tarma-de Jan 2017
Breathe in loads
of innumerable blades
of memory erasers.

Ah, the feeling
of being lost within
your own thought.

Wishing for just
a brief break— from time
and its fast pace (or
if possible, let it
stop. Let the world

There are familiar places
you can’t get used to.
And sometimes
it will all just fade
with experience,
lessons, and

your most beautiful
well-rolled joint.
Braxan Dec 2016
(Before you continue reading I ask that you read all of it and thats all I ask; proceed€;)

I can't believe it! I even dream about her in my Chicago blues! it goes somewhat like this.  She’s not that interested I’ve known her half a lifetime.
Known myself for much more still I’m all alone in the maze full of fences and cages.
Cold and eerie sirens overlap throughout the Chicago night.

Comfortable blank expressions
familiar and painful like writing pen to the pages till I forget I’ll lose myself within the rhymes and sounds of living out in the chi town
l1l B
5:27A.M sleepful deprived.
nim May 3
Lately, I've been more depressed
Than ever, this feeling
of destruction has been
getting visible over the day,
instead of just at night

Lately, this black hole
Has been swallowing me,
slowly tearing me apart
and I don't know how do deal with it.

I don't feel real
Time passes slowly yet vastly fast
and lately, the thunder's
been scaring me
instead of giving me warm comfort
in the dead silence of my room

the colors don't seem very alive anymore
nothing feels important, to me
...and I don't know
how much longer will it take
before the abyss swallows me whole.

And I mean every single
word that I tell you,
and my every emotion is tangled
and all I'm left with is this mess in wires
so light in my hands,
So easy to throw away

Lately I've been more scared
About death, about existence
And this familiar feeling
Is slowly writing the melody;

A perfect harmony,
Yet so monochrome and monotonous
So devastating, subdoing hope
and lately,

I don't know
What to do
Lately, the things that once
Gave me joy,
Gently swiping though
Pages and pages of books
bring nothing
Onoma 2d
you wandered into the cave

of this spiritual heart.

the moment you entered, these

eyes flew open--and glowed


black, the color of dispassion--

moved with you, till it realized it

moved and was broken.

even after perfectly seeing the

hell that is desire, desire thus!!!

you conjured this, you called out into

the wild...and now i call back!!!

i couldn't resist you, because you awakened

the realization that there's more to be burned.

your hand found its way across

the cave walls...never was a touch

so familiar.

you create the time it takes for

five fingers to hold every hand

ever formed.

if it is i've understood the energetic exchange,

and you have not...manifold the cave.

how unfathomably deeper the

depth, and i must love you

relentlessly for making it there.

i have forever to wait out your


eyes closed...tears of ecstasy

cutting down a face of ash.
Wrapped in warm and dense tissue; I take your hair,
I sprout teeth to gnaw at your apatite,
Weeping little one, I am your owner,
Sickly little one, I am your teacher.

Which will stagnate first in this strange present?
Your surroundings, or you?
Musing about the possibilities,
Then you culminate in bliss.

Well, I kept your favorite chair,
Its got some captivating feeling to it,
Infantile and delicate; remote, yet familiar.

Like a forest fire.
tempest Jun 27
sometimes when we talk it's like my mind begins to race
your words begin to circle me
in a poetic embrace

i feel your passions seep under my skin and in my veins
feel your memories begin to root within my brain

then i respond, and i begin to tell all of my thoughts
told you things about myself,
i know i talked a lot

it's just that when we speak
i cannot help but share my pains
our stories are weaved with different themes
yet the handwriting's the same

sometimes when we talk,
it's like we start a mystical ride
you take my hand within your prose
and up, we start to fly

cliche? mmm, perhaps
but on the way, you show me stars
and every single one has got a touch of who you are

within my every reply,
it's like our words begin to dance
they fit so well together,
like a lyrical romance

looking into your eyes while you speak is what I'll miss
they're filled with scattered dreams
upon a few, i'd make a wish

make a wish you'd feel those fluttery things i feel inside
make a wish that when we talked,
you'd share this natural high

make a wish that i could venture deeper in your mind
and on my exploration, thoughts of me is what I'd find

i know it's safe to say i like you more than you like me
cause i don't think that when we speak, you feel this sort of glee

admittedly, it hurts, because i'll miss your cute remarks,
your odd expressions, your funny poems, your comments from the heart

but maybe down the road, a familiar figure is who i'll see
perhaps that guy will wave hello to sit and talk with me
© tempest p
-JCM- 7d
If your delicate hand ever returns to mine
Where comfort and softness was found
Don't be alarmed
Touch won't be familiar
Palms became disfigured
They've grown calloused
From carrying the weight you left

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