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J Jul 2016
Droplets pounding on the roof,
wind clawing at the trees,
the lightning lighting up the night,
will never end it seems.

Streetlights drowning in the water,
thunder tearing through the
sky, what a tragedy must happen,
to make the heavens cry.
Ashleigh Black Jul 2014
One night I watched a girl
as she immersed herself into the sea
with tears streaming down her face
but there was no telling any difference
between the salty waves and
the droplets that left her screaming eyes.
And I didn't know how to help her
or why she cursed the night sky
as if it brought her pain to see darkness.
But all the while, or really not until just before
did I realize this girl was me
as she sank to the ocean floor.
Allison Wonder Oct 2018
Razor blade to skin
Droplets of crimson forming
Feeling in control
Allison Wonder © 2018
thea Oct 2013
Forever, you said.
One word injected into my skin
making its way through my veins
tatted into my brain
and carved onto my heart.

And I believed you.

Every fiber in my body succumbed to the idea of your forever.
Even when you passed by and wouldn't even spare me as so much of a glance,

I grasped on your forever.

Even when I sleep, expecting to see myself wrapped up securely in your arms the next morning but instead waking up to the bed made neatly by your side
and I realize that you weren't even really with me the night before
or all the nights before that.
You were merely a body when I was soul, heart, and mind when I was with you.

I held on to that string of 7 letters
Strongly gripping the thin thread but gentle enough
because I was afraid that the thread will snap
and our forever will go back to being a jumble of letters
merely holding their place in the alphabet line.

I realized how you treat forever like it was spit from your mouth.
A never-ending supply that you can use as long as breath passes through your cells.
Forever, for you, was like rain droplets,
starting high up in the air, competing with other drops to get through
only to fall and
come shattering on the ground.

The cloth
we collected the stars with
you now use to wipe someone else's tears.
The paper
where we dripped our blood in
you now use to write a new story on.
The fingers
that used to set my skin ablaze upon every touch
you now use to trace someone else's shape.
The lips
that you used to set me on fire with
you now use to cloth someone else with
new hopes,
new dreams,
new promises

I just wanted for you to hold me long enough so your touch may freeze upon my skin.
The memory of your hands on my body to last me forever.

But forever
was too much to ask

Dominique Oct 2018
Droplets tap the dusty windows
Tipping pleasure on the pane
Dribbles every time the wind blows
Prophesize a hurricane

Kisses linger on the backseat
Desperate to delight in more
Suffocated by the heat, but
When it rains, it starts to pour

Panic storm that quickly closes
Smashing waves upon the sand
Tension tearing up the roses
Stuttered poems, shaking hands

Though the pressure keeps you floating
And the ocean licks its shore
There's no way of sugarcoating
Once it rains, it has to pour

Stick a finger in your ceiling
Let the plants hang onto youth
Sunday jazz, petrichor feeling
Hear it tripping on the roof
Smell it shifting all around you
Leaking through your drying veins
Leave your stagnant dragonfly blue
Open up into the rain

When it rains, it pours
I'll blossom being yours

Downpour cleans the ***** traffic
Rippling madly down the drain
Paints the artist something graphic
While he's waiting for the train

Laughter echoes in the morning
Licking soil and clouds to raw
From the vision that's been dawning
Once you rain, it has to pour

Spitting bombshells pelt your raincoat
Tears in quiet pools of green
Holes inside your getaway boat
Water's sweet but can be mean

You've avoided all the warfare
But the stars rampage for more
Douse the thin comfort you still wear
Once it rains, it starts to pour

Stick a finger in your ceiling
Give the plants a thirsty truth
Fairy lights and freedom feeling
Tunes of our torrential youth
Smell it changing all around you
Bursting through the shrivelled veins
Leave your crippled summertime hue
Open up into the rain

When it rains, it pours,
I'll bloom so much being yours
We're a perfect storm, I guess
Fire has been stopped with less

