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Three tear drops, 
a lip stick heart 
and a cigarette burn 
signed love always.

Every word 
of every line 
lit these memories 
into flames.

"You were heartless 
so **** dishonest 
our love was the biggest mistake 
I ever made."

And you fade away
With the ink smeared on this page.
It never crossed... my mind
That I would ever hear you say,
Ohh goodbye...

Here I am on my knees 
Can't even cry, It's hard to breathe.
I was so blind, I couldn’t see.
I realize now, you're all I need.

Oh goodbye...

And we fade away
With the ink smeared on this page.
It never crossed... my mind
That I would ever let you say,
Ohh goodbye... never realize what you have until it's already gone...
Nico Julleza Aug 2017
Seems to be a strange day
a cold in the breeze
in the months of May
screeching’s of the door
a mist at the windows
broken pane

The room was lonely
as the leaves, out whirling
a thump at the ceiling top,
rolling, shackling
like those ogling cats
for a savoring mouse

From an ominous weather
to the whispering waters
a crack brought my most
uncanny things lurking
came falling within

I saw streamers
faking shimmers
I saw glitters
but aren't gold
I saw diamonds
yet it wasn't snow

A strong wind gushing
hoist the storm came
toiling, warping
heaven and earth
were felonious, winced
and everything was settled

Crystal drops touching
the tender heart abrupt
shattered glass striking
a sorry won't be sought
memories engrave nothing
flagrant it is to mend

Crystal drops falling
true friends come for once,
an astral to a feeling
stalwart is to be keeping
till when, twas its end
and all of this begins again
#True #Friendship #Love #Rain #Crystal #Drop

Yes Dear Poets.. You will know the Feeling of this poem..

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Ylang Ylang Jul 2018
Thank you for your beauty.
       I will love you, but
    in some other lifetime

    Here and now
           I am
           completely broken
       & hopelessly sad
     lost in these
                                drops of time
One slips away
followed by another,
no longer alone
but obviously lonely.

Tears slipping down...
her cheeks are wet
her eyes are red
her heart so full.

Lightening and thunder
in the predawn,
she sits in the darkness
as the rain falls outside.

She cannot count how many
have slipped away
as she wipes her cheeks dry
by the sleeve of her lovers shirt.

Her tears no longer lonely
as she smiles;
remembering the love and friendship
they'd always share.


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
It is raining, today.
It's raining cats and dogs.
And in this rain they reconcile,
The greatest lovers
The soil and the skies.

Earth blushes while the sky gently bathes it in love
The first rains are enough for confessing
The first breeze enough for the nod

It's raining heavily
And the skies are full of lightning
There is thunder and patter
And two hearts with great love for the latter
And wild they are
         loud they are
         carefree they are

They bring peace to each other
Even be the temporary stop to wars during their brief meets
They bring joy to the farmers And peacocks welcome their date dancing to rain beats

And now the rain lashes against my window
As if to ask me if it was time for it to go
In such whelm and restlessness and helplessness
Not wanting to leave

It says to Earth
'Oh dear, peacefully you sleep
If I stay for longer than this
My life giving nature will become poisonous
Your heart will weep'

Then rain showers tears against the Earth
And with resilience, escapes
Before the morning comes and before it's lover awakes

But even after the pours have gone, the Earth is left with its heavenly smell
And the coolness calm enough
And at the beauty of he Earth
From far away the watchful eyes of the skies throw a contented pinkish-orange smile
It's so peaceful and cool! Everything is so soothing! Rain after scorching heat is just unexplainable.
Tom Spencer Jun 2017
A shadow stumbles
through the chaos -
though nothing stands
between the moon,
the shattered icons
and blasted houses.

Conjured from
the exhaust of
ceaseless agitation,
the specter enshrouds
both the entranced
and the exalted.

This billowing
aberration -
the embodiment
of fears brewed
from loathing -
has no substance

or perception.
A ravenous void,
it slouches and bends
towards the
gilded Calvary
of conviction's end.

