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Cowardice hasn't reached an end.
Silence is more of my enemy than my friend.
An enemy so hard to fight with.
An enemy so hard to live without.
An enemy whose dark side affects me.
An enemy who makes me stranger.
An enemy who should've left a lot ago.
An enemy who's killing me in its peaceful ways.
An enemy who's getting bolder as days pass by.
An enemy who creates a chaos in the head.
An enemy who needs to be stopped.
An enemy who once was a true friend.
An enemy who may fade away but will never die
An enemy who'll somewhere be
Planted in me
This is true.
Keyana Brown Feb 2018
My emotions are attacking again
and this time I won't let them win
It's clear to God that the enemy
is waiting for me to sin.

is the enemy's thrill for desire,
it's the enemy's greatest obsession,
is the music to the enemy's ears,
is what brought up the enemy's gain.

I was ready to fight
but God refused
he grasped my hand so tight
that I couldn't move.

He grabbed my other arm
as he pulled me close to him
he told me to stop, yet
I wanted to hit the enemy
with every whim!

The Lord held me back
like an imate in a straitjacket
forbidding me to attack
or allowing me to get the first hit

He dragged me so far away
that the enemy sighed in a bore,
God whispered to me in my ear
he said: "Ignore!"

I kicked, screamed, plead
away from God to fight the enemy,
but it's no use after many attempts
he still won't let me leave.

he said as I began to cry
in a fearful dread
it's no use, so I gave up
and alow the enemy to
beat me up until I'm dead.

Few minutes later...
the enemy looked at me
very disgusted and confused
he screamed: "Get sad! Be angry!"


The enemy was fuming,
fire bursting out of his nose,
sweating through his forehead,
at this rate he was about to explode!

The enemy's heart gave out
he screamed again:
"Be upset! Do it now!"


His arms are disintegrating
His legs are inflated like a balloon
His mouth were turning to ash
He was doomed.

The enemy retreats
as I called him weak
it was funny to think
that I was like him,
because my silence
was surprisingly meek.

I have now learned
and understand that
it's better to say nothing
or lay a hand
on the enemy.

We should all ignore
for what the enemy
has in store because it
makes all the difference.

Therefore I will no longer
be his slave... no more.
Emotions are dangerous, yet again.
KiraLili Feb 2016
Life is not a battle or a fight.....against your enemy

Let go of the angst.....against your enemy

Once the struggle is not engaged....against your enemy

You remove anger....against your enemy

Be calm within....against your enemy

There is no defeat in retreat......against your enemy

It is for you to give victory......against your enemy

Who fights on your behalf..... against your enemy

Do not keep silent ..... against your enemy

Be joyful in your thoughts ....against your enemy

Nothing makes us try so hard......against your enemy

I ask you to judge me..... Against mine enemies
A collection of phrases from yoga mantras to the bible to quotes.

" A man with no enemies is a man with no character"

Paul Newman
Alan W Jankowski Apr 2015
Dedicated to combat veterans and PTSD sufferers, wherever they may be...thank you for your service...*

An Enemy That Haunts My Mind...

In the middle of the night I lie in bed,
Fighting an enemy that’s in my head.
An enemy that’s always there,
An enemy that won’t play fair.
An enemy that haunts my mind,
An enemy that is not kind.
The price paid for doing good,
Of doing like I’m told I should.
Serving my country in time of war,
Who could ever ask for more?
And now even in my deepest dreams,
All I hear is the sound of screams.
Why was I the one to survive?
Why was I the one left alive?
I ask myself every night,
As I relive every fight.
God, please call me home,
Don’t leave me here all alone.
For when I thought the fight was won,
I’m finding the battle’s just begun.
A soldier who was trained to ****,
Finds a battle that’s harder still.
Fighting an enemy I cannot see,
And finding out the enemy is me.
An enemy that haunts my mind,
An enemy that is not kind.

