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Francie Lynch Sep 2018
I've used them on my windows
To see the clear outside,
If I read the Op-eds,
I shudder, shuttered and hide.

I've spread them 'neath my plates and cups,
My shelves all neat and tidy;
But the headlines made it clear to me
My glass is more half empty.

They had a place in the litter box
For **** to scratch and squat;
I laid them round my garden plants,
They made fine insect traps.
Rolled and twirled they'd start a fire,
I could fold them into hats.
They cleaned the grease from BBQs,
And they're safe to pick up glass.
Crumple them for packaging,
They work as school book covers;
Add water and some flour,
To shape papier mache lovers.
Fold seeds in them to germinate,
Then use them for compost;
There's many ways to employ
Your Times and local Post.

But I won't subscribe to Dailies
For the felling of our trees;
And yet I miss my papers,
And the ways they worked for me.
But when enthroned,
You'll hear me grouse,
There's no **** paper in this ****-house.

My cell works well to scroll and swipe,
But it's only good for a virtual wipe.
Alyssa Underwood Apr 2016
I asked the Lord that I might grow
In faith, and love, and every grace;
Might more of His salvation know,
And seek, more earnestly, His face.

‘Twas He who taught me thus to pray,
And He, I trust, has answered prayer!
But it has been in such a way,
As almost drove me to despair.

I hoped that in some favored hour,
At once He’d answer my request;
And by His love’s constraining pow’r,
Subdue my sins, and give me rest.

Instead of this, He made me feel
The hidden evils of my heart;
And let the angry pow’rs of hell
Assault my soul in every part.

Yea more, with His own hand He seemed
Intent to aggravate my woe;
Crossed all the fair designs I schemed,
Blasted my gourds, and laid me low.

Lord, why is this, I trembling cried,
Wilt thou pursue thy worm to death?
“‘Tis in this way, the Lord replied,
I answer prayer for grace and faith.

These inward trials I employ,
From self, and pride, to set thee free;
And break thy schemes of earthly joy,
That thou may’st find thy all in Me.”

         ~ John Newton (1725-1807);=False
Tammy M Darby Feb 2014
I am a sculpture
Of life' beautiful scars
Frightening when viewed too close
Perhaps better glimpsed at from afar

Twisting wounds
Healed over scratches
The heart entombed by loves hand
Blood covered latches

Oh masterpiece
Of  intentional cuts and scrapes
Purple raised blue bruises
Hidden carefully from the world
  I employ delicate spiderweb curtains
And my sleight of hand illusion's

It is only the bearer who understands
Where the deepest wounds are hidden
Bitter tears in a deep bottomless chasm
The unforgettable kiss of affections contusions 
These shadows must never be loosened
Forever restrained even by deception
Guarded by spiderweb curtains
And sleight of hand illusion's

All Rights [email protected] Tammy M. Darby  Jan.13, 2013
Deferred thought my mind speaks
but unable to reach
Since, lacking proper fuel
words are no more than tools
Idly on the shelf
All alone by themselves
Whether each has the skill
Makes no difference still
Needs a user to wield
The brain must be unsealed
Else it's nothing but noise
And will only annoy
To communicate one
Has to pay attention
And your message think through
It is important to

Listen right back
Without barbs or attacks
Open-mind speaking freely
Add diplomacy
Must employ use of tact
Support statements with fact
Do not rush; take your time
Critical? Then be kind
Not a must to agree
Can't force someone to see
Each of us has his thoughts
Throughout life we are taught
There are social patterns
Easily to discern
So, wherever you fall
Do not build up a wall

Keeping out you will win
As you lock yourself in
Rigid form without flex
New ideas will perplex
Ignorance and denial
Grow into a pile
On island alone
Statue made of stone
In your mind you’re entombed
Happy life is now ruined
Feeling always against
With a paranoid sense
A refusal to see
An unwavering tree
But a tree can still bow
Give and take it will show

Rigid thoughts become firm
Close your mind; will not learn
Placing all of the weight
Just for you; here to take
And must always support
Forcibly will contort
Having flex we adjust
This in life is a must
Something we can not do
Like to uncook a stew
Won't exist very long
People just not that strong
Or should they try to be
A journey incomplete
Happiness lies within
On these words please don’t spin

A sole island you're not
Harmony should be sought
Infinite universe
You can’t always be first
Finding balance in life
Like to see without sight
Each of us wants respect
But to give is to get
Listen up before talking
Use foot and start walking
Will find in due time
Not to bother or mind
People are free to think
From each other we drink
How we grow and evolve
Complex problems we’ll solve

Not a perfect system
But we gather wisdom
Always strive to improve
It’s the best we can do
To communicate we
Open our minds to see
And try to understand
Flawed and kindred humans
Written: June 12, 2018

All rights reserved
Jordan Rowan Aug 2015
There's a chill in the air and wind 'neath your boots
There's clouds in the sky and trees with roots
If all were to fall onto your crying head,
Would you carry it home or lie down dead?
The strength you have defines your choice
Will you whimper and cry or show your voice?
Through sorrow and pain and happiness and joy
You either run and hide from all those you employ
Or show them what you're made of inside
For what you do becomes who you have to hide
Not what you say with fury or a gentle tone
But the actions you take when you're all alone
When you're down and out, almost recluse
And you feel as if you have no use
If you still get up and challenge yourself
You will become prisoner to no one else

