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Emmett Aug 2015
Burn me with the greatest fire of hell,
throw me into the maddest thunderstorms,
drown me in the deepest ocean,
send me to the darkest places
that my heart may know despair, helplessness, and grandest sorrows
Maybe, then, nothing will be left of me,
save that part which is of Truth.
Maybe, then, I will rise again, like phoenix,
out of the ashes of my old being, anew.
Sydney Rose May 10
i am counting stars in someone else’s sky
when theirs do not glow as bright as mine
for i wish for a life different from now
where i am too blind to notice
all of my blessings that have not been counted
Harley Oliver Oct 2014
half a cup of
a two toned muse
yeilds a quarter of
a sultry pair of cat eyes
& a tragic obsession
with princess serenity
stirred in with a dash of inconsistencies
and every teenage boys dream
under the heat of a mistress gaze
evaporating grammar and errors
mixed in with your matching blacks,
& a quarter dozen
of féline decor
with shoes to complement
toss in a diamond ring
throughly wrapped around
your annulus finger &
indulge it with
strange behavior then
top it off with a silky whip
to accommodate
the quenching fluid of
a ******* *****
October 18, 2013
A Sad Alex Aug 2018
It follows me around you know
Maybe it never really left
It hangs around the air, light as a feather
But it´s presence, heavy as a weight.

As I sit on the bus, an empty seat at my side
It sits, it looks at me, and it stares...
And my mind is flooded with thing we used to do
Things of lovers: to kiss, to hug, to lose myself in you
To show you my affection, to show you I cared.

As I go out to take a walk, it walks by my side
It matches my speed, no matter how slow or fast
And my heart weighs heavy with things I could have done
Tell you I love you, being there for comfort
So much time wasted, never to return.

As I lay in my bed, it lays by my side
Perfectly still, just outside of my grasp
And our future banishes in front of my eyes
Our home, our family, our lives intertwined
It tears me apart, as I begin to cry.

It follows me around, but I can´t leave it behind
The ghost of you, it haunts me day and night
The mistakes I made… The errors of my ways…
I pay for dearly, every single day
Loneliness follows me, and it has your shape…
Hopefully you guys enjoy this one, I felt a bolt of inspiration to write this, and that is one of the best feelings on Earth for me, to just pour yourself on a poem.
Where Shelter Aug 2018
my second fight today with god

the first involves gods correctable errors of judgement

the second,
am asked to deliver a eulogy for someone
I never met and no is not in the range of acceptable answers

alone and misperceived as forsaken, despite calls and poems
glorious and galore, I was slow to realize, now fast,
was I meant to be
her here,
where shelter,
the first, will always now be
too late

you break off pieces for the needy, forlorn,
the ones you might of loved, it’s costly for
both the giver and the forgiven, but I am the unforgiven in giver,
a redeemer failure, the question mark and the short dotted flat line,
uniquely marked human,
the Cain marker forehead now forever a
carved minus sign, meaning I am lessened, lesser and
insufficient was

read out loud, an old soft tender, hers, a missive sweetness tinged with affection, writ by a human savior who did not
do a good enough job, nonetheless,
everyone slaps my back later saying beautiful bespoke,
and when you going home, stay a few days, she’d appreciate

a thank you smile but can’t, though the dead will follow you,
that goes unsaid, but you will know
grander grief yet, as guilt continue-us,
and the tune playing non-stop stop isn’t yours,
but you spoke it  to her once as a justification explanation,

it was true but a nile river-red-colored plague
that added to her dissatisfaction, come disastrous for one  
who didn’t ever get to leave egypt

guess i’m admitting its my fault not gods;
so I let the  ******* off the hook on this one,
but I’ll get even I swear, it/he just laughs,
but this will be one of life’s allusions I will recall and wonder when will that tune cease,
but get no answer from nobody

that tune?

