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jane taylor May 2016
precious innocent soul
skipping rocks
on cobblestone roads
vulnerable untarnished pure
no residue of earthly soil

return me to that naiveté
unburdened by layers
of fake masks
and perfect capped teeth
in narcissistic societies

but I shan’t grasp
at ethereal edges
of nebulousness
and ephemeral

i shall endure
what I abhor
a master’s soul
cannot be forged
in paradise

wisdom’s essence
‘tis not pristine white
hints of ivory
tinge the effervescence
of the sage’s breath

tinhearts Aug 2018
Waking up this morning
Thanking Jesus in my Soul
Blessings of His Presence
I give Him all the Glory
Praying in reverence
In making the BODY whole
I cannot look outside myself for healing
.....or deliverance

It is only through His Blood
In His “Arm” revealing
The Power flowing freely
In His Elect-Through-Light
Beings connected by His Love
Filled with His presence
Flow with the Power of His Blood
Pouring out His Life
As He did for us
Only through Obedience
Walking straight into His Light
Fills our souls with essential evidence
Everyones looking outside
To cure their unbelief
When His Power He did provide
By His death on the cross
So if you're looking for relief
Suffering daily with infirmities
Bow your head to Our Father
Holy Spirit of Jesus
A remedial doctor
Nothing in this whole world can heal like His Virginity
In the Gospel
Holy Doctrine

jane taylor Sep 2016
awakening with the gradual rise
of the subdued heather hued sun
a palpable spectral silence permeated the air

the anticipation of celebration intercepted
by an enveloping phantom black malaise
hiding in obscure shadows

the terror of the twin towers final doom
elucidated quivers of melancholic nuances
rippling through the greying vicinity

my birthday september 11th a tuesday
my night to sing at abravanel hall
with the utah symphony

unable to serenade death
our voices remained indubitably silenced
in hushed wistful reverence

ensuing 9/11s channel somber sentiments
cloaked with annihilation while
dark visions occupy smudged iphone screens

this anniversary i will dissipate despair
transmuting dark despondency
splashing all with lucent petals of delight

i’ll live this day with passionate intensity
and those subsequent with equal ardor
ferociously painting back the light

i will raise my voice with effervescence
and sing in wild abandon
for my precious brothers that were lost

demonstrating devotion through a refusal
to be silenced by fear bestowing honor
with a conspicuous message that love wins

i place many of my poems over my photography
to see the poem/pic combo go to
jonni inferno Feb 2018
be still and listen
hear ye not
that soulful song
of endless motion
that tireless voice
of storm wracked potion

her swollen bosoms'
rising, falling
her shameless
foam flecked

pouring out
her effervescence
on lips that drink
her adoration
yet never taste
her vital essence

her drumming chorus
a roaring thunder
on rocky clefts
torn asunder
as mourning rays
of misty raining
her teardrops falling
gently tracing
our loves
our sorrows
engraved each day
on these
mortal paintings

on granite shoulders
her message beats
that pounding drum
of thunderous need
as she flings
her ageless
storm tossed beauty
onto granite arms
etched and fluted
from hollowed cheeks
her kisses pouring
as sea birds cry
on stiff winds soaring

and ever on
throughout the ages
her ravenous
never wincing
from her brazen charms
her surging seduction's
voiceless call

within her warm caresses
in her wind tossed tresses
enfolding him
in her flowing graces
in dulcet tones
of annihilation
a stormy ocean
crashing upon
granite cliffs
mia May 10
my torment is one of clouds and flowers
freckles upon sun-kissed oranges
roses through honey
& eyes like the abstraction of Renaissance

oh butterfly how you make my heart melt
chocolate brownie wonders with giggles on top
your effervescence brighter than a summers day
you have my pure heart within your oppressive interior

silences are filled with images of creation
a cornucopia for even the loneliest poet

I leap into our pool of nostalgia for old time's sake
to find your words transform into serpents.

secret messages whisper into the ears of another
futile flames burn brighter
your eyes ***** my flames & ignite my passion
if only your elusive heart was mine
a work in progress. as always, comment what you think down below!
David R Mar 1
In her dream, the waterfall torrent
Crashes to effervescence,
With force and verve, vivacious apparent,
Shoots arrowed iridescence.

In cruel reality, a rivulet meanders,
Blind to mountain and fell,
Downhill she flows, barely seen,
Pebbles and stones part of her scene.

Here she circumvents boulder and rock,
There gives way to shout and shock,
Hiding her head between her knees,
Longs to lose herself in the seas.