When it rains it has to pour.
Rain brings change when we most need it
Patricia LeDuc Mar 2018
Behind the majestic maple tree
The sky is changing to gray
You hear the deep rumbling warning
From thunder not far away
There is a thickness in the air
A sure sign it’s coming your way
Little drops of rain hit the ground
The rain arrives
But to my surprise
A beauty of nature
Sparkling after the rain
On the pine tree you see
Little droplets of diamonds
Shine on
Ashari Ty Feb 12
.. .. ..
Freeze the droplets, halt the rain
But nature will always bring
Hail storms or snow
Either way, everyone is cold
.. .. ..
B1uesx Feb 2
I remember the naivety
It was like swimming in an ocean

The waves prelapsing onto my skin
Freezing cold
But I stayed.

I stayed in the water allowing my to nerves scream
Screaming for warmth.
Yet my body filled with lust told me to stay.
It began to become warmer
So I stayed in longer.
I had hoped it would fill the vulnerable space I had open.

I let it fill me with salty cold water.

The skin on my fingers and toes began to fold.
Whispering upon the folds worriedly
I resisted
'ENOUGH' the folds screamed.

My legs begin to move towards the oceans shore.
The water droplets trickle down slowly but surely
My face,
My lips,
My body,
Now exposed to what used to be welcoming air.

The air now filled with angry wind, whips my body,
Harshly shouting 'Why, o why?'
'Why have you given your body to the ocean?'
My lips, unable to move shiver against the wind's whips.

'Guide me back' my hair says trembling with mercy, damp of water.

The wind's whips weaken.
'Follow the path',
'Follow the path of rightousness'

The wind forgivingly breathes into my lungs
Gasping, finally giving me the warmth and sweet taste of air
This kind of manipulation truly was the first thing that had completely changed me from the way I perceived love. Was love really worth all that pain?

Not worth to keep giving love when they only want one thing
SassyJ Aug 2018
The world revolves and I can't hold it’s pace
neither roll around the unending cycles
may be it is the grey hues polluting my growth
or this age that is fiercely catching up with me

The sun rises and there I lay watching it rays
numbed, unwanted, determined and yet focused
such days I just wish for a lover's touch
I long for that unending lullaby uncorrupt

Sometimes the silence in the pain cascades
It trickles in droplets settling on the morning dew
and I wish to follow its pace, lay in the calm want
be carefree and unrestrained from emotions

I wish I could feel the rhythm of another heart
declare the green sheen of the unfolding leaves
as we lay counting the stars and making starts
laughing aimlessly as the joy surfaces unearthed