Go 'way from my window
Leave at your own chosen speed
I'm not the one you want, babe
I'm not the one you need
You say you're lookin' for someone
Who's never weak but always strong
To protect you an' defend you
Whether you are right or wrong
Someone to open each and every door
But it ain't me, babe
No, no, no, it ain't me babe
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

Go lightly from the ledge, babe
Go lightly on the ground
I'm not the one you want, babe
I will only let you down
You say you're lookin' for someone
Who will promise never to part
Someone to close his eyes for you
Someone to close his heart
Someone who will die for you an' more
But it ain't me, babe
No, no, no, it ain't me babe
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

Go melt back in the night
Everything inside is made of stone
There's nothing in here moving
An' anyway I'm not alone
You say you're looking for someone
Who'll pick you up each time you fall
To gather flowers constantly
An' to come each time you call
A lover for your life an' nothing more
But it ain't me, babe
No, no, no, it ain't me, babe
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

by Bob Dylan
farewell babe

12:48 pm a blustery Saturday
matilda shaye Aug 2014
Everything comes back to control
There are pins on a board
Places you took me
Needles in my skin
Places you touched me
But, no
This time I'm not losing it
Maybe it's because you're only a foot from me
Maybe I still have some hope
Trials and errors
Everything comes back to trial and error
You were a trial
I was the error
I'm realizing in time,
Everything really does fade to black and white
I'm realizing
Everything doesn't happen for a reason
This wasn't fate
This wasn't a higher power
Here I sit,
Ready to pour
And your back is turned to me
Nothing's the enemy
There is no ******* enemy
Walking through empty corridors,
Filled with paranoia
I'm not afraid of going numb again
That'd be the best case scenario
I'm afraid of feeling this
All of it
Like a slow, steady beating
Like a nail on my kneecap,
A hammer in your hand
Like it was all just
This was your trial
And I was the error
Like a hammer in your heart
Like your heart morphing into a hammer
One swift hit
Trial and error
Poetic T Jul 31
Yesterday is either a

Or a moment that
                      fills us with

contemplation that we

                 did something right.

But if a regret,
         we look into the

So not to repeat the errors
that befell us,
       and brought us to the cliff

of which we jumped from.

Landing anew to the realisation,
   that we may jump.

But we will
          always land at a new point
                        of learning.
rhiannon Dec 2017
a friend told me
"we're only bodies."

molecules sewn together just right to
make the meat stick to the bone
keep the blood inside
keep the thoughts from wandering outside the hard case
soft parts inside not to be damaged
there, but never seen
         (except in thought which happens to happen
         just behind the eyes)
carefully written blueprints hidden
deep inside so small but makes up everything
that makes me
         even the parts I wish I could delete
         except there's not a backspace button
         away from the internet.

my feet take me places but never far enough.
i always find the same places again
over and over
the same old ground
the same old fears same old
errors in the coding:
why do I think those things?
why do I say those things?
who made me this way?
the cells remember,
keeping score of every time i bled
tick marks like attendance slips
to prove i showed up

         i was there
         i don’t know why but i was there
My tear is my gold,
It's what I greedily share
No matter the yoke.
My fear Is God,
Him I give my years
He is my hope.

I smile
To quench my terror,
I strive
To manage my errors.
I'm imperfectly perfect
Hunting for perfection,
Sweating blood for effect
At war for a brighter future.
My joy is in my attitude
It never bows,
In my faith I'm spraying gratitude
Even In height of failures it's loud.

I'm beginning to view the sun
After a long storm,
I'm now a party to fun
Engaging in royal norms.

There has been a silver linen
Behind my once thick clouds
There are roses in my surrounding
Golden rings can now seize my claws.
My big head has become a home for the crown
My once **** face now a delight of the crowd
what a sweet victory
What a testimony.