There's a song in the air and dirt 'neath your boots
A song that carries on down to your roots
Back from the days of no chores or worry
When nothing was done in any sort of hurry
You can hear these words in the back of your mind
And it takes you back to a simpler time
These little moments, spontaneous and surreal
Show you how you can always feel
Feel good and joyous even through the worst
When tired and hungry, they give you thirst
These little moments are found throughout life
They can break you free from worldly strife
And these things define who you were before
And change who you are to forever something more
Harkening back to when you were innocent and clean
Can make you try your best to better your scene

Your moments in life are yours to keep
When daydreaming or your lost in sleep
The worst will come and so will the best
The dark before the dawn always sets to the west
You can succumb to the pain that comes with years
Or you can fight back the stress and fight back the tears
Through everything that comes your way
Only you can change how you live out your stay
Others will come and others will leave
But what holds together is what you believe
Strength is within and without you
Within is taken while without is beside you
Hold onto a grain of meaningless sand
And notice how it's light in your hand
Just for that moment it's harmless and vain
But if you hold on forever it builds into pain
Word *****. Complete rambling of someone trying to make themselves feel better by trying to describe with actual strength is.
Honesty the lost art/
  Honesty is rare
it should cost a lot/
  It would be sublime if
We could find it/
  Honestly, honesty is the best policy/
We should treasure the
thought cherished engulfed/
  combined with
  till death do us part/
I yurn
The lies tiring
  like ones sleepy
lay down Suffocating to a corpse/
  Thought is boss
employ by it
  We're all guilty I guess/
Liar liar in court
  A sentient being-ness/
Troth be told
  I can't believe in this/
  Am I the only one seeing this?/
Or only me blind and ain't            Seeing ****/
  I try and **** it out
its epidemic, Chronic/
The remedy Poetry Hop
   Visual Sonnets/
**** naked in
  My correspondence/
Articulating articles
  Waiting for responses/
Is it a defense mechanism
  Of the conscious/
Honesty? Honestly/
  Seems like everyone's
Not doing it so its gotta BE/
  Non honesty
The ever lasting Prophecy/
  And were full filling it
The good succumbs
  To the villainous/
My willingness/
  To compromise my will
I guess/
  You could interpret as weak/
Most realize
the Inside scoop
  Yet everyone tells lies
non interested in truth/
  Me, a victim and a suspect
An on going cycle yet/
  I ask what's next/
as if I didn't know
   Where the L lies underlying Facts can't grow/
  HonestLy, we all lose an L to Honesty!
rocking on this swing again
where I crept into the moon
so many nights with
and without you

twirling tongue spells
whispering kisses on the wind

I sat in blackness
sky light communion
praying begging manifestivals
for just the slightest uplift
in your shadowed lids
to peep ignite

while you steeped in other brew
as if I could pry you
from your own entrapments

you employ them
in places you won't let me
because you're scared
to open your hand

dailies distract the knowing
and warm your frigid sheets
then you wonder why
there's no space
for we

I know I'm Sunday mornings
flung swift at your door
requiring all your insides
from turned-out pockets

but I'm also
high-gloss, full-color
content symph in inter-D
and every last **** one
of the funnies

plus those coupons in the middle
to places you've never been
they kick back everything
you've thrown in
10,000 folds

uncreasing dewy
unto you
underneath it all, I know who I am... and who you are
Spenser Bennett Mar 2017
Your eyes pour white smoke from the fire that burns your throat.
I'll swallow my tongue singing the songs that you wrote. Cover my mouth. Watch me choke.
Employ cause and effect once we've perfected the affect and pause.

Take it back to the twisted root
The silver spilled by the traitor's truth
Swing now and silence the doubt
There's fire in my eyes that will never burn out.

I can't become just another dead bulb, flickering fast to that final "pop" of my life.
I need to be a steady star, burn forever, forever and always be someone's wishing light.

Paint it black like the empty space
Above the clouds, behind what waits
Pointillism in still water reflected low
What heaven we have yet to know

Oh, we're all burning. Burn me up inside.
I will be the sun crashing through the dawn, I'll burn out bright.
End this endless life, bring on forever night.
I guess if I expect those Stars to shine
After feeding you with such Best Fuel
Is too Centered of me; Aplombed in thine
To what a Selfless Course make so cruel
Though divine this Practice be; That for Cause
Will batter my Affairs to your Effect
Love's Stumble Folly of Words be my Boss
And employ me a Slave to your Prefect
Was it too much, then, to ask for a Wage
So my Resources can this Muse refill
Though Blind or Deaf; To ******* your Rage
And tell your Ego what it must Conceal.
Where the Open Mind dies, the Heart begins
And Opens once more to newly-found sins.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
multi sumus Aug 2018
Dear Death,
                      Let me begin by saying Thank You, Thank You for your labours. i myself would be unable to carry such a burden as to ferry those found at their end to their final destination. And i could not imagine such a task and the amount of dedication required to do so. Although im sure by your employ a many a place you have travelled and such sights you've seen. Albeit thanks be given it is not the reason for this writing.

   As your residence be not given i sought it best to carry this letter upon my person, So when we should meet it may be presented.  And not knowing the circumstances by which our encounter should occur it may find futile.  But if possible that you should be seen by my own eye and strength i have, unto your hand it shall be given.  In hopes upon reading you would fulfill that which is requested.

