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Tolani Aug 2018
We were both love. I was a sunflower and you were a snowflake. Both beautiful and gentle but unable to coexist effectively because flowers can’t blossom in the cold.

Yet when it ended, the truth became misconstrued.
Suddenly I was a rose thorn that pricked you till you bled.
And you were a greedy bee that ****** the life out of me and left me empty.

We created false portrayals of each other to make this all a bit easier to deal with.

But the truth will always stay.

We were both beauty, purity, fragility, love.
We just weren’t meant to give our love to each other.

And now we both bleed, because the hardest part is accepting we were never meant to be.
We were never meant for each other..
Waltzing through the chaos that life’s left for today,
Dragging along my battered horn in case she wants to play
‘Scuse me, Ms. Bartender, but I’ve got something to say
Ain’t nobody listening to the radio anyway

I don’t need a soapbox, no suit or microphone
Just a space to spread the truth wherever I may roam
I speak straight from the bottom of a bottle left at home
The night is not much easier when you take it on alone

Hear ye, hear ye, gather round to hear a tale
Of dreaming big, working hard, but destined still to fail

Shredding that loopy little melody,
The craziest cat you ever did see
Make you feel so alive, ladies screaming, “Wow boy!”
I jump and I jive, cuz I’m a bebop cowboy
"Jazz is dead."
s y k Feb 2019
Time and again,
at dusk or dawn,
I beg my head to envisage
a mirage or an image
of your bones lying still in death.
That helps me sleep at night.
It calms my breath.

In my dreams, you're a phantom.
Torn away from me, inadvertently.
You didn't leave,
pick up and disappear deliberately.
You were poisoned, ill, choked, killed,
you froze or passed in sleep,
you maybe drowned at sea.
Not in despair, in a life so unfair.  

You did what you thought was best.
Perhaps it was, I still can't tell.
It's what you do when you're young,
seek a new start, a chance to become
something you can't run away from.

In my dreams, I'm your companion.
Your muse, friend and lover,
we ran away together.
Travelled and settled, hand in hand.
Built a life that could withstand
everything that drove you away forever.

In my dreams, you couldn't let go and we didn't have to end.
In reality, I find it easier to pretend you were dead.
You'll live forever in my dreams.
My brain makes up stories to compartmentalise when I'm in pain, like imagining the love of my life dead when they broke my heart. Morbid yes, but it helped me start to heal.
lonleyflowerx Jun 2016
it's much easier to push people away
before they get the chance to do the same to you
delilah Jun 2018
i have sadly ingrained an old version of myself so deeply in others' minds that i can't be viewed as anything else

they think i don't love

they think i won't love

they think this because for the longest time love is all i craved and all i feared

my fear of being unloved by more outweighed my desire to make more love me

they think i don't want affection (platonic and otherwise)

they think this because for the longest time i couldn't stand others' hands near me

i fear the vulnerability more than i desire the comfort

they think i don't care

they think this because i walk with my head higher than their stares

they think this because it's easier to say i don't

every bad thought and misconception is in their heads
i'm not sure this properly portrayed the point i wanted to make
Sabelo Gasa Oct 2010
I'm lucky to have somebody like you
I can do anything, just to be with you
I've been in different relationships,
I never find someone like you
Someone that treat me like you do
I can feel the pleasures of romance
Everytime when we're together.
You draw all my attention when i see you,
Everytime when I'm thinking of you
I find myself smiling constantly.

You're the one that
blows up my stress
You're the one that
light up my day
You're the one that
calm me down when I'm over reacting
You're the one that
Can read every single mood im in
You're the one that
press all the buttons of romance that I have,
You're the one that
Make everything easier for me
You're the one that
I will spend the rest of my life with
You're the one that
Keep me smiling.

You accept me for who I'm
You accepted me for
who I was.
You've been that way
right from the start,
Even when my bad past comes out
you think it cool
You never judge me,
You let me be.
You got what it takes
You got what man needs from a woman
You make me happy
All the time
You keep me smiling.
emily mikkelsen Jan 2019
once i leave,
the in between
& the distance
from you to me
will make it
easier to breathe
because home is anywhere
i can finally be me.
Breanna Smith May 2012
How could a father hurt his daughter while telling her she means more to him than the world? How can a baby be neglected by his mother?! How can a lover cheat with another!

At times like these it would be better to let the world stop turning, to breathe the last breath, to say the last word, to make the pain stop forever...?

A heart that hurts with every breath, a baby that stops its cries because mama isn’t coming, a love that dwindles, snuffed out, and dies.

At times like these wouldn’t it be better to end it all? If the world stop turning, if pain stopped hurting?!

A little girl grows up to resent her farther, a baby boy grows apart from a world he feels he isn’t a part of, a family is torn apart.

At times like these wouldn’t it be easier for the world to stop turning, easier to breath the last breath, to say the last word, wouldn’t it be easier for it all to be over?!

A women who is strong for herself and others, a family grows closer, stronger than ever before, a boy who knows the harsh truth about this world he lives in.