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Try Dec 2018
it all starts at the tip of my tongue,
the words just flow like water,
like water, like water,
no errors,
never seem to falter,
its that liquid flow,
straight from the soul,
the words just flow like water,
like water, like water,
ain't gonna lose control,
ain't gonna go a stray,
for there ain't nothing for us in the mud yo,
so continue to flow like water,
like water,
like water

© Try
just a bit of mediation and tranquil writing for you all tonight.
abecedarian Jan 2018
rite like Dylan/past the point of no return

all my life wanted to rite just once like Dylan.

but too set in the errors of my way to complement/compliment a master of the phrase, the original tunes I hum’em all
plagued and plagiarized and yet pleasing

head the Head over to the refrigerator, arrive in one piece,
but totally not remembering why I came this way,
cause i am way way past the point of no return

Oh yeah oh yeah cool brother Corona light to succor the soul,
while roasting body slow in a lavender bubble bath and it ain’t
even noon and no no room for company, this solo wonder-boy
tripping alone

pay my bills in the bath, winnow the widow-maker reading list,
good ****** on a free sundaey and there ain’t no football to watch and autocorrect authority don’t like ****** it only godded one D, as if He needs two D’s to mess us up better

the Corona doing magic trick disappearing so fast and here i am
certified past the point of return and there ain’t no more beer
in the general vicinity

so now the time to summarize my little darlings;
don’t break beer bottles in the bathroom,
don’t pay your bills in the bathtub when u gots 53.42 in cking,
don’t take your iPhone unsheathed into the same vicinity

all you will be left with is maxed out cc’s,
messes you want
not to tangle with,
brain leavings of a bad poem half write,
it isn’t even bad dylan mimicry
but confirmation you passed the point of no return

and u happy hum
don’t think twice it’s alright
it is all on my cover photo
I keep asking, working,

Asking and Working
         Asking and Working
                  asking and Working

   I will handle your problem?


I see a similar problem?
       Can you handle my errors after. . .
I try to resolve,

Penelope Winter Jul 2017
Throughout history,

Hearts have been broken,
Children have died,
Tears have been shed
By widows who cried,
Wars have been fought,
Homes have been burned,
Errors repeated
From lessons unlearned,
Good have been murdered,
Bad given freedom,
Rich throw to waste
What the poor yearn to feed on.
Few have found refuge;
Re-learned how to smile.


The poets who sat down
And wrote for a while.

- p. winter
Afia Jul 2018
A shaft from the golden sun,
reclined peacefully in my lap.
The amber gleam reflected back,
and gently baked the solemn land.
An ardent whisper furnished the woods
with a viridescent scent that woke up the woods.
Silver songs of sleek streams,
chased the lullabies away;
Ancient tress cuddled the wind,
their leaves clapped in sheer bliss
The broken winged white eyed bulbul,
warbled hymns to lift the curse.
Scarlet tainted vintage letters resting in the rustic mailbox,
await your tender touch; while they chant for a past long gone.
But lily livered clouds,
they have turned your courage into a yellow illusion.
So now defy the toxic words and the errors you made,
A different person inside your skin, long ago, burned our hearts on the hateful flames.
I look for answers in Nature.

The fairytale of George W. Bush
Barack Obama

(Villanova Pennsylvania: December, 2016)
JustHayy Sep 2018
let’s write poems
tell each other

stay up all night
it’s the only way
to keep it

let’s scrap book
glue in
all the pieces



the trials
and errors

The nows
and nevers

Let’s write poems
of life without
violavics Jul 2017
Up above, there lies a jay
stringing along; hymns echo
films dotted with distinct remembrance
impede below

Delightful sanity gives surprises
broken-hearted yet spiteful
nor mistaken nor having realized
It's cunningly difficult  

Streams lead to a waterfall
floating out and about: turning into
an unfamiliar ocean. Foreign gestures shall
not be welcomed for as long as they ensue

Intertwined with realms of sheer
doubt results in egregious errors
unwilling to surrender or adhere
with principles that speck terror

Behind it, traces remain
with what is divine
make certain that it cannot be found and named --
No matter how much caution lies
July 1 2017
ardnaxela Jun 22
she hates the poor
tosses her neighbors right out the door
sweeps the facts up under the mat
tell me how right is that?
to makes rules that benefit
the one percent already rich
neglect the side effects
or the lives she may impact
freedom remains a mystery
between her and me
America, see
we tend to disagree
she hides her errors in arming her terrors
as they assassinate
our heirs;
eradicated their history
then tried to write it back
to a blank
a page of empty space
now tell me how white is that?
3:47 am (WIP)
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