   Now being that at the time of this writing i am found to be of a young age, There are many accomplishments not yet succeeded. There are loves yet felt and joys yet found,  but through hope they shall be met. Not to say that all will be simple mind you, but with perseverance my goal is to complete my tasks with much ferver. While also taking into consideration that much time will be required to do so.  Which brings me to the reasoning behind this letter.

   My Dearest Death, i ask of you, not that you would overlook me so as to prolong the inevitable but only my demise be slow and drawn out.  To what extreme the pain be i leave to you, only that it be to a level suitable for reflection. For you see as of now i look towards that which i wish to accomplish, but at that time my wish is to look back.  To relive the joy and happiness of those moments and to smile knowing that i truly lived. So i may say that all i have set my mind to i have done.

   Even though nothing is owed i beseech thee, And to say i would be eternally grateful would sound a lie.  But be it known that by your agreement to my plea you are appreciated.

   i shall close now given that by your reading of this the time requested by you for my remembrance has been satisfied.  To ask for anything more would seem greedy.  Not that my intent was to fool you, but being it is my lifes end which is the reason for our meeting i wished to be in control of it.
   Please forgive me this offense and my hopes are you remain content in your duties.
ryn Aug 2014
Step into my universe
You'll see only words
In my mind, flurry of feathers
Hurricane of riled up birds.

They amass and circulate
Searching to break free
Storm of ink; doesn't abate
Bleed out for no one to see.

Hidden inside my heart
Forbidden words I long to convey
Teach me how to start
With you I foist to play.

Words veiled by silent secrecy,
Cloaked words I long to shout
Bordering the point of heresy
Tabooed words without doubt.

Almost an eternity I've whispered
With care and only hushed tones
Well kept secret undiscovered
Laying quiet under unturned stones.

Thought myself alone when I heard another
One that sings choral to my own
A mournful call that sang together
Grey melodies embodied in skin and bone.

The cravings of my heart
Your words I wish to fill
In my head occupies the biggest part
Our declaration's the only seal.

A vow you and I made
A love we wish to last forever
Dismissing that opportunities evade
Who would need a supporting paper.

Hidden softness within me
Only you can tap and enjoy
The only one that holds the key
Heart and mind meet to employ.

Our hearts, like kings, would've risen
Adorned and bejewelled on their crests
Let us sing in unrehearsed unison
Crowned words we've locked in our chests.

Written by Suckers for Rhymes - IamMsIves & Rhymesmith
Andrew Rueter Dec 2017
When cops aren't held accountable
We're bound to fall
To unanswered calls
And free for alls
In project halls
With narrow walls

Fear gets the best of judgement
A cop shoots a suspect
He gives an explanation
Which doesn't pass examination
Only exacerbates inflammation
Stemming from the police station
When they go on patrol
To show who's in control
And act as rough terrorists
As the cuffs tear our wrists

The blood ceases to be red
As it gushes from our head
It becomes black or white
The difference day and night
The impulse is to fight
But is that right?
Will we lose sight
And become wrong
And sing their song?

Their favorite method for oppression
Is unbridled aggression
With discriminate discretion
Yet we're supposed to be nonviolent?
Even when the media has gone silent?
Even when a loved one has been maimed?
Or framed?
They depend on our inaction
To continue painful interactions
As we look for distractions
We build a mental immunity
Which gives the cops impunity
They think they're getting through to me
I just don't want them to shoot so I'll be free
I'll tell them what they want to hear
When they know violence is my fear
They use the mystery of suffering
And their long history of cuffing me
To manipulate me and get what they want
Then on the way to jail they tease and taunt
They've numbed themselves to my plight
And blinded themselves from my light
They hope they'll never see me again
After sending me to the state pen

The police get a thrill
Out of taking away our agency
The police get to ****
Despite how much we beg and plead
The cops keep making us needlessly bleed
Our supposed rights they needlessly read
A government system they needlessly feed

I feel rage and impotence
In this cage of hypocrites
The cops
Run a shop
Where hammers always look for nails
Even if they're minor fails
When employment depends on success
And ambitions rely on arrests
We better wear a vest
Because they'll terrorize the public
Then open their arms
For therein lies the musket
That does us harm

The police brutalize
While we rue their lies
But stay in disguise
Because they have the power to destroy us
People won't employ us
People won't enjoy us
Once we're trapped in a lonely cell
The police then toy with us
Making us feel like we're alone in hell

The police engender a vicious fear
Especially when they smell like beer
To cover up their tears
From what they do to their peers
They terrorize
We're paralyzed
We must teach them to be decent
When evidence of their hate is recent
The law must be followed
But the enforcers are hollow
And they bend the law
To twist our screws
We're stuck in their claws
Destined to lose
ken not the
vive la différence!
entre les deux,
these two bed and head chambers,
for all poets are seducers,
regardless of ***, race, creed or color

when first we employ our working, yeoman vocabulary,
we plain start,
to relate but not to regale,
the whom we are,
hoping our moments unique,
will  breach the boundaries
of our collective commonality connectivity,
and find human receptivity

thus, the seduction of self commences

though every possible combination of words has somewhere been inscribed and committed, we ****** ourselves
(the seduction of poetry)
with potions of notions that we are and always be our
first, and now soon forever,
yours as well

of course, we are, it's true,
our very own first admirer & lover,
having conquered the hillock of self,
see the universe expanding and the
****** need to conceive
and prowess to please
beyond the beyond with
the poetry of seduction

