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Lily Flower Mar 2018
The story goes: A sad poet sat
beside the unpolished fireplace
immersed in the dying fire
and began with would be heres.
Such tragedy choked me when you set off toward the horizon.
And I knelt gasping, gasping for breath.
Begging for a last look, before death.
I burned in depth.
You spat flowers, moving away
giving a shadowed smile
And an empty love letter.
I dearly wished for better.
There was no better.
There however, was an end
to the rise and fall of my chest
I bet you thought it was for the best.
Twenty years of solemn dysfunction
and morbid melancholy.
Darling! Listen to my ifs and buts
silly and dramatic cuts through my throat.
Believe! For a moment watch close
my insane heart would still beat
if you were here, by the fireplace now
I could make a perpetual vow
to speak your soft heart only.
I hate confessing I feel broken and lonely.
But I'd do anything
And I'd do everything for you.
to come back and do
all I thought impossible
but possible with you..
L B Mar 2018
I hear it
half in the bag of blankets
with an empty glass of wine
the furnace rumbling on
and the cat purring on my lap

"What the hell!"

That foreign sound!--

...of water in the winter
Far too cold for rain
more like a forest stream's refrain
I start to think of birds-- Then it occurs

I have a problem in the basement

Wading into the waters of Lake Laundry
Glancing warily for those snakes of wires
suspended from their rafter's limbs
about to spit and snag me
with their lightning strike

Slamming that ****
to make it go--

dripping off
jeans and unders
A clothes line pinned
with curses

Ah yes.
The smell of the Tide ...
going out
on another day
Anything can be a poem.
It was my birthday today but no one noticed, they were admiring Cara’s new outfit and shoes, but I didn’t complain cuz it’s not about me, it’s about everyone else.

I got an A on my paper but no one noticed because Lisa got an A+, but I didn’t complain, it’s not about me, it’s about everyone else.

I felt good about myself today but no one noticed because Stephany bought the same shirt and she looks better in it, but I didn’t complain. It’s not about me it’s about everyone else.

My boyfriend dumped me today but no one noticed because Jenny’s cat died last week, but I didn’t complain. It’s not about me it’s about everyone else.

I started smoking today but no one noticed because everyone already smokes, but I didn’t complain. It’s not about me it’s about everyone else.

I became anorexic today but no one noticed because they think I’m fat anyway, but I didn’t complain. It’s not about me it’s about everyone else.

I killed myself today but no one noticed because no one ever does so why should today be any different? But I didn’t complain, It’s not about me it’s about everyone else, because before this happened, on the inside I was already dead.
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Bullet Dec 2018
I've been too lenient
I use too be someone you use to lean on
Made me quit smoking just so you can
Blow the smoke in front of my face

I'm sick of hiding meanings between metaphors
So from now on I'm being blunt with it

  Gave me enough **** to deal with for eternities
Questioning who I can trust with
Finding out nobody gives a **** about anybody
Life moves on and that it isn't permeant

Quest on too moving on is quiet difficult
When killing yourself everyday is evidences
From running away from you

When in actuality I had to analyze what you did to me
All these ******* lies that you set aside from me
I was still standing there in front of you

You dumped me in the dirts
Taking my best friend with you
Bet you didn't know it was actually you that smelled like filth  

In fear in a heart with no ears
When it was really you that wasn't listening
I believe in destiny and even though you took 3 years from me
You were only a tiny piece of it, for I am eternity
Deniz Jun 6
I had the match
And you the gasoline,
Dumped it on everything
That could be seen.
The last straw
Was actually a spark
That burned our house,
Leaving me
In the dark.
                                                                ­    ~ letters to my former dead self
my attempt at a tumblr style poem
Francie Lynch May 2017
Now that you're older
It's not about hair,
Consider the here and now;
There's no fooling with the passage of time,
Birthdays now greeted with whimpers and whines.
If you stay out til quarter to nine
You've missed your Red Rose pour.
Should we commit you,
Or simply omit you,
Man, you're sixty-four.
We're getting older too,
But if the truth be told,
Never as old as you.

