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Sara Kellie Jun 2018
Twenty years in the fast lane, speeding
was ecstacy at the time.
Sweet heady bubbles of coke,
buzzing at feeding.
No softeners added, lemon or lime.
My therapy, my medication.

******, my mind on a long vacation.
Knowing this time would
one day arrive.
My restless legs, my tired insides.
My not so central nervous system,
twitching fingers, flickering eyes.
This to me is no surprise.
My therapy, now my reprise.

Peotyr by aKydee.
Drugs saved my life once.

If you are a demon
then send me to Hell
If you are a witch
then take me with your spell

If you are a drug
Then in my vein inject
If you’re a psychosis
Let my life be wrecked

If choosing to stay
Then a price must be paid
Sign a contract in blood
I'm forever your slave

You're heartless and cold
The Devil, you might be
Yours to torture forever
Just don't ever leave
To the deepest of pits
You just take me and throw
From the world I am absent
So far down below
Other people prefer
To Hell travel than know
But for me I'd give all
Please just don't ever go

Thank you CJ for your poetic comment that inspired me to write this additional epilogue  =^)

Written: June 14, 2018
[epilogue written: April 25, 2019]

All rights reserved.
[Amphibrachic Hexameter format]
V Oct 2018
we explored one another,
similar to that of how the seven sins
would explore their vices,
corrupting their virtues.

but that's what made the garden blossom,
grow with intense passion that radiated
with a melancholy glimmer, with a dipped
and ragged vine of sweat and sheen
arousal and desire.

  craving, begging, mewling, whining;

gluttony, craving for the excess
sloth, craving for moments of rest,
envy, craving for a bearing of arousal,
lust, craving for a touch, a sinful taste;
greed, craving the moans and swatches,
wrath, craving for sullen destruction,
pride, craving for the fall of a bereaved apology.

    our garden;
a place of virtues, a place of our vices.
you showed me the deepest things,
darkest epithets of what was to be explored,
blossoming a crimson rose of pure desire
in the pit of my abdomen, vines of thorns
wrapped firmly around my hips
and the soft ashen flesh of my wrists
soon to be accompanied around
the thin circumference of my ankles.
the shark divots soon finding their
way around the swells of my breast,
and the tremble of my inner thighs;
body arching, lips quivering,
ecstacy of your words,
your seed planted garden that
became a part of me.

I found the cardinal sins in
the dropping countenance
of your words, of your demands, and of your wishes,
and i bathed in it,
soaked myself up in the lavender of
your scent, the scratchiness of your thorns.

our garden was the place to cast our sins,
delve into them, and it ruined me,
but oh how I solely craved it.

our encounters, our actions, our experiences
putting even the seven deadly sins to same,
forcing them to turn when catching a glimpse
of us. The swells of their cheeks blossoming
with that of a rose tinted hue.
Lia Mac Jan 2019
Cut deep into the inside of my arm with the sharpest blade. Drag up from wrist to elbow and release. Dark. Shiny. Red black wells up, flows freely. Rolls down my arm so hot in this deep cold. Drips from my fingertips splattering onto the stones. Each drop forming into a perfect snowflake. Instantly frozen. I knew I was beautiful.
Lie down. Cold hard metal bites into my back. Blood streaming onto the rails. I can feel them start to vibrate.

Nigdaw Oct 2019
A little pill
To enhance the night,
At its height,
Lights shining
A little too bright;
Dance crazed
Music is life.
Coming up
On a Mitsubishi,
Living life
In Ecstasy,
Popping no stopping
The party, until…..
Ten years on
I fried my brain,
Dancing still
All night long;
Between the sheets
Home, alone.
Scientists, after experimenting on monkeys, have discovered that Ecstasy can cause Parkinson’s in later life.
SC Kelley Aug 2018
I write about the stars too much.

I blame you.

Eyes holding galaxies in sweet captivity.

That starstruck feeling when you look at me.

Lips that taste of constellations.

Ecstacy of cosmic proportions.

Words drawing me in like a black hole.

Your body, like a goddess swimming in stardust.

Accidental perfection parallel to the Milky Way.

Your laugh as bright as a thousand supernovas.

Heart made of stars, filling the space in my own.

I write about the stars too much.

But really, I just write about you, the best of them all.

~S.C. Kelley
For The One You Love
Sonia Ettyang Sep 2018
Gazing up the infinite sky
I see stars dancing in brilliant light
I see faces in the moon
It's a magical phenomena
Exploding like supernovas
It's a celestial ecstasy we rise again and again
Our souls are filled with joy
Our hearts with love
For a wild cosmic ride with our hearts open
Feel the bliss as we illuminate across the universe
Shine on, it's a limitless splendour
©Sonia Ettyang
We are the universe expressing itself in a human form for a little while
Eyes cast
Beautiful mind
Your energy and mine
Hearts beating fast
Lips locking
Body on mine
Your skin devouring
Deep in your flesh
Minds exploding
Dissolving in pleasure
An instrument to play
Delicious noises
Murmuring in my ear
Words with moarning
Art performing
................. Art performing
Capriccio Dec 2019
My Motions are on E Again
No Ecstasy  
Free from Elation
End of Day
Bad Boss Back to Screaming

