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harlee kae Jan 2015
dont pretend you ever cared
because when we were together
her name was always on your lips
pisces Mar 2017
Run away and stay soft for me, not rough
can't bear the innocence, we've all been so blind
insomnia renders us awake
with thoughts in our heads but nothing in our minds
Emm Aug 2018
finding fake joy in little lies
finding fake self worth in some shoes
new branded item
no one looks up on you for them
just wait 'til the mud tear them down
tell me who what do you see when you look into the mirror
is it someone you like?
is it someone you wanted to be?
the kid in you says hi to me
asking you to grow up so that he can too
to face the real world
like a real man should
armed with ammunition
that is real self-confidence
stemming firmly on the ground of wisdom
not fake accessories and marketing gimmicks
clink another glass
because that's how you face your problems
pout another story
for your non-existent friends to tell
inflated self image inflated ego
who you gonna fool with your little bell
Eryck Jun 2018
I'll  do nothing...
bad in life that will make my mother cry.
You can disgrace me, debase me, tie me to a railroad track.
But once the tears flow from my beloved mother, there's  no putting them back.

I'll  do nothing, bear this in mind and hear it,
I'll  do nothing that will diminish her spirit.
I  wont let evil near it. 
 I'll honor her by being like her, and proudly cheer it.

    A mother is nurture, she is the birth of nature.
A teacher not a taker, a mentor not a faker.
The ultimate God given talent, a human being maker.

She forsakes hers for the needs of  yours,
with dreams of high aspirations of her off- spring for,
nothing less, till their health and happiness soar.

Who else in this jaded,
world gives unconditional love.  Who else.
Who else has you in their thoughts expressly, wantonly.
Who else has you in their thoughts religously, constantly. 
Concerned about your wants and needs, worries and dreads,  
doesn't want to pry, so she prays for you instead.
Who else.
No one else!

I'll  do nothing bad in life that will make my mother cry.
Happy father's day. Sorry dad.
Second place, in away, ain't so bad.
Nina Kay Jul 2018
I am inspired
and disenchanted
A self deprecating narcissist
An altruistic sociopath
A selfless taker
An honest faker
A positively skeptical idealist
who believes in everything
and trusts in nothing.
I own the right to be
my every self at once.
I'm free.
Perfection salutes him
He creeps into different emotions so effortlessly
It's seamless and edgy
But, he's a nobody within
His own feelings and oneness are rotten
He doesn't even reflect the spark of reality
And that's what makes his faking seem real
he is among us only
he maybe even present in you for sometime
don't let him possess you
he's neither good nor real
zebra Jul 2018

oh I forgot cannibal
I'd love to have you to dinner

muhdzaim Jul 2018
"Who fault is this?"
Nobody knows, nobody wanted to come out,
Too silent to hear a crack sound,
Yes, the offender is too powerful,
and make us "zip" our mouth.
Forced us to point our finger to poor people,
and make us felt guilty.
This weakness kept hunt us down
and "dance" with us until we die.

Boy or girl, you can cry
but how long?
"How long can I endure ?"
I still do not know the answer.
While we "make" the world more worst,
we still lose deep in our mind.
Afraid to come out, afraid to speak out loud,
afraid to fight back and keep "lie" with our mouth.

"When we can stand together?"
"When the cry will stop?"
"When the dream become true?"
Today I stand on my own feet to fight back, tomorrow I am happy,
Today I stop the cry to make a great move and say "no" loudly,
Today I come out as a real person, no faker, no more "questions".
Yes, today I can change the "questions" to reality.
No more questions guys. It's okay you can cry even you're a boy because you're human too. But when the "questions" can change to reality? So let's be brave to come out, say "no", fight back, stop the cry because that's the only ways to change the world to a better place because we deserve to be happy and make our dream come true.
Hello Daisies Sep 21
I like being teased
I like being poked
I like the little nicknames

It's cute when you steal my hat
It's cute when you runaway with it
It's adorable making me chase you

You pushed me out of my chair
They asked if I was mad
Nah it was funny
Now I'll kick you back

I got sad and fell to the floor
You pushed me over even more
Til I rolled around
I started to laugh
Trying to fight you back

Sadness gone
Giggling strong
Now your  hiding my things from me
Making me blush nervously
Did you take it?
You big *** faker