Recently published in a charity anthology to benefit veteran's's the website....
jeffrey robin Sep 2010
the enemy

(all of our "you's")

the enemy...........
always fights
the pure simple truth
we know is true

the enemy claims
to love you

the enemy points out there
and says
"see......the ENEMY!

don't worry!

i will protect you!!!"



i will see you on the open field
i will see you in the ancient hall
i will see you in the alleyway
i will see you in chains, in court
i will see you when you start
moving towards the door
that is symbolic of "the heart"

i will see you when i see
in the mirror
my own true face

the enemy of the enemy
is only love

the enemy of the enemy
is only love
Cedric McClester May 2015
By: Cedric McClester, .

How many funerals must we attend
Before the genocide is brought to an end
How many families must be left behind
Before we regain our presence of mind
How many times must it all be repeated
Before the enemy is finally defeated
When will self-love become our sacred trust
See I’ve seen the enemy and the enemy is us

What good are the candles or the cardboard shrines
When it’s apparent that we’ve lost our minds
What good is a painting of the deceased
When the violence is steadily being increased
When will self-love become our sacred trust
See I’ve seen the enemy and the enemy is us

This ain’t a lecture I’m not here to preach
So let’s call this a form of social outreach
The message is urgent I’ll try to be brief
While sharing insight as to my belief
We are the problem and we are the cure
So we can’t go on blaming others anymore
When will self-love become our sacred trust
See I’ve seen the enemy and the enemy is us

How did we get here is open to debate
But I think you’ll agree the root cause is self-hate
Before another brother or sister is harmed
To be forewarned is to be forearmed
We need to return to our original state
Where we loved one another before the hate
I’ve seen the enemy and the enemy is us
I’ve seen the enemy and the enemy is us

Cedric McClester Copyright © 2015.  All Rights Reserved
hypnopunk May 2019
i want to fall for the enemy
and feel their rough fingers
trace the rough scar tissue
of my cheek

i want to fall with the enemy
in love, together
so that neither of us
will know how to deal
with feeling (for once)
so painfully real

i want to bask in my audacity
to fall in love with the enemy
have mud on my ragged clothing
have mud and have self-loathing
and have the enemy

and have my enemy
craving my breath
on their enemy neck again

i want to fall in love
and have to be apart
and have to reunite
and have to conquer
i want to bite
kick throw punch push away
the ones who say
"you should not fall in love
with the enemy"

but it cannot be
and it won't be
this easy and nice

so now, the enemy leaves
and with me, there stands
the enemy's last hope - crushed
red love lingers on my hands
Brandi Oct 2018
We the people built the wall
You can look left
You can look right

But we the people
Built the wall

He didn’t
She didn’t
We all did
Wall (“e” dropped)

The battlefield is one we meant to use in case of war with the enemy
When did the Enemy become one of our own?
Or an entire group?

When did the Enemy become the media?
The press?
When did it become Trump supporters?
Or Trump himself?
When did the Enemy become those who dislike Trump?
Or those who are politically liberal?

I believe we the people created the Enemy
As philosophical as that sounds
We, the people, did it

We the people touted diversity like the ticket to tranquility
Placing our bets that this warm embrace of peoples
Would be a true gift for all people
Rich or poor
Christian or Jew

Here is the truth of the matter
The pursuit of diversity
Of creating a mural of the American people
Was superficial
It was not carried out to its full potential

We became frightened
Untrusting of others
And so we unknowingly
Yet willingly
Began to build walls

It’s quiet
Then there’s a hurricane
A mass shooting
An election

And suddenly you look and see a black man
Or a black woman
Or maybe a younger black boy
Or black girl
Standing behind their call to action of support for the Black Lives Matter movement

And for several months it Is everyone’s story
But then it is not
And people
Any color
Feels disappointment
And the belief that walls will just keep growing taller

Because there is hate
There is a form of social paranoia that emerges
Which means more walls

