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Woody May 19
Who will bury the elephant
in our parlor
you know the one I mean
always putting up such a holler
making a big stink, yip yap-yapping
like a fat mad chihuahua
dumber than dirt, if I had a dollar
for every lie he’s told I’d buy me
a backhoe and dig a deep hole
along the border with Mexico
and dump that pachyderm’s ***
along with all the crap he’s yapped
now that we know who is & who
ain’t paying for no stinking wall.
Beware extremely stable geniuses.
Marigolds Fever Oct 2018
Night at the garbage dump
Sparkle starlight night
Leaves room for little delight
Speedy legs
Out for a spin
Adventure begs
Drags the wind
Follow a leader
To a place one longs to linger
A flight that’s eerie
What’s in store
Darkness galore
Only four hilltops more
Up up up
Around the bend
Climb to come back again
Clouds through moonlight
Old concrete pebbled on the side
Glow with strange historic pride
Field grasses slow to bend
Smells you would not befriend
Below dark field
A collective treasure of human endeavor
One would not dream whatsoever
Crunchy soil
A perfect spot for the voile
Sit below the grassy line
Take in the oddity with too much wine
Head on a swivel
Watch your back
Never know what’s lurking to attack
Time is up
Must not leave the cup
Only once a garbage dump  
Watch the stump
Fly down in pitch dark
Not mistaken for the park
Former mans duty
Listen closely
To the beckoning tutti
It sings in rare night beauty
guy scutellaro Jun 2018
above Maloney's bar where the loud rock music shakes the rats in the wall till 3 a.m. the vibrations travel through the concrete floor, up the bed posts, and into the mattress. it was like being front row center at woodstock. paul keater had seen jimi hendrix play purple haze to close woodstock.

slowly his eyes open. who the hell is he fooling. even without the loud rock music he would not be able to sleep, anyway. the wagon wheel bar sign outside his window blinks soft red neon into his room.

keater sits up, sighs, resigns himself to another sleepless night, and swings his legs off of the bed. he searches his mind for some distraction to pass away the night hours. he thinks about his x- wife. he remembers going to the phycologist to try and save his marriage.

"dump the *****," martlin said." paul keater laughs softly to himself. "I paid him eighty bucks and all he had to say was dump the *****." laughing to himself he reaches and switches on the lamp.

paul thinks about *******, surveys the foot high pile of magazines in the corner but instead spots his stack of baseball cards he had collected since when he was a boy. he walks over to the dresser. first, he puts on his giant baseball cap and then snatching the baseball cards, he plops down in the chair by the dresser.

the card on top is willie mays. he takes it in his hand. the card is not worn like some of the others. it looks brand new. although the cards are more than thirty years old he holds the deck up to his nose imagining he can smell the bubble gum that came with every pack of cards.

and he can. and he can hear the roar of the crowd. his team the giants is down three to two. the bases are loaded when willie mays comes to bat. the pitcher goes into the wind up. mays swings. it's a grand slam!

it was paul's tenth birthday.  his dad had taken him to his first baseball game and his father bought him the willie mays card from a dealer. eagerly, he searches through the deck for the willie mays card. he finds it.

oblivious to the loud rock music filtering through his room, paul holds the card to his nose.

fondly, he remembers.

excerpt from a novel. doesn't quite work as a short story.
nja Aug 5
It's too late,
We can’t talk anymore, everything is nostalgic.
You’ve changed.
I’ve now hated you too much.

The hate overpowers your emotional concoctions.
Your drudgery of drugs are dead and used cells in me.
My head doesn’t drool for your highs and low presence.
I just don’t get a kick out of you anymore.
Ur needle’s been dumped.
I’ve become a heavyweight.
U loser.
Poisonous boy was my drug.
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
A baby born but not a grudge he bares;
Whose blood so clean and pure like mountain spring,
Yet unblemished by scandals, love affairs,
And not a pinch of what sorrow could bring.
And deep in sleep too young to know of love
And lust, of crime was done because of shame.
Of shame of ****** moments that drove
To dump him cold naked without a name.
He knows not now of being called outcast.
But hate would come and callous jibes would tear
His heart as he grows and knew his past.
Their wage of sin for decades he'll bear.
What Devine assignment on him seeing,
Like blissful saint in quiet contemplating.
Äŧül Dec 2016
Come, let your body freeze,
But don't you dare dump.
Come, let us climb trees,
From the top we shall jump.
A safety line is what He ties,
It is holding us by the ****.
Don't be afraid, just look into my eyes,
Be faithful or you'll get a baby bump!
Main poem rhyme scheme:

The poem is meant for confidence-building.

HP Poem #1291
©Atul Kaushal
hear the winter closed the door
many reasons wouldn't ask for more
in spring bloomig mind Is the Cure
but i would skip it for what i wore
since all what soldiers does is war
here the field awaits for the summer
While I write words, With A Hammer
To engrave The words in Every Hour
A look in my Eyes it would'nt alter
as the glimp of the hitch fire
and A sunrise drives My desire
in every season of the year
i still feel you there getting near
As falling leaf on my Shoulder
And the autumn's angular figure
here she comes as a falling star!
how long goes and how much far!
But A cloud pointing on me finger
rain!, rain!, upon your chin my sir!
sorry! a man could'nt hold a tear!
let's play the song Near the river
you rain!, I rain! who's The Winner
but take it easy, she's the swimmer
i hold my chest with so much fear
All the thoughts going about her
While She took a boat on a tinder
the water drove me like a *******
dump my heart, till it won't appear
And no matter what would occur
I Know that was nice fall in a snare

Author / Aladdin AURES H.
Lizzie Apr 2018
Thoughts racing, heart chasing.
You're mad, I'm sad.
Can't stop shaking, there's no faking
When I see you in the halls,
I stall, hide behind a pillar, a friend, anything
Just to avoid the awkward eye contact.
I'm not good at confrontations, at the mere thought of it I flee..
You might think I'm crazy or immature,
But when you told me to stop talking to you my mind went a blur..
My friends say you're overreacting, over something so small.
I fear you'll dump me, leaving me lonely..
I'm so sorry.. Please forgive me?
Happy 18th Birthday, I love you S.L.
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