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rob kistner Aug 13

eyes glide luxurious flesh
tracing the soft edge
of dark and light
where the moon fondles your form
folding itself upon you
through the open window

eyes embrace full measure
your lyrical essence
lost in the silken tangles of your hair
radiant in back-light
fanning in soft wisps
your graceful neck

eyes linger
on eager bud of tender breast
slip slowly 'round subtle curve
of rising waist
to crest the elegance
of sculpted hip

then pause

entranced by the velvet flower
sensuously shadowed in satin cleft
where supple limb meets supple limb

enraptured by this vision
sweet aglow
I swoon
and swell to bursting


rob kistner © 2007
(revision © 2018)
Soft erotic contemplation on beholding beauty, veiled only in moonlight.
Ashley Aug 12
Here in the morning gloaming
my skin flaming
as I imagine red kisses
from smouldering lips!

How easily
in anticipation
you make me wimper
before with pleasure
making me simper -
each kiss
another hot coal
placed on my rawness
with searing softness.
rob kistner Jul 15
To anyone reading this piece before this version, I apologize. In my sleepy state last night,  I inadvertently published the unfinished draft which faded into gibberish. I hadn't even settled on the title.
I'm quite embarrassed, and so sorry, but it is finished now.

he feels the warm weight of her soft silken thigh
pressing against his

the tender flesh of her hip
urgent against his eagerness
creatimg a lustful
rise to pleasure
as he responds involuntarily
by the sweet pain of covet

a heat spreads through him
a quickening of pulse

he swells and swoons
a deep need overtakes him

the man wants the woman
here before him
leaned low and craving

he has her naked and availed
in his prurient fantasy
her blooming flower
hot and pungently moist
a heady bouquet of ready

this night
fantasy be damned

he reaches 'round her
firmly encircling her waist
with his strong arm
bending her forward
with the power of his body

his other hand frees himself
he enters her
thrusting to impail her soul

consumed by her passion
rolling her head back
she gasps a long-held breath
lusty with whimpers of carnal joy
throaty moans of ecstacy

here begins a dance
of dizzying desire

she is wanton
pleasure incarnate
Salome's sultry sister

his urges hot and husky
on her ear and cheek
she opens fully before him

they churn in slow pleasure
his thrusts grow ever deeper
more rapid
beyond eager

with every thrust and
with evey long return
they whirl and soar
higher ever higher
faster ever faster
in step with their beating hearts
gliding on euphoria
wholly enraptured
in their dance of love


rob kitner © 2018
Love's seduction on thr dance floor.
rob kistner Jun 26

radiant in the bloom of youth
perfect skin of alabaster
eyes blue as the sea of Xanadu
chestnut hair flows thick and lustrous

your voice is soft as spring's first breeze
melodic as Chopin's sonata
you smolder on this april night
so much more than captivating

your satin robe falls soft away
your shoulders wrapped in moon's embrace
you comely gaze into my eyes
my heart and all of time stands still

my eyes then glide your wondrous form
trace the gentle edge of shadows
where moonlight fondles your perfection
enfolding you through midnight's window

my eyes hold soft your lyric essence
lost in tangles of silken hair
aglow in nocturne's silvered light
they fan in wisps your graceful neck

I touch eager bud of tender breast
entranced by your smooth and velvet flower
yearning in the satin cleft
where supple limb meets supple limb

I reach to take you in my arms
to know us by our flesh on flesh
with precious care I lay you down
enwrap you in my lover's passion

alive this rush of sweet sensations
sweet swept away in a flood of pleasure
so wonderfully new - you are my first
the one I always will remember


rob kistner © 2009
(revised 2018)
These are sweet hot memories of two lover's first carnal pleasures.
The innocent awe of passions first release.
It has been a long time for me, but the sounds, fragrances, the setting, what she wore and didn't wear, the exciting anricipation, the fear of failing, the eagerness, that first free feeling of naked flesh on flesh, the magical foreplay, and the rush of pleasure -
i still remember...  ~ vividly ~
Nathan Jul 23
Seductive wayward hands
Like silk, soft too the touch
Travel down her lustrous skin
Southbound too their destination
Lips, neck combine in passion
Warm breath on the neck
Turns into sultry slow kisses
She grips his hair tightly
Her soft moans reverberate in his ear
As his fingers glisten with her lust
rd Aug 10
A mere thought of you
sends ripples through.
A rush and a jolt
renders ecstatic tumult.
A seismic sensation;
thought of you..an electrifying stimulation!

This coup
A new nation
Loyal dedication
Its classification

‘Species procreation’
Prevents us from facing
A human cessation
selective mutation

It may help explaining
The reasons
But not the foundation
Or actions
We’re basing

A simplification
is “continuation”
that’s left vacant
We’re chasing

We sweat
Eyes are gazing
A slight
In need of hydration
Complete excitation
Intense stimulation
Deep urges
Heart racing

By sensations

Unbounded fixation
Time no longer wasting

This capitulation
a Sanctification
Erotic gyrations
Hinting penetration

A safe haven
For what
we are craving
Once out
and displaying

It all had been taken
Feeling vacant
Freed imagination
A resuscitation
Indulged depravation

A rhythm
we’re setting
The giving and getting
the bedding

All else I’m forgetting
with each other
Like entangled netting
on the same trip
Unified with same heading

Now comes
the summation
A true
Smash all expectations

That lasts the duration
Loud gasp
We unlock

Filled with gratification
Written: July 8, 2018

All rights reserved.
Purcy Flaherty Jul 2017
I was just in the closet July 1988
Not a word was said; 'sept acouple of whispers and an obvious desire to fuck!
Mop buckets, heat and the stink of her pussy,
Harsh staggered breaths tell the truth,
Petulant hands and harsh fingers.
Nickers and pants half pulled down,
Hard truths pushing through,
I had to fuck her from behind,
Very confined, quick, clumsy, erotic, release.
We both staggered out;  her mate much older waiting outside, bold as brass, she  looks me up and down all tough and says  assertively i'm next! and fuck I was back in the closet 1988
Two brazen cleaners take the new boy in the closet in 1988 extract from my diary.
Nobody Sep 2017
First he demanded I force him on the bed.
He said don’t dare relent till he’s fully spent.
So I start by removing all of his clothes,
kiss and bite him all over, so very slow.

Then he makes me bind both his hands tight,
orders a satin scarf to blind his eyes.
Next I gently bite his neck on both sides,
stirred on even more by his erotic cries.

My tongue wants to lick him just where he likes,
he trembles and shakes as I lick him up right.
He’s hard and tasty, I tease him till I’m sore;
suck and stop, he can’t take it, and begs for more.  

My mouth is so warm, he’s slippery wet.
I take it, and smother my throat in the mess;
and after he’s been pushed so close to the edge,
he rapidly pounds my mouth till the end.
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