So it is asked again would pain stop hurting if the world stopped turning?
PC classic Oct 2016
someone told me about a girl who goes to coffee shops alone and sips her coffee and then comes back home
and writes about how the sugar always disappears perfectly
and all the human noises she didn't hear but she remembers the song that played and how the sad words broke the trance beats
and when she looks at the stars it fills up her heart
to see how close they shine
even though they are light years apart

accepting this makes it easier to face the next day

our alienation forever peeps through
the spaces and edges of
a cracked culture
KiraLili Aug 2016
It's rare to find someone you can listen too
Small talk and debate is not for me , I need not defend a point of view or conviction
Neither is answering questions
Talks should flow like a river on summers day
Where all becomes apparent slowly through dialogue
Long days are perfect for this
No one has to argue to be right ,  just listen to the voices of  a mind relaxed
One head in the lap of another  , all cares gone , natural discussion in nature
Opinions are replaced by thoughts
Finally free from the confines of the dailies
Pondering's replace logistical cares
Nothing is heated , no ones words tramples the others
Like the heat waves off the rocks of summer
Words rise shimmering as they do
Warming thoughts rise from chilled wine throats
Sometimes it's poolside at a dinner party
Or sitting over a kitchen island as one cooks
In front of a cabin fire or fire pit
It's easier in the long days of summer
Places heated by the sun
Make it easier to unstop your throat
Loafe with me on the grass—loose the stop from your throat;
Not words, not music or rhyme I want—not custom or lecture, not even the best;
Only the lull I like, the hum of your valved voice.

Walt Whitman
Carter Ginter Sep 2014
I want to feel, yet
I want to
I just want to go back
  to an easier time.
When life made sense
When people were there
When you didn't have to worry
  if they even cared.
If not for now, then what?
If not here, where would I be?
If I'd changed my mind in the beginning
  I know this wouldn't be me.
She brings me back down when
She holds my hand in hers
She usually keeps these feelings
  from getting so much worse.
Home isn't where the heart is and
Home won't set me free
Home won't stop my aching chest
  or **** this insanity.
fun with structure but also this is really how I feel
XyL0S Dec 2018
It was so much easier
When I just
wanted it all.
It doesn't seem worth it anymore
Deb Jones Jan 2019
When I was a little girl
I would sneak off to the store
And buy candy with pennies.
The store clerk knew my mom
He would always give me the full price Candy and accepted my pennies.

That candy tasted like bravery

When I grew up I would sneak
From men I didn’t want to be with
I wouldn’t call them back.
I wouldn’t return the texts or emails.
I told myself it was easier that way.
Now looking back...

Those escapes tastes like cowardice
Anon Jan 2019
Some people,
Unknown to the people around them,
Isolate themselves from the world.
Causing them to have so many thoughts,
Ideas they can't control
Decisions running through their head.
Eventually, they decide it's easier to just, end it.
Not everyone is as happy as they seem
NvrMnd Nov 2016
Thought it would be easier,
Keeping everything less
Less thinking
Less talking
Less engaging
Less moving
It makes me less weary,
Less lonely
But also
Less happy
Less warm
And less alive

At first, a matter less seems fine
but as I go on it makes me more...

More dead....
Matt Jursin Nov 2009
Howbout emptyness.
Howbout sorrow.
Howbout not 'living' to see tomorrow.
Howbout it?

A round of applause for a lost cause.
For All that **** stuck under my shoe!
All the **** I stumble thru!
All the 'its' pronounced post 'Shhh'!

Those are the screams of my inner being.
Clawing it's way out from the depths of hell.
I know. You cant tell.
It's better that noone really knows me.

It's a lot easier.
Trust me.
KiraLili Apr 2015
Is elegance lost in these days we live?

Movement is no longer so anymore but rushed and agitated

Design has forgotten the simple lines

Poise has been replaced by abject hustle

Fashion has forgotten its place replaced by the everyday

Nature the only reminder at times of stoic beauty

Not merely aesthetics has waned but the mannerisms the pace of it

The tastefulness and savoured selections of elegance and the feeling

It goes past the decorations of this day for elegant things last and endure

So much more than style elegance has virtues and grace and timeless qualities

It is beauty and gracefulness of that way of being

Is it lost or just outnumbered and drowned out by noise ?

Or are we too busy to see it ?

Simple virtues so beautiful should be easier to find

Is it lost?
Carter Ginter Dec 2013
How sweet the thoughts of nonexistence;
To not have to wake up to the same hell each day,
All feeling and emotions disappear,
And things can finally be okay.
But I am okay.
That's what they all see.
And to be completely honest,
Where's a reason not to be?
Surrounded by darkness,
No fear in dying,
But I fight the temptation,
I swear I'm trying.
I'll just write some bad poetry,
Make terrible thoughts easier to endure.
So much desire in red parallels...
But I won't give in, and it's only for her.
Struggling with self harm but I'm going to get better for my girlfriend. And for myself. Didn't have a good enough reason to give it up before.
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