Tom Spencer © 2017
(with apologies to W. B Yeats)
Tommy Randell Oct 2016
Understanding's not a conscious thing
Some people take while others bring
Life is more than bells and rings
It's never perfect and it's never pure

Simplicity is a yellow beach
It's putting darkness out of reach
Life has more than pain to teach
Can be pushed away, can't be ignored

Pick your moment anyway you want
Throw down the dice or play the hunch
Loosing's more that not being in front
When the penny drops you'll know for sure

The Penny drops through perfect curves
It clings to hope like a song to words
It spins with longing, yearns to be heard
But time and tide cannot be stalled

Understanding's not a thing to own
Peace can live where nothing grows
Ice can shine as well as gold
Where things happen for no reason at all

Commitment is to light a fire
Inside your head to burn a while
Knowing you can't run and hide
When the Penny drops, Futures fall.

Tommy Randell 24th October 2016 02:14hrs
aquis Sep 2018
you make me feel
like it’s pouring rain outside
but i’m in my bed
just listening to the drops
with my eyes closed
Inspired by the heavy rain :)
Philomena May 2
Red drops onto the spotless counter
Bright crimson against the pale white
A singular red circle in a sky of while
Another drop falls and joins it
Smaller than the first
Then another and another

She looks in the mirror
Maskera streaked like smoke trails against her skin
Pain in her eyes
Her lips quiver and she bows her head
Clear drops falls among the red on the counter

The tears continue to fall as she looks up again
She wipes the tears from her face
As her hand moves over the skin a trail of red appears
Her eyes focus on the smear of blood
She once again wipes her face and she knows what she must do

She takes a breath and looks to her arms
The small cuts seem like whispers in the night
She opens up a makeup compact case
Inside a dozen pieces of broken glass
Just as broken as her

She picks up a curved one
Originally from a glass she broke in the kitchen
About two months ago
Just another incident in a never ending stream
It looks like ice as she sets it against the white counter top

She lines each piece up in a line
Almost like a small army
Preparing for battle
However the war rages inside her
And the end is nowhere in sight

She looks over them
Some duller, older than others
She mulls over them as she makes a decision
And sets a few to the front lines
Looking up once again she takes a breath

Her tears have halted
And her breath stills
All waiting, anticipating
She chooses one
The glass feels so familiar in her fingers

The tip sits pressed against her skin
She winces as she pushes harder
And finally rips through
Skin tears from skin
As the glass glides through her flesh
Like a marathon runner crossing the finish line

The red arises from the depths
It pours over the edges of skin and slides down her wrists
It drips to the counter with ferocity
And soon the drops of red become puddles.

She chooses another recruit
This time a flat piece of glass from a window she dropped
Again it tears into her as she holds her breath
Blood flows and spills against the white
And the tears begin to flow again

Looking down she sees her wrists
Blood covered
They feel so weak
She begins to sob as she lets them fall to her sides
The pain of existence right there on her hands

She sits against the wall until she finds the strength to stand again
The blood on her writs gone from a running stream
To a dark paste
Blood on the counter a aftermath
Dried and black

She picks up a piece of clean glass
Presses it in the open wound and slides it through
The dried blood quickly overcome with a fresh spring or crimson
Once again the drops fall along with her tears

She turns the water on in the sink
It flows clear as day
Clear as the glass sitting beside it
She runs her writs under the cool stream
And winces as the water hits her wounds

The blood runs away and the gaping gashes are all that's left
She grabs a towel and puts it under the water
It dances across the counter as it smears the blood
She wipes it again and again until it all disappears
She runs her arms again under the water cleansing them

Lastly she looks to the glass
Bloodied soldiers only partially lined up
Several scattered around the counter
Like bodies on a battlefield

She scoops them up and washes each one
One by one
She sets the sterile glass back into the makeup compact case
Laying them to rest
Until they will be called to duty again

She looks down at the clear white counter
And turns off the water
She tosses the towel and looks up
A shell of a human being is reflected in the mirror
She wipes her tears again and leaves

Off to fall into the inky blackness of sleep
Hoping and wishing
That if it be even remotely possible
She could wish herself to death
And never wake up
Knit Personality Jul 2018
Root of all thirsting,
    My greatest desire,
A single drop bursting
    Can put out a fire.
A single drop wholly
    Divorced from the brine,
A single drop holy,
    The liquid divine.

