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Unang gabi sa huling sandali
Nag-aagaw ang ilaw at dilim
Katahimika'y namamayani.

Nakatayo sa gilid ng bangin
Isang hakbang tungo sa libingan
Nakapikit ngunit nakatingin.

Sumilip ang buwan sa kalangitan
Hudyat ng katapusan ng duyog
Tuluyang bumukas ang pintuan.

Lumiyab ang bawat alikabok
Mga alitaptap na dumadapo
Sa bawat sugat nangingimasok.

Buhok ay nagsimulang lumago
Sabay sa pag-ikli ng hininga
Nagpupumiglas sa bawat pulso.

Isang bulaklak na bumubuka
Dugo at ginto ang tanging dilig
Usbong sa hungkag at tuyong lupa.

Buto at laman ay nanginginig
Balat ay nagsimulang uminit
Halik ng apoy sa pulang tubig.

Umuungol sa bawat pagpunit
Likuran na may bagong pasanin
Ngipin na sukdulang nagngangalit.

Nakalutang sa payak na hangin
Kamay ang nagsisilbing kandila
Maglalakbay sa tulay na itim.

Isang sulyap bago kumawala
Ibinuka ang pakpak na pilak
Huling yugto ng pakikidigma.
11 November 2018

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
xcvii Jan 2016
One Saturday night I found myself stuck to the dance floor at Brick Street Bar and not a moment later I'm stuck to you-
And of all the girls in all the clubs I think we were the only two laughing genuinely.

Four dates later I stripped you down to nothing but nail polish,
And god we ****** for two hours
On a cheaply made bed whose frame was never built for such passions.
You fell for me over and over, and I for you-
There was a sense of urgency in your face every time,
Something your hot Latina blood gave away entirely.

Now I walk you home in thirty degree weather and cling to you so you stay warm
You wear the bracelet I got you for your birthday
And we lay asleep under the red blanket you bought because you know that's my favorite color.

This is how we went from two strangers pressing smiles together in a bar,
to passionate first lovers,
to something so comfortable and right.
TMB. I can't wait to evolve with you.
ConnectHook Sep 2015
in every visible character man differs less from the higher apes,
than these do from the lower members of the same order of Primates

                                                     ­                      Charles Darwin, 1871

The Other claims descent from apes
then acts like a violent monkey.
It pillages, it loots and rapes
performing as Satan’s flunkey.

Its actions bear the mark of Cain;
brandishing cameras, smashing things.
We feel its proto-human pain
yet dread the urban woe it brings.

It tries to justify, with words
its primal carnage, childish rage.
With anthropoid designs deferred
it struts the Darwinian stage.

The higher primate government
rewards them well in ripe bananas
for wrecking their environment
(jungle as well as savannas).

Their mate selection (naturally):
a semi-simian solution:
intercoursing sexually,
to hasten their evolution.

The wombs enlarge – they drop their young
then text their friends while getting high.
They swing from tree-tops, fling their dung –
while down below the humans sigh.***-and-descent-in-relation-to-man/

spysgrandson Nov 2015
sun ******
the river  

cruel crawlers
stealthy stalkers
wicked walkers  
terrible talkers

on the river,
what comes at 2:00 AM when I had too much chocolate
―Go Forth
Flourish in The Light
Of The
Estival Sol,
Elysium of the Soul,
Once you have vanquished
The Stygian,
Your Soul
Awaits You―

~I bid you
Immortal Heartsease
Armistice of Ataraxia:
The Reverberation of our Souls
In the Key of Elysium~.

I. Archean Prelude

The echoes
of your
Memories of
The Light & Airwaves
Pine to
Bloom in Reminiscence
Over the
Days of Yore.

II. The Echoes of Existentiality

We are all atomic particles;
Molecular Particles,
Of an aromatic
Omnipresent Mist:
The Cosmo-Plexus of Empyreal Love

―Echo forth comrades―

Into the Empyrean,
Etherealized Lightscape
Until the
Visage of Creation
Enskies us
To the exalted
El Dorado~

II. Tempus Fugit

The Promise
Of the
Is nigh:

The Yesteryears
Distant Ages,
Archean Aeons;

(Eventuality of Existence)

Our Bygone Days
Of Lovelit, Loveless Life,
Antiquate and
Our Soulwaves
The Spirit of
The Ancient of Days.

