Preech Aug 2012

I think we should all semi-colon close brackets or capital D,
we need to make time to just be semi-colon capital P.
Just be happy, maybe even throw in a colon close brackets.
Refrain from creating stress with semi-colon capital S,
on hearing an opposing opinion don't be offended, semi-colon capital O.
Just accept it, let go, there is no need to be so semi-colon forward slash.
Turn that open brackets around, there's no need to frown,
drop that greater-than arrow and take things less seriously.
Seriously there are many things to less-than arrow three in this world,
don't overlook the little things. Appreciate them.
Give them an open brackets capital Y close brackets,
maybe even an asterisk applause asterisk.

Send out the message, keep up that semi-colon capital D.

tread Sep 2013

I can blame her all I want-

but she only ruined me

because I let her back


Paul Hansford Feb 2016

Two curly brackets
with an apostrophe each
for eyes
like two faces
looking at each other
with noses
– or lips –
almost touching
and between the faces
a small letter x
(you guessed it)
a small kiss.

The faces are so anonymous
they could be anyone
but one is me
and the other
can represent any one
of my lady poet friends
or should that be
"my poet lady-friends"?

So if any of my poet friends
who are ladies
think they might like a small friendly gesture
of affection
from me
please take it as that.

We are after all
so far away
that it could never come to more
but like a small birthday present
it's the thought that counts.

Isn't it?

Alienpoet Oct 2016

As your soul gently drains into your iPhone.
Cold and alone in a sterile home
They call it progress
However we can't go back...
Advertisements sell products on the net quicker than crack.
Hungry for all we lack
Wanting our childhoods back.
The future doesn't fit us
There is no pity for us
We curse our poverty
As the planet dies
An emoticon fills our eyes
It's a smiley to gloss over the truth.

Michael Marchese Mar 2017

Why do we hide
Behind screens and devices
Confronting our problems
Like drones upon Isis

Dumping our waste
In a news-feeding sea
Then digging up dirt
On our best frenemy  

Swipe right for love  
If you tryna' hit
As you kindle the flame
And then hashtag it lit

Processing feelings
Like androids alone
Despite the reception
From every iPhone

So disconnected
Though closer than ever
To google chrome answers
All searching together

On profile pictures
You can judge a book
When the moral of this one
Is how do I look

Unfiltered facades
Of half-life expression
Anti-social obsession

Objective dimension
Of pretense inanimates'
Unblocked accounts
Of inactive inhabitants

Dwelling in shallows
Of in-depth distractions
Profiting off of
The Twitter war factions

Stop buying shares
Of the media Marxist
Still selling your souls
To emoticon artists

David Dec 2014

Waiting for this Leary to bake.
I am baked.
I finally have time to reflect
on last night.
Like a kite
up in the air I flew
confused and okay
just simply being with you.

Adam Burke May 2014

Cliché cunts and revolutionary retards.
We cannot use an image of a stone heart in every poem.
Nor compare every woman to a summer's eve.
But neither can I stand an emoticon in place of vocabulary.
A hash tag description should not be the only fucking indication as to what the poet was feeling in the poem's creation.
Poets will not start out strong.
But they should stick to what they've been taught.
Express progress in ideas
Not in virtual images.

Kristo Frost Mar 2013

All the best cover bands have leather jackets and aviators in play.
Feel the bodies burn.
Their polka dot calm pierces the noisy dark.
It slips between your lower ribs.
Trance hands in the air for shared emotion.
When the Sun dies out we'll light the world with disposable lighters.
We'll also flicker with emoticon implants.
Cold glitter on a dark planet.
Winky face.

Make yourself
     the beautiful man your father never was.
Baby, eat that pico.
     You, Your, You’re; sorry hermaphrodite,
but any one’ll work.
     Some jokes only make you reminisce
and empty
    those gorgeous green Glen laughs
and sorry blended tears
     into some kind of night.

But all is right.


Amethyst ,
Greek for not intoxicated
A gemstone of violet colored quartz
once believed provided protection
against becoming intoxicated

Black Butterfly , a book about transformation and rebirth after death
But I don't know where the stripper
drama comes in
The rest is life ,
into daily drudge

Oh , but for the last dregs
of glory
at the bottom
of the bottle of life

The electric breath that once
activated every nerve cell
of your being
into ecstacy
has become a distant emoticon
that was once closer
than shadow thin
But now has become the one
living in a graveyard
with hopes
of raising dead dreams

Perig3e Feb 2012

Do you suppose
within the blizzard
of transmitted text,
packed in bytes
and individually addressed
in such a way
that your emoticon kiss :*
and mind *: to you
may have met and smooched
in cyber space
before they 1 & 0'ed
the computer codes
that displayed on screens
our mutual affection?

Katy Allen Feb 2015

Could we please go back
to a few lines ago when
I think I made you smile.
At least you sent a emoticon
now you haven't replied since 12:53,
I know I've said something wrong.
So could we please
clear the history
and go back.

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