I'm drunk as hell
Everyone else left me
You were trying to sleep
But stayed up with me
As I called you all sorts of silly names
And started tons of childish games

6am you had to be up soon
Who needs sleep
When we're laughing
Feeling High as a balloon

I wanted to *******
But I was so lost
Felt so insecure
Yet you kept with me
When I thought you'd leave
Hey at least grab my *****
I'm leaving at noon
I'd like to leave an impression on you
You silly goof

When you called me kitten
I felt overly smitten
It rang in my head
Even after I left
I wish I let you
Touch me deeper
Deeper inside me
Then just a silly tease
My head said please

Yet I still felt better
Knowing we both wanted to
badtaste Apr 7
he's trying to fix his guitar, all he has is a string
he's trying to fix his marriage, all he has is a ring
and she's hugging on the man infested with acid
trying to keep all his ducks in his basket
meanwhile the chief faces evil disguised as a faker
the truth is written on the man made from paper
edit: first line "shoes" to "guitar"
Kaede Jul 4
Nothing's more creepier than a dream becoming real each passing day.

Three am and I woke up gasping for air to breathe while tears streaming down in my chubby cheeks. For the first time, I don't know what is real and what is fake, and what is wrongly perceived by my senses.

As I struggled to convince myself the idea of it that it did not happened, the more I was compelled to believe that it really did. The way I cried in the dream is the way I wailed tonight. Every plot of the dream turns to be more authentic than it ever did. The vivid details of my dream are coming like a kaleidoscope of horror movies I've watched as I continue to growl in agony.

And there is nothing I can do, but to continue watching myself.

Three am and I woke up gasping for air to breathe while tears streaming down in my chubby cheeks. For the first time, I don't know what is real and what is fake, and what is wrongly perceived by my senses.

Reality felt like a little less real.

From then on, I'm becoming less much in reality and I'm becoming more in my dreams. Everything I see around in this world looks faker and faker each breathe that I take.
Go on living or go on dying? Either way, just  be brave.
Jocelyn Jul 2018
It’s okay….
I'm just tired.
No amount of sleep can get rid of the tiredness I feel.
I’m really happy.
My smiles are faker than the popular kids
When people try to ask what’s wrong and I tell them, it makes me feel selfish.
           S-Self centered
All my friends look so perfect in my eyes
        ­    E-Exceptional
And Learsi
I want to be as selfless and amazing as them but this thing inside my head says I’m not good enough to be.
These are more than just words.
Yenson Aug 29
That one just wants to draw attention
the inconsequential being devoting her life to stalling
screaming notice me I have been told I can control emotions
yet we see a fake bandit and even faker human
a coward with no worth in real life but with time to spare
a ridiculous name and boiled up damaged debauched persona
a put up caricature with delusions, a see-thru meaningless coward
this here is the pinnacle of achievement for a shamed westerner
sitting and producing a proliferation of anodyne diversities like a bull
in a China shop.........
Tipon Aug 16
Tessa III

"I believe in human rights," Chet Faker, I am trying to
find your softer side over Bose... Trying hard to forget the
ghastly scare you gave me. Smoking cigarettes and deleting
details I think you shouldn't get too deep into...
Underneath, when swimming, the story is getting more sad.

