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For each person you give your heart to
They will break it in their own way
One will cause you to lose patience
Another will cause you to lose hope
And the next causes you to lose trust
You give up the idea of true love
Because no one has ever given you their all
They just take and leave
Untill there is no more left of you
To my 3rd last line "Because no one has ever given you their all" exception do exist and those are one's parents
Mom and Dad are the only who could give everything of theirs to make you happy
Quentin Briscoe May 2012
They say come shine with us brotha
We'll make you a star
Above the life your living
Into a new beginning
They Really want you to Illuminate...
So They'll scope you out, take your talents
and you'll Illumainate..
Out of the darkness
of nothingness
the normal everyday
Into a new relm of darkness
Blinded, guided all the way,
So You'll do as they say
becasue you want their way
of lifestyle they portray,
But thats not their everyday
But You Illuminate.....
On the black and white
cause colors don't exsit
well not by themselves
just hidden in abyss
But you Illuminate....
Climbing to the top
your light can't be stoped,
As a pawn in their chess game
you just want the fame
Because you Illuminate....
You think we are not the same
And you do as they say
found no better way
to see but out one Eye
an As You Illuminate...
All You see is I
Cuz To you thats who got you there,
But they know it was them
and You so unaware
You Illuminate
For Him,
Marrying the night
with contracts that seem so right
and then Your tied to strings
To Illuminate
All there things,
the corruption of the pure
No longer your own source of power,
But they're your electricity
Causing you to Illuminate
The way they want you to be
Binded To the ROC
Universal Mind control,
But everyone Once a chance
To Illuminate The Soul....
Making this your goal
you dont understand,
They say to be great...
You Need To Illuminate....
Damaged Apr 2013
It may not seem like a lot to you.
But it means the world to me.
Sitting in your room for hours on end;
music playing in the background.
Laying on the bed for hours on end.
Each of us on our phones in our own worlds;
but at the same time, we are in a world together.
Just our own little world
Not feeling the need to entertain each other constantly,
but when we do have something to say...
all the silence fades away.
I love borrowing your clothes.
It brings me comfort.
Smelling your perfume all day;
it's comforting knowing that at least some part of you is with me.
It may not mean much to you,
that we have the same music interests or that you know every last secret about me.
But it makes me incredibly happy that I don't have to be fake around you.
You accept me as I am;
And that means the world.
It may not seem like much to you when you ask for rides,
or when we go out to lunch.
But it brings me joy
Windows down
music blasting.
Not a care in the world.
Just me and my bestfriend
I love getting lost with you.
Driving all around trying to figure out which way to go,
whcih exsit to take.
You probably think nothing of it
Though, I love it.
Because that extra time we spend lost is just more time I get to spend with you.
You may not think about the future,
but I do all the time.
It terrifies me when I get the thought of you not being in it.
**Because you mean the world to me
A little rough, but I think my point has been made. I would literally do anything for my bestfriend. I'd lay down my life to her.
Elvis okumu Dec 2011
Sometimes it feels as if you’re a world away
Sometimes it feels as if you have abandoned me this day
Sometimes it feels as if I don’t exsit to you
Sometimes you  leave me with nothing to do
Now what do you want from me
I’ve given you everything that I once held dear to me
You gone and ****** me dry leaving a husk where a man used to be
You’ve gone and left me to fry
In my agony and pain under the beating of the cane of betrayal
So now I ask you why the promises
Now why the all the kisses
Now I ask you why you went and did this  
While in my heart it Is you I miss
I cannot know what brought you to this
For here I stand and here I bleed
I look and feel this raging need
But I turn and I begin to walk
For there is nothing more to be said no more to talk
You were not the one I sought
Though you are the one I want
But as I said I must now go
Where I end up not even I know.
There she go
There she go
The most beautiful Girl in the world
There she go
There she go
In the world the most beautiful Girl
There she go
There she go
The most beautiful girl in the world
That my eyes ever seen
There she go
There she go

Dedicated to the most beautiful girl in the world that I ever Known, you the only girl in the world that exsit to me, I pulled my shovel out cleared space in my heart forget them other girls there's a hole in my heart a spot just you, the only one that I'm diggin on you the fruit from my life tree apple of eye picking on you I am not a bully I will never mistreat you captivated by your beauty eye to eye from across the room come closer let's warm each other's heart with our body heat step into my world, your *** appeal is so vicious you look delicious spin around let me get another look you made my world twril on a lovers axis, gravity pul ain't no deny this attraction go ahead girl just flaunt it you make me want it my world is yours the most beautiful girl

The work for your love is worth the hard labor my love for you is past exaggerated instigated by my admiration, I can't imagine you not living in my world would leave me devastated, let me show that my love for U ain't overrated sharing passionate moments together that's R- rated highly anticipated, sharring my love for you we are bound to stick together now or later you the Queen of my World your presence will be appreciated, you the only girl in the world that's meant for me you define my purpose to love cherishing the most beautiful girl in the world

To most beautiful girl in the world
There she go
There she go
Most beautiful girl in my world
In my world
In the world
There she go
There she go
The most beautiful girl
In the world that I ever known
There she go
There she go
There she go
Most beautiful girl in the world
Tony Anderson Apr 2019
Come sail away
To a land of pure immagination
Come sail away
To a land of your heart's desire

All is possible
All is true
Within this land
Nothinf is old
Everything new

No one grows old
No aches
No pain
Sadness is gone
No tears falling like rain

Your fondest wish comes true
Before the words even exsit your mouth
right there in front of you

So come sail away
Come along with me
Come sail away
Be forever free
Dillon Neal Dec 2017
Out of my heart there spews a disire.
It feels as if I exsit to die.
Taken and shaken and tossed me in fire.
When I'm around you I live in a lie.

You walk past not knowing your power.
The slight lingering scent of lavender flower.
A twinkle in your eye gives me shivers.
For you at night I cry deep rivers.

Out of my heart there spews a desire.
What good is that when I'm left on the pyer?
Consumed by the dark, a cold sweet fire.

— The End —