Spenser Roper Mar 2014
flat at
flake lake
flame lame
flamenco cool
flamingo goof
flapped lapped
flayed layed
flavor vortex
flannel electricity
flag lag
flash lash
flaxen axen
flab lab
flail ail
flattering ring
flaw law
flair air
Keith Wilson Jul 2016
There,s  not  many  upsets
in  the  FA  cup  these  days.

Because  the  playing  area,s  
are  in  prime  condition.

In  the  old  days  they  played
on  mud  bath,s  which  were
a  great  leveler  in  skill.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
Clindballe Jul 2014
Jeg ønskede mig dig, dine charmerende ord og sommerfuglesværm til alt uendelighed.
Aldrig vil jeg ønske igen.
For du er ikke mere end dominante ord og sarkastiske følelser.
Skrevet: 18. Juli - 2014
(Første gang jeg skriver et dansk digt)
at lege mor og tørre op
og vaske op og at gå op i
et andet menneske
helt så samvittigheden
klistrer på din tunge,
helt så du glemmer din hud
i dørkarmen
sætter aftryk af blod
i badeværelset, og efterlader  hemmeligheder
i gulvsprækkerne
hvisker historier til væggene, alle
dem jeg aldrig fik fortalt dig
jeg var hende, der rakte kolde
hænder ud i et naivt forsøg på at
få dig til at smile i marts
opdrog dig med moderlige øjne
og blå ord, jeg ellers kun skrev ned
holdte dig i hånden, og lod dig ikke
bevæge dig yderligere
indtil du omsider kunne gå selv
vidste ikke dengang,
du ville gå længere ud,
end du selv kunne  bunde
lærte dig at holde om pigeskuldre
så det skar i organer af glæde
lod dig blive afhængig, og lod dig
skænke samvittighed op til randen
af glasset, så vinen smagte af
cork og følelser, der gav mig lyst
til at stikke tre fingre i halsen
måske bliver jeg væk en dag,
mig selv så jeg måske er væk
- digte om et papmachesind
bk Feb 2015
I* 549 giorni fa
scrivevo di aver fumato una sigaretta perché il sapore mi avrebbe ricordato te.
prova a toccarmi con un braccio, mi passerai attraverso. sono trasparente, sono fluida, sono leggera. 549 giorni fa ero aria greve di umidità, ero fatta di aria pesante & sassi, ero inchiodata al pavimento.
II 528 giorni fa
scrivevo che nel cuore avrei avuto una lacuna incolmabile, un pezzo mancante sostituito dal tuo nome, come una confessione, un'ammissione di colpevolezza. mi sbagliavo. chi sei? ci siamo mai incontrati prima d'ora? no mi spiace, non mi ricordo come ti chiami, scusa.
WritinginStars Dec 2014
Awakened early in the morning
By the sounds of cheerful screams
Wake up, it's Christmas
Let's go to the Christmas tree!

Presents layed out
In a cheerful array
What joy they bring the children
On this Christmas day

Ribbons, bows and paper
Go flying in the air
As children open presents without a worry or a care

A day with family is spent
Reminiscing together over food
Laughing, smiling and feeling joy
But the day is ending soon

A sort of post-Christmas sadness
Looms in the air
As you realize this time is over
You can't help but stare

Stare at this picture perfect moment
Of your family together as one
Playing games and talking
Smiling and having fun

But what if this all changes
In the years or months to come
And you Christmas in the future
Isn't so much fun
What if you can't get together
With all of your family?
Will this scene that you see right now,
Be the scnene you will always see?
For things change in an instant
And you really never know,
Will Christmas in the future,
Have this same happy glow?
Hannah McMullan Feb 2016
There are always those moments when
Those memories creep into my view
While innocently applying mascara,
There’s a glimpse sought in my green hue.
There are screaming malicious faces,
With expressions contorted in a craze.
They are wild and they are vicious
And they appear after each phase
12, 13,
One after the another, they all gather around
Hands are joined, and their mouths are wide,
(My hands are bound?)
Bellowing a cacophony of my vices as sounds
Chanting like it’s their sacred creed.
My head spins, the urge to faint increased
But instead they push me to the white tile.
I just decide to lay there for a while.
I close my eyes to escape,

But they haven’t quite left yet…

They circle around me now
Lying helpless on the ground
The smell of musk and urine sweep,
The scent that makes their mouths water
They all want to feast
They all want to feast
I can’t help but cry and weep

The scent makes their mouths water
They all want to feast
They all want to feast

And the bystanders, they watch me now
They are cheering as the faces bow
They enjoy watching the show
Yes, they all seem to know
They are all going to feast.

