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Meredith Ann Jan 15
and in these moments,
of feeling lost enough,
i find myself turning to the tones that narrate my adolescence,
the ones I know every small shade to.

the way the tongue dipped to form those kiwi sounds,
brings on peace like childhood nostalgia,
dripping in rich indigo and sparkling lavender.

i crawl inside of them,
rewatching the story a thousand times over,
feeling the anticipation of the tide's rise and fall,
deep down in my soul.

As whispers of aristocracy,
teenage anarchy,
broken lovers,
and reeling nights,

take me home to my heart,
and I feel known.
A nod to the persona who's melting colors has served as a heavy blanket on an anxious night,
A tribute to the dancing lady who made little gothy me feel seen,
A thank you to the peace her words bring me as they speak the thoughts I cannot bear to construct.
D Awanis Oct 2016
// The day before yesterday

I couldn’t help myself but longing for your existence
It felt strange to have my body wrapped and my back rubbed by someone that is not you
It felt unfamiliar not to hear you talk about the weather and the sky after you question my day
It felt odd to feel the stain of coffee left on his lips—because it ain’t the one you used to sip

// Yesterday

I couldn’t help myself but wonder about the probability of us
Tell me that being stucked in traffic jam doesn’t make you wish you were spending it with me
Tell me that your feet don’t dance to Ella Fitzgerald and suddenly missing the tip of my toes on top of them
Tell me that when you look at her face, you don’t search even an ounce of my warmth there

// The day after yesterday

I’m quietly pleading for your mercy
Forgive me that I almost forget the way your laughter sounds or the way you sigh when you feel hopeless;
or the transition in your voice when you get mad but choose not to show it
or how your fingers fit the spaces between mine perfectly—and God, do I miss them
RBWhite Jun 2018
Así,como la bruma del viento arenoso,
La sirena del desierto se despide,
Lo hace maldiciendo los recuerdos,
Sus caderas sinuosas,ojos claros,
Que una vez me imploraban piedad,
Y a la otra se resignaban al suplicio,
Me dejan para no volver,
Ella oye y baila sobre mis penas,
Cabellos de tormenta tropical,
Su voz tenáz y cruel,
No quiere que la siga,
Pero, ¿Cómo no?
Es lo único que he hecho,
Sus pasos son los propios,
Nunca ha habido diferencia,
Déjame entrar en tí una última vez,
Juro no hacerte llorar,
Ni abandonarte por el mar,
Aunque ya lo haya hecho,
Y me hayas perdonado cada vez,
Vuelve a mí, mi alma,
Sirena de mis mitos,
Crees en pecadores,
Pero nunca me pudiste perdonar,
He aquí un forastero sátiro,
Que no cree en nadie, ni en nada,
Pero consigue religión y sueños,
Cada vez que curas mis heridas,
Que me alimentas y acunas,
Que me enseñas y reprendes,
Que te entregas y me reclamas,
No conozco a más nadie,
¿Por qué irme?
Tengo a la muerte cerca,
Y quiero confesarme a tí,
Como lo he hecho constantemente,
Para escuchar tu dolor,
Hundirme en la miseria de no merecerte,
Eres mis ojos,
Eres mi sentir,
Sirena del amor,
Sirena dulce,
Sirena de la ternura invalorable,
Sirena de la melancolía,
Llévame contigo.
Lvice Aug 2018
Her heart
Beats inside my
Ella Salvador Jun 2018
My morning lover,
       you are the one that
I'd love to wait by.

I will be thinking of you
        until the sun sets on
a starry blue sky.

If the stars up in the
         heavens are no more,
You are still the one that I adore.

I will hold your hand
        and stay with you,
My love for you forever will be true.

Under the moonlight
         with a kiss I seal,
Every word is pure,
          veritable and real.

Have faith in me
         from the very start,
And you and I will never be apart.

                                   -Ella Salvador
(c) June 2018
Ella Salvador Jun 2018
A young girl is walking on a sinuous and rough trail.
Wounds and scratches have found its place in her body, so frail.

