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Robin Lemmen Sep 2
If I ever were to try
And explain to someone
How much I loved you
I think they would be heartbroken too
Virginia Aug 19
How to explain the pain
Of feeling nothing
To a world made of broken hearts and bones?

How to justify
a shivering body
To a world that is **** and is burning?

How can one call for help
For one's drowning
To a world brought to its knees by draught?

I can only bow my head at their suffering
And dare to say that
Though my heart and bones are intact
I am broken as a whole

I can only bow my head at their suffering
And meekly mutter with a moist mouth
That though their tongues are dry and skin is cracking
Cold too is a thirst for warmth

I can only bow my head at their suffering
And whisper that as I drown
Surrounded by clear icy water
My lungs burn like the tallest fire.
How do I write in a poem that I am
        S C R E A M N G
How do I convey how  f r u s t r a t e d I am
How do I get you to know how
      o              u       i          g
c         n              s        n
        my mind is right now
How do I explain my writings of a crumbling sanity as poetic licence
      It becomes easy when nobody knows your how much of concealed life you really have
           My mother can't worry, She doesn't have such terrible thoughts

The bullets I try to use just ricochet around my skull blending my memories, rattling my thoughts.
My personality has died with my will to live
Some might call it crazy
To say love at first sight is true
I must come across as cheesy
But I can't stop wanting you

Perhaps it’s that I'm lonely
And you simply fit the bill
Is what my logic tells me
But my heart thinks it’s for real

I feel it when I see you
When you smile, when you laugh
I wish I could explain it
Could you be my better half?

Love shouldn't be a gamble
But it’s time to take a stance
Accept the risks of asking you
If you'll give me a chance?
Actually written about no one in particular, but its what I would feel if I felt this way about anyone
Piyush Gahlot Jul 18
I asked her to stay away,
I wanted her to leave.
I needed more space,
This is what I used to believe.

Frustrated by her demands and expectations,
I felt little less of freedom.
Started hating to explain how I spent my hours,
what was I doing and what did I had for lunch.

Bored of relationship,
Thought I needed a break,
Just a bit more space,
to do the things I crave.
She misunderstood me terribly,
I adjusted but failed miserably,
Started losing myself trying to keep her closely.

Finally, the separation happened,
It got over I was delighted,
went out on a trip, partied, enjoyed.
She was the one who suffered the most
Things got better as the time passed by.

I pushed her away,
I made her weep,
Not thinking much asked her to leave.
Break up was tough on her,
But she got through,
I made her cry so the Karma has to come for you.

I Met her again at our favourite place,
in hope of getting her back ,
but I could see it in her eyes, that I have been replaced.
Now everything is finished,
everything is blown.
I paused but she moved on.
Now I am the one who's ******* left alone.
Going through the guilt , pain and alone phase after pushing my girl away.
If you really want a break up think over a 100 times before going for it.
William Keckler Oct 2014
Must go. Cannot explain.
The sadness is on the table.
I left you as much as half
of everything I own.
Maybe more.
Spend it how you like.
I know you will anyway.
This is no joke.
The marriage painting is fixed.
The key is under
your lover's pillow.
Tell the cat
Vive La France for me.
English Jam May 2
Envisioning the dripping clock waving each second goodbye
Well, I could've travelled all round the globe, could've lived to die
Perhaps I've saved the lives of many a suffering man
Seen grandiose elephants knighted to rule their land

Found a new word in a new language per day
If only I could afford to behave
But when I get told what I'm not supposed to say
Do you expect me to make a change?

How can I give an answer if it's something I can't explain?

Babies were born in my life, I waved as they moved away from me
The flat expanse of sand drowned out by the wailing sea
Wars blew up and cities fell down to the flick of a careless wrist
The world's on outside, and what will I have missed?

Passing time, watching myself drown in sure-blue ink
Reading isn't believing, speaking is unheard
I wanna find true love but I'm being taught how to think
From an overwritten, overheard, overrated textbook word

Will I still be wondering if I'm wondering if I'm sane?

Can I escape this single room that surely brings on doom

Can I find an answer, or will I be met with laughter

If I'm all alone, then why do I hear screeching

Would my own hand be the one felt on my back, creeping

When I've paid my sentence, then can I go out and play?

Well I'm gonna go save the world...
Written about boredom in detention. Of course, I've never been in detention but I can imagine this is what it's like.
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