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money bought him
the young flowers to
money bought him

yet his money
bought him trouble
for his victims were
well below the age of

his money will need
to buy good legal
as the New York prosecutors
so desire his

money never purchased
him an ounce of
on his money he'll be
left to endlessly
ConnectHook Aug 11
Jeffrey Epstein is gone. Suicided?
The conclusion is still undecided.
A libidinous god . . .
or a jewel for Mossad?
The tribunal is deeply divided.

Mr Epstein is gone... wonder where.
Is he dead? All conjecture is fair.
Was that him on the slab?
We all hoped we would blab;
his declassified secrets to share.
He used to manage my hedge-funds back in the day ☺
May Scoff Jul 8
If there are 12 things I don't like, it's people sitting on a jury. If there are 13 things I don't like, it's people sitting on a jury and that stupid-looking dog of your's. If there are 14 things I don't like, it's the letters B, H, T, W, I, C, N, M, E, P, G, A, L, & D. If there are 4 things I don't like, it's this list. Fortunately there are thousands of thousands of things I don't like.

— The End —