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--nika Sep 2016
i just want you to know,
that even if
i seem like i’m gone,
i won’t ever
leave you behind.
i've been missing you but i don't know how to tell you
CK Baker Jan 2017
.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  .
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  

what about the gull
                          with a wayward splash
or the balanced blend
of cirrus and ash

foghorns throw
the pock wave
sewell stragglers
and bonny boats
earn their keep
ryn Aug 2014
I am but a driftwood
All but forgotten from whence I came
A place where once had a name
A time when all was good

I am but a driftwood
Set myself adrift
Currents they lift
Bearing their latent gifts
I move as they shift
I'd protest if only I could

I am but a driftwood
Over a body so vast
Over wrecks with broken masts
Spiteful winds howl with angered gusts
An eternity that would last
Eroding my integrity like it should

I am but a driftwood
Know not of where I'm headed
Render me hopeful but will me jaded
Pillaged and plundered
Looted and raided
Swallowed and spat out, ocean's food

I am but a driftwood
Lost and forlorn out at sea
Awaiting land that would receive me
Take me in like I'm meant to be
Give me your sand, bury me completely
Keep me in the safety of your hood

I am but a driftwood
I remember the place from whence I came
A faded dream with a name
Still drifting away from all that's good
Irah Rahim Oct 2013
I'm tired.
Of all that got to do with the thing we call life.
I know it ain't easy to reach the peak of the top.
I know.
I know that it'll take a whole lot more of tears and wounds.
I know that it'll take more than just a drop of sweat.
I know it'll take more than bruises and cuts.
But yet.
I'm still standing right here.
Not intending to move a muscle.
Not trying to make a change.
Not willing to do a sacrifice.
I know.
I should wake myself up.
So that I'll know where I really stand.
But yet, my mind said stay still and do nothing.
Umi Mar 2018
Pursue the delicate moonlight shining beyond the scene, illuminating the grass of the coming spring in an ghastly silver yet majestic green
Clouds with their sterling lining, the cummuters of the heaven, preventing the sun, or the moon sometimes from shining down to us,
Seemingly caught in an endless journey they travel with the wind,
Yet under these drifting clouds in the sweetest of lights, the world remains to be in slumber, a story which never truly unfurls after all,
Can you gaze into a face fraught with sin, possessed by the one you share this dazzling night with on a day alike the tale of a dream ?
Wrapped up under a celestial sphere, here where dreams and illusions collide within the sweet embrace of your strong caring arms,
Finding rest I can leave my body to the flow of time as it passes,
Grandually sweet seasons may take away ones breath with grandiose,
Until the wish projected within your eyes finds its way to become reality, I will stand beside you with serenity and grace, till I may fade,
I may not be able to hand over these feelings, but the grasp of tomorrow bears some power to it, certainly transient time passes,
Let the depths of your heart guide you to a bright, fantastic future,
Until then, shimmering brilliantly, shimmering behind the horizon,
The Sun rises

~ Umi
Cindra Carr Nov 2011
We drift through the moments
Of silence in our flickering thoughts
Who are we then?
Brief lapses of lost identities
With none of the trappings of personality
Lies the mind tells itself drop and fall away
Folded up memories cleared
To allow the blank shuffling
Faraway stares unfocused on the present
Drifting moments of silence in flickering thoughts

Lee Mar 13
Lost amidst the empty seas.
Spanning the far corners of the human mind.

The drifting pieces of memories passing by. Drifting to the end while the memories float less frequent. Before being swallowed by the waves of time.

The occasion for the embers of passion and pride surround them.
Warming the battered beings before time swallows them too.

The time that holds them afloat washes them ashore.

The emptyness spreads to every corner without an end in sight.

They stare into their depths and ask the being in the sky... Is this enough to grant me peace?
L B Jun 2018
Drifting off in mid-day
She is there in my parent's house
Where she should not be
She's never met them
been inside their home

...and besides
She's dead...

Don't know where I drop my brains off
or my heart
when sleeping
I so clearly know this
but I dismiss it
for the moment--
go along with joy
to have her with me once again

She looks so well!
Her pale skin flushed
below her ragged, reddish hair
Wearing peacock blue sateen
as always
dressed to ****
to go somewhere
from loneliness
from cancer

...and she had included me
on her glorious outing
without title
without honor
I had been her teacher-friend
like an elder wedding guest
she had grown
beyond ...

She helps me dump my canvas bag of poems
on my parent's bed
Where I conceived them
or they conceived me

“What about this one?
Or this is a good one too!
I know you can do this!
You read so well!”
she says
I'm thinking, “This is not like Jenn,
so reversed
for her to give a thought...
and besides, it is not even my event!"

Now she's in my mother's place
in her 1950's closet
pushing hangers across the rail
She would find it--
I could wear

I am so transported by the smell
of memories
that I don't care
mothballs, lavender, perfume
I get distracted deep within
almost losing track in the euphoria
to have found my friend again
I lose a moment in the soft fur of mom's mink
clipped together mouth to tail
to form the stole
an ouroboros
With its beady eyes
on me
like death
would drape across my shoulders
given half a chance

When from its mouth of glamorous lies....
Jenn shoves me through life's opened door
She has found that dress!
I wore...

the one with hope, and future's
purple flowers
dropped waist and scalloped neck
Yes, It would do, “Yes!"