But all I see is the hurt of what love bears
the ones who held my soul close are strangers
unable to feel my innate palpable rhythms
fading on and on to a distanced and unmerged shore
Lonely days
Julian Sep 2016
webbdoodle: decline of kinesiology because of technology
twatterclap: frustration with writing
grangull: witty yet naïve
dormitage: finding the best AirBnB and roommate
wayspaying: reckless neutering of men by feminism
wartle: a slow war by a pathetic guerilla enemy
tranception: communication of souls in eternity
rittle: a mind-teaser for dumb people
Minkumpf: a book on animal genocide
pregromanging: predictive programming about cool fashions in the future
Shilluminatus: a fake illuminati person
Ralphiesque: Someone on the wrong side of history
cognoscenti: real illumination
whasper: Ghostly contact with ghouls
frimple: folding your clothese every day
Treecheese: money to be made in preserving rainforests
tattermedalion: pretended poor person that lives in poverty to disguise his wealth
flocksturr: focuses on avionics of top secret craft
panejectifron: time-travelers exiting their cars
pancledes: time travlers that can be identified
covertthow: an attempt by spies to gain more power
martle: someone too slow to survive on mars
marstion: foothold on habitable planet
wibble-wabble: tergiversation in high pressure situations
flipsquire:99th percentile IQ
frankquibber: 98th percentile IQ
cloveryield: the earnings of luck on aleatory circumstance
actsequlade: quaint TV sitcoms
gimply: with a great gait
fourteenfive:genius level intelligence
qwence: the place for elite people to congregate
Bilderberg: the crownpiece of kapstone paper that selects comfort lazily based on nepotism that worships enough owls until the decided date and that foists roosters to meet with clement (exceptionally) and inclement fate
frohemian: black hipsters
Effrogallant: Bold non-linear flirtation
Sart: coffin for poor people
Ralsk: secret underground subway system
riniguss: landlocked prosperity
tryme: corruption in court for poor people
whyern: beginning of stardom
marzarratea: Ghoulish time-travelers who talk too often
Awgrudge: underwhelming emotional reaction
Virtualasis: long-distance non-physical romance
wikken: genocide of sentient but stupid humans
qwask: infiltrate the untouchables
rijuice: A preordained outcome of an important game
Lagonagria: The uncertainty of scores even with prophetic insight
wopper: someone who is permanently oppressed
axile: carefully being cut or carved
pruke: ***** that comes from nausea that is forced
pluke: excessive absorption of new knowledge
ghallitosis: Fear of the unknown in time-travel
jimpster: a contactee by liaison with time travelers
sessomotto: rocketship
whilded: anticipation of death (thanatopsis)
praken: Aeolian winds of mythical divinity
mustreacle: expectations that are unrealistic that ruins lives
klangquant: making enemies of the aristocracy
pyer: effigy of a dead person bearing no blood
crabwhisker: when two people have such different associations they have no emotional propinquity and therefore can't relate to each other
prull it: implode a building
wetringle: droplets of vaginal fluid
cravvel: people with VD that pretend celibacy
revdection: the art of inventing new words to gain an advantage
New English Words
r m b Jun 2018
Gradual - bit by bit, slowly emerging
like daylight at dawn,
the rolling of the hills,
droplets of rain in the summer.

Languorous, slowly fading
like the sunlight at sunset,
the last seconds of a song,

The oppressive stillness of the air
chokes and suffocates me
I don't know what to do,
it's a catch-22.
To let go or not. Either way, I don't know how.
Kenya83 Feb 2017
You barged right in with not a care in the world
Of how deeply I'd fall and hit the ground
I knew I'd fell, for I hurt inside
But I could still be falling, there's no end in sight
Like Alice in a wonderland nothing seems quite right
Still I drink your potion readily and prepare to hold on tight
I catch you in my dream hoping you'll stay the entire night
My subconscious has a knowing, I'll be alone by morning light
Every time I get back up and dust myself down
You just steamroll right back through me, knocking me out
My palms left sweaty my mouth left dry
As I wonder if my feelings can lie
For here things aren't what they always appear
The pain of unknowing is my only fear
So, for now, your seas have calmed
And your storm has settled down
Left me cold and windswept
With droplets on my brow
I'll do what I must to do for now
For when night time falls again
I'll be back in my beautiful nightmare
Where you think of me now and then
Monika Layke Dec 2018
Look for droplets of color
blend in an Istanbul crowd
horizons whispering  red
to lips of smoky yellow
Jo Barber Apr 18
Rain pours down on the windshield,
and leaves rustle in my wake.
It is still cold, the air clinging to the crispness of winter,
but I roll my window down
and feel the pitter-patter of droplets.
Breathe deep the clean essence of life.

Spring is here. And joy begun anew.
All is possible. All is simple once more.
Lost Aug 2018
The edge of the bathtub
Wrapped in cotton security

but not from the cold

The feeling of my pulse
in my throat
Closing in
On my trachea
My own body
Aiming for the jugular

Perched on the edge of the bathtub
Cotton coverings now damp and chilled
Water droplets no longer dripping
But dried into my skin
****** up by my pores

That hungry desert in my core
Drinking in as much as possible
Until my bloated body turns blue
I’m rotting from the inside out
michael Feb 15
dripping droplets from the sky fall upon me from so high;
dancing patter as they land, leaving chatter so very grand
aplenty puddles made of dye, a muddled raid from the sky
how we ran in this land forever forgetting of old Time's sand.
title explains it all
Jayantee Khare Jul 2017

The fume

A thick dark fumy cloud
Dormant it lies, but often loud
Precariously overhead, it flowed
The sunshine of the life, it swallowed
It rained, challenged by the mighty peak
In the heart, It pained, to see it weak
The cloud was small but heavy
However dusty and floaty.