Explain to me about India, Kamasutra of many pages long,
why your part was left out. Many years have passed, dry blee-
ding the sun in shameful memories, I was on the other side.
Time is becoming a long stretch on the couch, if you remember
how you danced, exploring rhythm and ecstacy, when quietly...
From cycle poems Tessa I to V.
Hanson Yang Sep 2018
Toney talking **** ever was been at relative action: so this is what happens when i own ****
the game and the actual man that prones ****
talking **** like if it was actual that arms **** short for the factual
i've been underneath like i wrote the bible since like it was his "wonder feat"
You're a wonder feat till you understand like every plundered treats,
the E in Eden has you wonder feats repetitive like a tree grown demanding scars in roots like i was underneath: Playing me only gets you murdered  like actual feats cuz this ******* talking **** like if anything hurters like Obama to your hair mang like how you arose a gangbanger to man defeat
ir really was me mang startin **** everyday all confused everyday like if demand was me.
Cuz i'm all g man another ******* till i'm ever he stand
raise it like how magnitude backstabs left was she man commandin fleets
Raise it like how it passes all magnitude was hidden from know by praise of it's masses, cuz now i'm startin ****, startin **** with my claimed owner of kinfolks, disposing flows and all opposing with your chinblow; been smoke till i'm ******* up all your naturality as it was real in every returned K to the K-O chaos enlived flow the to the now chin mode to every kinsmoke.
Bleed mode like an attempt to **** your **** up with one need- blow of my established chin mode to discovered manhood in precision given of range.
I'm jacking up my A-O to every Kayo like getting my cigarettes jacked now asked for every parallel to mind of my females to enlivened envision of range
enlivened envision of rage
enlivened envision of hate
.....Thinking jacking me was or is ever the body neutral has every one of you and my kinfolk women jacking your **** like shittin you at enlivened in thangs
I'll be everything anything anybody prasing me like assistance in ranks to be given out perception to my women now to restrictive in thangs insisting the aim: right? right, yeah right it's right as given as range
the higher you go you know ******* well of it's enlivened discovery absolute like marraige in range that **** the lesser when you're rearranging the pain
talking **** been magnitude mang like the masses pretend hides **** before i was ever fake claiming lives before you would know ******* well that proof aiming was claimed
as if rhymes was the median:
I'LL **** YOU ******* TO AIM RANGE WAIT,
i'll get your *** craving for everything stolen in energy that i own for every *** that you're in it just validates your life justly justifies your claim to my aim range strength truthly you're only talking **** as hindsight of all desperate measures to the existance of all body. Raise it and be the man of learnt confusion to all hate and chaos as chosen path to the actual "levels HIGHER already like if all extensions was justly validating as all talk when i been spittin claim when i'm shitten remember me as when i am all talk when everyone smaller was all brought like hindsight perception.
Knowing me was all absolute in all talk like minest sight deception: I'll ****** you **** now you're knowing truth: true truest nature before i was ever you in being a faker; more like a being you know truest dreams as instinct before i was ever a ranker: I'll ****** you **** in complete pristine dreamed grabs at crutch crotch as aim range prankster even wankster as the holder of time,
space and time clean backstabs as you fist **** of every trip traps as a pristinely dreamed beings pretending underneath when all you are now are on top of every wonder **** if ever reupping the true as if you know what i am in reality before intercedence death cuz it was truly me: like reality this is all future to all your poetry actual renders a blank gaze of mine of wisdom as you write your blank page is actually what aim range explains space to what blank faced truly is at fake takes of what you've stolen in actuality reality owned envisions of me
like enlivenment only just visions creates in actuality ranks raised none enlivens but make ways as a holder of time ever remembers me none as the entity's won actual remembrance of me: lonesome to none to truthful beings who reject truth in reality was really ever to gain none sight to minest right ever to wrong surity might right sight.
i own **** what you are: like all small things in my stature of nature lived as holder of everything comes to pass, your only fault is visions of perfection in education given back to your ***. I'LL WAIT *******.....
you know
that last blast before bed
chet baker or the faker
take me to the moon tonight
Justice Jul 31
I was always one to hide behind curtains
One afraid of the uncertains
In my own home I'm not comfortable, I have no where to go though
Anxious when buying clothes
oh how am I gonna look in those
Even walking to school
****, talking to me
all you would've seen was a fool
A faker tryna be cool
On the outside I played it pretty cool
But on the in you could have never guessed how much trouble I was really In
Well where do I begin
How do I tell you that I hate my self
How do I explain to you that I was the item collecting dust on the shelf
Seen by no one not even even the owner himself
Invisible all together miserable
Playing tricks on my self in my own mind on my own time
Would always think that I was getting my **** together
But was always blind sided by bad weather or my own mind
How does that rhyme
But I guess I didn't know that I was lying to myself and everyone else  hard procrastinator self destructive manipulator
I don't know why I hate my self I can't seem to figure it out
I want to be better
I want to be free
Over all I just want to be me
But I don't even who that is no more I'm so lost off the path I don't think i can get back
I should try,
To not, I can't think of a reason why
But instead I'm covered by the same gloom that seems to loom over us all making us all just want to fall and not get up
But please just listen to me if you've ever felt like this put your head up
1st draft, what do ya think?

— The End —