do not want your body, heart or soul,
commitment, allegiance, vows,
sacred or profane,
all such in vain

crave your everything,
not even a legal nine-tenths satisfactory

dare not call me arrogant or presumptive,
gaze upon the mirror that cannot lie,
rereading thy words assemblage,
and deny to lie to yourself

want you, you want me,
my adoration,
we want to be in
a poem together,
lovers at the molecular level
where words dissected into letters, then again,
into guttural sounds where a simple outcry is an elegy,
a love poem, a wound, a denouement, a preface, a tear,
a welling, a heaving, a sigh, an exhalation, all,
an entrance to where the need for words
is long since past

the sin and crown of seduction completed,

now breathe out
and then,
breathe in
riley minteer Nov 18
"oh how remarkable",
my front porch says
a welcoming mat,
a porcelain frog,
and a marble foyer

...and i've never been to scandinavian lands
frostbitten icing lines northernmost shores
the cold is brooding,
love will prevail
of course it will always-
but it's just that i choose to employ...
an easy retirement here could suffice

don't interject my utopian dream
a life in a land that i equated to peace
no child, this is not a delusional fleeting
bright-lighted is the sky,
clouds grace high peaks

oh how remarkable
is every lovebird,
oh how remarkable
it is to me...
-riley minteer
“oh how remarkable”
(from “seeds of change”)
Monday, November 18, 2019
Left Foot Poet Sep 2017
BG: On High, (He/She)  ranting about a new alphabet!

YOU wrote, He/She read...

down looking to make some trouble,
what he likes to do on weekends,
heard about your poem,
trying to create a new alphabet,
and got mightily ******
(at you)

we have an open IM,
and live crosstown
from each other,
and he/she is kinda shy,
(from gender confusion,)
asked me to relay this to you,
Madame BG Star:

you, who writes a new poem
on the hour, got a *** of nerve,
dissatisfied with the limits
of your tools, should not overly complain!

you got gifted, and use up your allotment
of alpha rearrangements and never get billed,
should be more considerate,
and just
write more.

and then he said something else,
because he always gets the last

you have an affinity for the letter L
it would appear, so here is your punishment,
for the rest of the week
write like a madwoman

but no words that employ this lala sound!

how do you like that my little lollipop ******?

having scored some five and dime bags,
(cannabis legal not, up above)
went home to run the world in his
usual state
of (dis)grace

don't b-ame the messenger,
cause he said over his shoulder as departing
on his fiery chariot,
that applies to you too
u troublemaking

_Eft Foot Poet
Big Virge Jul 2017
Do You Believe In ... ?
Freedom of Speech ... ?
Freedom of Thought ... ?  

And ...
Freedom To Teach ... ?  
Or ..... ?  
Freedom To Do ...    
The Things That You Please ... ?!?  
Freedom Is NOT ...
PART of ... Reality ... !!!  
Which Part of You's ... FREE ...  
Apart From ... YOUR Body ... !?!  
I Believe In The Freedom ...  
To Simply Be ... ME ...    
To SHOW My Frustrations ...  
WITHOUT ... " Accusations " ... !!!  
His Intentions are BAD !"  
I'm SICK of These Judgements ...  
These Judgments Are ... CRASS ... !!!!!  
I Want To Be FREE To AIR My Opinion ...    
On ANYTHING Ranging From ...  
*** To ... Dominion ... !!!!!  
How Can We Be ... "Free" ... ?!?  
When We're ... Under CONTROL ...    
Control of ... "Your Mind" ...  
Means ... Control of YOUR SOUL ... !!!!!  
Men Who Wear ... " Suits " ...  
Have Got The ... Bank Rolls ...  
While Those Who Don't Wear Them ...    
Get Left In ...............................................­................ The Cold ..... !!!  
We're ... "FREE to Air Views !" ...
Is The ... Regular Quote ...  
But How Can This Be ...  
When So Many Can't Vote ... ?!?  
I'm SICK of Politicians ... !!!  
Who Have NO Constrictions ............ ?  
They Seem To Think It's Okay ...  
To BAN TALK On Religion ....  
But The Parties They're In ...  
DEFINE Their ..... SEP - ara - Tism .... ?!?!?  
Of Course Your Mind ...  
Can ALWAYS ... Run Free ..................................  
But ....  
" Freedom of Thought " ...  
Is Now ... Under Siege ... !!!  
When Those Who Hold POWER ...  
Decide ... Who Can Speak ...  
They Speak ALL THE TIME ... !!!!!!  
About ... CONTROLLING Streets ...    
When THEY DON'T Walk Them ...  
But Are Driven Around ...  
In COMFY ... Leather Seats ... ?!?  
They Procrastinate ...  
About ... " Freedom of Speech " ...  
But SHOUT Like A ... " Tout " ...  
About ... Wars That They Seek ....................................... !!!!!!  
These People Are ... "Weak" .... !!!  
From People In Congress ...  
To ... Lying MP's ... !!!!!  
I'd Rather Observe ...  
A Debate Between SHEEP ... !!!  
Than Watch These MP's ...  
Tell Us LIES On ... TV ... !!!!!!!  
CONTROLS Are Now groWING ...
...... EVERYWHERE ..... !!!!!!!  
PLEASE Beware ... !!!  
From Lyrics You Hear ...  
To The Clothes That You Wear ...  
Wearing A ... " Hoodie " ...  
Has Got People ... " SCARED " ... !!!!!  
What IS ... REALLY True ...  
Is ... SO RARELY Shared ...  
With ... People Like Me ...  
Who DO ... REALLY CARE ... !!!  
I'm The DAREDEVIL ...  
With ........ Medusas' Stare .......    
The Worlds Now Controlled ...  
By Witches Like .... " Blair " ....  
Bureaucrats ...  
Hold The ... "SHARES" ...  
Do You Think This Is Fair .... ???  
NOTHING In This Life ...  
Is Gonna Be ... FREE ... !!!!!!!  
From Clothes That You Wear ...  
To A ... Juicy Fruit PLEASE ... !!!  
Girls AIN'T Easy ...  
They're Getting ... GREEDY ... !!!  
"Show me THAT Money !  
Then you can PLEASE ME !"
"Go Please YOURSELF !  
Girl, you don't need me !"  
Girls Seem To Now Think ...  
Cash Can ... Set Them FREE .......................................................  
How STUPID They Be ... !!!  
Cos' In The End Just Like Me ...  
Money CAN'T Possibly Set People Free ...  
Free From THE CHAINS of ... "Society" ... !!!!!  
The One Thing In My Life ...  
That's ... EVER BEEN FREE ...  
Was The LOVE FROM ...  
..... " My Mother " .....  
Hey Mum ...    
Rest in Peace ... !!!!!  
" Our Love will be free for Eternity !  
I'm sending my love, through this here poetry !    
Your Love was unconditional !
You gave it for free, free like A tree !"  
But They Are Now DYING ...  
To Build ... Property ... ?!?  
Have You Seen The ...
... " Two Towers " ... ?  
In A land Where The Trees ...  
Were Able To ... Speak ...  
I'd Ask Them Some Questions ...  
Like ... Why Are We Messing ...  
With ... ALL of God's Blessings ... ?  
Like ... FREEDOM of Voice ...  
And ... FREEDOM of Choice ...    
Instead of The Sounds ...  
of Political ... NOISE ... !!?!!  
Which Normally Leads ...  
To The Use of ... War Toys ... !!!!!  
I'm Getting Annoyed ...  
By ... "Constriction Ploys" ... !!!  
Don't THEY Annoy YOU ... ?!?  
You MUST HAVE A View ... !?!  
THIS Is A Path ...  
We've GOT TO ... AVOID ... !!!!!  
Cos' FREEDOM of Thought ...  
Is Being .... DESTROYED ... !!!!!  