An angel appears in the midst of the havoc
The grief
Under a night sky lit by vigil candlelight of yet another unfortunate event that stole the lives of our brothers and sisters
Saying that God did not mean for us to build walls and live behind them

So one day
A family makes a vow to spread kindness and love to their neighbors
The family comes together in unity
They keep the pieces of their individual walls
But now lay them down at their feet
As a way of getting somewhere
That way leads to their neighbor’s house

They reach out and take the hand of the hurting
No matter what color that hand is
No matter their beliefs
No matter what political wing they favor

It takes two wings for an eagle to fly
Left and right
An eagle with one wing would likely get exhausted
As many feel today

The neighbors receive kindness
And then they act
The walls come tumbling down
They do good regardless of the Enemy’s hatred of good
We the people can all agree
There is an Enemy
That we can be sure
And as we lie in confusion over who or what the Enemy is
We the people are all suffering
From all sides

As more and more people say one more kind word
And we the people find places
Music for the spirit
Food for the soul
That always has been
And always will be
Ours to share and appreciate

It is then we look left and right without a wall in sight
They did not disappear
For the walls simply laid down boards
Displaying the human nature of us all
As we
We the people
Stand on one unshakable
Indivisible bridge

That welcomes liberty and justice for all
That always has been
And always will be
A gift for we the people

© 2018
Brandi Keaton
I know this is a lengthy entry. Please read in it's entirety if possible. I hope in this time of trial and confusion this can bring some hope as one people. Join me in engaging in more kindness. Thank you!
Dana Taylor Aug 2014
Words can't express the emptiness that is hopelessness. It's something that you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy's worst enemy.

Wait, your worst enemy's worst enemy would probably be a really good friend to have. Then you could sit around together and plot ways to **** with your common enemy's head.

Like sneaking into their house every day and emptying all the bottles of shampoo. Not the conditioner. Not the body wash or shower gel. Just the shampoo. Every day. Every bottle. No matter how many bottles they buy to replace the ones you've wasted. All the shampoo gone. Just gone. Every day.

Try and imagine what lengths they would go to trying to find out what happened to all the **** shampoo. Four empty bottles sitting right where they'd been placed when they were full, now without a drop of hope of being able to wash, rinse, and repeat.

No hope of being able to lather up and wash away the built-up residue of the day's grimy, polluted, filth infested air breathed out by the uncaring populous that attached itself from the follicle to the unsplit end of every perfectly thick and just right wavy hair on your worst enemy's head.

Maybe they'll lose sleep over it and then have dark rings around the bulbous bags under their usually twinkling and happy hazel eyes for a day or two. All the time just wondering what in the hell happened to all the **** shampoo.

Anyway, if you can't find the words to express hopelessness, at least maybe you can find someone with a common enemy to sit around with and think of ways to try and fill the emptiness.
Brent Kincaid Aug 2015
Enemy training, one, two three
Is notable for its simplicity.
You just arm yourself thoroughly
And shoot people with alacrity.
Don’t worry about being wrong
Or whether an action is right.
That they don’t want you to shoot
Is enough to start the fight.

Please take this as truth
That this is how it is done
If you see someone as enemy
You cease to see a human.
The fact that they are armed
And don’t like who you like
Is enough to create words like
****, ****, ****** and ****.

Enemy training, one, two three
Is notable for its simplicity.
You just arm yourself thoroughly
And shoot people with alacrity.

Line up the opposition forces
Against a bullet-riddled wall
And shoot them many times
And see how many will fall.
The ones who do not die
Must be minions of the devil.
They are the enemy, you see.
That’s all. That’s on the level.

Don’t worry about being wrong
Or whether an action is right.
That they don’t want you to shoot
Is enough to start the fight.

And those people that don’t
Believe in your own form of Jesus,
Like Aerabbs and Jews and such,
Shoot them as much as it pleases.
Because they won’t go to heaven,
And are just heathens anyway
Like them Buddhist dingdongs
Like them ****** lesbians and gays.