        Find what you love,
            And let it **** you.
        Water, I love you.
            **** me, will you?

Raindrop or dewdrop
    I want on my tongue.
For the old drop and new drop
    These verses are sung.
The new drop and old drop
    Of water I crave,
The hot drop and cold drop,
    From cradle to grave.

        Find what you love,
            And let it **** you.
        Water, I love you.
            **** me, will you?

Drown me in oceans,
    In crystalline seas,
In H2O potions
    Of perfect degrees.
Drown me in teardrops
    Divorced from the brine,
In flawlessly clear drops
    Of the liquid divine.

        Find what you love,
            And let it **** you.
        Water, I love you.
            **** me, will you?

My dear , won’t you take my hand and walk in Corn meadows ,where no one can find us .
Won’t sweet tomorrow’s day find it’s way in you’re eyes ,
I will protect you from the noon day sun that burns you’re skin .For one rain drop fell onto you’re nose ,
and yet you laughed when you took my clothes!
Then I in sweet caress ripped off you’re dress .,
Just then another rain drop fell touching you’re breast .
Then you took my hand and danced as one by one each rain drop ,
touched you’re hair.
and another,
then another ,
and soon dark clouds had gathered ,
as we waited for the downpour.
How we wanted the rain to drench us ,
like two bedraggled cats awaiting milk ,
It never came .
There  we were the two of us ,
waiting for the rain ,
that never came.
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2018
I closed my mouth,
and spoke to you in the language of the rain drops,
I whispered to you in the language of the flowers,
and chanted 'I love you' in the language of the melody birds.

I  closed my mouth,
and voiced my feelings to you in the language of the ocean's waves,
and delivered my message to you in the language of the Wind breeze,
I conveyed my feelings to you in the language of the twinkling stars,

I closed my mouth,
and spoke to you in the language of eye contact,
and expressed myself to you in the language of smiles,
I shouted to you in my sacred language of tears,

I closed my mouth,
and whispered to you in the language of heart,
and recited to you in all of nature's implicit language,
I spoke to you, softly, in God's silent language.

Hussein Dekmak

Shofi Ahmed Nov 2017
Sometimes the day smiles
shows me its colour.
No, then the wild blue yonder
doesn’t look to be far
I feel like I got the wings to fly.

But who would sway away
when the rose under the nose
floating on a sea of colour?

The luminary punter too
drops down from the sky.
Paints the broad daylight
as it sails down on its silky way.

Ah, the southern breeze
bends with the rose of the day
peeps in the colour before my eyes.
I could only see missing my butterfly.
LearnfromBOBD Mar 12
Honeydrops’ your lips so sweet Like sweet nectar.
Caress cuddles,
You made me languish,
Cos I stayed for long.
Waiting for your day, godly way.
Yo sweet flavor puts me in ecstasy.
You mesmerized me and yo sensation calls me.
Baby, my heart is burning,
I feel sensual delirium, Carnal pleasures.
passionately, let's go slowly.
Yo smile is troubling,
your lips feels touchy.
You bewitched my feelings,
My poetic lover.
To my las drops. Temi ❤️
Lizzy Jan 2015
Grayness swells above,
It rains glass drops from heaven
They shatter on me.
The glass will not make me bleed,
My skin is hardened as stone.
Get the reference
i lack that courage
to watch a drop of liquid
fall into my eye
Tap, tap, on roof tops.
Tic, toc, the clock tocs.
Inside, what a cold night,
Rain drops on roof tops.

Splish, splash, in wet spots.
Blip, blup, bubbles pops.
Outside, puddles in parking lots,
Rain drops on roof tops.

Drip, drop, on wet a box.
Flip, flop, my slippers flop.
Outside, in rain jackets,
Rain drops on roof tops.

Quack, quack, go ducks.
Beep, beep, cars and trucks.
Outside, the traffic stops,
Rain drops on roof tops.