I knelt down close to hear her cries,
Allowed her tears wash over my eyes,
Caressed her soft water with my hands,
Sprinkled her sweetness o'er the land.

'Sweet stream', I whisper, 'The waterfall you dream,
Lives through its roar ‘n terror,
But life lives not in its awesome scream,
Life lives not in its horror.'

'Without you the doe could not parch their thirst,
Frogs could not breed, nor dippers immerse.
Heavenly daughter, jeweled traverse,
One silent ripple is an angel's universe.’
Dawnstar Mar 19
it there was not a shallow
mighty as the waters hang
payloads fell and footpaths gave
to mercy they will never ask
whom murmurs softly send sincere
this sinking fife and drum
of burden's restless hum
calling wishing for a storm.

remember summer and
gin and vague brotherhood
rising from coma with effervescence
(now look what you've done)
killer of the noble herdsmen;
making nightmares should
not be this effortless.

calmness dear ones in
light embraces you
remember summer and
see it forever;
rest your lids on that image
before darkness supplants tears.
Nobody Jul 2018
It's been a long, cold, lonely winter
the only incandescence being hijacked effervescence.
Frothy nights ending in the embrace of a stranger's hand,
blacked out, wasted,
another set of lips I wish I'd never tasted.
Welcome spring, summer,
fondness for the same old thing.
God, I'm so alone
barricaded behind bad decisions
chasing more, just to complain.
Oh no, this time is time to change.
the state or fact of being real.
But that's just an appearance,                        
it's more about how you feel.

                                                     The self,
                                                     is the only knowable existent.
                                                     Like the only book on a shelf.
                                                     Nevertheless, it's just a tint.

We care too much about appearance,
and elegance;
that we forget about spreading self-confidence.
And become so empty of effervescence.

                                                 ­     While life is so much more,
                                                      A complexe of sentiments and souls;
                                                      Whic­h we stupidly choose to ignore.
                                                      And­ rather play our mortal roles.
Cela ferait-il une différence si je n'existais pas?
Anastasia May 13
i dream when i'm awake
of things i would like to see.
to see in front of me,
and not behind the darkness of my eyes.

though my dreams could never compare
to the effervescence of his smile.
the feeling he gives me
when he looks me in the eyes.
or the feeling i get
when he says her name.

simple seconds of sweetness,
before he leaves without a goodbye.
so much effort, to be beautiful,
and he doesn't utter a word.
someone i used to love
Penne Feb 19
A dictionary of words
Little marks to describe a vast world
Lest not care of lacking logic
Aroused by imagination is my magic
Lemon zests the cornucopia of citrus
Are not they a splash of kalopsa?
Charisma, karma, euphoria?
Not allowed to bleed in blanc
Wail in rosy franc
Puddles of messed reflection
Fictions wonder reaction
Wander in the wildest wilderness
Describe the autumn, fall
Moist, solitary
Fawn on the lawn
Reality is the contrary
Refuge in the creamed sugar
Like a cup of iced kiss
Deep burrowed in the mapled hiss
Wait for its marmalade bliss
Head exploding in fireworks
Magnificent, what about nightfall?
Showers and streaks befall
Stars shoot smoke of ball
Cry tears of meteorites
Sprinkle the blinking sprites
Flow streams of sparkling silence
Swim the chasing glares
Enchant me in your chemise, evangelic skin
Leitmotif of mimes' maim, mean?
Speculate the pixelled fairies
Hide in the fruits of Alice
Spark at the dance of hands
Paint the faint trees
Baskets of floating sheep
Bounce in the enigmatic realm
Drooling in
As they transgress the egress
In chiffon blush flushed
Bittersweet caress
Bare grasslands with strangers
Wet the glory shine
Morning then hoots for sleep
Shush, weeping willows
Flowers of your scent hover the grove
Voices sweetly surrender
Linger for tender
Gloam or roam
River of innocence soul
Reaping the afterglow
Aglow my fountained lockes
Blur for it to be clearer
Illusions of ambiguity
As its lips meet the prism
Of brilliant optimism
Breathtaking fauvism
Breathless onism
Succumb in the limitless reverie
Rare of not having aneurysm
Persephone's persepolis
Blood of perenelia
Where Opheus court Eurydice
Winter solace holies
Lakes of beating lights
Bloom irregularly
As the sesquipedalian crawl out from its vine
In the Brobdanigagigan it creeps
Line between sublime and wine
Harmony weave in palette
Rhythm rose from my red
Fresh breeze hush the roulette
Leaves blade the crafted well-made
Dusk, dawn to diiferentiate
Eclipse the hysteria and the impeccable
Love waltz
Glide the glistened clarity
Perfume lilies
Stares of lavenders
Rain the clouds of keys
Crystallizing and fractalizing
Mesmerize, astonish, aghast!
Rise your mile
Fragile my rile
Bridge this moonlit immeasurable, fantasia distance
Repertoire of piano choir
Luxury in the polychrome noir
Royal in the loyal wintermelon
Poppies color the spring
Butterflies fly in the effervescence
My painting sings a summer fling
Jump in the pantones
Rest your all
Stones amble swish scone
Wishes twinkle then hone
Will-o-wisps chill your bone
Lend me a wing
Let not be done in a ding
What I fear, free from the fringes of meek
My, this lexicon is not enough!
How to occupy the million, jillion, eternal galaxies
Shout in the rave
Echoing in the waves
Marvel at the bejewelled revel
Image my imagery
Oh, dive away child!
Let us drive in the garden of glaze
Careful not to be too amazed in the maze
In the hummed woodglade
As the critters flutter and flute
No way to chain me out of this loop
Pool of pretty astonishments
Diamonds of nature
Endure, not inure
Words alone are insufficient
Thess are just mere fantasies
Some are unexplainable
Some needs to be felt
Some needs to be seen
Not just read
Not just dreamt
I may sound dubious
But this is incredulous
Just a random collection of pretty words º-º
Olivia Jan 8
To whomever loves her next-