Enemy training, one, two three
Is notable for its simplicity.
You just arm yourself thoroughly
And shoot people with alacrity.

And people in foreign countries
Well, you can guess how that goes;
Take a look and easily compare
Canadanians to them from Mexico.
The French are Frogs, Spanish spics.
None as good as us Americans.
And nothing good can come out
Of any **** place that is African.

Don’t worry about being wrong
Or whether an action is right.
That they don’t want you to shoot
Is enough to start the fight.

Now if you find some of this offensive
And if this is revving up your motors,
Just bear in mind, this is what goes on
In the mind of the average voter.
Want to change this, make life better?
Drop your representatives a letter.
Tell them you are on to their villainy
And see them as supporting the REAL enemy.
JP Nov 2015
Enemy is a beautiful concept. You never say he is an enemy,
but you always refer, he is MY ENEMY coz he is a part
of your EGO, coz when he dies, you never be the same person
as before. We spend most of time thinking about our enemies.
That's why its easy to miss your friend but not your enemy
on the road.

If you observe, you treat even beggar as your enemy,
you never see a beggar an eye to eye coz if you, then
he will become you friend and his problem become your problem. Generally, people with whom you grow... brother/cousins/neighbor,
they are the one, who carry a small jealous about you and
your growth. coz they know your capacity and often compare you
and your growth,  and they are the one always compete with you.

In Mahabharata,  Arjuna refuse to fight against his own cousins
Kauravas, The reason, he knows very well he can
defeat Kauravas and retrieve his kingdom. But what FUN you
have, once, all your are enemies are dead, there is no fun in ruling
the kingdom. We need enemies to move our life, we need people
around us to feel jealous, that's why we buy a big house,
costly interiors, a luxury Cars,.. etc  less for us and more for
our Circle. We want every one to feel small when they
enter our house.

The Box office hit movie are successful not because of the Hero
but coz of villain, the most cruel the villain,  then, he help the
movie more interesting and also to the success of the film.
In Short,  Its your enemy determine your success. The more enemy
you have, the more drive you have towards your success.
dissociation a curse
dissociation my enemy
enemy barges in
enemy takes control
control is crippling
control must go
go seek advise
go to friends
friends may ignore
friends may listen
listen to god
listen to nothing
nothing is something
nothing is numbing
numbing craves alcohol
numbing craves drugs
drugs are prescribed  
drugs will fix
fix my brain
fix cracked mirrors
mirrors taunt me
mirrors tell lies
lies i tell
lies cover bruise
bruise my hand
bruise my brother
brother is silent
brother please forgive
forgive me father
forgive me mother
father please help
father is futile
futile defines me
futile invites suicide
suicide with pills
suicide i survived
survived from coma
survived in hospital
hospital is helpful
hospital gives answers
answers for family
answers to problems
problems with doctors
problems with diagnosis
diagnosis is discovered
diagnosis is depersonalization
depersonalization creates poet
depresonalization becomes mad

Thanks L.D. Goodwin for introducing me to the Blitz poem!

  The "official" rules are as follows (taken from Robert Lee Brewer of Writer's Digest):