III. Nova Cosmogony

Betwixt the Realms
Of the
Beneficent Matriarch Mirror,
Terraqueous Gaia
Unfurls the Vista,
Your Fulgurant Dreamscape:

Only the Sapient of Sages
Doth denude:

The Incorporeal Incarnation
Virtue, it’s vesture,

The Decrepitude of Withering
Dovens the Divine
In the
Vestibule of Vanity,
Sanctimony & Superciliousness
Thence deliquesce;
Bearing **** of Light.

IV. Celestial Morphology

Unveiling the Substance
Of Space and Time;
Spirit and Soul;
Euphony, Harmony;
Atrophy, Intrepidity
All are Entity

Pristine yet vacuous,
Flourishing into
Mystical and shimmering
Nothingness, gropes
For Meta-Astral ―form;

Ventus Divinitas,
The Cosmogonist’s Agenda
Through the
Inchoative Universe.

V. The Temporal Hither:

Her Genesis
Vestal Vicissitudes:

She is
The Twilit Quiver
Uprising in
Darts of the Dawn,

Arrows of Antemeridian
Light Cascade
Our epidermis
With the incendiary
Sovereignty of Sol.

Chars the Canvas
Of Ethereal Skies,
Moonlit, Martyred Mind’s Sky;
The Eve’s Imperator
Inquisitive Spirit Eyes.

By Luminaries
We’re ensorcelled
******* with thought.

~Wondering upon,
Vacuous a fathomed
Cosmogenesis. ~

VI. Tempus et Spatium:

~There are
Edicts unseen
The Esoteric of the Macrocosm

Only the
Transcendent of Tellurians
May tell of
The Life-Rending,
Sunder forth:

Semantics in Constellations;
Gaian Whispers of Sylvan Tale
The Arboreal Wisdom,
Musicality in Zephyrs ruffling Trees of Vale
Hearken unto further
The Winged-Symphonic Bees
(The Bombinating Orchestra)
Soul Untethered = [ Meta-Consciousness ^ Spiritus de Liberty]

Einstein’s General Relativity= [Spatium ^ Matter ↔ Energy ^ Motion]


(Time & Space
The height,
The width,
The depth,
The breadth)
The Empyrean One
Enshrined in Pantheon
Our Virginal, Vestal Souls
Efflorescent Eternity
In our hearts?
(Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Time is fickle
Hydrean Leviathan:

Whilst ye
Voyage her
Seven Seas,
Moor naught
In her
Elapsed chronology;
Her caprice
And ire
Shalt not
Be quelled.

Be roused
Unto her
Perpetuity of
Aqueous Abyssal, Dream Deep Sea;

∞ Her Moments ∞
∞ Extinguished ∞
∞ At Birth. ∞

∞ Eternally, ∞
∞ Reincarnated; ∞

∞The Cosmic Spectrum∞
∞Is Infinite∞

∞Excelsior, Godspeed∞

∞ Elo’him ∞

VII. Ultima Thule:

Empyrean souls,
Doth abide
Pearlescent raiment.

The Cosmogenesis is our Dreamscape:
We are all a cosmos,
Expanding, contracting;
Ebbing, flowing;
Hitherto and thitherto;
Red-Shift and Blue-Shift.

Until the Mellifluous Morn,
Whence the
Zephyr of Life
Reverberates the Musicality
Of The
Arboreal Sages.

Terraqueous Gaia
The Hope of the Ages.
Spirits betwixt
Greater Eden and She’ol.

Count the stars,
Enumerate every
Constellation in The Cosmos
Of your Soulscape scintillating
Upon thine Mind’s Sky.

Whence Luna and Sol
By the Wisdom
Of your starlight.
Are benighted, beseech
The Ancient of Days

For within The Supernal Wavelength
Of the Hallowed Dove.
We glean refuge
Our Aegis,

Awaiting the
Golden, incendiary pinions
Of the
Revenant Phoenix to resurrect us.
Allow the Holy Spirit
to be your Polaris,
― to Elysium.

~By Agape’s Armistice:
The Peaks of Heartsease.
Commune with the Cosmos,
Salvera y Jiustizia
I plead.~”

~This Sacred Lotus seed
Was sown
Into the
Into the Soil of your Souls
, ―By the Astral.