By Those ... " Pulling Strings " ...  
of Puppets They Employ ... !!!!!  
I'm Simply Suggesting ...  
It's Time For Some Questions ... !!!  
BEFORE They Call ... " TIME " ... !!!  
On People Like Me ...  
Who QUESTION Through Rhyme ...  
Cos' This It Would Seem ... ???  
Is Their NEW ... GRAND Design ...  !!!  
To Make Those Who Question ...  
SHUT UP And ... RESIGN ... !!!!!!  
I'm Feeling That Freedom ...  
Is NOW ... Out of Season ... !!!!!  
It's Facing Some CUTS ... !!!  
And Some ... "Internal BLEEDING" ... !!!!!  
But NEVER Give Up ... !!!  
On This Thing We Call ....  
..... " Freedom " .....
How free are we really ... ???
RCraig David Nov 2017
Two hearts encased,
chased by a full moon overlooking the black and lucid night.
Like a bright contrasting white light spotlight on things to be.
Mine to yours and yours to me.
Two hearts into one,  
the one moon spills a mana spell akin to an infinite, everlasting spoken rune over the ages.
Our stories into one,
Our hearts bond,
It’s skips progressive stages,
beyond words on pages,
in this quiet moment past the reach of the Sun.
The fullest moon,
the furthest reach,
high in the sky contrasting the black lack of light,
night’s version of high noon.

Emboldened to fold into and hold onto you so often,
transcending so tight even our souls share light.
Eyes shut, sealed from light,
we feel and grasp and clasp and clinch at every body-inch,
sparking darkest days into brightest nights...
then, all over again, I see you, I pull you close,
and so it begins again this morning or this day or this night.

The ****, salty taste of your waist encases a place in my brain forever.
You depart...we’re apart...
Miss you fiercely,
love you deeply,
to hold you near,
feel my fears leave me,
if only I could just see thee.
My next morning starts anew with more thoughts of you and how completely I see thee as part of the whole sum of who I suddenly aspire to be.

With every rolling tumble and sweet embrace,
with every chanced glance to give chase,
with every coy kissing peck on my neck,
with every wept tear of joy
with every breath or soulful laugh you employ,
I beseech you,
Mate to my soul,
woman to this man,
girl to this boy,
my heart,
my love,
my trust are yours to have,
to hold,
to embold...
laid bare to infirm or destroy.

By R. Craig David-Copyrighted 2017
The Statue of Liberty in New York
                counterbalanced by
The Statue of Responsibility in California

Thich Nhat Hanh is right to thus employ
                      O wise Buddha!
      We are indeed not free to destroy.
Big Virge Aug 2017
Ya know ...
I used to use ... " Dots " ...

or what's called ... " Ellipses " ...

to Connect ... My Scriptures ... !!!

but Now ... use ... " Squiggles " ...
to Connect ... The Lyrics ...
That I ... sit and ... " Scribble " ... !!!