The doom and gloom

Embracing in its shadow
In desert, plains and meadow
Eclipsing the days, sunny bright
Dreadful, with the darkening night
With me, always  hanging around
When noticed, nearby it's found
Haunting me with a sadness
Flaunting its darkness
A lot in the cloud explored
Then consciously, It was ignored
But dancing at the back of the mind
Past  hurts and  pains, it  put to rewind

The boom and bloom

And then, letting it flow across, I got immersed,
In fine tiny droplets, the cloud
Now each droplet addressed
Was dried in the shiny sun
All of the cloud, dripped to
Condensed eventually, as
My pains, by that elixir,
Alchemised me
24 carat gold

Our worries and regrets we carry unnecessarily.. so long and heavy
Can be harnessed into insight...
The hindsight
Gives foresight
When you fight them
grow through them
Thnk you Sarita for suggested edits..
Really valuable...
My hands cup your face
Like a lily pad catches droplets of water
That fall from the sky

Kush May 2016
I never see your face anymore

The only image in my mind is your lovely, raven-colored hair
I once had a dream about you
You were facing away from me and woefully crying

I never figured out why

Around us, a pond of pallor was dotted with ghostly remnants of trees
While I crossed the liquid fright, your cries grew in timbre
No matter how close I was to your voice, it never seemed close enough
I stopped and quickly glanced above because the Moon was crying too

I never figured out why

The wind’s touch gently blew your night-like hair against my closed eyes
I confidently summoned all octaves residing within my soul
But before I could call your name, they caught me
Hands that sprung up from the sickness, eager to ****** my ankles
My heartbroken whisper finally stopped the weeping

I finally figured out why*

A dainty little head slowly turned so I could gaze at the jewels on its face
Two rubies cascaded, their scarlet streams plummeting off pale cheeks
While you returned to looking forwards, sobbing droplets of agony
I felt unforgiving murkiness drag me down below
Alan S Bailey Nov 2018
Various things surround in this dark room...
lost in the buzz of the whirring fan motion.
It slowly draws one into trance state, I'm like a
glow in the dark skeleton, silent darkness, and so on.
The forest path that guides us to a clearing,
whispered hushes and quiet anticipation
of the next story to be told, going from
one to another, a bead, white gold.
Starry skies endowed with crystal droplets cloud,
the moons face in the misty shroud. Woven by the hands
or fate, this way or that, the future can not wait.
Whatever this is become now, please love, set me free.

From some spell, life has changed. The darkness used to scare me.

the tiny little strings in my mind.

dancing to a different tune each and every day,
the world plays my songs.

eyes wandering around the room while I play with my thoughts,
like the child I never won't be.

cross-legged and slumped over as the heated droplets dribble down my spine,
and fall from my weary lips,
that which are worn from the words I never got used to saying,
singing the songs of my each and every day,

coalesce the thinkings that have somehow let me dance to where I sit today,
forlorn petals fall from my branches in beautiful pastels, cursed to live in the winding winds.

Aday to each and every day that I sing and prance within my tiny little heart,
washing my pains away.

ill-weighed upon my shoulders,
as yet i dance some more,
beneath the turbid downpours engulfed in shades of red.

i wish't to see the blue,
the green,
the steam, arising from my skin.

narrowly weeping within my little box of horrors i keep by my side,
in remembrance of each and every day i have and will yet shed a tear.

haunted lullabies revel on and on,
each and every day,

i crave the pieces of the peaces i'd once known.
to here,

i shut my eyes,
and into the blackness bursts forth colors i've never seen,
and will never see again.
to see that which i've never seen.
silent shapes shaping away falling through my fields of vision,
and inform themselves to the visions I write today,
so here,

i simply continue,
to plick,
and pluck,
the tiny strings inside my mind,

and every day.

~Robert van Lingen
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