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kirk Feb 2016
Oh Annette Tidy, I would love to lick your ****
Show me that you like it, you **** loving ****
******* pulled beyond your hole, while kneeling like a mutt
Legs apart so far and wide, I don't want your ******* shut

Spread you cheeks across my face and open your hole wide
Pelvic thrusting on my tongue, while I'm slipping it inside
The taste of it is magical, when tongue and *** collide
I can lick your ***** too , but I'll let you decide

It's okay if your a *****, when it's ***** and bums to pluck
A Furry ***** is alright, it's still so good to ****
Soiled ******* I don't mind, they make my cockerel cluck
A touch of romance is quite fine, but so is a good ****

Oh Annette Tidy let me knock on your back door
You can show me your intentions, you filthy ******* *****
I doesn't matter that we're strangers, because our *** is raw
If your like the phone box says, then what are you waiting for?

So come on now get naked, and I will do the same
let me have your **** hole and a **** ******* game
According to the writings your a filthy kind of dame
I've read that your an **** ****, so your be glad I came

Oh Annette Tidy, I am on a real *** hunt
I would be so happy, if your proper ***** ****
Whether your a posh girl, or just a ******* munt
You need to get your knickers off, and I'll give it a punt

I'll be grabbing onto your ****, and It would be devine
Vigorous ******* may result, in hearing your **** whine
If your a cheater that's okay, it really is quite fine
As long as your cheating with me, and you are ******* mine

So push your **** upon me, let my **** slide in
I'd **** without a rubber sheaf, it's better on bare skin
I'm sure that you'll enjoy it, when your sitting on my pin
And **** old Dennis Richmond, cos I don't give a **** about him

Oh Annette Tidy, I fancy a real good ****
I am really hoping, your a ***** ******* ****
It doesn't matter if your good looking, or a dried up hag
***** lips are free to flutter, when I **** your fleshy flag

**** ******* is so good, what a fantastic feeling
The tightness squeezing on my rod, that's what I find appealing
Doing **** would be great, bent over or just kneeling
An ******* that is spread wide, is really quite revealing

So when my **** is hard enough I would stuff it in your ***
Fingers up your ***** and your ******* under thumb
A frigging is in order, because I want to feel your ***
******* in your tight hole, I would really give it some

Oh Annette tidy, let us have some ****** fun
Let me see you naked, and I will ***** your hot cross bun
I also like a wet ****, but these things must be done
For you squirt me with your juice, just like a Capri Sun

I hope that you like big *****, cos I have a nine inch ****
Because I'm not hung like those fellows, who are in Hong Kong
So I won't put it all in, in case it is too long
But if you want the whole lot, I'll make sure that it says strong

Are you such an **** *****, well I don't really know
You could be a real ***** ****, or just an average joe
If your not that kind of girl, then somewhere else I'll go
Because I'm looking to get ******, and a **** and blow

You maybe such a nice girl, and you get home by ten
So you might not be interested, in ridding my big ben
I'm sure there's **** ladies, who'd like playing in my pen
A **** time they can have, if I went round to their den

Are writings on walls true, you don't have to sit there idly
If you want an arrangement, I could ******* every Friday
Unless you are a nice girl, and your a bit like Heidi
And your up in the mountains thinking . . . . Oh Annette Tidy!
Cybran impression darkened their portal
as the violet door swung to reveal
The Great Revelry:
A cyberpunk rave of drugged-up circuitry,
The magnitude of the bass
in all electronica's grand glory.

The Aeon gaze drifted away
to tranquil thoughts on a turquoise bay,
The soothing waves reminiscent of otherworldly gains.
The Empyreal Readings:
An aqueous trance enhanced
by chemical meaning.
The UEF's breath swept the clouds,
The Earth Empire sighed aloud.
N Dec 2017
People always say that relationships are hard,
but they are not supposed to feel exhausted.
It shouldn't be so self consuming and agonizing.
You put me through this emotionally draining cycle almost every day.
It goes like this:

you get provoked and infuriated,
I push to defend myself,
you argue then neglect me,
I feel at fault and withdrawal myself,
you manipulate and guilt trip me,
I apologize,
you are apologetic yet unlawfully canny,
I build you back up.

