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Justin G Jun 2015
When she hid
I went out to look for her
I did not feel like playing
But she swore I was joking

All I wanted was for her to stay
But it's only a game
It's only a game
Is what she would often say
But if only she knew how lonely I felt
Then maybe she wouldn't think the same

By the time I found her
She went skinny dipping
Despite knowing I couldn't swim
She still pulled me in
She called me marco
But I was too busy choking
She laughed at me
When I thought she'll rescue me
But instead she left
And unfortunately I was right

I didn't drown
but when I awoke
I frowned because
She was playing tag
With other men

I guess this is it
KitaRaizal Mar 2013
All I Need Is To Be Free,
But I Promise You,
Here Is Not There,
So In Away,
I Might Say,
This Is Far Well,
Do Forgive Me,
But You Must Know,
I Shall Return When Im Ready,
The Choice Is Yours,
To Simply Wait,
Or To Not,
For That Is Not For Me To Worry,
But To Say,
See You Around.

Shofi Ahmed May 2017
Don’t go, hold onto your colour bowl,
never lose your paintbrush,
not even at the twilight.
Someone's smiling on earth.
It can’t hide forever.

Maybe hidden but not far—
could be only behind a lock of hair.
Black is not only black.
Look beyond, it could be all fair.

Gently raised and softly lit
on the moonlight’s field
These forever-calm shady groves,
piled up on the night's pitch-black scene,
are ahead of the curve in silent reading.

Behind these out of the box line-ups
by the middle, the stage composed
for the thrillers that rock and roll
An incense is still burning
the sundown burns down into ashes,
is still breathing, smelling the scent.
Yesterday will revive and comes tomorrow
keep an eye for a moment or two.

Follow the glow, gazing in the night
and slip into the grove
for they are in the know
is a veiled beauty, earth’s silhouette,
drawn down to the moon!

All the starry fireflies on the stardom
love to drop down and join the moths
Around this tucked away silhouette,
charming beauty down the moon.
Only on the earthen ground it grooms!
SEYI KING Feb 2017

I am as a slave
To an errand I cannot wave
Where I go,  I cannot say
But where I am, I cannot stay
There is a face behind this string
And even he I cannot see
But once he pulls, I obey
For then I am finally free

First they lay me down for years
Amongst steel that is sharp and thick
But then the day draws near
Bearing foes with stones and sticks
Though I am small, I am fast and sleek
I don't fray my path is strict
At first sight, I am nothing to fear
At first strike, I am a lot to bear

Without a doubt I bring despair
Often leave them deep in grouch
Pain I caused, beyond repair
I felt his rage by how he pouts
We both clinging to his life
See him fight with all his might
As he drips onto my head
I fade away at my journey's end

Amanda May 1
Before you love me
Know my mind is fucked up with
Pure insanity
Now you have seen my crazy firsthand
Pain drains you everyday,
You try to fight.
Those scars of yesterday;
The lonely nights.
You feel lost in darkness
Grief consumes you
And so does madness.
No light to look up to,
You sink in despair
You tell yourself time and again;
"Life is not fair."
"Life is not fair."

Well then, let us make it fair.
Take my hand
Take the light that I share.
Call me your friend.

For I know how it feels
When your life is like a jail.
Where you hide with your tears;
And let your dreams get bogged down by your fears.

Yes, life won't be fair.
But, don't give up and take this light that I share.
As much as I can, I will help you till the end.
After all, I am your friend.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
This is an old one; no rewrites, no edits, just posted it exactly the way I wrote it about 4 years back. I hope you like it. Happy reading!
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