•Line 1 should be one short phrase or image (like “build a boat”)
•Line 2 should be another short phrase or image using the same first word as the first word in Line 1 (something like “build a house”)
•Lines 3 and 4 should be short phrases or images using the last word of Line 2 as their first words (so Line 3 might be “house for sale” and Line 4 might be “house for rent”)
•Lines 5 and 6 should be short phrases or images using the last word of Line 4 as their first words, and so on until you’ve made it through 48 lines
•Line 49 should be the last word of Line 48
•Line 50 should be the last word of Line 47
•The title of the poem should be three words long and follow this format: (first word of Line 3)(preposition or conjunction) (first word of line 47)
•There should be no punctuation
One word to eradicate in one's heart is 'Enemy' through the power of 'Forgiveness',
Then there will be no more feeling
'the enemy of my friend is my friend,
the friend of my enemy is my enemy',
we shall all be friends, eternal friends,
a friendship so blissful to belong
for our hearts have no enemy
and there is none to wrong us to forgive them.
maybe the enemy isn't as bad as they told me
maybe all the enemy wants is to hold me
then why are the enemy's teeth so sharp?
then why are the enemy's eyes so cold?
then why are the enemy's ears so odd?
then why are the enemy's enormous claws wrapped around my neck so tightly?
then why do the enemy's arms reach all the way to the sky
to pinch the giant candle wick that is the sun?
then why does the stone, the cruel
then why does the ruthless, the militant enemy
see me through and through?
then who is this tall glaring entity?
then why are its -
then why are the enemy's teeth so sharp?
to love me as much as i deserve
Lyn Senz 2 Apr 2018
an enemy
that is me
in all I see
my enemy

they'll still say hi
someone I knew
I'll wave and sigh
and wonder who
they see

not me

just a lie
just some guy
I used to be

now my enemy
is all I see

an enemy
that is me
that is you

©2018 Lyn
Joseph Dazzio Nov 2015
There his men stood
With fear and uncertainty,
Questioning if their small regiment could
Defeat the great and mighty enemy.

"The enemy flaunts their might,
But what lies at their core?
For glory and honor we fight,
Virtues only God can adorn.

"Aye!" Returned his men.
"And we shall charge forth into this
Fire, only to reach the other side,
If eternal Glory you desire!"

"Aye!" Returned his men.
But as the Captain spoke, rushing
Forth like a herd of buffalo on
Stampede, the enemy came into sight.

"Fear not their numbers!
Fear not their strength.
Fear only the cowardice
That overtook the other ranks!"

"Aye!" Returned his men.
With the enemy drawing closer,
The Captain had a final word to rouse:
"Rally forth, men, and fight for

The House! fight for the Glory,
Fight as hard as your body allows!" Louder than ever,
Came "Aye!" from his men, their hearts
Swelling within as they saw him sprint towards

The sea of opposition, they all
Followed to the hardest, most daring
Battle in which they'd ever been.
Just then, the two houses clashed.

Left and right, men engaged men
In their own death clasps, some wrestled,
Some tackled with force, but none ran.
For they were married to this cause which they could not divorce.

Up front, some men caught sight
Of Captain, a true Achilles the enemy struggled to confront.
Cutting down men with something in his
Eyes, something great that the evil despise.

As they seemed to be overtaken, one
Final rally and one final push brought
Quite contradictory results to this Captain and
His faithful, courageous men; Victory!

Among the blood and injury walked
The true victors of that day,
With not only winning this battle,
But successful in fighting the War away!

As celebration ensued, the men mounted
Up their Captain upon a great stump
Who over cheers and praise, gave his
Victory speech among the clump.

"Men, what we have seen portrayed
Today was not my doing. The enemy
Was defeated in the course of your pursuing
Virtue through courage and temptation subduing.

But alas, victory is not always success,
And defeat is not always failure. Let
Us not be proud of this event today,
And not curse, but honor our fallen enemy's corps.

But today men, we shall feast.
Let us rejoice in this jubilee, and
Praise the Trinity for the gifts of
Brotherhood, Virtue, ad Plentity!"

"Hurrah!" responded his men, and
With this speech, a great and long
Celebration ensued. One of
Friendship, joy, and delicious food.

Now today, the older Captain sits,
Musing over these past events
With a smile upon his face
And nostalgia resounding within.

Gripping his pack, he remembers that
Day. Once a boy, now a man of zeal.
Missing the simplicity of yesterday, he lands
On foreign soil for battle, this time, for real.

Covered in blood, his regiment is scared.
As shrapnel and rubble maimed his friends
He stepped up. "Rally forth men, today we win."
As they charged once more, the enemy killed them.