After the cycle,
You are left feeling complete yet
I am left with an ample void.
After the cycle,
your integrity, contentment, and overall mind set,
are surely enhanced and amplified
I am left with an everlasting void
that expands through every small dispute

you guilt trip me after every single fight,
saying you aren't worthy of me,
that you aren't good enough.
I can't let you think that,
so I fix your thoughts.
It's so tiring.

I'm trapped.

I care about you, so how could I leave.
But even if i wanted to, I couldn't
there are barriers.

your friends would hate me,
your sister would dislike me.
your bestfriend yet also my bestfriend, would leave me.

I cant risk these things.

I feel trapped.

But i love you,
so its okay.

Andrew Rueter Aug 2017
Your advice
Is my vice
And you continue to add vices
And you swim like mad pisces
Through my stream of thoughts
With all the lessons you taught
From all the advice you brought
So I avoid your glance
To not give you the chance
To see the results of our fishdance
Or how much my life has been enhanced
Until I begin to flounder
As those pisces become piranha
Feeding on other considerations
And growing colossal
Until your kraken is in my mind
Cracking up my mind
Stacking up the time
It takes to get out of bed
As I trust the tentacles that tie me down
To a life floating on the surface
Of an ocean
Where the fish burn like a furnace
And I watch the water evaporate
Like the advice on which you elaborate
As the advice that was once there
Is currently water vapor in the air
As I start to think of us as a pair
From inside my secret underwater lair
That is the cavern of my mind
Where a school of fish
Teach me how to live and die
ConnectHook Sep 2015

It’s about leveraging potential income
to enhance output-maximizing sustainability …
It’s about de-funding unsustainable income outcomes.
It’s about results-based data-enhanced paradigm shifts.
It’s about demobilizing upward mobility:
dis-empowering gentrification
by underfunding the over-entitled.

It’s about de-funding unsustainability
until the immeasurable metric is globally assimilated.

It’s about the designated data-driver.
It’s about memes as theme schemes.

It’s about complicating competence
through collaboration in collusion –
intentionally replicating re-branding –
effectively identifying best practices of the best-dressed actresses
until the girl in the t-shirt says “meh”.
check her out in all her glory:

Wanting only someone
to understand me?
Selfish cliché.

I want to understand her,
Share empathy at a glance,
For perception to intertwine,
Emotion to be enhanced;
Union of the sensus.
Traveler Oct 2015
The fear is limited
To the chills up the spine
Ghosts cling to the living
Spirits cling to good times

The music and laughter
Binds the trance
The heart beats
In mysterious rhythms
Paranormal enhanced

Waxing from a Libra moon
The shadow worlds ignite
Young at heart soar forever
In a restless states of fight

The veil of Samhain
Be opened wide
Let wandering soul roam free
As we celebrate another year
   Of Natures selfless deeds ...
Traveler Tim
re to 08-18
Sally A Bayan Aug 2014
(10 X 10)  

What a prudent choice, to walk under the pouring rain,
enjoy its cool, refreshing comfort, touching, sliding down one's toes,
walk over the puddles, and spots that are so muddled ...
body, mind, clothes, soaking wet...stained, ingrained with stubborn dirt,
now, washed, courageously surviving acid tests of life,
emerging cleansed, transformed, filled with more sense, wisdom and tolerance,
no more airs, just compassionate, sharing more, this time around...
It's like a new YOU, facing the same world, armed
with rekindled enthusiasm, an enhanced attitude, and fresh, newborn perspectives.

Be brave, be drenched with rain...let it cleanse you.


Copyright 2014
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
*** ...rainy days, rainy thoughts, somber mood,
a mug of hot coffee...hmmm...***
jane taylor May 2016
deliquescing into nature
i am engulfed in stillness

i encounter a deer as i round a corner
its chestnut eyes intensely sense
something wild within me
we meld palpably
whispering our essence

myopic views warp into acute focus
golden flowers stretch and arch
and yawning into the sun
swell with bursts of luster
whilst violets polka dot the path
with lilac luminescence

dead tree trunks
mutating into masterpieces
yearn for new life
drawing in the squirrels

yellow-bellied birds
sensing my motions
whilst woodland winds undulate
pine scented waves of sea salt oceans

my ears enchantingly enhanced
by bristling leaves caressing trees
as scintillating amber butterflies
dance in synch
with the clock tower’s
ancient chiming

a gust of wind
catches a patch of sand
and sends it quivering
fusing high in summer air
then falling soft as feathers

hidden fairies prance about
answering unheard questions
problems dissolve in emerald meadows
without a hint of striving

essays write themselves
upon my mind
poetry flows through me
wings of meadowlarks
trace my face with nuances
interlaced with connotations

rushing home
i write it down
then bowing i take credit
for what was etched upon my soul
by a sunbeam in the forest

Deadwood Jawn Dec 2018
I have been

A stronger machine.