As she reached the end of the pathway, she began to feel decrepit and impuissant that she wanted to discreetly skreigh.

On a cloudy dark night, a boy appeared in the fog.
He said
Everthing will be okay..
Don't worry..
Just take my hand..

He took her to a place
that is very bright,
dazzling that it hurts
her heavy eyes.

They both sitted on an evergreen
well-groomed grass.
She noticed the beautiful scenery that appeared.
It calmed her mind,
her heart,
her whole being.

The sun shines,
the water by the river is crystal blue,
the breeze of the wind blows her hair.
She have seen the skies,
the birds and the flowers
surrounded by tall trees.

This place is filled with love, joy and happiness.
This is the place that she can choose to be with
or she can be in another world..

                                          -Ella Salvador
(c) June 2018
Tengo el pecho lleno de calor,
el aire me lo dijo y me canto una canción.
Tengo el alma y grita a veces,
aveces me oculto entre la gente,
no por que tema a mostrarme,
es que prefiero pasar inadvertido,
para cuando el viento me señale,
haberlo antes sorprendido.

Las voces en mi mente
susurran como las ramas de un arbol,
me lo digo a mi mismo,
y en mi interior resueno;
aveces solo aveces
sueño con ella,
aún que ya no recuerdo su voz.
Aún recuerdo la lluvia,
el camino a mi casa,
un suspiro, un minuto de alavanza
y el dibujo de un sonrisa en mi cara.

Si escribo es para romperme en pedazos,
para que alguien, tan solo alguien
comparta mi canto,
por que no quiero volar solo,
quiero surcar los cielos
con un coro de voces que brillen
voces oscuras,
otros matices,
que sigan mi vuelo
o que me muestren el suyo.
MÁFV Mar 5
El llora, pretendiendo que así ella sabe lo que el siente
Ella ignora, entendiendo que la imaginación miente
Los yerros de la vida son peores en acciones omisas
No hay silogismo si no haces las premisas

El futuro es presente, ya la ha olvidado
No se tortura pensando que habrá pasado
Con un muro en su mente, ella lo ha recordado
Vueltas de humo, cual las que el barón rojo ha zurcado.
Ella Salvador May 2018
Someone said he loves you and you believed each word
Your first kiss made you dance and spin around the stars

You swore you would marry him
You have done almost everything
For the man
That had a change of heart
For the man
Who changed his mind..

Young girl at 23
You have so much to learn
You have so much love to give
Know that in life
You will still have greater things
You will still have greater dreams in mind

Continue walking
Open each doors
Let life surprise you
You will soon find out who are you supposed to be

For now
Take a deep breath
Count to 10
Feel the pain
It means you are living
Cry. Take it in.
Let your heart
So innocent be scarred
To be stronger than what you have been
It will be alright
This is life
Hold on tight
And learn from each mistakes
                                    - Ella Salvador
(c) May 2018
Ella Salvador May 2018
We found each other at the wrong time
From that moment
We knew exactly what we felt-- a fire ignites that we have to utterly resist
You are with her and I, with him
Who knew then?
That we will both have the same feelings that has been kept for so long

Fate paved a way
We were both in pain
We found ourselves lost
The things that we planned for the rest of our lives vanished into thin air and became invisible

Then, we found each other..
We started something special
You took my pain away
You smiled and laughed with me
So innocent and sincere

For the longest time
We both know what we want
At last!
We can be more than what we had
More than friends
This time
We are both ready

But the odds are still against us
How unfortunate this is
We both have too much to fix
These too shall pass, we know
When? We don't know
And when it does?
Will we be together now?

We both know
We don't want to let each other go
We are both holding on
I won't let go
I won't let you go
I believe in possibilities

Know that I will think of you
I will pray and have faith
Let's be strong
You made me feel special
What we have is one in a million
I cannot just throw it away

Everything you told me will be safe with me..
You are the one that I want to keep
I think you are the best yet

You will always have me..
Come back and find me
You already found me. Twice.

You can always find your way back to me..

