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Isaac Jul 2018
white pages before me
pure as snow

no mark, no scratch
no story to show

page after page
waiting to be used

patient, at peace
excited, and amused

each page a day
of the future world

anticipating the time
when their purpose will unfold

who will be a part of them?
everyone but those yet to be

who will enjoy them most?
the people who now get ready
Written 1 July 2018

Start purposefully and knowingly planting seeds now.
OpenWorldView Oct 2018
You mind your steps
   after you've stumbled.
You miss your home
   after you’ve left it.
You value your health
   after you’ve been sick.

But you can’t enjoy life
   after you died.
carpe diem
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
I fell apart, but I'm still alive
I've got promises in my eyes
I guess they didn't make it to you
But I've got prospects too
It doesn't matter what you say
When you blow your own way
I can still hear your song for miles
But now I sing along and smile

There's a deed to be dealt
But I'm the last guy you felt
And if it still feels sad
Then the man must be bad
He doesn't know where to push
He doesn't know when's too much
And if my face comes to your mind
You're already out of time

Did you think about you said?
How often does it come to your head?
For awhile, I couldn't get it out
But I forgot what you were talking about
I guess time can heal the good
As the bad still wish they would
I'll be fine and you'll be dead
Or just the same with him in bed
Luz Hanaii Jan 2014
Many people eat, or shall I say swallow or devour their food too fast.
First I pray over my food blessing it, giving thanks for its source
of nourishment, I give my genuine appreciation for what I'm about
to eat.
I take a bite, zip or small mouthful, savoring eat bite, chewing carefully
for a very long time, without haste, without the feeling that I must
quickly satisfy that hunger feeling.

I am able to detect each and every flavor of my meal, the salt, the sweet,
or tangy flavors, each and every spice in that meal.
The more I chew the better my digestion will be.  I also eat in a mind of
gratefulness for this meal the earth and the hands of my brothers have
provided for and brought to my table.

Small portions become filling and I don't require a second helping.
I make peace with my food, my digestion and my surroundings.
This is not a time to plan, worry, fear or rush... just thank and enjoy!
sara Dec 2018
I’ve never heard this song before
as flowers come out of the floorboards;
I forget what my heart had ever been sore for.
life is as light as you let it be- a difficult pill to swallow sometimes
Iska Mar 2018
We are all so clever,
With our posts and our lies,
And honest comments deleted
To wither and die.
Filters for beauty free of flaws
So we may withstand societies claws.
So we upload
pictures, stories and posts.
I wounder what is it
we long for the most?
To be accepted?
To be seen?
To cause envy?
Or Jealousy?
What is the point?
The whole worlds plugged in,
And we all have hundreds of thousands of “friends”.
yet who is it that
truly cares for us in the end?
Face to face?
What a disgrace!
Letters to send?
This must come to an end!
Written word?
Thats simply absurd!
Memories made?
They still do that these days?!
Now this is a crazy idea..
Just a thought..
What if we all....
Just unplugged?
Not once or twice
And call it a night,
But more like a day?
To spend as you may?
To feel the sun?
To laugh with friends?
And make beautiful memories
to carry with you til the end?
Enjoy the moment of pure bliss,
filters, comments or harsh judgements.
To be yourself
and embrace your life,
Then when your done
You can replug.
And check on all your comments and likes.
And see which was the thing you remember at night.
I get it.
I do it too
But sometimes you need to stop
And just be you.
Wellspring Oct 2018
It begins with the ominous clouds that roil and billow over the sky.
Then they darken:
Soft whites...
Seductive greys...
All the way to the purple black that haunts the skies on the cusp of a winter night.

The smell that follows this sinister nebula of vapor hanging over your head is that of life bringing relief.
The smell of dry earth mingling with that of the fresh water above reminds one of summer breezes, freedom and relaxation.

The cool but warm drops of moisture start gently stroking your shoulders and arms.
The strength increases, forcing you to squint as you take in the beautiful composition of nature above.

Soon you're covering your head as the rain pelts down and you race for shelter.
The puddles appearing on the floor disrupted by the matter consistently falling into them.

You peer into the world, completely changed, as you visibility decreases and smile, the metallic twangs to the rain hitting the patio roof fill your ears and soul with its rhythm and music.
I LOVE the rain.
Kevin J Taylor Jan 2016
Enjoy the sunshine when she comes
Enjoy the blue skies cleared of grey
And with a glad song in your heart
Enjoy the sunshine when she comes

Enjoy the sun through dancing leaves
Enjoy her warmth against your skin
Enjoy the flowers and the green
Whatever else your day may bring

Enjoy the sunshine when she comes
It's been a while my dear old friend
Since we have walked and talked and laughed
Something we should do again

Enjoy the sunshine when she comes
Until then—
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry from common things.)

