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Andrew Feb 2018
People always complain about political correctness
Unless it's something important to them
Then they expect you to use empathetic indirectness
As to not hurt the feelings of men

I'm a homosexual talking to a stranger
They don't detect this
They say ****** and unleash my anger
They don't expect this
They were expecting me to be socially correct
To their bigoted views
They can't handle it when their hatred reflects
And they're given their due

I can't ask for a simple date
Or mention anything about God
I can't ask for their ****** state
That would imply that they're flawed
Yet they say I'm easily offended
But their argument is upended
When there are many topics I must avoid
Or hedge around
Otherwise they will get easily annoyed
And wear a frown

People say Donald Trump is politically incorrect
But that's not true
He's a hateful *******
People confuse that with political incorrectness
But if about half the people who vote are pieces of ****
Can that really be said to be incorrect?
The idea of the president being politically incorrect is absurd
By virtue of being elected his politics are being endorsed
And endorsement is what comprises political correctness
He may know nothing of governance or diplomacy
But he was correct when it came to politics

I live in a country where I can say pretty much whatever I want
And then everyone else can react however they want
To be angry at someone's reaction is its own political correctness
They're just mad it's not their own specific politics being adhered to

So when people mention political correctness I laugh
It's a defensively reflexive path
When they live an unexamined life
But then complain about their plight
They think they're hated because they're white
They think they're hated because they're right
I dislike them because they have low empathy
So I don't want to be near that
Because their hatred starts to enter me
When they call me a queer ***
Then they expect me to love it
But instead I tell them to shove it
They tell me I'm being politically correct
Maybe it's their own lives they should inspect
Rinasekhon Jul 13
I have always sat and wonder
what will my life be with my significant other
will it be all spark and fairytale
or just like the dark shadow of ignorance by the love of your life
I always try to breathe from this dusty air
thirst for your love when things weren't so convoluted
why when I look at your eyes
you assure me that only you know me the best
I have said those words before it wasn't a lie but the exquisite truth
why pull me in when all you wanted was to push me aside
just like someone said to me " when you want something sincerely, it will come to you involuntary without trying "
These words just premonition in me like no other
The once joyful feeling of loving you had faded between the thin air
you said I were an endorsement but the assurances of being together will last...
this quite moment slowly killed my soul along the waves of love
these promises of being together assured by you will be there even though we are apart
I wrote this when I was lonely and had nothing to do
so hopefully people will understand the meaning I am trying to past down here
Kurt Philip Behm Aug 2018
Start looking outside your frame of reference
  for that which stands you alone

Stop longing for praise or high endorsement
  things only borrowed or loaned

Start feeling those words you preach unto others
   no longer idling yourself away

Stop blaming the time and the message it brings
  —for those excuses that keep you ‘at bay’

(Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2016)

— The End —