Upon every bun and blossom
A weirdo creep. They say to me
I just wish. I could fly. Forever free

Through the forests and the trees
Invisible as always. No one notices me
Like a rainbow. My emotions of rhyme
We just keep waiting. Tick tock. In time

Its fine i say. I deserve no better
I lost my feathers. To the endless weather
A thousand shards. My hearts become
All i want to do now. Is run and have fun
So many single lonely people out there
Lets get together
And have an orgy..... -_-

Or just party like its 1864

How many leafs. Never become new branches
SassyJ 20h
I gave up on love
even before I touched its feathers
shatters of the aftermath
and overblown rejections

The short lived passes
undoubted crises
the give ups with no returns
Shutting unopened doors

I gave up on love
and my heart turned cold
As if broken and beat
Invested in solo affairs

Love never caressed
Or invested it’s time
and the fire ceased
as redemption erased

Yet I dreamt of him
that unknown shadow
a light to my morning
the other part that wins me

Someday a step away
he might be a stranger
another decade,miles apart
he will be a soul mate

— The End —