Oh these faces, these faces
They haunt me
They haven’t had their fill and they want me

It’s a past that will never leave
It’s a tired breadth that will never cease.
With arms open wide, my chest to heave
I let them take me

                                         n   .
Micah Alex Jun 2015
Laying awake at ungodly hours,
I've often stared into a ceiling that I reflexively believed to be present.

But, whenever I did find myself at leisure from sweating and sleeping,
it was always too dark to make sure that the roof was still there. And this invoked a primal fear within me.

If you need to ask why I felt afraid, you've never been a father.

A father closer to the grave than any of the naive goals he'd set for himself as a child.
A father who had traded his breath and blood for bread and a burrow.
*This uncertain roof, often made me ask, "Has it been worth it?"
Darryl Ashton May 2016
The English FA Cup final
was watched all over
the world,
Crystal Palace and Man
United - silence is the
The global audience to
witness, a 'super-duper'
Never a dull moment -
in a game of soccer in

Both teams attacked -
as they battled for their
There could only be ONE
winner - oh, what a story!
Crystal Palace should
have scored - but the  
ref called a foul.
This really caused an
uproar - and the
"commentator" did so

Both teams gave their
all - as the crowd at
Wembley all cheered.
Then I saw a Crystal
Palace player - he wore    
a trendy beard!
The game was a good
game - and each team
played their part.
But, sadly, at the full-
time whistle - one
team would have a
broken heart.

Manchester United,
they could have easily
But they upped their
game and scored a
winner - truly at a cost!
You, see, how many
teams who've won the
FA Cup.
Would also lose a member
of staff - did they then
slip up?

A team wins this coveted
trophy, and the players
are all delighted.
But what about the manager,
his career is now so blighted.
Yes, Manchester United,
have now made football
The first ever winning team -
their manager dismissed
so instantly!

They dismissed Louis Van
Gaal - as soon as the game
was one.
He obviously was not to be -
the team's new prodigal son!
He says; 'goodbye to this
club' - it really didn't work
Maybe he can join Blackpool -
or Accrington Stanley for

So Manchester United has
appointed, their new prodigal
Enter Jose Mourinho, is he
really the special one?
Will he bring back the golden
years - of the Old Trafford
Or, will it be a bad decision,
and all end up in tears?

I feel they are dwelling, and
trying to relive the past,
When Manchester United,
their players left us all aghast!
The 60's and the 70's were
their truly greatest years.
And every club who played
them - they would cause
them a lot of fears.

But, that's the FA Cup - and
it really has to be seen.
Now bring on the internationals
of Europe - in Euro 2016!
More live football - for all of
us to see.
And one can enjoy all of
this - and enjoy a cup of tea!
But well done to Man United,
hard luck to Crystal Palace,
Now bring on the "mighty"
England players - their skills
will all be first class!!!!

Death we know your name but what's your surname, what kind of family you are coming from,everyone is weeping for your sake,where is your kind and loyality.

you take toddler's, kids,youth ,adults and grannies, how can we trust you, where you pass we will only see by darkness, where you are threatening we see sickness, but death what kind of monster are you.

are you a vampire, dinosaur, snake actually what are you living for,if I knew where your roots are I would attack you with an axe and chop you till you get your name in reality, death we can't stand before you.

you are our worst enemy, you take where you didn't put and once we all end we shall see who else are you going to take,oh death you are the poison and to kill you is to trust to the one who promise internal life.
Bad luck
Bad vibes
Bad friends
Bad times
Horny men
All the time
Power trip
Success crime
Wash it down
Piss it out
Happy pills
Lights out
Mads Berg Apr 2014
Sov godt
For i søvnen er du sikker
Alt er rart
Når verden er fuld af fulderikker

Drøm sødt*
For drømme varer ved
Og når alt andet er dødt
Giver drømmene dig fred
Tangence Feb 2015
Favorite poem!
Best conjuring of loneliness in words I have ever seen.
The phrase "a leaf falls" is embedded in the word loneliness.
The visual aspect of the poem conveys the mood very well.
Also, analysis of each line reveals that the arrangement is deliberate.
L(a, or 'la' in french is the feminine form of 'one' or 'the'
'le', also in french is the masculine form
The next two lines, 'af' and 'fa' mirror each other
ll, again, singular
'one', self explanatory
'l' functions as one (1)
And the second half of the segmentation, which reads "oneliness" suggest a declaration of wholeness but also solitude.
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