Final ticks on the clock
Hourglass; a few grains
Might not make sense to you
But I am not insane
Feel the end drawing near
I don't have much time left
I'm okay to move on
Only have one regret

Many mornings passed by
Was in bed wrapped up tight
Fire streaked through the sky
And the day replaced night
An explosion of hues
Fire that God had set
The sky painted for me
Did not see; I regret

Or a clear and cold night
Spent locked up and away
Prisoner in my home
By my choice it's this way
Staring at the TV
Often feel like its pet
Should have stared at the stars
Beauty missed; I regret

An assembly of friends
Maybe family event
It could be something small
Or require repent
Those I love and I know
People I have yet met
Socialize; Interact
Did not do; I regret

I followed my heart
And my dreams were alive
Lived each day to the max
Drinking nectar of life
The potential I had
Wasn't lost on a bet
Fairy tale had come true
Dreaming still; I regret
Written: May 28, 2018

All rights reserved.
Donna Jun 19
Live life,  don’t worry
what people think of you , laugh
have fun love and smile
Ain’t worth worrying if people don’t like  you they sure ain’t worrying about you , this is my motto today and I shall most certainly stick by it *** ❤️
RK Sep 21
I saw it in the window as I was passing by.
The beauty and the  colours completely caught my eye. I stood and took a moment to bring my own self back, to watch the nature of desire and catch it in the act.

Drawn like a moth to flame I stepped inside the door. Taking in the atmosphere admiring the decor. With a sense of AWE wanting to explore, the colors in this garment, made my senses soar.

I just knew I loved it and love takes many forms
I touched it with my fingers felt the sensation all the more. Gold, silver blue threads shimmered in the light, this truly was a work of art, of that I had no doubt.

I had to try this garment, the call came from my soul. A memory of something I couldn't ignore. I pondered on this feeling and brought it to the fore. A feeling of bliss came flooding from the core.

Wow! it felt so beautiful it fit me like a glove.
Stepping  from the dressing room I felt the creators love. Beauty has its glory, I truly felt at home.  Beauty is within,  I am never alone.

The assistant she walked towards me with an eye as sharp as mine. "You know,  this was designed" she said, "especially for your kind. She didn't need to make a pitch, she saw the appreciation in my eyes.  

I stood before the mirror and I twirled all around. I studied every angle but no fault could be found. It seemed to me perfection so I will wear it proud.  
Because  I already know;   " I am” the treasure to be found.
A day in town was the cause of this poem.
So I bought the garment and wrote this poem.
Very enjoyable purchance .
Than you my friends .
FreeMind Sep 2018
I want to be that book You can't stop reading.
I want to be that song You can't stop singing.
I want to be that air You can't stop breathing.
I want to be that life You can't stop living.

Oh Darling, tell me I'm enough!
September 8, 2018
Harry Kelly Jun 2018
I think we stayed at every good hotel in the West.
Big suites
Hot tubs
Room service
We were really living the good life.
Nothing like a little drug money to help you indulge in
the finer things.
"Easy come Easy go"
Only people who have never sold drugs can say that.
Easy.......Yeah, Right.
Dealing with whackos
Getting robbed at gunpoint
Driving across the country with enough weight to get you
                                            Life in Prison.
Stressful.  Very stressful.
So we'd stay in Fancy Resorts.
Knowing one day it would all end
May as well enjoy it while you can
Because eventually you get caught
And if you make it out alive, all you have are the memories.
Like that time we were staying at the Royal Palms
Next to the former President's family.
Getting up from the pool, smoking crystal behind the cactus
While the former first lady swam laps.
She still looked pretty good in a bathing suit.
Old gal.
September Roses Jul 2018
As the sun slowly sets
The precursor to the week
With deadlines,
                            ­               Oh so bleak
The calm before the storm
  Too restless to enjoy
For everybody knows
     It's sunday's melancholy ploy

    Responsibilities loom overhead
     Our heart as heavy as the air
      The world has now gone silent
              We sit in subtle fear
Tanya Feb 7

I looked through every playlist,
with a hope to find You in the songs
to hear Your voice, track You in melody
Let my ears enjoy;

I searched for You in the cabin
where the book You gave me lays
I found You in some poems but then
You’re somewhere, far away;

Maybe You are hiding in the t-shirt,
I can sense You there,
only scent is what I find -
I search for You again.
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