So I DO ... Connect Dots ... !!!
with rhymes I ... " Jot " ...
About ... Terrorist Plots ... !!!
and ... " Corporate " ... Bods' ...

Whose jobs are ... " Those " ...
where agendas ... "Hold" ...
the keys to ... " Gold " ...

and Maybe ... " Oil " ... !?!
AND ... DRUG LORD ... Spoils ... !!?!!

Dots I ... Use ...
CONNECT ... Issues ...
That Some ... " Confuse " ... ???
as ... " Deluded " ... Views ... !?!

So WHO's ... " Deluding " ... WHO ... ?!?
with news they produce ... ???

Groups like ... W.H.O. ... ?

The types who ... FUEL ...
EBOLA News ... !!!!!

As if Africa ... IS ...
A place where the ... SICK ...
Get ... INFECTED ... !!!!! ...
By ... ALL KINDS OF ... " Things " ... !!!

That ...
Seem to ... STING ... !!!!!

EXCEPT ... " Projects " ...
Set by ...  " The West " ... ?????

That are ... " Scientist Led " ...
to FEED ... Black DEATH ... !!!!!

or WORSE ... Black PLAGUES ... !!!!!!

That They then say ...


BEFORE ... They Arrive ...
in ... Western States ... !!!!!!!!!

Something seems ... " Strange " ... ?
AFRICANS ... fade awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ..............................

While Westerners ... SURVIVE ... !!!
When Ebola Strains ...
Reach ... Their Coastlines ... ?!?

Then OF COURSE ... They CLAIM ...

"Africa NEEDS AID !"

From The West ... who say ...

That ...

"Africa was, the first place
to have aids !"

A.I.D.S. .... !!!!!!!!

The type that left .........
A Trail of ... Death ... !!!

Just like ... " The Feds' " ...
when they SHOOT ... Bullets ... !!!!!

Could cash be spent ?
by the ... I.M.F.
to " Aid and " ... PROTECT ...
and STOP ... These Trends ... ?!?

Well ...
Aid They ... Give ...
These days I ... Think ...............

Seems to be the ... " Type " ...
That Has ... A PRICE ...
That's ... WAY TOO HIGH ... !!!!!

" These " .....

" Dots of Mine " ...
DO NOT ... Contrive ...
to ... Formulate ... LIES ...
That ... DAMAGE ... Lives ... !!!!!

THEY ...
OPEN ... Eyes ... !!!!!
and ... OPEN ... Minds ... !!!
to the things ... "disGuiSed" ...

As TRUTH ... Defined ...

I Think ... You'll Find ...
That ... Truth's ... DENIED ...

Pretty Much ... ALL THE TIME ... !!!

But NOT ... in rhymes ... I ...
Sit and .... Write .... !!!

From ... Relationships ...
that ... Bear ... WITNESS ...
to the ... " Types of Women " ...
Who Play ... " The Victim " ...
from The End ... Back to Beginning ... ?!?

What's with these chicks ... ?
Who Think ... They're ... " Slick " ...

They're SLICK ... Alright ... !!!
Like ... " Grease and Slime " ... !!!

UNTIL ... " Chauvinists " ...
Treat them like ... ***** ... !!!!!

and ....
Leave them ... " DITCHED " ...
Like .... My Lyrics ....

So THEY ... WON'T LIKE ...
These words I ... write ... !!!!!!!

The Dots they ... " Connect " ...
AREN'T GOOD ... for Men ... !!! ...
when they get ... UPSET ...
Over ... PURE NONSENSE ... !?!?!

Or Let ... Their NEED ...
for ATTENTION ... Be ...

The Thing that ... DESTROYS ...
Relationship ... " Poise " ...
because ... " Boys with " ... " Ploys " ...
Can ... OPEN THEM ... Up ...
Like ... ******* Toys ... !!!!
and ... OTHER ... Stuff ... !!!!!!!!!!

These Girls ... " Employ " ...

That ... SATISFY ...
MORE THAN ... These ... " Guys " ...
Who ... TRY and TRY ... !!!!! ...
to ... Make Them ... " Smile " ... !!!!!

By ...
Giving them ... " Child " ...
and ... Marriage Vibes ...
Where ... CONNECTION ... is the Key
to .... Relationship .... GLEE .... !!!!!

But .....
How Many do we see ... ?
who are Living ... " Happily " ... ?!?

CONNECT ... " Those Dots " ...
and you ... Might Get ... SHOCKED ... ?!?
by those now ... "LOCKED" ...

In Relationships ... " Docked " ...
with .... NO iPod ... !?!?! ...

" Hold on, that's wrong ! "

Like couples who ... " Plod " ...
For the ... " Children's Sake " ... !?!

Which i'm ...
Primed to say ...

is a ... BIG Mistake ... !!!!!

If you ... DON"T ... get along
It's time to .... Move on .....................................
WITHOUT ... " Using " ... Your Child ...
Like some ... " ******* " ... !!!!! ...

to be USED ...
while you ... ABUSE ...
Yourself and ... THEM ... !?!?!

Does that ... Make Sense ... ?!?

Children NEED ... " Dots " ...
That Connect ... WITHOUT The ... STRESS ...
of Parents ... FIGHTING Like ... Dogs ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who Got Married ... Just because ...