Make sure you remember to leave out some Arizona tea.

Take her on downtown dates and ask her just why she loves the city lights so much.

Picnic under the stars and remind her that the abyss isn’t as lonely as it seems.

Listen to music far too loud and have dance parties with her when she’s sad.

Remember that she likes to go on walks when she’s upset but she also likes when you run your fingers through her hair.

Offer her all of your shirts; she’ll take each one and wear it to think of you... or because it’s cute.

Always bear in mind that her heart is far more delicate than she makes it seem and you should care for it well.

Know that to you, she’ll speak soft words and laugh loudly and you must cherish every phrase as gospel for she is everything.

Buy her mochi every now and again, preferably red velvet or blood orange and make sure you don’t forget how much she loves when you rub her back.

Ask her if she’s alright often, for she hides her pain behind a veil of bubbly effervescence that seems impermeable until you remember her delicate heart.

Hold her at every chance, and make sure not to knot her hair when you play with it because she won’t let you play with her hair if you tangle it.

Cause her to smile constantly, for it is like the sun and the moon and the stars and the cosmos and all of your favorite things combined into one glorious human being who is happy because of you.

And don’t forget the Arizona tea.
SassyJ Apr 7
The green eucalyptus were in array
as I walked at the edge of the earth
consumed in the midst of the unknown
or was it just a figurative forced mist
illusioned on pictures in depths of mine
whilst the sun rays shone light
through these windows into my withins
and my eyelids were steady in the middle
at the centre where all the spirits awashed
and life vanished like an uncertain rainbow

Yet I was so young at heart, unable to see
and looking back, I can’t seem to understand
or even hold tight to that mystery angel
the one that brought me to the city of the sun
in another time, after another rapture
where psalms whispered of an eternity
and sonnets were effervescence and marginalised
and the questions were sought and internalised
and happiness became the solid I consumed
at the heart of paradise where it all fades

Come yee symphonies arise to the skies
above the sun each holding to the other
Let me just follow merry and nourished
hoping to be tangled in the lost rhythms of the sun
James Lo Mar 2
seventy candles flicker in a room full

the sweet union of voices

sixty-nine times before that day

the man walked the moon when I was ten

I had heard stories and so I dropped

the mentos

as my son speared it into the sky

giggles erupted and hearts soared

As our chins tilted toward the sun
Steven Forrester Dec 2018
A pin drops
Sending waves of nothing
Into my cold heart
I grow colder
As I fall apart
The deepening darkness
Drenching me in despair
Drunk and dribbling
Drooling devilishly
Upon the door of doom
Soon, you say
And again
And I wait patiently
Thinking absently
And then....

Cautiously waiting
A cacophony of cries
And a craving carrying
This cornucopia of craziness
I'm callow
Or so they say
Is this my life?
Is this my way?
Kind words
And actions
Melt mere sections
Of this muscle
But so far
It's not enough
And then......

Breathe in my soul
My very essence
Take in my life
My effervescence
I am champagne
Bubbles on the surface
But bitter inside

And then.....

I ask why.....

And then....

I beg to die....

And then....

I say goodbye...

— The End —