Tap, tap, on roof tops.
Tic, toc, the clock tocs.
Inside, what a cold night,
Rain drops on roof tops.
Yuri Swallows Sep 2018
The chilly wind brushed against my cheeks.
As the light left blinding streaks.
I realised we were both looking up at the same sky.
As we both let out a fascinated cry.
The dusty scent tickled my nose.
As the droplet landed on my wilting rose.
The crystal clear patterns blurred the outside.
Leaving me alone in silence with all my worries aside.
The dusty drops drowned the noisy city.
As if it was trying to leave me alone for a brief moment out of pity.
Drip drop
Cweeta Cwumble May 2016
I followed my dear friends to the edge of a cliff
and was greeted by a peculiar thing.
There, standing on the edge of the earth
was a swing set waiting just for me.
Her thick black seat and strong metal arms
cradled me while together we flew
into the starry night canvas, sprawling
dark blue, except for a splatter of twinkling
firefly-speckles, from the cityscape
to the moon.

Each time she lifted me I felt closer
to the heavens. I raised my chin
and let the gentle kiss of raindrops
wash away my sins, cleansing
and revitalizing my body like a baptism.
I’ll never forget the smell of the rain
on the freshly-sprouted grass, with dew drops
made from the breath of my friends
hanging delicately in the sweet air
like glass beads strung on a wire
while the crisp wind carried me higher and higher
and the most brilliant masterpiece ever created
was painted across the entire night sky.
zebra Apr 2017
i always imagine you so very graceful
through the masochists ordeal
a god form of supplication

seeing your face
in love
fascinated by shimmering kisses
that hurt, yet please
wet lips and sharp teeth  
glamors that excite

cold blade licks dragged across
tender bellies
and flexed toes
then radiating outwards

wounds become lilies
mouth *******
tremulous weeping kisses
ecstatic cruelties
blood glitter sacrifice

your supplication
love pangs

i'm shaking apart over you
your countenance
a cascading dream
moved to tears of adoration
your  limitless
like surrenders caress
an infinite communion
with fragile limbs
silky wrapped spools
innerness of desire veiled in a shroud
a faltering star that glistens crimson
nymph of purgation
ash volcanic
cells en-flamed with tongues that bite
subsumed in scented vapors
a confection of **** and ***
waves embrace ineffable shores
passed the discontinuity of life  

I have the most immense feeling of love for you
am i not
the saint death  
quietly following you
through life's labyrinth
waiting humbly in the wings

i am all ache for you
a vice of kisses
a brief encounter
that eats your sight and senses
ushering you to immortal freedom
a swooning garland of fire that enlivens
the body electric
a mist of molecules

your tears intoxicate
i am new life with in you
budding embryo
that consumes its mother for nourishment
and saturates like dew drops  
as it echoes through oblivion
My poems remain explorations of the subconscious ******
If i where a film maker or a novelist  you  would see me telling a story, and yes  i admit to my paraphilias.
These poems  are lunar anamorphic streams of consciousness from the deep chaotic subterranean glitz of transgressive  impulses we all share
Read them if you dare...You might find that part of yourself that you don't want you to know about and then again  you may feel more complete some how if you do....I always loved that dark thing that sleeps with in me
CA Guilfoyle Jul 2018
All day long with clouds and birds
greens and blues moving through the water
I wish my fingers were water color crayons
to paint these scenes on leaves of paper
to capture water drops on stones, lighter, darker
the sky, the soft rain I taste
all the ways I lived this day.
In the morning to wake up
deep and breathing in
an ancient forest.
Gammar Oct 2018
Drip drip drop
The sky cries.
Shades of greys and blues
Neutral flat a little bit sad
But true.

Like all the stories you hide
beneath faint soft yellow
But blue can only be covered with red

Drip drop drip drop drip drops
It gets faster and violent my child heart beats.

Rhyming with your giggles and pronunciation of what used to be my name
Now a soothing sound like the rain praying for longing souls

My god I pray **** that love in me

Drip drip drop
The melody slows down.
The pallete reveals a hint of blue
Will you show me some color too?

Perhaps it's time to leave.
I could never bear grey for long
It's becoming dull and gloomy this song

Drip drop
I wave goodbye until my lover returns
Prayers are answered, souls are rested.
Tears are sweet
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