But now,
she makes excuse to leave
...of meeting Joe
...of going on ahead...

I know
she must

as this is all some clabbered past
a gift of dreams
Still, I want to hug her
just one last....

but she feels empty...

In embrace
she turns to ash
Jennifer was my friend of fifteen years and a fellow poet.  Dreamt of her yesterday-- like she was actually here.
September Roses Jul 2018
Sit back and relax
Feel the waves wash over your back
In the melting sun
Looking at the clouds reflecting all the pinks and blues
Over the blooming hill, echoing white noise of chirps and crickets

Listen to the trickling of the slow water over the smooth rocks
Feel a warm wind brush your face
With your eyes closed
Enjoying the radiating warmth
And the soothing crackling of a log fire

Or sit and admire the shimmering spray
Of a waterfall smoothly crashing into the water of a sky kissed lake
Sunlight dancing through the vapor
Rainbows jumping through every droplet

Listen to the pitter patter of the rain, against a tin roof
Inside a warm cabin
Drifting to sleep
Soon to wake to the song birds chorus
And the blissful sun

Bask in it
And relax
Poetria Jun 2017
I let myself go,
and I float among the clouds,
hiding behind this infinite sun,
for this time, I will be no one.

Unnoticed I go,
and I never come back too soon,
because the stars are so much closer
and I have feelings for the moon.

I left a long time ago,
I remember living in pollution,
down where the trees struggle to breath
down where reality was choking me.

I won't be back home tomorrow,
so don't call me down, don't be sad;
I'll be back when I'm ready to realise
I'm no longer a weightless ghost.
(I'll heal better on my own.)
JayceeJellies Jan 2015
Moving so slowly, as if we were clouds.
Slowly fading away, you're invisible now.
I can't deny you've been on my mind.
I think about you often, but not all the time.
Umi May 2018
Drifting away by the stream of thoughts,
A painful wind brushes through my skin,
Gathering pieces of time while still clinging on,
But I can't save them from spilling and vanishing,
Ah, phantoms.
I can't move, my motions are restricted by my cut off conscious,
My mind is empty, there is no thought, no judgement,
But I can't leave you here, even if I become as mindful as a little rock,
Perhaps it has been decided, under the clouds that this should have been so all along, but even then, with my never changing life I can at least keep shining for you,
After overcoming even time and space, may my gaze though fraught with the most terrible sins, lead you on to happiness,
But it seems like your brilliant smile just now turned to ash,
As then spilled but vanished just like the time we spent together.
In the end I couldn't save us from drifting apart,
Was it because I couldn't see into your heart?

~ Umi
mariamme Apr 2018
in the sea
of thoughts between you and me.

by the harshness of reality.

still accepting,
      and yet, unyielding
letting thoughts always roam free
The uniVerse Nov 2015
Here I am drifting
floating in the sea
just here waiting
for you to return to me.

For I am just a buoy
trying to reach a girl
across an ocean
through the swirl.

But with every neglect
I drift further away
with every lost text
the words you didn't say.

A dot on the horizon
so distant and far
you used to think me the sun
but now I'm just a star.

I am not Hugh Grant
but it is Love Actually
caught in a trance
blinded by what I see.

Feelings are more important
than seeing with your eyes
saying what you meant
than telling me more lies.

Waves they come crashing
water all around
nothing is lasting
as I begin to drown.
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
greet me with your bitterness
ill greet you with my sorrow
and as our dreadful love doth bloom
so shall it die tomorrow
Debbie Brindley Sep 2018
Let me pretend our life is normal
there's no illness here
As I lay beneath the covers
with you
my dear

Under the covers
On a chilled mornings day
outside beyond our window
children are at play
Freshly brewed coffee
drifting in on the air
As we lay
beneath the covers
without a care

Spring flowers bloom
their perfume
dancing in on the breeze
Hear the Kookaburras laughing
outside in the trees
Dogs bark in the distance
a few streets away
But under the covers
nice and cosy
is where we shall stay

Till it's time to get started
on our day ahead
But for now I'm quite content
under the covers with you
in our bed
Pretending  life is  normal
Sit next to me
Where the cattails sway
In the grass with the bugs
Let love take us away
Eloisa Feb 2
I am actually slowly drifting away
Wave after wave after wave
Slowly drifting
I really feel that I am drowning
I just need you to hold my hand

Sometimes I just need to go with the waves
Let the waves bring me to a place where I deserve
Maybe hoping again is never a mistake
It maybe a start of something beautiful
Undefined it may seem

The warmth of the sand brings calmness
The sound of the waves gives music
The cold air brings strength
The ocean seems inviting
Its beauty leads to peace
Sutherland Oct 2018
Here I stand on the shore,
slowly drifting into its endless

If my path be nirvana,
and you, the

Then lay waste to the shore,
and let reality be,
Tuan Do Mar 14
Blood soaked flowers,
Clouded moon,
Drifting memories,
I will leave before you.
"I just wish to see you one last time, at last, it's too late."
I'll let you analyze it this time.
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