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Madeline Aug 22
i am traces of my mother
i have the power
to move mountains
and create new life

with each kiss
she gave me
seeds were planted
she told me that
flowers go with green

for we both have
green eyes of envy
don't let it control you
my dear

for green eyes can be
filled with jealousy
and hate
alluring but dangerous

allow these flowers
to keep you humble
she says
remember who you are
Warren-Johnson Nov 2017
Love  be not selfish
Love be not jealous
Love be not envious
Love be not rude
Love be not idle

Love be an emotion
Love be faithful
Love be forgiving
Love be a want
Love be a hope
Love be a need
Love be joy
Love be selfless
Love be true
Love be kind
Love be patient
Love be righteous
Love be respectful
Love be trusting

Love be a home filled with children's laughter.
Love is greeting a stranger with a sincere smile.
Love is treating others with care, taking a small moment in all our activities to consider the next person.

Looking at our world, if love was a species, surely it it would be a protected species.

Is love still alive ?
I'm sure yes
God created us in his image
God is love
Love was Our species (the human)
Love should be me
Love should be you
Love should be a nation
Love should be our race

What have we become?
PoserPersona Jun 2
face of the moon,
rapturous cratered wink.
full prowess witnessed, in cycling weeks

ocean's tides swoon,
halted beasts chorus hymns.
furless monkeys impart, fire metal ships

celestial light,
vague guide to heaven's stars.
Sol's envious gaze, blazes afar

Terra glows bright,
yet forgets your dear gift.
for seditious moments, solar eclipse
Woman Aug 1
I have so much in me.

But most of it I’m not brave enough to write.

The honesty from others nourishes me, the honesty from myself terrifies me.

Thank you.
Here I'm rejected
there I'll be condemned
I'll not be excepted

in my face, subjected
to every form of malice-- crammed
among those suspected
of betrayal--- contempt

raises its venomous#  head and I'm hated
for the views I hold--  hemmed
by envious forces-- everywhere hunted
I am an innocent victim--damned

and left to ideas I've constructed
my own pain to consume---stamped
TRAITOR* -- my only hope is to be vindicated
by future generations which would have my thoughts revamped!
# sorry, I spelt wrongly last time
* italicised
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