" The Premise " ... seemed ... INVITING ...
Before they got a .................. " Sighting .................................
of Who ... The Other ...... WAS ...... !!!!!!

The TRUTH is ... That ...
Our Lives ...
DON'T Always ... " Intertwine ' .............  

which is WHY ...
We SHOULD ... " Take Time " ...
to YES ... CONNECT The ... Dots ... !!!

with someone who IS ... Strong ... !!!
and DOESN'T Cause ... PROBLEMS ... !!!

That SEVER ...
MORE THAN ... " Bond " ... !!!!!!

My Style of ... Rhyme ...
IS ... Clever ... !!!

Because .....

Problems ... " I Solve " ...
Within The Verse ...
I put to ... WORK ...
Like THOSE ... Who have ... " The Job " ...
of being ..... NEW ..... " Sherlocks " ..... !!!!!!!

Violent ... " Yobs " ... !!!!!

and Those who ...
Choose to ... ROB ... !!!!!
Choose to ... **** ... !!!!!!

But Nowadays ...
Their Dots ... Display ...
A BLATANT ... DIS-Connect ... !!!

Between these heads in ... " Uniforms " ...
and " Basic " ... " Common Sense " ... ?!!!? ...

and Being ... MORE ...
Than KILLERS Who ...
Are Causing ... STORMS ... !!!

Because they're ... NO BETTER ...
Than ... " Hannibal Lector " ... !!!!!!!

MURDERERS Who ... " Stalk " ...
More Than They ... " Walk The Walk " ...

of .... " PROTECTING TO SERVE " ... !!!!!!

They Connect and ... HURT ... !!!
MORE THAN They ... " STOP " ...

The CRIMINALS ... Who ...
SIT IN ..... "Boardrooms" ...... ?!?

and DON'T GET ... " SHOT " ... !?!
for the CRIMES They ... "PLOT" ... ?!?

Something seems ... " WRONG " ... ?!?
when Blacks get ... SHOT ...
For Being .... BLACK .... !!!!!!!!

What's up with ... THAT ... ?!?

I Think it's TIME ...
To STOP ... These CRIMES ... !!!!!

As it seems to be ... RIGHT ...
To STOP ... These Rhymes ...

Before ... These Lines
are Deemed to ... " INCITE " ...

When ALL They ... " Reflect " ...
Are Some ... " Thoughts " ... Expressed ...
That ... talk about ... " Health " ...
and The ... HARD SELL ... !!!!!
of ... "Devious Plots" ...

That Seem .... ALL WRONG ... ? !!! ?

Until YOU ...
Take The Time ... to ...

" Connect The Dots " .................................................................­....................

Listen Here :
Seems like a few need connecting right about now .... !!!!!
this sport is played
at a leisurely pace
no-one playing it ever
seems to be in a race

some are good
at the short game
whilst others are better
at the long

during the tournament
strokes will be calculated
to make sure the score
isn't deflated or overrated

what stick shall
you employ
on the course's
tricky ploy

oh the ball has just landed
in the thick vegetation
it scattered the birdies
which were sitting on its plantation
Through voracious eyes devotees, peruse writings, clever literature all styled to thoughtful poetic ways
eloquently, exposing wounds of body and soul, discovered distrust, anger much regret, sadly even fear,
thereto shortcomings in life, of people, their actions, loves and lies promulgated in illuminating phrase.
Technology endows contributors with outlets for venting suchlike occasions using artistry is here.

Passionate poignant experiences most well written, some not are duly shared to attracted communal eyes.
declarations of 'I have cared so much I'm wounded mortally', some bask in lost or unrequited loves last kiss,
several employ inner strength 'whatever happened, I don't care, I'm resilient, I survive', shared with poetic pride
concise verses rework obvious reminders, may motivate suggestion that opportunity shouldn't be missed.

Modest words abundantly profound begin remarks that reassures, with the - I'm here for yous'- symbolic embrace,
in support it is written, 'I know what you mean' and from a great distance - empathise, but I have little to say.
Health issues aren't fixed by artistic pennings, only face to face professional advice forms the strongest base,
Writings from the poetic inner self  may become positive steps, for futures not, staring in depressions face.

Much is written with sensitivity oft-times is judged by content, overlooked is why and how it is composed.
For instance suicide  educes fear however. dubiety invites, is it fiction or truly despair?
Writing as an art observes, describes, creates imagery, of sadness and joy, escapism, fictional or no.
Poetic creators who web-wide commune through stories, thoughts, secrets, ideas, dreams, let the poetry be shared .

Poetry www    Michael C Crowder 12th  January 2019 @scorsby
my thoughts about poetry its content and writing skill
Ray Dunn Apr 3
You stain my skin
like the indents on my wrist.
The hair-ties from my weary day,
unused and painful.

Luckily, I employ you.
The indents fade and the angry
red marks vanish,
while my vision clears with it.