- Ella Salvador
(c) May 2018
Ella Salvador May 2018
I used to think that no one can ever love me until I met you

It was a sunny morning
Sunlight beaming and kissing my pale skin
I was deeply in love
Fallen head over heels
Moved mountains for you

A storm shattered my soul
It continued to hunt me
A ghost that was created by you-- who I truly trust
You caused me so much pain and yet I stayed

My love is greater than your flaws..
I said
I loved you unconditionally
I helped you change
Be better
Did everything and whatever I could
To save what's left of us

I never knew then
I was going downhill
Rock bottom
I was empty
Something has changed.. I realized
I cannot give anything now
I tried to control everything
Nothing is working--
                Nothing worked...
                                ...and so it ended

                                            - Ella Salvador
(c) February 2018
Ella Salvador Jun 2018
My sunshine after a stormy day.
My rainbow after a rainy day.
My mirror.
My best friend.

On my darkest day you never left,
you see me through when there's nothing left.

In a brink of loneliness,
you sparkled me with
joy and happiness.

You create a brighter day
on my deepest despair,
never forgetting a perfect
smile to wear.

Oh how I love those curly hair!
Bouncing and dancing
up and down in midnight air!

I could not catch a rainbow or
bring you the moon,
but I promise to be your best friend forever 'till noon.

We will be up talking from dusk to dawn,
this friendship will last
forever we will own.

I will walk with you side by side,
hold your hand with all my might.
In vain I will not leave,
count on it I'm yours to keep.

My dear Anne Christine,
best friend of mine.
Two as one and one define.
There may be times of falling out,
but our friendship will never obliterate nor root out.

As our hairs turn to Grey and
we grow old,
together we will be stronger

And when the time comes that our balanced ride in the waves of life is steadied by His hands,
we will wrap our memories in our hearts and keep them until we meet again above the heaven's sands.

We will welcome each other once again with our arms wide open,
locking in a tight embrace,
and that's when we'll know..

our friendship will be eternal..

-Ella Salvador
(c) June 2018
Ella Salvador May 2018
The sound of your laugh that bursts from your chest is my music-- a music to my ears-- a song that I find myself humming to again and again, a rhythm that I'd love to dance to every now and then.

When you laugh, my heart skips a beat as if we have known each other for so long and we are tied together. And just like that, we endlessly dance.

                                       - Ella Salvador
(c) March 2018
A Sad Alex Sep 2018
Eres mi lucero
Un sueño de amor
Que me leva a los cielos
Con un solo beso
Y un roce de tus dedos
Acelera mi corazon

Un ser divino
Con poder sobre el tiempo
Pues pasa tan rapido a tu lado
Y cuando te vas pasa tan lento

De figura tan perfecta
Que la luna refunfuña tu belleza
Los mares celosos que bajo tus cejas
Tus ojos inspiran a mil poetas

Mas vives en mis tristes versos
De mi imaginacion un fragmento
Mi corazon tan desvalido y viejo
Un inalcansable deseo
Mi pasion corre fervorosa
En la lineas de un poema
Y mi labios se abotonan
Al pensar en las rimas de una estrofa
Y si mi musa llegara a mi
E inspiracion inyectara a mis venas
Sera ese dia cuando escribiera
ya no mas poemas de Ti... Si no de ella...
Ella Salvador May 2018
When you look at me, I feel lost-- lost in the ocean of your big brown eyes. I am lost in a good way and I don't want to be found. When you stare at me, I always wondered why? I asked you why, but you never answered.

Those eyes of yours tells me that you love me. The same way I feel about you for a long time now.

When we locked eyes, my heart is the happiest. Each and every fiber of my being melts away. They tell me as if you never want me to go and I'd love to stare at them all day and all night.


                                - Ella Salvador
(c) April 2018
Ella Salvador May 2018
When you talk, your voice brighten my days. You provide me comfort in all the little things that you do. Your deep and mellow voice sends a tingling feeling inside me that makes me want to keep you in my life.

I love talking to you every time, every day, every night and every minute if I could. You're someone just simply amazing.

                             - Ella Salvador
(c) March 2018
Ella Salvador May 2018
I love to watch you sleep. I watch you breathe air in and out and everything looks peaceful and calm.

