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Thabang Moji Mar 15
Today might be a bad day
And I'm unprepared
Eating chips and drinking minute maid
Because something's making me not care

Leaves falling in my backyard
Along with drizzle in the air
Thinking about how life can be hard
In different ways

Deciding if I should stay in bed
And get destroyed by the storm
Because most times I wonder
Why I was born

- 7/25/17 11:56a.m.
zebra Jan 19
a carnival of hords in withering grass

the high priestess tongues the beast

wet mandible
on a dragging
death gowned doll
like a cyclone coils paradise

trans mutative
prismatic unfurling's
passed bones of confusion

passed scorched refuse
of radiating spiraled phantoms

the more gods, the more demons
battle angel symmetries
in Taoist jaws  

  galactic lurking's
into parametric infinities
escalating war like cloud light
rush glittering arms of affliction

exhalations like upleaping sail fish
drizzle sooty rain
shellacking tinsel rhinos
on hieroglyphs of the barbarous

a transfixed guttural prana;
between advances and retreats
in chimeras earth quake palace  

death: a new begining.
I bring my facilities to mix upon a dream, the concrete, and the thunders of spirit

An exploration of duality, fragmentary existence, creative destruction , and spiritual healing through the ascent of life force
Alice Lovey Jul 2018
Step out of the room and into the rain.
The sky is no longer gray,
But the cool drizzle washes me clean.
My skin is peeled away, like a snake;
Someone new,
Someone who is me, the one who's always been.
I had abandoned her.

To what was never real.

I can see I lied to her, myself,
I can admit to my own illusions I was deluded to believe:

       Do not need you.
                    Cannot save you.

The truth does not make me heartless.
Wash me clean and away the darkness.
I am compassion.
I am nurture.
I can be your friend,
Care from a distance while I mend,

Because I do not need you.
               We are not meant to be.

Now you'll have to save yourself.
Now I must love me.
Vaniexe Kafka Jun 26
Fighting my demons are always hard
For they have the poet's mind
That lured me in their metaphors of
the taste of the sun
or the comfort of solitude

They pull me in between their lines of
Desperation and depression
As if basking in the sunlight will make it less empty

They tangle me in the swirl of the words
Embracing me with each broken thorn of a flower,
or every drizzle of the rain, or every blanket of snow
or the feel of the breeze
As if those imagery
will make it less painful;
Written in papyrus with the ink as thick as blood and teardrops on the footnotes
As if those drops can lessen the burden that clutches my chest

They envelope me with every space
in between their words
as if letting me breathe
but then they enter
cutting the peace in between letters
but never putting a period
to end this miserable excuse for a poem
they made me

It's all a hallucination
An endless illusion
for in the end
I'm still chained,
existing with this void inside
and with my demons
Eating the life out of me

Then suddenly pressing save
for all the world to see
without even really
saving me
Ke-caster Oct 2018
Its two and the pubs doors lock
And we're forces from the warmth
Into the street and the dark
To get home through the ever drizzle in the northern climbs
A nights drink filling up our hearts and minds.

As the wind howls through the town
Fancy free and devil may care
Hand in hand dancing on the old squares cracked and worn stones
Banishing the cold from our bones.

Seeking shelter from the downpour
Under the awning of the store for phone repair
I push from her soaked cheek a lock of equally soaked hair
And move my hand to the back of her neck
She moves hers to my thigh
Casts a spell with a look from her deep hazel eyes

It makes time stop
And blood hammer through my veins
On this cold Autumn night
We kiss in the rain
Vitruvius Aug 25
Every droplet the distant drizzle brings,
Every perfect chrysalis, every glow,
Like seasons, they will blossom, wither, go,
And linger in the living heart of things.

A single moment holds eternity.
And yours is  lurking somewhere, out of sight,
Drowned by the silver waters of the night,
Buried beneath a hollow lilac tree.

I see  the reed bed where we said goodbye.
We watched how slowly darkness filled the sky.
Deigos floated astray across the pool.

The chirping of the crickets left the glade.
Besides the rim, perhaps a willow swayed.
Perhaps the harvest moon was beautiful.
Mimay Jun 11
Oh hey dear Captain,
It's okay to have a little pain
Feel the cold of a DRIZZLE in the rain,
And smile cos you can always count on MAE.

True love smiles like a COOKIE in a jar
And you know it feels you're not that far.
CALI, the marigold in  our rainbow
Bear in mind, we love you more than you ever know.
Valsa George May 2016
So unexpected was the meeting
It was in the dim candle light
of a city restaurant that I saw her
How time had etched its marks on her
The long dark curly hair
has turned all white
The even set of pearly teeth
now discolored with missing gaps.
A weeping willow with gnarled branches!