Lying among the fallen brothers
He led, he smiled and closed his eyes.
Resting his head, he muttered his prayers.
And as he died, victory was theirs.
Written on 10-31-15
Dani Sep 2018
You are sick
it hit you
like an unexpected enemy
and that's what it is
I like that word
for describing such pain caused
Attacking you
against you
trying to take you out

love thy enemy?
God, how can I?
How can you?
What a terror
what a horrific thing to allow
I scream
in pain
how my Dad must want to scream
but he can't
for the enemy has weakened him
he has taken many blows
tests and more tests

Why Enemy? What did he do to you?
he was kind to his body
so why do you attack it so
Enemy I hate you
if hate could bury you
if it could rip you out of his body
and make you ... disappear
Then hate would **** you for sure
I have enough to eradicate your tiny growth of existence
Your tiny bits causing so much despair

Enemy, I beg of you, don't take him from me

God, fight for me, I am too weak
take over, heal, destroy this terrible little vial growth
God please, I beg on my hands and knees
I plead, don't take my Daddy from me
don't ruin my heart by taking away one of the first people to love me in this world
God please, you gave him to me as Dad,
to love me like you do.
And he did, and he does, and forever will
I need his voice, his hugs, his everlasting comforting presence,
i scream...
Quickly written..just now.. had to let my pain out..
Just found out my dad may not make it much longer...
Moe Aug 2014
They say that you are your own worst enemy..
And I'm not sure who they are,
but whoever they are,
They're right.
Because not only do you have to wake up every morning and
hear your own voice,
touch your own skin,
see your own reflection..
But you have to wake up every morning
with every what if,
with every regret,
with every secret.
YOU really are your own worst enemy.
Sarah Apr 2016
Doubt. My old enemy. You're with me all the time.
Some days, you're quiet. Some days I can only hear you.
Doubt. My old enemy. You're with me all the time.
Sometimes you're just a whisper. Sometimes noise.
Doubt. My old enemy.
The soldier cleaned his gun in anticipation
for the battle he would be fighting. His mind

was focused on his job. His heart was centred
on his illusions. Lonely soldier in a uniform

without a mind of his own. His officers
received their orders from somewhere else,

from men and women who were fighting a
war of greed. Death was nothing more than

a statistic which would be tabulated and
toned down for the media. Not good to let

the world know the actual cost of human
life in the adventure. A tear fell from his

eyes at the thought of how many men he
had killed. He remembered sitting in his kitchen

talking to his wife and making plans for
the future. That was until somebody

somewhere far away had determined
the future was not his to plan. So he worked

at his task in mind of constant wonder at
the waste he was trained to create. His

entire purpose in life was to **** and so he
killed as best he could. The faces of the

enemy reminded him of himself. Other men
who had sat at home with their wives talking

about their futures together. Such a waste of
young ambition by the old men and women who

sat comfortable in the governments of life.
Lonely soldier surrounded by his comrades

all of whom equally trained to hate and ****.
Ah, but the bands would play and the magic

of hero dust would fall upon the shoulders
of the men at arms. How brave they would

be in the battle with their blood splattered
all over their clean uniforms. The soldier knew

he fought for a cause but it was odd that
the cause was never quite explained, save

for speeches on freedom and destruction
and illusions of happiness when the enemy

were all dead. Lonely soldier was startled by
an enemy as he cleaned his gun. The two

men glared at one another wondering who
would die first. Soldier and enemy came to

a major decision. Each stripped off their clothes
and stood naked in front of one another.

Two naked men. Without their uniforms.
Now which of them was the enemy?
Brent Kincaid Apr 2016
War, war and much more.
It’s good for the economy.
War, war. Even the score.
Reduce the rank of the enemy.

The other guys were different
And that made them negligent
And earned them the fate
Of a premature exit date.
They will always suffer defeat
That are not of the prime elite.
Killing such a strange enemy
Should garner no sympathy.