I stare at your sweet face-- from your closed eyes, to your nose, to your muscular jaws down to your lips-- and I smile a bit. I wonder if you are dreaming? I love to see you dream.

And when the sunlight shines down on your face, I just want to squeeze you on a tight embrace. Feel your heart beat and never let you go.

                                            - Ella Salvador
(c) April 2018
Ella Salvador May 2018
I try to remember your scent-- the scent that awakens me from dreaming that this is all real. That scent that tells me that you are my safe place. In between your arms, your kisses, your soft whispers of "I LOVE YOU", in between your tight embrace and your soft touches.

I find my place in you. When I remember your scent, I feel safe and I know that you are with me. Your scent welcomes me home. You are my home.

                          - Ella Salvador
(c) April 2018
Ella Salvador May 2018
Your kisses tasted sweet-- like candies on a one sunny morning that I crave compulsively. Your lips first touched mine and it took my breath away. It warmed me just like a blanket wrapped around my body while having the first cup of Green Tea or Long Black on a cold morning.

I keep on repeating that picture in my mind-- the burn, the sting, the heat and the left me wanting more feeling when you first kissed me. I knew I was in trouble from the moment I met you and I'd love to keep on meeting you over and over again.

                                  - Ella Salvador
(c) April 2018
Ella Salvador May 2018
Just the thought of you gives me fluttering butterflies in my stomach.
I love the way you smile like there's just too many passion inside you. It gives me warmth-- your warmth that needs to spread in your cheeks, in your eyes, the wrinkles on your nose and on the corner of your temples that I wanted to kiss with pure gentleness.

When you smile, I always trace back the years when I haven't known you. Where I didn't have the chance to smile back and talk to you even for a short time. To intertwine your fingers in mine or put my arms around you and feel all the vibrations inside you that gives me warmth, comfort and joy.

I love seeing you smile even virtually-- because it makes me relive all the times that I still got the chance to see you personally. That is now becoming a beautiful blur.
                              - Ella Salvador
(c) March 2018
When no one sheltered me
A Man came to me,
with a thirst for life,
he wanted to be with me,
he loved my light,
but there is no way I could stay with him,
because he fears Love and I am filled with such Love I am Love itself,
the eternal love of empty being filled with peace,
he wants to possess
and I am free as the swallow's spring soaring wind,
he is stubborn as a dry branch and I am as supple as the wet willow stems in the most violent of storms,
he is fearful of death and yet lives in it.
I am alive forever as life itself.
Marked by a sweet kiss I can not forget,
indelible upon my heart which opened Heaven within me.
He lives in constant fear of life,
yet wants it,
as a man sinking to the dark depths of the ocean floor while looking for water,
but he is as ice is proud of being strong but denies the radiant sunlight of the spirit that will melt him into nothing.
Love is inevitable,
only it is an illusion to deny it,
it is waiting around every corner,
within even a dream,
meeting you as an ever-changing sky,
hills cannot conceal the sun,
it will rise over them,
and blot them out.
Water will well up and pour out,
as a sea over everything dry and barren,
rain falls down softly in the city streets
and drenches the poor
and the rich cover themselves with umbrellas,
afraid to lose when they have so much.
When no one sheltered me I became drenched with life.
-Ella May Sophia
His name was John
The boy living next to your door
The boy whom you've shared your toys with before
You were his only companion
For he was shy to show himself to others

You were the only one who knew him
From the rest of the children, Ella and Tim
Every time you tell stories about John
They only shook their heads, for they've never seen one

You wonder why he hides from others
Why he doesn't want to be recognized
For he said maybe you'll be apart
And it would break his heart

In the middle of the cold nights
While everybody soundly slept, you played
At the old fountain, at the park or the stained swing
While telling you many things

Of his Mama and Papa, their great mansion
Their hacienda of a hundred hectares
Of this farmer who took his Mama away
And left his Papa crying in vain

But there was something about John you cannot explain
Why does he have a wounded head and a suit full of blood stains?
He will just nod and wink an eye
Now, I bet you know the reason why.
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