You are a melody,
Sung by
A coloratura,
Burst into a
Tapestry of Fioritura:

Of Hope,

(May you
The Virtues of the Lord)


(The [Your] Living Soul)


(The World)

The Apotheosis of the Astral Flame
Celestial Morphology © is the multi-epistled poem which I sired during the Estival vicissitude. Twas an ineffable cadenza that exhales of the incorporeal essence of mine entity. I had been toiling in sweat, blood, and tears over a written project at the time; consequently, this is the thematic poem begotten.
     It transmutes the zeitgeist of my summer into the Golden Raiment of Polymathy. The oppressed coals of my woe erupted from the igneous core of my heart as these adamantine words. This starry soundscape is the astral crux of my work during 2018.
      I think that there was a vast expanse of my understanding of the world that had been repressed. It had almost been veiled from the heightened sight of my Over-Soul. This was in my sheltered, infantile longing to elude heartache. To keep the flesh- sundering maladies of the world outside my apartment walls: love, passion, iniquity, penitence, forgiveness, piety, cultural fission, intolerance, injustice, indignation, divinity, melody, mysticism, schism, mania, trepidation, faith, wisdom, darkness, and temporally transcendent pain.
          This was my transcribed anarchy against a Fascist Regime. A country exalting body that calls its denizens creationists whilst they slaughter every creation under the sun. The sociological edicts that dictate how art should be produced, the pace, that tell us not to speak of discrimination and mold us to turn a blind eye to the harsh realities of 21st-century postmodern society heavied the air. I just needed to vent and let every bit of internalized asperity or self-directed hatred out in a beautifying paradigm.
      I'm realizing more and more that life is tough and quite frankly, short. I'd rather write for an infinitude on one poem, for the sake of saving myself, rather than compromising my own integrity (and creative latitude). The writing was becoming a drag: less about quality, and more about quantity. Thus, after months of phantasmagorical drought, I bestow a glistening glade of sterling words.
I hope this poem reverberates upon thine soul waves. Please comment as I am open to any feedback; moreover, I beseech it of thee. My deepest gratitude comrades.

Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III
Martin Dove Oct 2018
Amor Fati!
Sayed Nietzsche and wiped the tears from his face
But did he know the gravity of this insight with heavy clarity?
The grandiose, wishful celebration of life with the acceptance of faith
is but a mask that's too light to stand in the way of the actuality of reality,
We don't choose our faith, we can just accept it and try to love it
But can you truly love something that is staring you in the eye while pulling the trigger of oblivion?
I doubt it.

If you are lucky,
the face of faith is a loving, caring young women
with the future in her eyes,
giving you slight signs about how great it will be when tomorrow comes.

But back to the executor,
what about Him, huh?
How can you take the Ultimate Dismissal with pride and love??
How can you see the mechanics of evolution,
the generation of many different individuals,
with a wide distribution of traits.
Of which just a few golden combinations
are well suited for the specific moment
Understanding, that the rest of the beings,
who have feelings (especially those of suffering)
Will prove themselves unworthy to enter the Gates of the next stage of selection?
I don’t know.

But I do hope you are the one who will enter
I do hope I will too
But my hope is of no effect
We will just see what life shows to be correct
Until then let’s not spoil the moment and save the regret
I know monkeys look similar
to people, but that
doesn't mean we're related.
Maybe God
wanted to remind us
that all life comes from
him. I bet you science nerds didn't
think of that.
Martin Dove Oct 2018
I'm not a religious man
but god might be there
Depends on what you mean
and if you think he should care.
I'm not a religious man
But, man, this got me thinking
There really is a sequel
to our life, after it’s ending.

Your life is a wave
Of information and matter
The wave started rising long before
you ever saw your first mother -
I don't believe in reincarnation -
but you are a manifestation of all
past and present influences
past choices and events.
Not just by you. But by eons of elders
that doomed or blessed you to a life of specific circumstance

We are
genetic combinations interacting with nature
A wave. A continuum
Connecting one time to another

Now that's a magical feeling.
We are but seasonal leaves on an ever-growing tree
A tree that’s stuck with existing
that's how it's going to be.
This feeling is humbling
Now I can stop mumbling
For now I feel peace
After writing this ****** little piece
Martin Dove Nov 2018
God doesn’t care
Is what you need to understand
He set the world in motion
Not hoping for your petty devotion
So don't get this false notion
That he loves you as a person
We follow the same rules as other life
We are ants on a higher level of complexity

If you die in a car crash
If you get cancer
If your daughter jumps in front of a train
If your children burn in ****
He does not care.