The crack of my wrist,
hyperextended like my patience,
I bring back feeling to my fingers.
Time to get to work.
Literally meaningless **** I’m so bored
Eternal the struggle
Of dispossessed rebels
I finished God’s work
Now I’m doin’ the Devil’s
Duplicitous, shiftiest,
Dirtiest deeds
To the landless,
The peasants,
The outcasted breeds
An outsider
Ghost writer
Adrifting through town
And unleashing my unbounded
Hellhound around
My cause lost
To the cost
Of a hole in the ground
That I sought to make common
Man’s claim
All the same
But to do so
The gentrified’s bane
By the slain
They defined me
A murderous ****
And insane they confined me
To mind-numbing drugs
They prescribed me
Attempts to revive
The reptile
The coldest-blood guile,
Service with a smile,
Reviled exile
This side of the Nile
And in a submissive state
Made me a slave
To the for-prophet
People enchained
To a system
I swore to destroy
As a boy
With his head in the clouds
In the muses’ employ
Where continuing still
Is that struggle
But these days
It just rages on
In this journal
JeanieBeth Oct 2018
Don't let memory run away with you
and make moments of loss not true
dreams of joy may turn to ash
and the mistakes you've made to few

It's not lies that protect, but joy:
no need to run away, but employ
your six senses to know the woman
you're becoming from the boy.

I was all hung up before
all hidden in fakery and gore;
now so unsure I'll not pretend
I'm new to being girl-friend.

I'm new to being a woman
and I'm trying to find
all the reaches of my heart so human
how I make up my mind

Testosterone and lies an evil mix
Years of misery with only one fix
Let me join with you girls
Dance arms linked in great whirls

I'm so knew in this lovely air
let me be your newest friend
Heart to heart so we might share
We've good messages to send

My path is all that's certain:
Only truth will I be blurtin'
And with you I would be flirtin'
flinging aside so every curtain

Steady hand and brightest eyes
The time is short ere spirit flies
I've gathered my pains like raspberry pies
And keep them without compromise.
Jayne E Apr 4
With fickle Freddy Frosts first showing
and the rising of ******* and
limbs fine tactile hairs, laguna,
filaments of sensation *****
quivering and striving
stretching toward a now absent warmth,

she always did have her sunny side showing, bare legs tucked under her
buttocks, leaning back on her hands
under that big Totara tree, face tilting
skyward and sandals kicked aside,

searching out her brighter sunny day
even now, with leaves falling down
the autumnal mix of ambers
Loamy greens and wooded browns
the earth cool and damp underfoot
her naked legs, arms defiant, barely crying for freedom!

Shivered morn's and eve's descend quickly
winters first indicators bringing
a refusal to employ blankets
hope tightly clinging to summers
silk sheets from Portugal,
feather light, soft as air,
just how she likes her thread count
high and expensive, sumptous,
(her pedantic obsession with fine linens)
totally ineffectual as calefactor,
so, she shivers on stubborn as ever,
Stay summer! Stay!

Even her loyal steadfast cicadas
have fallen silent now, summers last guard fallen to shortened days
and longer lonelier cool nights,
it is now she starts to miss a warm body
companionship, a worthy bedfellow
one who will not protest her cold toes
vicious advances on their warmer flesh

The sacrifice well worth the reward
of her warmest, ardent affections
tender embraces and softly spoken
murmurings of love and passion,
her full surrender to your body
with hers, she gives good, good love,
both body and mined soul deep too.

The countdown to clocks pushed onwards
pulls a wustful sigh from blueish lips
she is underdressed, flimsy chiffon
on a day made for heavier cloths
persists with summer daydreaming
of warm strong hands restoring her joy
under cold nights cloaked bed covers,
hot stolen kisses from a winter lover.

J.C. "littlebird" 05/04/2019.
Bob B Aug 30
Credible scientists
Agree, and it is quite concerning.
We are seeing destructive effects
Of global warming: Earth is burning.

Brazilian agri-business has been
Carelessly throwing fuel on the fire,
Destroying the "lungs" of our planet and making
The situation even more dire.

The Amazon's on fire right now.
Fires are taking a heavy toll
In places all around the world.
The conflagration is out of control.

As heat-trapping gasses are
Released into the atmosphere,
Glaciers melt and oceans grow warmer,
Making hurricanes more severe.

Between climate change deniers
And a warming earth, we're in the middle,
And as Earth burns our president
Watches while he plays his fiddle.

Now he wants to roll back restrictions,
Erasing rules on methane emissions.
Methane as a heat-trapping gas
Will only worsen climate conditions.

With all his environmental rollbacks,
There is NO silver lining.
He wants to open Alaskan national
Forests to logging, drilling, and mining.

If there is a method to damage our
Environment, he will employ it.
Rather than fight to protect our earth,
The president would rather destroy it!

With all the damage Trump is doing,
If anyone says on his behalf
That he's an environmentalist,
All we can say is, "That's a laugh!"

-by Bob B (8-30-19)
annh Jan 3
I am Bic Pentameter
Bic Pentameter is my name
Rhythm is my business
Time management is my game

Short, Long & Sons employ me
To tidy up their verse
The satirists are not too bad
But Catullus is a curse

I have danced with Sappho
Brought Shakespeare home for tea
Swapped pretty tales with Byron
Bounced da Padova on my knee

Marlowe picked a fight for nought
Auden spiked my drink
Wordsworth was insomnolent
He never slept a wink

Yeats, now there's an anecdote
Worthy of the press
The critic's choice by all accounts
The brightest and the best

But listen to me prattling on
To my work I must attend
Performance, prosody, poesy
The rules of scansion do not bend

For metre is all important
When reciting off by heart
The classic works of yesteryear
And I shall play my part
Iambic pentameter - a line of verse with five metrical feet, each consisting of one short (or unstressed) syllable followed by one long (or stressed) syllable.
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