                                          A tighter fit.

                                                           ­                    A strengthened one.

A sharper sword.

                                          A stronger shield.
                                                    ­                          A warmer heart.

A deeper love.

                                           A gift from above.
                                                       ­                     A gift from Him.

                                              The gift to heal.
I pray my empathy never disappears. It is a gift. I treasure it always, Lord. What are you thankful for, this year?
Robert Ronnow Aug 2015
Dad said I'd be good at marketing
since I like making lists. Classifying
the woods and herbs, jazz tunes, poets' poems and poems for people
and I've also considered sorting humans into novelistic categories:
compassionate, responsible
logical, radical
scientific, silent
garrulous, querulous
masterful, mindful

leader, liar
persnickety, prejudiced
appealing, apoplectic
decisive, persistent
natural, enervating
effective, fastidious
passive, embarrassed
aimless, familiar

sociable, impregnable
amorous, demanding
delirious, disciplined
silly, assimilated
holy, hungry

Next there would be settings.
Deserts, moon colonies, submarines, George Herbert and his God.

Motives for acting
driven by personality, DNA (******* DNA!), sinning,
necessity and whatever happens in the afterlife. Spinning
with the planet but sitting still and thinking deeply.


School bus, snow plow
train whistle, cello
alarm clock, traffic report
Beijing, Cincinnati
former adversaries, adolescent lovers
any day could be your last day, Hombre
mango, avocado
superstition, cancer treatment
enhanced interrogation, blurry vision
jacket and tie, why am I waiting
quiet remembering, day by day goes by without poetry without grace
seedless watermelon, rabbit in my garden
too much to do, not much to do
hip hop rhythms, how white people like to shake hands
who can't do anything about his skin color, Nelson Mandela
pluck the gold key, touch me personally
breakfast salad, stay in school
Afghanistan, strangulation
banana, Guatemala
mountains and rivers forever, never will I allow myself to live long
      enough to end like that
that's for sure, sure in your computer
the brain contains the universe, the universe has a brain
stream cutting gorge, last snow patch
photosynthesis, missing dad (or mom) in poem
whatever you want, the freedom of summer gone and only one ****
paper sleeping bag, ear souvenir
peace, twice
lemonade, amulet
how to make history interesting for Johnnie, washing your pajamas
chain saw, no strip joints or strip malls in the Gaza Strip
frantic century, ****** tissue
Jerusalem, reducing fractions
polytechnic institute, grandma's sauce
Äŧül Nov 2017
Right when it was the end of the road for me I thought,
I saw some light at the end of the tunnel so very dark,
Casually being nice and so friendly to a fellow poet.
Hugging my soul so tight in this love-decorated ark,
Enriched I am by your presence in my life,
Need you I do as my compatible loving wife,
Eternally grateful to you I will be even in my afterlife.
Dear, dear Princess bear Pooh, I will always love you.

By that Creator I swear to be with you forever,
Your days will see healthy sunrises with me.

My forever lover you are going to be,
Your eternal lover I will forever be.

Love you I do like our Creator loves us all,
Only careful I am being so I am not so fast,
Vents of oxygen that you have unclogged,
Early days of our relationship will forever last.

A surprising ray of hope you were initially,
Nicknamed you as my dear Baby Pooh Bear,
Did you ever think that you will get your Angel back?

Casually you kiss my cheeks & I kiss your forehead,
And we kiss each other on the lips too,
Righteously I care for your comfort & health,
Enhanced with your love is all my wealth.
You are a super woman, my Love,
And you are
Richened by my love and care.
Another one of my secondary acrostic poems.
My HP Poem #1675
©Atul Kaushal
DivineDao Apr 2016
Choral and gospel babe's reciting a poetry
in a modern way. She is a choclate griotto
wrapped up in a southern comfort gown.

