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Amber E Mar 2016
Caught up in expectation
Entangled in what’s in my direct line of view
I slip under, escaping the burning rays
And I long to be outside myself with you

It’s too easy to forget who we are
When we continuously give ourselves away
I’m outside in, all mixed up
Too prideful to fall cliche

When close quarters means natural comfort
You grab hold and hang on tight
It’s been years since I looked into those eyes
I think I might drown in them tonight

Some say that these words inside
Shouldn’t be uttered in this realm
I say they blow in on the wind around us
Without the need to make a sound

A familiarity I’ve grown to love
An emptiness left in your wake
I’m not prepared for the possible change
Of such an intimate heartache

You remind me to remember
To dig a little deeper some days
Reclaim the magic in myself
Recognize the beauty in my ways

Come slide your arms around me
I’ll grasp your hand as you bid me adieu
For a moment, hold me like I am me
And you are magnificent you
Tsunami Aug 15
Our atoms were in the same vicinity when the universe was created;
how lucky are we to, once again, cross paths.
once again,
To brush our atoms
One against the other,
feel the familiarity of "oh we've met before".
The universe has fallen into place many times since I have glanced into your eyes
Alas, he takes my breathe away.
stop falling in love @me
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
Finding another poet who seems
to write your own heart is like
coming into a familiar garden
when the light is just right
For all of you
Jenay Jarvis Feb 2013
I sat shirtless
in a familiar setting,
with familiar hands
tracing along the ridges-

that wrapped across the shorelines
of my backbones-

creating melodies of
ecstasy ribbing thoroughly under translucent
films of erected skin,

All the while-
what I heard in the doorway
in that afternoon sun
was clearer
and more divine
than the immaculate prayers
of selfless Saints;

When you said
**"I can see where they cut the wings".
Alyssa Underwood Jan 2016
I would have taken the easy path
But that would leave no room for glory
I would have picked out a comfortable life
But that isn't God’s kind of story

I would have followed a prettier road
But missed the most beautiful way
I would have clung to familiar things
But lived out my days in the grey

I would have chosen what’s stable
But grown cold, apathetic and bored
I would have sought out earth’s riches
But lost all that in heaven is stored

I would have liked more successes
But not learned so quickly of grace
I would have seen myself praised more
But given up knowing God’s face

I would have tied all my loose ends
But not known it’s He Who brings peace
I would have wanted for happier times
But traded a joy that can’t cease

I would have opted for normal
But not tasted rare delicacies
I would have preferred a man’s love
But been robbed of Divine intimacy

He’s chosen for me the high road
More jagged, more narrow and steep
So now I must travel this difficult way
Ever knowing it leads to the deep

Now I must choose to cherish His path
And trust Him to walk with me there
Now I must hasten to take up my cross
The fellowship of His sufferings to share

For one day this life will be over
And all my afflictions will end
It is then I will see what all this is for
In my Bridegroom, my Savior, my Friend
A place
In my mind
Neither Alien nor Earthly
I yearn to find

In the Universe
Neither to be found in Verse
Nor Hearse

A place
In my mind
Distinctly Familiar,Yet Unknown
Shall I ,find....
Some thoughts ..... trying to fill them in words
There is a Year part from which is assigned
Asides from your Truce to cover and rest
Till then, your Crafted Show to Fame consigned
My Girl's Centenniary will look its Best
This I Pledge, by the added Fifty-Four,
Honouring the Godfather I borrowed
If still, no Sound, least Assignment for more
Shall I conclude all my Efforts sorrowed
By then, to see and calculate for once
Despite I embrace this Familiar Ghost
This Truth - to Drill my steeling nerves upon
And cross-hair your Freedom which mattered most.
By that time, I should look for Someone else
Though in my Conscience I cast the same Spell.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
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