Now you can't frolic,
Or party til two,
You aches and pains own you.
Scan your body daily for foreign lumps,
By mid-afternoon you still haven't dumped.
Bladder in turmoil,
Kidneys are weak,
I could mention more:
All your joints creaking,
I think that's you leaking,
Man, you're sixty-four.
Always depend upon your diaper to conceal and not reveal
What you drank and ate.
We'll leave that with you.
And carry ID, Jake,
You'll forget you're you.

Make use of posties,
And Mary-Jo too,
What's old may now seem new;
Indicate precisely what you'll do and say,
Memory's surely slipping away.
You're still an alpha, thanks to ******,
Don't expect much more.
Should we just boot you,
Or simply just shoot you,
Man, you're sixty-four.

Seventy-four's at the door.
A thousand weeks til eighty-four.
At ninety-four get ten more....
In good health.
My brother is turning 64 next week.
Lance L Shepherd Jul 2017
All I have are splinters of memory
Lodged in my mind
My father was a wanderer in the halls of my heart
I can remember being small enough to hug his waist
His long jet black hair draped over me like a dead tree
Dormant and stuck
It wasn't your fault
The world forced you to grow up
Your life was a precautionary tale
A map of edges and fault lines to avoid
You walked down all the dark paths to high light the night
Choke holding the demons so I could escape
There are times where I see that I've inherited your anger and pride
It wasn't your fault
You didn't bring in the tide
The void of your absence is too heavy to frame
So I dumped it in your casket
Buried alive
Lily Apr 19
I refuse to be the puppet
That you dangle on the string,
I refuse to be the person
You always count on for things.

I refuse to have everything
Dumped on me,
I refuse to always be the one
Begging on her knees.

I refuse to be lied to,
Purposefully ignored;
I refuse to be the one
Who is left out in the storm.

I refuse to be left out as refuse;
Worthless, forgotten trash
That you threw out your window,
Scattering my soul to ash.
Sometimes you have to get rid of the toxic people in your life to make some space for positive people
Pink heart, blue heart, black heart's spades.
Love more, love less, love that's fake.
Shy straight arrow shot through the heart,
Don't think there's more I can take.
Heart became black, spades, so I dumped in the lake.

**** love then, **** love later, but I want love not sorrow
Failure yesterday, failure today, what to expect tomorrow.
Black heart with a stick inside,
And inside a space that's ****** up and shallow.

Spades hearts, spades feelings, spades, spades, spades.
Grim reaper spades like poisoned sharpened blades.
Killing feelings, desperations, and destinys.
Leaving bleeding hearts of spades to decay.

Pink heart, blue heart, black heart's spades.
Love more, love less, love that's fake.
Shy straight arrow shot through the heart,
Don't think there's more I can take.
Heart became black, spades, so I dumped in the lake.
like the last day
of school
I empty
my locker
dumped the heavy ****
in the trash

my inner child
free at last
her whimsical side
no longer hides
strawberry picking
with my princess
fishing in the creek
with my sons
pirate hunting
a few new lovers
no more thinking
just concert drinking
having a blast
with my bestie

can stand in my way
I shall be like a puppy
**** on it
and happily walk away

carnival season
my favorite
time to play
Lightheart Nov 2018
“Rise above, rise above”
I say to myself over and over
But all I can do is sink
weighed down by the love I poured into your life
that you have so unceremoniously dumped back into my arms
without a word

i drown.
Some people will make you feel horrible when you’re with them and even after they leave you
Astrid 2d
If you really knew me,
Maybe you'd see,
Through my drowsy blue eyes
Into a raging sea.

Like crows, your sight flies
to the sparkling sheen coating my irises,
The glimmer of a thousand tiny pearls.

But they are a legacy,
Far too romantic for the tidal wave that
Dumped them in my world.
Anya Oct 2018
It's the start of the school
year and everyone's
milling about

Water particles
Milling about
and breaking
hydrogen bonds

There's a group of
new kids,
awkwardly standing
off to the side

A large crystal
of salt
is dumped among

Some of the old kids
start milling
over pulling
new kids
their friend

The water starts
bonding with
ions of salt
positive with negative
negative with positive
pulling them
to form

Eventually all the
new kids are
incorporated into
friend groups

The lattice of salt
is broken apart
And all the individual ions
are surrounded
Known as H2O
If you find quirky analogies to science interesting check out my collection "science poems".
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