He guessed her amazingly hot origin from musicality in her velvety dark mane, in her ****, humming womanly voice. Appealing much as her bountyful body.

The excellerating vocal interpretation gaudied the lingering air surrendering to those poetic sounds coming from her to us, over and over again. If you want! Reciting some of the longer Jim's poems. In a dark room, remembered, spoken, where the cardinal curtains were shading the late afternoon beams. To get the genuine gut feeling ~ that"s something marvelously mysterious ~ as poetry ~ per se ~ is reeling all around. Having the great impact on the listeners.
               In another room across the Atlantic, just about few seconds before he saw her; quite an awkward idea have popped up : how identity unmistakebly identifies with the one-self in relation to relatives according to the grand relativity theory blurring a lot who's who among ancestor's honey glued lineage ... sprited like a helium baloon taken off the ground, up, having fun in the wide open bolstering from one white puffy figure grown out of the wildest indigo and cerulean heaven deeply falling in the prodigal fractalistic mannierisms dancing through the ultimate void as franticly beautiful Shakti having a blast with her Primordial man. Shiva the Creator ! Who poured, burnt and purred the poem's punctuation points into the poet's heart, tongue, soul and sprinkled them in between insightful words on the vintage parchment.
            Calligraphy images painted delicately in black ink on and have succesfully enhanced the artistically written haiku poems. In a book of poetry of another Author. From the land of sushi, robots and hi-tech dreams. The differece of being a straightforward contemporary creator to the one who sits silently under cherry blossoms beauty. Accepting the roots, harsh cosy tree trunk, breathing winds and the revolutions, sanities and insanities of mad Sun eruptions, spots and freckles on cute girls marching into the bright light, day after night, might after fight. The Inward diving.

Abstract phenomena. Silences. Was it any good!? Life has thought me about the cunning words. Happy random words like kiss, miss, beau, slurp, ice-cream delight, giggles, wonderful smiles, cherry lips, cherish your beloved ~ dear darling ~ la lingua. But please, never say that I should love difficult, occult words as purge, purgatory, creteins etc.  
                   Swear, baby - if you want it! ****! sweet *****! Move your hips, pointilists would point your *******, and made a swooshing swing, gladly tightening the narrow silky ropes around those fabulous moving hills.
                 What's the point of this poem!? Finding the existentialist in Finnland drinking a deliciously innocent yoghurt. Crashing into a Canadian household having the burglar tools pined up to your belt, not knowing about the utmost honesty of   the  open  doors  and  hospitability. Surfing on effervescent waves along Seyshelles, being outsmarted by a slick dolphin taking your gigantic wave. Transcending from a cop to a couplet master.

Poetic friends! Being a poet is *****! A total ******! A ***** Wonka going ballistic! A postcard from hell send through transgression, transforming living cosmic beams and  biiii bi bips. . . . Reaching beyond the larva and a cocoon stage.
I am. Stars we admire. Stars we praise. Stars who aspire. The union. The Bellevue. Be bop was kinda cool. Was not my thing... Be blogs. Be brave. Bear. Beer. Be on. Neon. Liberty.
Strange Musings Upon Many Begotten Realms
Francie Lynch Nov 10
You’ve had fifty fantastic years,
Many were there but now not here.
And many are here
That were not there.
That’s how life unfurls over fifty years.

Let’s celebrate these decades
Of devotion to one another;
For around us we have familiar faces,
A family of sisters and brothers,
Aunts, Uncles, Fathers and Mothers;
Grandas, Nanas, Papas and Grams,
Daughters, sons, nieces and nephews,
Granddaughters and grandsons,
Cousins, in-laws, and step-laws too.

We are family.

A tribe that began with the original six,
Then Danny met Maura to add to the mix
With Colleen and Sean our clan's enhanced,
And since many more are heaven sent.