War, war and much more.
It’s good for the economy.
War, war. Even the score.
Reduce the rank of the enemy.

The children are taught
From the first days of school.
We are the good guys
And that’s the important rule.
Bear that in mind, kiddies
Because it will always be true.
We are the champions here
No matter what we do.

War, war and much more.
It’s good for the economy.
War, war. Even the score.
Reduce the rank of the enemy.

Children with sticks for guns
Learn to play their games.
They get shot, but don’t fall.
They know just who to blame.
You missed me, they call
Until the bullets are for real.
Then, they learn to question
What they were taught to feel.

War, war and much more.
It’s good for the economy.
War, war. Even the score.
Reduce the rank of the enemy.

That’s what all war is for
To make sure none are alive
To fight the glorious holy war.
So none manage to survive.
With overwhelming enmity,
Some faced down opposition
By obliterating the enemy
And earned their commission

War, war and much more.
It’s good for the economy.
War, war. Even the score.
Reduce the rank of the enemy.
Brady Duke May 2015
I  know a guy who always puts me down.
He makes sure no one wants me around
Nobody hates me as much as he
I have an enemy,and his name is, ME

My enemy's address is in my own head.
Every nite I sleep in my enemy's bed
I look into his eyes hatred is all I see.
I have an enemy,and his name is ME

I try to ignore him by doing things I enjoy
But this guy has hated me since I was a young boy.
He says a worthless,looser is all ill ever be
I have an enemy and his name is ME

Some days I wonder why I keep fightin'
As I feel his fingers of hate ,around my neck tighten
Not till im dead will I ever truely be free
I have an enemy and his name is ME
Also written during a dark period in my life
Let those who will of friendship sing,
And to its guerdon grateful be,
But I a lyric garland bring
To crown thee, O, mine enemy!

Thanks, endless thanks, to thee I owe
For that my lifelong journey through
Thine honest hate has done for me
What love perchance had failed to do.

I had not scaled such weary heights
But that I held thy scorn in fear,
And never keenest lure might match
The subtle goading of thy sneer.

Thine anger struck from me a fire
That purged all dull content away,
Our mortal strife to me has been
Unflagging spur from day to day.

And thus, while all the world may laud
The gifts of love and loyalty,
I lay my meed of gratitude
Before thy feet, mine enemy!
The enemy is all around us, you have to persevere.  He always seem to whisper, "You're not going to make it, through out the rest of the year."
The enemy is not your friend, resist whatever he has to say.  Remember, you are an overcomer; you are predestined to live, so keep him out of your way.
You know something that the enemy does not, so keep on pressing ahead.  You are going to excel in life, and soar right above his head.
Never open the door for the enemy; keep it closed very tight.  Let him keep on knocking, and you continue to do what's right.
By, Sandra Juanita Nailing
William Crowe II Aug 2014
I am not your enemy.
I want to give you a colossal domain.
I want to bottle up the seas for you.
I want to paint you a picture with the sun's rays.
I want to pull down the moon with a chain & tie it to your pretty waist.

I am not your enemy.
I would give you a palace if I could,
or a distant farmland if your tender soul required.
I would found for you a university,
so that the world's young lovers could learn your
proper caresses.

I am not your enemy.
I would catch for you, if I could,
the world's brightest birds, the world's fairest fishes.
I would build you a zoo, then, with an aquarium,
so that you could watch at your leisure
the creatures of your creation.

I am not your enemy.
I will build you a mausoleum, so that I can entomb
you somewhere where only I can visit you,
with flowers in my hand,
and a pretty pearl necklace,
and tears hanging from my
rounded chin.
Angela Aug 2010
How do you fight an enemy
that knows you inside out?
How do you crush that skull
and pull the bad parts out?
How do you stop its breathe
when it steals it from you?
How can you find happiness
when it only knows gloom?