Loco is his Motion
Some where amidst
Sanity and insanity,
Some where amidst
Agony and ecstacy,
Some where amidst
Canyons and alps,
Some where amidst
Dusk and dawn,
Some where amidst
Fantasy and reality,
Some where amidst
Spring and summer,
Some where amidst
Autumn and winter,
Some where amidst
Sun and Moon,
Some where amidst
Mercury and Venus,
Some where amidst
Earth and Mars,
Some where amidst
Jupiter and Saturn,
Some where amidst
Uranus and Neptune,
Some where amidst
Pluto and the unkown
Dwells a Lonely poets soul.
I love your eyes
But they terrify me
They are the Atlantic and Pacific
Drowning me in wonder
They are the baptismal waters
Dipping me in ecstacy
Sometimes gray
Sometimes blue
Sometimes ice
Always something new.
I love your eyes
They terrify me
But I love the way they search me.
Stara Feb 2019
I just met you
Yet I feel like I know you
Not a type from a box
But someone who got out
Explored the world for yourself
I see myself in you
But I see so much more
You have a depth
But you are still so very much here
Your happiness isn't a given
You have worked to be who you are
I don't  think I would have been ready to meet you
I forgot I had a crush on you
When you leaned in for a kiss
I was distracted by your mind
And our hours of stimulating words
Our visits from others throughout the night
I noticed your sense of hospitality
I feel like I can articulate myself with you
We both have passts
That led us to the people we are

And to each other

Maybe we are too alike
Joel A Doetsch Aug 2012
When I look at you,
all of my
common sense
seems to evaporate
as my primitive brain
takes the wheel

We won't take our clothes off
We will tear them off.
Rip them off
Ravage them
Destroy them
We will brutally punish the fabric
for getting in the way of our sins,
it will fall tattered to the floor
as we don new clothing
made of our sweat and fingers

Our lips will find one another
then they'll find our necks
then our chests
then our stomaches
then....we'll see
We'll draw maps of our bodies with our fingers
and then we'll explore them with our tongues.
Nothing is sacred
Nothing is off limits

I want to make you feel ecstacy
I want your legs wrapped around me
I want your fingernails digging into my back
Leave scars, I insist.
Our bodies will press together
cause fusion
cause confusion
I don't want to know
what is mine
and what is yours
I want to be
so hopelessly
lost in you
and you in me
that we might never find our way back
Why would we ever go back?

As the rhythm becomes more staggered
I want to be looking into your eyes
We're seeing stars and we're relishing
every single tiny little moment
every feeling
every fleeting sensation
until we collapse into
eachother's arms
too tired to move
swimming in a
river of passion

You still smell delicious.
I want you again.
stairways to Bliss
the Ecstacy of Peace
laps of a Mother.
© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar
17 syllables#modern # haiku #3 lines poem #emotional roller coaster #dedicated to my dear mom #mom is simply wow turned upside down. #love my mom #miss her too ...23.04.2019
Turoa Nov 2019
Happiness I've found
Crossing seas mountains and skies
For the simplicity of feeling
A future in your eyes
Together we'd suffer ecstacy
Pain, passion, exquisite tears
Longing, but no longer alone
Between a kiss spanning years
Piyush Gahlot May 2019
It's been a month,
Since I have published a thing,
I miss poetry, want to write but
Motivation is missing.

Guess I was keeping busy,
Out of ecstacy,
Just skipping the feelings,
Life goals em focussing.

Weird but em actually missing those days,
When feeling depressed my heart bleed
Unable to sleep and my words speak.
Soaking pillow and her memories peak .
Trying to write after a while
The journey kindled,
hopes ablaze,
a future now unseen

Moments of ecstacy,
moments of grief,
lost ashes inbetween

Cowling on fire,
time a slow burn,
the stationmaster cries…

“The tracks have melted,
locomotive’s in flames
—your ticket singed and fried”

(Dreamsleep: January, 2020)
Jayne E Dec 2019
Your love is the soothe
the succour
the spark and hot flame
the embers
ever smouldering
at the core of my being
when lovingly you
moan my name
a growled whisper
at the peak of our passion
I feel every ounce
of your love for me
as we fall
into perfect sync
our bodies
our hearts
and nothing exists
outside of our fused heat
it is more
so much deeper
than physical release...
In those moments
I have all I could ever need
you become my air
my nourishment
my shelter
and my bones
my skin
my pounding heart
your bones
your fevered skin
your pounding heart
with you
inside me
beside me
our skin pressed close
the universe dissolves
and evolves
as you growl my name
so lovingly in ******
time stops
you pull me in
and I let go
in ecstacy
in joy
in love
I have never felt more loved
more beautiful
more right in my skin
than when you growl my name
tell me that you love me
rain kisses on my face
as i shudder and tremble
in your loves embrace
colours bursting
exploding stars
behind my eyes...
you are the soothe
the succour
the spark
in my heart
the eternal burning flame
when you lovingly
utter my name...

J.C. 14/12/2019, @ 3.33pm
love, connection, tenderness, passion, ***, ****** synthesia, bliss, joy, love of my life.
Tipon Aug 2019
Tessa III

"I believe in human rights," Chet Faker, I am trying to
find your softer side over Bose... Trying hard to forget the
ghastly scare you gave me. Smoking cigarettes and deleting
details I think you shouldn't get too deep into...
Underneath, when swimming, the story is getting more sad.

Explain to me about India, Kamasutra of many pages long,
why your part was left out. Many years have passed, dry blee-
ding the sun in shameful memories, I was on the other side.
Time is becoming a long stretch on the couch, if you remember
how you danced, exploring rhythm and ecstacy, when quietly...
From cycle poems Tessa I to V.
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