So let me end with a toast and a wish,
That we continue to multiply
Like the loaves and the fish.
On the occasion of my sister's fiftieth wedding anniversary.
Bianca Petersen Jan 2016
-SHAME on me-
I should’ve known you weren’t worth trusting
Your bitter apologies meant nothing
You said I was extra ordinary
But it was just another form of hostility
Based solely on your own insecurities

-Shame on YOU-
Corrupting my identity
Making me my own enemy
Just so you could be temporary

Enhanced Pleas of who we’re supposed to be
Opened my eyes to a false reality
Because you said things you didn’t mean
Stitch me back together however you please
Leave me to be a clone of society
An element of conformity

Embodied with empty memories
And I can’t seem to find a remedy
For all the sins I’ve been committing
For all the lies you’ve been spitting
As if they were light casualties
And this is our destiny

The ONLY way it can be
Encompassed with frequent falsities
The truth lies somewhere in between
But honesty is no match to humanity
patty m May 7
I wanted to fall in love, to swoon beneath you kisses,
thought my wishes would all come true
and yet I'm blue, I feel crashed and at an impasse
a loose connection or a faulty wire, when we touch there is no desire.  Each time you spark, I sputter, if I had my druthers
I'd disappear, duck out of here, but I feel
flustered with this disconnect
from someone who I love and respect
yet chemistry isn't fallacy
and ours falls flat, no welcome mat
and now embarrassed we react instinctively

no longer friends, it's difficult to make amends
it depends on you, I'm open
and offer a token of respect
as I detect signs we'll probably reconnect.
batteries of memories stalled
now recalled bring on heady laughter
I think it's your turn to buy
the burgers and fries,
I'll buy the beer, have no fear,
this friendship comes without romance
yet it's enhanced with perfect schemes
how lucky I am to have you my friend even
though you're not the man of my dreams.
John Prophet Sep 2018
Waltz of
out of the
goo. Landing
on our feet.
Look around
then organize.
Organize to
requires power,
power to
with controls.
Some telling
others what
to do.
Power to
The few
the many.
Always, controllers
Doing, saying
whatever it takes
to control.
Kneel and bow
do as you’re
Flaw, control
going viral
planet wide
technology enhanced.
Subjugate whole
with control.
Sad times ahead.
Mark Aug 2018
If truest sleep shall take my love aloft
as brittle fate appears to favor course
to yonder past the murk - as journeyed oft
and I as sullen, cause to bide remorse?

Assure that I embraced with amber glow
aspired her peach as sunlight would the shore
enhanced by myths alike; bestowed by bow
tho' wistful I - as could in depth been more?

Did roses blush while shades of mine had part,
did timbre sweeten less from out my tune.
Tho' I exalted - with a song in heart!
A lover's ballad praising us in boon.

Ah, know that each an' love I've given true!
For none alive so loved, nor can renew.
When this world was created?
Was the day of love beginning.
And since then, it has been everlasting.

The day my eyes crossed path with yours.
Was the day of the beginning of love for us.
And it has stayed for eternity.
You have been good medicine for me.

You are my doctor when sick.
My lawyer when I'm in need of advice.
A counselor in various ways.

God places people in other lives for many reasons.
And he gifted you as my blessing.
And that the day of love to remember.

What is planted in your life?
Should be enhanced more.
Especially, if you are sincerely in love.
Took 10mg of Cetirizine last night,
A second-generation antihistamine.
Onset was apparent, and a minimal drowsiness
was felt into the next day: so vague, and slightly unpleasant.

Possibly an enhanced aggressive feeling 24 hours later.
Perhaps the threshold of psychoactivity; but really
pointless, obviously nothing (without ailment to alleviate).
How odd is psychonautics.
Excuse me.
CGW Oct 2018
Somewhere out there is something through all the dangling darkness.
There is a pitter patter of reverse rain.
A string quartet of meaningless existentialism.
We are caught between two worlds.
There is no turning back.
Each person here to play their own part.
Every thought endlessly echoing for future generations.
For future generations.
I don't know why I am here, why I am enhanced and injected, with fear.
Perhaps that while death was sweeping the sea of people he forgot me.
The choreography of shooting stars passing by us.
Here we all are together in this world.
Love is like deja vu seemlesly causing the whole of the universe to function.
Woke up today in my dreams and I walked to a blurry window and looked outside and I could not tell what was real and what was just dreams.
I feel we have been told by society that dreams and things that we think are fake and only the tangible world is real.
But dreams and thoughts that we think are more real than anything.
For a half remembered dream was created by you and will stay with you.
Random thoughts repeating.
We are the children of tomorrow birthed from our ******* up insecurities that laugh at us.
Ha ha.
Based on the movie Synecdoche, New York
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