Or at least he certainly does not cry about it
Its how he made the world
So what can he say about it?
I'm sorry?
I didn't mean to?
That's not the right answer.
He knew what he was doing
And now we eat his pudding

(Creating laws for selection
And effective strategies for a positive outcome
Suffering is one of them -
The reason it hurts is why it ******* works!)

We are meaningless pieces of functional matter
Wandering the world
Hoping to find love and peace
Just so that we could **** and raise children with ease.

Where is this all going?
Making it way too confusing.
Is there meaning to the Anthropocene
Or is it just another random biological flourish
Like the 99.9% of species that so helplessly perished

No one knows
We will have to wait and see
Until then I think its best
To try and enjoy the scene
Just how God intended it to be
Let's just hope he doesn't make it too obscene...
William Eberlein Feb 2013
This dark room is my life.
It is all that I have ever known.
In it,
I am blind to who I truly am,
and I prefer it this way.
I thought it was safe.
I thought it was solid.
I was wrong.
It cracked,
It broke,
and it shattered.
down it came.
Amongst the rubble of my solitude,
my home,
here I stand.

A monster among men.
Jordan Hudson Sep 2018
Monkeys, humans, they're all the same thing
According to scientists who work for a king
They make up lies so advanced they're believable
How 'bout you make some that are at least perceivable
So they say we came from monkeys over gradual time
I guess some monkeys liked being monkeys while the others committed crimes
Breaking the rules of evolution and deciding they weren't ready
Come up with something that makes sense already
The process is so complicated it can't be comprehended it can't be observed closer
Quit with the excuses, even I can comprehend it and I'm a musical composer
Debunk their lies while we save lives and destroy their realm in schools and emphasize the fact that government spies are on the rise to destroy kids eyes while we sit and let them get away with there bull **** pathways while our minds experience exponential decay drilling useless information in innocent kids minds but let me remind you of this time that is falling apart as we unwind everything
Monkeys, humans, their all the same thing
According to scientists who work for a king
They make up lies so advanced they're believable
How 'bout you make some that are at least perceivable
Monkeys, humans, their all the same thing
According to scientists who work for a king
They make up lies so advanced they're believable
How 'bout you make some that are at least perceivable
So they say we came from monkeys over gradual time
I guess some monkeys liked being monkeys while the others committed crimes
Breaking the rules of evolution and deciding they weren't ready
Come up with something that makes sense already
Please don't get offended by this but I don't agree with evolution
Jolan Lade Jun 2018
Shirt on, tie and suit
Rushing out the door in new shoes in hot pursuit after the buss
Onboard, looking for a free seat
Looking for new people to meet
Of the buss, rushing to Uni
Have to be there before eight
I'm late, guess that's just fate
Ready to study, human philosophy
Human evolution, what a catastrophe
A real equation, philosophical question, then the answer and a spicy evaluation
Not what we thought, something we forgot?
I guess not
Thinking really hard
Well, I'm not all that smart...
Chantell Wild Mar 26
am i supposed to
write happy songs
when i am not so happy?
watch this space.
there is
an evolution
a revolution
happening inside of me.
and i am you.
here with you.
doing this thing with you,
n0r May 2018
Struggling inhaling
A swelling, current
Mix of malaise and
Iridescent rays
Whipping within my 6th
To 2nd -

Is this normal
It’s not
Meditation shouldn’t be
This ***** filling
Royalling current of **** -

God, what happened to the bliss?
The breathing in until peace
Amidst a storm
What did I do to deserve this
Everything -

It’s all spread in;
Sins, loves, memories
The currents of the past
Slamming against my dammed
For too long
Now spring 4th

Only by being
May I come to

Know these pieces
Long repressed
In armors rusted shut;

This is spiritual lubricant
                       It’s ******* me hard
I need an acid wash and a raku fire
Roll me in leaves and set me on fire
Glaze me brilliant pink, gold-silver metallics
Turquoise tones...
I looked into the eyes of a lizard today
Saw evolution pass before me in a flash
I dreamed of you last night it was of **** not love
For I do not know you...Just a dream
Is this for love or ****?
I gotta know
Wanna be in love and have it feel like ****
Traveler Feb 9
I find my beliefs
Are mostly inline
With the far LEFT
But you know
Every once in a while
I agree with the RIGHT
In fact fear dictates
I wish I had a hand gun tonight

