Amy H Mar 2015

the rain was just a drizzle
like my feelings any more
as we stood in awkward chat
and you can't find me any more.
not in here, at least,
in a quasi-happy fete,
with celebrations halted
because they make you fret.
I can't see my heart to give it
for it's always given back
and we'll stand in smoke and raindrops
with me turning myself black.
the black;
it can't reflect the light
so you'll perhaps not see
that my eyes have turned away
and my heart it didn't stay
and the part you have
is just the surface-me.
I won't let go, or let you in,
not again.
you'll only get the drizzle
not the swim.

My how it flows when it's a current, current.
Labyrinth Apr 2014

Without you it's so dismal,
I tell you, it's not blissful!
But still bae, it's a drizzle,
With you here in the middle,
Oh my, It's still a fist full!

My Norman Nomore
If I didn't have you on skype, I would have 8 hours of my day free.
Why are you 'grieving'?
Ace Malarky Nov 2013

Earth drinks;
sky weeps;
      a misty shroud is spread
      o'er immortal Sol who sleeps.

Velvet Taiga Jun 2014

Bullets of water
On a quiet afternoon
A wet June drizzle

Samuel Sep 2011

It is a slow, sad rain
that falls today

And I do not define
myself by the weather

Sanket Shrestha Oct 2014

Her kind of rain was the kind that drizzled

Her drizzles were like soft rain,
On grey days, they made perfect sense to align with interspersed clouds hanging heavy on blue-less skies
But on days when a storm beckoned it's calling
I lost her,
She drowned
Where it never drizzled
Always rained.

Stephan May 2016


Music written to
the sound of the rain,
patters of notes upon
slick windowpanes
mesmerizing a day
of reminiscence,
when two hearts
danced between
the steady drizzle

Drenched in the key
of lost moments
playing over and over
in the saturated symphonies
of my mind’s
harmonic sadness
un-tuned melodies echo
through puddles collected
within a cappella fingers

Steve Bailey Feb 2011

It is not yet dawn,
but still, I awaken
to the soft patter
of nighttime summer rain.

Gently it falls,
the warm breeze
ruffles the trees.

Branches caress my window,
reminiscent of some nightmare
now long gone.

Startling at first,
the rustle of branched fingers
soon melds with the soft drizzle.

Soothing and tender,
Nature’s melodies lull me
back to sleep.

pluie d'été May 2014

there's a girl
who holds
the universe
in her eyes
(they aren't tired

she loves the rain
and the sound
of voices
and his eyes
and his eyes
and his eyes
and the feeling
she got
after her second

she dresses
in white
her cheeks
with innocence
held high
(her tears
fall like rivers
she cries)

drowns in words
of a thousand forests
a billion minds
and minutes
and falling
through her lap
and scrawls
empty words
(the ones
she hears)
between gaps
in the pages

an entirety
and gives them names
of all the famous writers
(she sometimes
reading them)
and caresses them
with her lips
and the words
that slip through
(they really
more beautiful
in the sunlight)

won't say the words
that need not
be said
tainting feelings
and moments
with a means of escape
(and she will hold her palm
over her ears
just to save herself
from hearing them
fall like feathers
from your lips)

she will
fall in love
with strangers
until she knows
(and then she will wonder
if her imagination
was actually real)

she will
until the moths
against a lit screen
and the butterflies
fall apart
a bare neck
like stars
falling into the sea

she loves
the sky
and the sea
and can't decide
on separate
and weighs her down
until she flies
into the drizzle
on the corners
a gentle breeze)

s Aug 2013

If people were rain,
I was drizzle,
and she was a hurricane."

Maybe I am one, a hurricane.
Inside I crave the peace and serenity
Granted to mid-morning drizzles
Falling gently on side walks,
But I cannot calm my dark,
Repetitive, abrasive thoughts enough
To bring in and accept my
Yearning for some quiet.

I can never stay anywhere,
With anyone,
For too long.

"I need to go. I need to get out of here."

But, with you,
I forget time.
I feel open and vulnerable.
I just want to stop it all,
And just be happy.

Is that alright?

Pandora dO Oct 2012

The light drizzle of
the raindrops is comforting
to my ears and mind.
It's just the relaxation
I desperately needed.

© 2012
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