How can you fight an enemy
when that enemy is you????
See the enemy is they that hide behind the screens
The enemy is we who fall for the same things
The enemy walks by you each day and hears every say
The enemy tells you to walk away but has gun play??
The enemy tells you do right over wrong
The enemy still playing hells theme
The enemy smiles at you desperately plotting secretly
The enemy knowing which keys to tune
The enemy loving every war slanging bloom
The enemy isnt Trump it's the people behind him
The enemy only wants you focused on him
The enemy says times are tough but they just bluff
The enemy doesn't care about you or your family
The enemy only truly cares about your energy 💯
Alyssa Underwood Sep 2017
Perilous times are foretold for the end
When the one who betrays might as soon be a friend
When he who walked with you in the midst of God's throng
Proves a broken-off reed who didn't belong
When the crowd turns away from the truth they once knew
To embrace a strange fire of the enemy's brew
When the mystic is favored much more than the teacher
And intolerant is the name reserved for the preacher

For myriads have tasted of the heavenly gifts
Then at some unknown point the set compass shifts
And they show by the fact that they do not endure
That they never knew the One Whose salvation is sure
For He's promised He cannot lose one of His own
Yet His wheat grows with tares that His enemy's sown
So these goats dressed as sheep might say all the right words
But pasted-on wings do not turn moles to birds

They learn the same Scriptures and enjoy the same songs
But haven't yet come to the cross for their wrongs
Haven't taken it up and followed the Lord
Have never been born of His Spirit Who is poured
Into all whom the Father has chosen for His Son
Those predestined before the world had begun
So among the elect in the pews sit the dead
Unregenerate men taking up masks instead

And some will sit thus for the rest of their life
While others walk away overcome by the strife
Of their trials, distractions, desires or greed
Rather trusting the world to provide all that they need
For discipleship costs and most think it too high
A price now to pay of their self who must die
Most are tripped by the weight of that covenant walk
Which accompanies a faith that goes past mere talk

It is God's grace alone which grants genuine belief
And with it repentance for proud or for thief
While the course remains bumpy until dying day
The saved may fall down, but they can't fall away
For salvation from first to the last is of the Lord
And His Spirit within is what keeps saints secured
It's our duty and privilege to obey and abide
Yet how could we without His power inside?

Now besides a new fuel we receive a new nature
The old man is dead, we are made a new creature
One that's being conformed to the image of Jesus
So we live to please Him now and not to please us
But because of this switch the world is enraged
For when light shines in darkness its evil's front stage
They hate us the same as they hated our Master
And as time nears its close their fury swells faster

Persecution's been promised for all who are godly
Could be mocking, rejection or harm that is ******
It cannot compare though to what's been exchanged
In the gift of redemption for our souls long-deranged
So we dare not forget when the blows are received
That those doing the punching are still dead and deceived
Still locked in the grip of the enemy's force
Still blinded by sin, still enslaved to its course

Just judgment will come if they do not repent
If they keep on rejecting God's Lamb Who was sent
So it's best left to Him to defend us against
The disdain and discord of a world that's incensed
For they're already judged who refuse to believe
And we would be too but for mercy's reprieve
Being saved from God's wrath that is soon to be poured
Out full strength onto those who His truths have ignored

In the meantime the Father's maturing His children
Forging character depth through both trials and discipline
So let's not lose hope in the face of our sorrow
But rejoice that He's working it out for tomorrow
Since we have a sure treasure stored for us in heaven
And we'll soon be set free from all sin-staining leaven
Let's press on toward Christ's likeness worked in us by grace
And look hard for first moments our eyes see His face!

"'However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.'"  
~ Acts 20:24
MdAsadullah Nov 2014
Enemy you want to destroy and ****.
You want to see him dead and still.

Hours you spent thinking about him.
You have got plots and plans grim.

Much pain you take to give him pain.
Thinking about him you turn insane.

If you want to see your enemy's end.
Easiest way is to make him a friend.

— The End —