Must I represent
The evil in this world
My empathy engulfs
Every soul that toils
To be accepted
With due respect
I would give my love
And my life

Sure I am of the pigment white
My ancestors aimlessly struggled
But couldn't put things right
Because they lacked
Something in their bible
“No offence” talk about schism
A map that embraced human slavory-ism
And so...
I consider thinking left
As an evolutionary state
A way to clean the slate!
Traveler Tim
Cody Cooke Feb 10
What if our Species—far away in the past—was actually a race of neanderthals , but then a parasite from a planet inhabited by a race of Intelligent, Enlightened beings came here and has colonized us as meat husks and has failed to build a success.
Eventually, we lost our purpose.
So we followed the Sun—everything’s first god—our last hope as self-conscious apes who act in lines and indoctrinate all kinds of symmetry as dutifully as that big bright spot in the sky goes from Our east to Our west.
We are not jamestown geniuses—we are roanoke—lost in a foreign wilderness, cold and yearning for even a candles’ blink of warmth in the dark that surrounds us, alienates us, swallows us.
What is the purpose of beauty without creatures to charm?
How can the moon awake passions without the black sky of the night?
Where would swallows be going without a winter making them fly?
Why are you afraid of the darkness if you experienced the light?

We are born in pain, because it is pain what proves us alive.
We must master the fall before we learn how to walk.
We can only accomplish success if we experienced the fail.
You are worried, I see, use this friend’s ear, let’s talk.

I hope you believe me, my friend, your worries will pass.
You will endure the pain, you will soon understand.
It can’t be always the same, it can’t be back as it was.
But your night will be over, making place to a brighter dawn.

The phoenix has risen from ashes infinite times.
The flood of punishment passed for resurgence of life.
Our ancestors strove struggles to bequeath us  some peace.
You can make the future brighter. Stand up! Do not abdicate!
Transformations can be painful, pain makes us grow, growth has a purpose. If you ever asked yourself: Why is this happening to me? Hopefully you'll get some relief understanding the metamorphosis of the caterpillars.  I used a metaphoric title to describe in one word what all of us go through at some point of our lives.
k Sep 2018
Times have changed
I used to sleep with the lights on
every single night for fear of
ghosts of my past lurking around
in the darkness
until one day I realized the only thing that
is willing to give me a fright is the daunting task of atually sleeping and
masking the darkness with artificial rays of sun cannot protect me from myself

Times have changed
I used sleep with my lights off and was
only surrounded by the background noise of my dimly lit television in fear of the whispers that may come from the shadows
until one day I realized I cannot mask the voices I hear in my head with artificial noise

Times have changed
I sleep in solitude knowing I am the problem
Alaina Moore Mar 2013
Plagiarism of worthless ideals,
That you so ignorantly hold high.
Shaking in amazement,
How can you call your self alive?

Totalitarian, lethargic lifestyle.
Ignominious displays of disaffection.
Constant contradictions;
Out of your mind.

Caught up in the clouds,
Cognition of mania and level debauched.
Up to high to realize, an “open mind” with locked doors.
Maslow, Skinner, and Darwin alike, turn in their graves,
Over your lack of evolution.
KM Hanslik Feb 28
Baby blue
Standing there in your worn-out shoes
your fingers are gardeners
I am planted in your soil
and if the world is maybe 4.6 billion years
of re-twisting and retrying new sequences of DNA
then I think this is the end-all
200,000 years leading up to this,
200,000 years and I am standing in your light;
because you are the gardener and I am the flower
raise me kindly and I will grow back every year
tend me daily and I will bloom only for you
knock-outs, we're made strong
defy the odds
I will repeat your song
back to you
even when you have forgotten it
even when the cold surrounds you
I belong to you.
MJL Mar 22
So slow
Upright, uptight and downright
Ignor-ante up
Evo n' emo blue bloomers
Sporting brainy flip-flops
Airing stinky feet
Artistically inclined and woefully blindy-blind
Cats hunting with dogs
For salvation and fresh red MEAT
Unhappy, unsatisfied and under the weather
Raining fiery wisdoms 
- Crumb Fighters United -
Get up and do it again Cave Girl
Young and Bad
You’ll feel better
At anothers expense
We're human. Watching humans... Evolution. Please.
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