Did she recognize me?
Her searching eyes registered
a limp awareness
Soon I saw her cataract eyes shining
in unclouded recognition!

My memory like the arm of a crane
lowered to plough up the hard crust of the past
and rose with heaps of broken rubble
I nosedived into the past
to the little village
where, as children we ran round
the long necked shady trees
until our little heads went dizzy

Stealing behind the tall grass
how I would suddenly yell out;
‘The thief is in hide
Come and track me if you can’
forcing on her an arduous search,
all the while giggling at her vain efforts!

How we ran after the ripe mangoes
that fell in ones and twos
when the winds shook the fruit laden boughs
and how we quarreled over the yellow ones
like mongrels over a piece of bone

I remember once when the drizzle
suddenly strengthened into a heavy down pour
with thunder and lightning accompanying,
how we ran dripping and frightened
seeking shelter in the empty cow shed
at the backyard of a house,
clasping tight to each other!
She was then a little girl
with springing feet and dancing steps
naïve and naughty with all mouth and ears

But as time skipped by
she kept a safe distance
No more I saw the former ebullience in her
In its place, a quiet reserve settled in
The chatterbox no more opened her mouth
To my questions, her answers were mono syllables
My efforts to walk by her side
always ended in futility
either she would quicken her gait
or lag behind at snail’s pace
Seeing me somewhere
she would walk away with eyes down cast
But I always noticed a faint smile
lingering on her curved narrow lips

Around it, I built my dream castle
where she reigned as my dazzling queen!
I am not sure how it was with her
One day even without an abrupt goodbye
I had to leave my hometown to an alien soil.

For long, she came, sailing in my dreams!

After a couple of years when I returned
to the land of my childhood
the mute witness to my unuttered passion
I knew from a close friend
that she was forced into a marriage
much to her consternation!
She is reported to have confided to someone
that she hoped the ‘thief who stole her heart
would one day, come out of hiding’

We met again
We heard each other’s cracked voice
and stood unable to recollect all

Much water had flown down
under the bridge
And we floated in the rush of currents!
This poem has to be understood in the light of the highly orthodox milieu of an Indian village of the time between 1960's and 70's when no computer or internet facility was available. There was a lot of segregation between the sexes and no free mingling was allowed. So there was no open expression of love. In a society where arranged marriage was preferred, even falling in love before marriage was seen as a taboo !
Angela Liyanto Oct 2018
As I was standing under the dropping rain,
I talked to a girl
& light as corked nades
She spoke softly
And I
hummed and awkward
To her love for poetry
where her eyes smiled with her speech…
Nowhere else could I find more of a love sweet thing.
We talked for two minutes under the drizzle
While we waited for the rustic buses to come
to pick up our tidy loads
I thanked her
She smiled like how Kindness would have smiled
I beat curses
& thought I near found a lover to be loved
But she said good-bye
And in my sunken mood
the pale cloud drops sank into my shoes.
Would love your feedback <3
My love is.....skeptical.
My love is warm.
My love is the sun behind the clouds. My love is a drizzle before the storm.
My love is the breeze in the air.
My love is that wave of nostalgia.
My love is the boom of thunder.
My love is what makes your heart beat faster.
My love is an explosion on a race track.
My love is a 10 car pile up with hours of delay.
My love is war. My love is peace.
My love is icy winter.
My love can melt.
My love is yours.
Clearly about love. Lol.
Naomi Nov 2018
There are people who cannot speak without smiling.
There are people who cannot cry without blaming.
And there are songs I cannot sing without dancing.
And I sing you like a song I heard when I was young.
And I  love like I discovered the concept.
I want to teach you how.
How to feel...
How to sing...
The drizzle of rain hugs me.
The shadow of your eyes miss me...
I Want to sing you like a song I cannot dance to.
Oh my love, There are people who fantasise about freedom and then  slowly build the walls to their own prison.
grumpy thumb Oct 2018
Smudge of light
dim on pavement
made damp by drizzle.
Morning haze softening colours,
smoothing harshness
to pastels unobtrusive,
Extending the awakening dawn
void of witness to the rising sun.
Muted chorus of lark and blackbird
sensing the absence,
maureen Mar 7
the weather confuses me

as so do you.
the way it's clear one moment
then clouded the next;
how uncertainty is thicker
than that of the brume.

constant rays of sunshine show up
from the irises of your eyes—
still, i stand my ground,
as slight drizzle falls
scattering down
from the fogged up skies.

hesitating to pour everything out.
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